CNN Employs Actual Klan Propaganda

You’re Only as Good as the Company You Keep

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks the KKK and hate groups or fronts, also has Dobbs profiled. That’s a distinction CNN seems to take pride in, since Dobbs is such a prominent fixture in their broadcasts.

Dobbs Falsely Claims Mexicans and Asians Introducing Leprosy… Citing a Racist “Doctor” Who Wasn’t a Doctor

[pullquote]Cosman goes on to say that in Mexico rape is considered less serious than cow stealing and claims that most Mexicans specialize in “molesting girls under age 12, others age 5, others age 3.”[/pullquote]In the video above, we run through three clips to illustrate the literal parallels between anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda and CNN’s propaganda. The first is a clip from the infamous Nazi propaganda film “The Eternal Jew.”

The second is the Dobbs leprosy piece on CNN, and the third is a clip from a Madeline Cosman video which has to be seen to be believed.The source of the leprosy claims, Madeline Cosman, was in fact a white supremacist and “renaissance scholar” (whatever that is) which CNN falsely described as a “respected medical lawyer and medical historian.”

There are no disclaimers before Dobbs’ show stating the opinions expressed are his own and do not necessarily represent those of CNN. That’s why it’s fair to say what Dobbs said CNN supports. He is, in effect, a spokesperson for the network inasmuch as his show is stamped with the CNN logo and aired. Back to CNN’s “respected” source: referring to Mexicans as “bastards” Cosman goes on to say that in Mexico rape is considered less serious than cow stealing and claims that most Mexicans specialize in “molesting girls under age 12, others age 5, others age 3.” I guess the 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 year-old kids are spared.

Whew! The others rapists take care of 11 to 79 year-old victims. Why they stop at 79 is beyond me.Mexicans, she adds, also specialize in raping boys, nuns, etc. Citing statistics she pulled out of her ass, this “respected medical lawyer and historian” can’t even tell the difference between psychiatric and psychological defenses. In fact, “psychiatric defenses” isn’t even a medical term. And this Klan larvae is a “medical historian”?Whatever the case, in regards to the leprosy claim, Dobbs proudly asserts that he “stands 100% behind what she said.”[easyrotator]erc_17_1436544186[/easyrotator]

Typical Cosman Stats. Seriously.Leprosy, Jews, Mexicans and Asians

So who was the woman in her piece, the source of this alarming information? A representative from the Center for Disease Control? The Surgeon General’s rep? Eh, not exactly. It was the slobbering crackpot below.

Madeline Cosman, Ph.D., Esq.

Cosman’s Credentials

Nowhere does she claim to be a doctor. She wrote in a medical journal. That doesn’t make her a doctor and the moron below implies it does. A Ph.D, or Doctor of Philosophy, doesn’t make you a medical doctor. It is simply a postgraduate degree requiring a dissertation. This dumb ass mistook MD for Ph.D just because both have “doctor” in the acronym. A Renaissance Scholar with a Ph.D has as much business writing in a medical journal as someone with a Ph.D in basket weaving.

In May of 1996, MIT Press published a massive study of internal wars since the end of the Cold War. In “The International Dimensions of Internal Conflict”, it was determined that ethnic cleansing and race wars were not products of the irrational forces of history but of the premeditated decisions of rational, immoral leaders intent on political gain at any cost. Because such leaders rely on broadcasters to inflame and deceive the masses, and could not do it without them; such broadcast propaganda has been responsible for 23 of 34 major internal ethnic conflicts since the end of the Cold War. That’s two out of three civil wars between ’89 and ’96.

Terrorism: The Klan’s Poison Gas Plot


Nowhere to Run: Democrats and Republicans Tied to the Klan

Over 3,000 FBI documents pointing to Klan/white supremacist militia involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing were withheld at the McVeigh and Nichols trials. These are the same supremacist militias resurfacing in front groups like the Minutemen, whom are now glamorized by CNN, FOX, etc.

