Hillary Clinton

Devastating Internal Memo with Too Many Coincidences

“Hillary’s popularity numbers have crashed to fatal levels at 17-72 (11% undecided)… Hillary’s emails continue to be the largest source of her trust issues as well as concerns about her failing health. However, the number one factor in her decline has been exposure to her at the DNC. 72% of Democrats and 93% of Republicans find her voice ‘grating.’ Independents are split (64-36 against her.)” If Hillary’s cancelled rallies and lack of press conferences are not a result of poor health, then the only conceivable answer may be in this disputed but plausible internal memo: simply being in the public eye makes her even more unpopular, and the sense of entitlement where she believes the press has no right to ask questions, is not endearing to Americans. Why didn’t she go visit the flood victims in Louisiana? Because there were reporters there. Why didn’t she visit Mexico, as she too, was invited? Same reason. […]