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The Mena Connection, Murder, Drugs and Cover-up Clinton & Bush Sr

Obstruction of Justice – The Mena Connection

Excerpt: Obstruction of Justice – The Mena Connection (1996) On August 23, 1987, two teenage boys, Kevin Ives, 17, and Don Henry, 16, stumbled upon a CIA drug smuggling operation in Mena, Arkansas and were brutally murdered at the scene. Their bodies were laid across nearby railroad tracks and mutilated by a passing train. Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection gives us a vivid insight into the cover-up of these and many other Arkansas murders, and offers a chilling look into the “Dixie Mafia” of corrupt prosecutors, spooks and drug dealers who would claim among its ranks an Arkansas governor and future president Bill Clinton; as well as federal officials in the George H.W. Bush administration.
Kevin Ives, 17, (top) and Don Henry, 16 (bottom) were murdered by law enforcement officers on August 23, 1987. The boys had stumbled upon a police-protected drug drop along railroad tracks in a rural area just south of Little Rock, Arkansas. They were beaten and stabbed and their bodies placed on the tracks and run over by a passing train. In spite of information from the train crew indicating foul play, the sheriff’s department worked the scene as an accident. The state medical examiner ignored and destroyed clear forensic evidence of murder and ruled the manner of deaths accidental.

What initially appeared to be a grossly incompetent investigation was actually an orchestrated cover-up. The drug drop witnessed by the boys was part of the international drug smuggling enterprise based in Mena, Arkansas, which was set up in the early 1980’s by the notorious drug smuggler, Barry Seal. Indisputably, Seal operated under the auspices of the CIA and enjoyed protection from state and federal authorities. The exposure of powerful public and political figures involved in Mena affairs is being blocked by on-going coverups of all crimes connected to the drug smuggling operation.

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