AP finds documents showing FBI destroyed proof possibly tying [Aryan Republican Army]  robbers to Oklahoma City bombing


“Agents collected witness testimony that McVeigh had placed some of the extra caps in two boxes wrapped in Christmas paper in the back of his car along with mercury switches and duffel bags. One electric and five non-electric blasting caps were found in the Aryan Republican Army robbers’ Ohio hideout in January 1996, along with mercury switches, a duffel bag and two items described as a “Christmas package,” FBI records show. The FBI allowed firefighters to destroy the caps at the scene.

“The destruction ‘in itself was in total violation of the FBI’s regulations and the rules of evidence,’ Defenbaugh said. ‘If there was Christmas wrapping paper, that should really have been a key to people … and caused them to be compared by the laboratory to see if these were from McVeigh.'”

How CNN Tried to Legitimize the Klan

Since reality doesn’t bring him the spurious figures he needs to sow racial enmity, Lou Dobbs and CNN now rely on stats and guests from known Klan fronts and organizations, such as the Council of Conservative Citizens, which even Sen. Trent Lott tried to distance himself from. Here, in his element, Dobbs delivers a keynote address on immigration and white power.

CNN Source Circulates this Flyer

ccc-3A Council of Conservative Citizens Flyer on President Lincoln. Admitted white supremacists and segregationists: this is the type of group CNN now appeals to as a credible source of unbiased, scientific studies. Much like international terrorists, who form front groups and “religious charities” to fund their movement, Klan fronts are created to maintain an illusion of grassroots sentiment, but are easily discerned by a consistently parallel agenda with official Ku Klux Klan platforms and ideology. For example, both the Minutemen and Klan see the government as an enemy; both groups support vigilante justice over federal control of immigration laws. Indeed, the Klan and Minutemen are now interwoven militia movements, the latter with a few token minorities but led exclusively by white supremacists on a crusade to preserve America’s “racial purity”. In other words, the Minutemen are the armed militia movement of the Klan. The entire point of these fronts is to bring legitimacy to the hated Klan, to make Americans forget their history of domestic terrorism from lynchings to church bombings.

See the

CNN’s “respected” source: referring to Mexicans as “bastards” Cosman goes on to say that in Mexico rape is considered less serious than cow stealing and claims that most Mexicans specialize in “molesting girls under age 12, others age 5, others age 3.”

In the case of Michael Richards, his repugnant, racist comments weren’t passed off as legitimate news. He didn’t say blacks were causing leprosy; citing statistics from a crackpot white supremacist they falsely implied was a doctor. CNN did, and that was far worse than a mere racial epithet. Worse, it was clear that CNN employs actual Klan propaganda.

As repulsive and sickening as his racist tirade was, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks KKK activity, does not have Michael Richards listed on their website. Richards doesn’t make a living off his hate, he just harbors it, as he put it, beneath the surface.

On the other hand, Lou Dobbs harbors it and taps into that hatred daily. This is how he makes a living…bringing it to the surface in his audience. Unlike Richards, Dobbs does have the distinction of spewing so much hate and literal Klan propaganda that the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks the Klan and hate group activity, has him profiled. The SPLC called Dobbs and CNN to task for immigrant bashing, promoting racist militias, and citing propaganda from Klan front groups in his “news” reports. The SPLC’s concern is valid, because racism, inasmuch as it is embraced by the nation, can kill and critically divide its people. Ask the Jews who survived Hitler. That the racial, religious, or ethnic division of this nation never served American interests should be obvious.

It is therefore prudent to ask if the ethnic and racial division of America, a nation of immigrants, serves the interests of its people; or the interests of a foreign power or powers hoping to weaken us or exploit our resources..

To see a leaflet of what was expected from a member of the Klan, click here.

“We do not accept Turks, Mongols, Tarters, Orientals, Negroes, nor any other person whose native background of culture is foreign to the Anglo-Saxon system of Government by responsible, FREE individual citizens.”

You cannot attack the heart of America, immigrants, and claim you seek to strengthen and protect it, when the immediate and long term effect is to divide and destroy it. This nation is great because it attracted the best minds from all over the world, not just Britain. If you divide a nation against itself, you can exploit it, and that’s what is happening now, economically.

