Sorcha Faal

Trump Prepares For Epic Battle That Will Change America Forever

The over $22 billion in retaliatory tariffs the European Union is about to slam on the United States is part of much larger globalist plot to bring down President Donald Trump being orchestrated by the US Federal Reserve and its Democrat Party socialist allies in the US House of Representatives intended to collapse the American economy by the 2020 US Presidential Election—but that Trump has armed himself against by cloaking himself with the protection afforded him by his US Attorney General William Barr who declared “Constitutionally, it is wrong to conceive of the President as simply the highest officer within the Executive Branch hierarchy…He alone is the Executive Branch”—thus setting the stage for an epic and cataclysmic showdown that will change America forever when Trump wields this power to abolish the Federal Reserve entirely. […]


America Warned Is Unprepared For Trump’s Cataclysmic Destruction Of “Deep State”

The American people are mentally unprepared for President Donald Trump’s soon expected “cataclysmic destruction” of his “Deep State” enemies—and whose shadow government operatives are now in total panic after forces loyal to Trump discovered their having stolen a staggering $21 trillion from the US Treasury in a mass scheme first devised by the Clinton regime in 1998—and whose amount exceeds the entire United States national debt of $20 trillion.  […]