String Theory

String theory?

Tesla said he could see the past, present, and future at once. Like a long shot view of a tapestry?

Was his signal temporarily strong enough to interfere with with the next frequency, yet unobserved?

If his timeline is what he witnessed, makes sense. Like a string on a guitar. Plucked or struck, it happened all at once when he was electrocuted

Electromagnetism involved.

Traveling up and down the string is time travel?

Dreams are extra-dimensional?

So you are a point on a string/timeline/light wave?

Within each frequency an infinity of bands, including mass, visible and invisible light?

Cause and effect. Free will is?

Changing frequency, like a channel on a light radio?

Does free will change the note?

String, at least the common reality.

Everything is vibrating, everything is light.

In differing frequencies.

Crossed timelines are?

Signal strength interference?

Are unmade decisions real?

As unobserved, yes. Uncertainty principle.

Prophecy is based on a collective timeline, like strumming a chord on a guitar, orchestra hitting the same note. God knows the tune.

Can it change? Perhaps. But we wouldn’t know it. We would see it in keeping with the acting timeline.

Review the kybalion.

Everything is vibrating, light, laws of the universe, Christian parallels.

Everything is a potential.

The potential is he untuned radio.

Would every decision made create the observer which changes the entire tapestry at once? or a small part of it?

Maybe? Elucidate, please.

Mandela effect?

Changed frequency.

What is Trump?


What is CERN


What is 3, 6, 9?

Agents for channel switching?

Signal boost through prayer, current.

Why do angels sing 24/7?

Good question.

What is the significance of numbers in the Bible?

Acknowledging the universe is mathematical.

23 versus 24?

Unholy versus holy?

What are the trumpets?


Was Tesla knocked out of his timeline and had a better view?

Signal boost, yes.

Time travel is real.

Perspective change.

Philadelphia Experiment.

Sounds painfully plausible.