After all is said and done, actions speak louder than words, and the agenda of CNN, as spoken by its most hyped news figure, becomes clear: it is to pit white Americans against those of color, polarize and win FOX News’ reliable demographic of fear and hate, and profit from the ethnic and racial strife that inevitably arises. The tactic does work. It causes some  two out of every three civil wars. That the latter is what they want is unlikely, what is likely is that they are willing to risk it for profit.

I mean, how about a race riot on American streets to get you to watch CNN news? wouldn’t that be good for ratings? wouldn’t that bring tons of advertising revenue?


Dobbs, You’re Not a Populist, You’re a White Supremacist. Deal with It.

The correct term for Dobbs and his ilk is not some obscure and meaningless euphemism like “populist” or “nativist”, the correct term is white supremacist, plain and simple. Pseudo-intellectual white supremacists build their house on the deadly foundation of racism, and always have. When you promote the latter, and it is put to the test, the phony science will be torn apart, and those who believed it will lash out at any messenger of truth as a “race traitor” or “liberal”.

Dobbs counters today that he is a proud “populist” and if you believe it, you really should look up the word in a dictionary, because true populism is the opposition to elitism. A populist seeks to represent the views of all the people, not just those of a majority racial demographic polarized and catered to by a competing network.

“White power” and the support of limiting immigration to white Europeans is an elitist concept that presumes, falsely, a genetic superiority that supersedes environment.

Why is this so tragically foolish? think of it like this: imagine there really is a race of genetically superior humans. Will they still prosper in an environment that starves them physically and intellectually, that scapegoats and disproportionately imprisons them? of course not. The natural gift of intellectual superiority, if genetically endowed to this hypothetical race, would be meaningless in a world devoid of hospitals, libraries and teachers. Even this hypothetical Master Race has to begin as infants, and if these infants are starved in their critical formative years, if they are neglected as children, their gift is lost or greatly degraded. Their seed would be prime, but it would be planted in barren soil, and its tree still die.

Conversely, we know that if we take a child from the most primitive tribe in the world, and raise him in an environment that nourishes intellect and health, that child will prosper. Children are not animals, the child will not jump out of a crib to fashion primitive weapons and go hunting in suburbia because it’s supposedly programmed in their “inferior” genes. Primitive or civilized behavior is learned from adults, from environment. If Albert Einstein was born in a remote, poor village where schooling was non-existent, with no math teachers or textbooks, the fundamentals of physics would be absent and his genius would have gone to waste.

Abraham Lincoln was, perhaps, a populist under the latter definition of one who seeks to represent the views of all the people, both free and slave. Dobbs clearly is not. Dobbs is in one of the wealthiest income brackets in America. It’s disingenuous to rally the middle class, or the poor and disenfranchised of the nation, then stir them against “the rich corporate sell-outs” you are the very face of; the very corporate threat you have rallied them against.  Dobbs does not make money for you nor does he plan to. What he does do, subtly, is try to make you feel superior to others by virtue of your skin color. What he does do, when not doing this, is bring fear and division into your home by falsely implying we are under a deadly invasion. And while you’re attacking those of color, people browner or weaker than you, writing letters to your legislators about the threat Dobbs told you about on TV, you will be distracted by the oil companies that led us into war under false pretense, the pharmaceutical giants that are breaking the back of Medicare and by extension your very own; all of these companies which proudly sponsor Dobbs’ show as evident in his commercials. Take note of the drug commercials, the oil company commercials hyping the premium gas they offer at their stations. Pharmaceuticals and big oil, they bought and sold our Congress then and now, and will likely do so for the time being. Because they can pull their ads, Dobbs or CNN won’t touch them. One thing is certain: if the prime sponsors of Lou Dobbs’ show were companies in the agricultural and garment industry, you wouldn’t hear a thing about immigration.

History is clear on the fact that one key reason Adolf Hitler invaded the USSR was for oil; to maintain his mechanized army. In Operation Barbarossa he abandoned Moscow and lost Stalingrad for the sake of oil fields they offered on the way. History is also clear that the war in Iraq was and is for oil. Dobbs’ show, if it was populist, would take issue with the oil execs for this fact that Iraq is a war for oil profits- and this after the oil cartels succeeded in killing the electric car.

