National Sovereignty and the TPP: $100,00 Reward for Secret 26 Chapters

Thomas_Jefferson_by_Rembrandt_Peale,_1800“When tempted to do anything in secret, ask yourself if you would do it in public; if you would not, be sure that it is wrong.”

Thomas Jefferson

As it is now, this is a nation that is controlled by Wall Street, and as such, is controlled by corporations; particularly banking institutions. As it is now, these are transnational corporations with no loyalty or respect for the American people because they are not Americans; they are British, they are German, Dutch, Chinese, and Japanese, etc. What would change? In a word, everything. The surrender of national sovereignty, as the TPP would supersede even the power of kings, would place absolute authority over nations and their supreme courts, let alone their state courts. So it may be true many American companies are behind this blatantly unconstitutional proposal, but this assumes that a world in financial transition between competing currencies and challenges to the present fiat system will always remain in the hands of American interests. That will not be the case.

Perhaps the most offensive arguments coming from supporters of the TPP are these: they say that the TPP would ensure better wages and worker rights in the nations who sign, and that it would force nations to respect human rights, this when we are having race riots in America, in America where human rights are anything but respected as you can see with every unwarranted shooting, where torture is still excused and unpunished.


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