CNN, Your Tears Are Delicious!

[pullquote]”Those who would destroy our lives with lies, will themselves be destroyed by truth.” Cicada 3301.[/pullquote]Hmmm. Yummy, CNN, your tears are delicious. Man, I love this media outrage fatigue. Or rather, what they’re paying for creating it.

So it looks like CNN, and the mainstream media have so much contempt for you they don’t even think you deserve the right to feel upset about anything but what they want you to. Literally.

They think you don’t have a right to care about the things that really matter to you, so right now, these swamp nobles have decreed that you must drop everything, and be upset about only what matters to them, and right now it’s President Trump tweeting mean things about CNN, and that should take precedence over everything in your sad little flyover lives.

Fuck your lives, sayeth The Media. CNN Lives Matter, yours don’t.

Specifically, you should personally be offended by a meme of Trump wrestling a CNN logo. Yep. That’s it. They want you to lose sleep over this, to march over this, to beat your kids for not caring about it, to self-immolate like a Buddhist monk in protestation, to divorce your wives and husbands if they’re not upset about this too.

Anyway, they went and blackmailed a private citizens for making the spoof above, and internet hit back with even more hilarious ones. Like this one:

[KGVID width=”220″ height=”180″][/KGVID]

Or this one…

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