If Dobbs was a populist, he would take issue with the price gouging after Hurricane Katrina by the oil cartels, or the resistance of pharmaceutical cartels to lowering drug prices to help the average American. He won’t and can’t, because the most dangerous and corrupt elements of the latter corporations keep him on the air. If you want a solution to the real problems facing America, the worst thing we can do is defend anyone willing to prevent solutions by not addressing the known problems, or distracting you from them. Expensive medication that bankrupts you of your life savings in your old age, that seems more pressing an issue than whether or not some stranger has a green card. Will punitive action against such a person conceivably keep medication or medical care from bankrupting you? Will it lower the price of gas? in survey after survey, these two issues are among the top concerns of Americans.

When the price of gas, artificially inflated to fill the election coffers of corrupt politicians, becomes coupled with the price of meds you are already paying; your back will break, but it is not the immigrant who blocked and continues to block your access to cheap Canadian imports, it was and is the pharmaceutical lobby. Nor was it a gang of immigrants who were called to testify in mock hearings before congress over price-gouging in Hurricane Katrina; unaccountable political donors protected by Senator Ted Stevens that they may not be compelled to testify under oath. There the oil cartels were given a license to lie before congress and the world. And they did.

The obvious culprits, unlike undocumented migrants fearing deportation, are not weak targets. You know the targets full well when you fill up your gas tank, or when you pay for your prescriptions, or can’t. You know the culprits and you know their yoke because it’s on you everyday, and you know that they are strong targets with political influence to deceive you and distract you, with the financial means to pay for and encourage divisive broadcast personalities that turn you against your neighbor and thus keep you from organizing in significant numbers to seek political redress. The targets are strong ones, their resources vast, and it requires courage to face them. Yet you are stronger, and that strength comes in numbers, in voter unity. This is the unity the aforementioned corporate cartels consistently undermine and attack through shows like Lou Dobbs’ or Bill O’Reilly’s. The outward claim is that they seek to “unite voters against a common threat” but the truth is, they seek to divide us against ourselves, that we may vote against our interests and elect someone who seeks to fix an exaggerated on non-existent problem while maintaining, the status quo. Attacking the wrong target, because Dobbs or his ilk tell you to, isn’t an act of courage but cowardice and folly. Your back will still be broken, and not only will you create new problems and enmity where none existed before, your meds will still cost the same or more, and the oil cartels will still send your boys to Iraq to protect their oil fields and then gauge you.

White supremacists may be unwelcome in comedy clubs, but not in cable news or talk radio. This reflects badly on all of us, as a nation, but if we cannot accept this uncomfortable and obvious reality, we are in  a most lethal denial. Dobbs is far more trusted and therefore dangerous than Richards. CNN may attack Richards, and rightfully so, but they still promote Lou Dobbs’ racism, the exact same type which Hitler appealed to when launching the Holocaust; the same which Americans appealed to when enacting 100 years of Jim Crow laws or forced sterilizations.

Truly, CNN strains at a gnat, and swallows a camel. As for FOX News, I won’t even dignify the infected propaganda organ, or its yammering imbeciles, by calling it cable news, fluff news, or even the second cousin of a cousin who knows the neighbor of cable news. It is enough to say that this is what CNN aspires to, and that is damning enough.

What is most ironic of all, though, is that in the race for cable news ratings, the only network that’s tearing into Bill O’Reilly’s leading base is MSNBC and Keith Olbermann, and he has made a point of being everything O’Reilly is not. CNN, however, has made no such inroads in that base though it is emulating and exceeding the worst of FOX News, and in the case of Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck, CNN clearly wants to hitch their wagon to a self-righteous, perverted falling star; to O’Reilly, a man whom under a just God he has long abandoned, will surely have his reward.

