Declassified JFK Files: Surgeon General Report Indicates at Least 2 Shooters

First shot, front, from bridge.

“First shot fired from the bridge…” [p. 3]

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Fatal shot came from front, Oswald didn’t hit JFK, it was a coup…

“I am signal supervisor for the Union Terminal and I was inspecting signal and switches and stopped to watch the parade.

“I was standing on top of the triple underpass and the President’s Car was coming down Elm Street and when they got just about to the Arcade I heard what I thought for the moment was a fire cracker and he slumped over and I looked over toward the arcade and trees and saw a puff of smoke come from the trees and I heard three more shots after the first shot but that was the only puff of smoke I saw.

“I immediately ran around to where I could see behind the arcade and did not see anyone running from there. But the puff of smoke I saw definitely came from behind the arcade through the trees. After the first shot the President slumped over and Mrs. Kennedy jumped up and tried to get over in the back seat to him and then the second shot rang out.

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“After the first shot the secret service man raised up in the seat with a machine gun and then dropped back down in the seat. And they immediately sped off. Everything is spinning in my head and if I remember anything else later I will come back and tell Bill. ”

S.M. Holland

Malcom “Mac” Wallace

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The Back Wound

The Aftermath

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