Sorcha Faal

Trump Warns Russia To “Get Ready” After Believed To Be Spetsnaz Attack

President Donald Trump has just issued his first overt war threat against the Russian Federation by his warning “Get ready Russia, missiles will be coming at Syria, nice and new and ‘smart’!”—and to which Moscow quickly responded to by asking Trump “Are ‘smart’ missiles an attempt to destroy alleged chemical attack evidence in Syria?”—and whose precipitating event was the total obliteration, by what the West believes were Russian Spetsnaz forces, of a secret Algerian military flight carrying over 250 French-trained Islamic terrorists (all of whom were killed) destined for a CIA base in Jordon on the Syrian border—and though neither confirming or denying that Russian special forces downed this plane, this report notes that the Americans were already warned: “If you want a confrontation, you’ll get one everywhere”. […]