TPP Makes Your Vote Officially Worthless; Monsanto Can Sue Your Nation for Banning It


The TPP allows multi-national corporations like Monsanto to sue America for lost profits in private courts. This means an end to any nation’s self-determination, and the abolition of US citizen rights if they threaten corporate profits. See why it’s so secret?


“You probably know by now that no normal Americans are allowed to see the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. It’s classified. Even members of Congress can only read it by going to secure reading rooms in the basement of the Capitol. But here’s what you might not know: you’re not even allowed to know who in Congress has bothered to do this.”

The Intercept, June 13, 2015

The Denial of Representative Government Signals the Death of a Republic

This is the position of the Washington elites right now, at the behest of Boeing, Apple, Johnson and Johnson, Caterpillar, et cetera with no exaggeration: “You cannot see a law we are trying to pass because you might not like it.” You cannot have your representative tell you what is in that law because you might not like it. That is the argument behind the TPP, a so-called “trade law.” But what is to stop Washington from passing other laws we may not like? The Constitution?  It isn’t stopping it now. Unless you are a transnational corporation, the status quo is taxation without representation, as this incident clearly illustrates, and we all know what happened with that the first time.

As for the “New World Order,” those aren’t my words, they are the words of Republicans and Democrats, like George H.W. Bush and Joe Biden respectively, which they have spoken on national television. They are not quoted out of context, but in terms of creating a totalitarian utopia. Aside from being a mockery of American rights, it is also a mockery of Christianity. The latter is mentioned because the greatest push for the TPP is from the political party that associates itself most with Christianity, this to the point of suggesting this nation should be a theocracy.

The TPP is the most blatant and open conspiracy to undermine the American Constitution and create a New World Order, as Bush Sr. worded it, that we have ever seen. From what has been leaked already, we know it would it would be illegal on its face unless we have a Supreme Court that is already subservient to the very business leaders that crafted and are attempting to pass the agreement. The absurdity of a Congress willing to pass legislation it has never seen defies imagination. That had happened before with the cynically-titled Patriot Act, and its illegality took 13 years to address, but they didn’t see it like we have seen the TPP. Some portions were to remain secret until 5 years after it was passed, and it doesn’t take much insight to realize 5 years is plenty of time to handle dissenters and mislead people unaware of the danger.

[pullquote]“When tempted to do anything in secret, ask yourself if you would do it in public; if you would not, be sure that it is wrong.” Thomas Jefferson[/pullquote]Perhaps the most offensive arguments coming from supporters of the TPP are these: they say that the TPP would ensure better wages and worker rights in the nations who sign, and that it would force nations to respect human rights, this when we are having race riots in America, in America where human rights are anything but respected as you can see with every unwarranted shooting, where torture is still excused, unpunished, and even glorified in movies and tv shows as a failsafe means of obtaining confessions, when the opposite is actually true.

When you have have a group of individuals conspiring to undermine the U.S. Constitution they have literally sworn to uphold and defend, that is arguable treason, so that is worrisome as the only remedy in such a state is civil war. There will always be a powerful faction with every intent on defending the Constitution when it is openly and egregiously defied. Secession movements were already gaining traction even before Obama was elected. The thought of allowing our Constitution to be superseded by transnational corporations would be a powerful rallying cry for both patriot, and unfortunately, demagogue.  That is perhaps why Congress is not allowed to see it, why you aren’t allowed to see it, and why it is called the greatest secret in the world.

A key prerequisite for global corporate governance is the final accumulation of all wealth and resources to a handful of men. Its most obvious manifestation is in the vast wealth inequality we are seeing now, particularly in Europe, especially Greece. In the US, about 40 people control over half of the nation’s wealth. If you do a head count of your own family and relatives, including grandchildren or cousins, that’s a number very easily reached. Still, the push continues for an even greater consolidation of wealth which is meant to control the world’s resources, particularly water and oil, and it is a push naturally coming from the party that makes the greatest show of its dedication to Christianity and patriotism. The worst part about this scheme is that greed blinds so many in Washington they have no idea they have become cogs in the machine that will shatter the republic.

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