Not Covered by Dobbs and Limbaugh: Price-gouging and Hurricane Katrina

The farcical hearings and “grilling” of oil executives on charges of price-gouging during a national emergency were the most obscene form of grandstanding possible. Yet Sen. Ted Stevens (R) actually had the nerve to accuse proponents of grandstanding when they asked the execs be sworn in; because if they weren’t, the whole point of grilling the oil executives on price-gouging was negated.

Stevens, the head of the Senate Commerce Committee, had rejected calls by senators to abide by standard protocol and have the executives sworn in. It was obvious that without an oath, no perjury charges could be leveled after the oil execs lied to Congress, which was expected. Stevens must have known this, as he went out of his way to protect witnesses from any legal consequences of such deception. And so the big oil execs lied at the mock hearings, and lied with child-like abandon, and if you believe they did otherwise, you will believe undocumented farm workers are responsible for the rise in the price of gasoline, global warming, and crop circles.

It’s not the Undocumented Farm Worker Who Raised the Price of Gas…

Surely, most US voters realize undocumented workers aren’t conspiring to raise the price of gasoline this summer; this to boost election year coffers for puppet candidates. Voters know it’s big oil and their tools on the Hill, and the higher the price of gas, the more determined voters will be to oust incumbents. Behold Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska. In 2005, his state of some 663,661 people was appropriated $325 million in pork. That made an average of $489.87 in earmarking per capita, over sixteen times the national state average of $30.55 per person. Much of this pork went to projects benefiting big oil.

There’s nothing wrong with making an honest living from investing in oil or energy interests. However, standing idly by in the face of illegal profiteering during national emergencies, and this when the rest of the country is coming to together to help, that cannot be excused. That any companies profit at the expense and detriment of your countrymen at a time of national peril cannot be excused by conscience or reason. Thus it takes an honest American, and a good American, to face the true cause of an economic threat and to use their influences as stockholders to prevent the abuse of high power at its true source. Attacking a an ethnic scapegoat won’t bring down the price of gas, and eventually, voters will see through the ruse when they realize the men they are listening to on radio and television are simply diverting attention away from the big oil, and at bottom, this is the industry that controls the incumbent party.

As for Hispanics, you have a purchasing power approaching 1.08 trillion in 4 years, and its up 413 percent from 1990, according to a report by the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia. Yet you are the scapegoat of political media assets hoping to divert attention from the price of gasoline, unchecked Congressional corruption, an increasingly unpopular and costly war, etc.

You are misled by wealthy television and radio personalities with stock portfolios in oil and energy, who grow richer every time the oil companies fuck Americans over. So, attacking what really bothers and affects most Americans isn’t in the interest of these media personalities. If they attack oil they risk exposing malfeasance, and exposing malfeasance means a drop in their stock value (like we saw at Enron). Thus they need a scapegoat for Americans to vent their gas-pump rage upon, and immigrants, blacks, gays, religious minorities etc. are a perennial favorite, and always convenient.

What can you, the scapegoat and consumer, do in the face of these attacks? Well, here are the self-evident facts, and here’s what you can do…

First of all, understand, and never forget, the following:

Oil. The entire American economy depends on it. Oil makes plastics, plastics you see in everything from water bottles to computer parts. Oil prices affect the price of all goods which have plastic.

Oil powers many of the generators in our electrical grids. Oil affects the price of your electric bill.

Oil is the diesel in the trucks and trains that bring goods to your Wal-Mart, it is the airline fuel that transports people and international goods. It therefore affects the price of air and land delivery.

Because airline fuel affects ticket prices, it is the difference between tourism and no tourism.

The last time we had an oil crisis, in the 1970s, the result was severe inflation. It may have cost President Jimmy Carter his re-election more than any other factor.

As you can see, oil is far more than just the gas you put in your car. When the price of this oil is artificially manipulated, the American economy takes a heavy blow in all sectors: energy, transportation, service industries, goods, etc. Those responsible for this manipulation need to divert your attention, and to do it, they appeal to man’s basest instincts, hate and fear. They scapegoat an ethnic or religious minority.

Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbsbs, Mike Savage. Do they own stock in oil? What do you think? (Tune in next time, and we’ll discuss their stock portfolios.)

Please keep in mind that most advertisers don’t share or necessarily agree with the politics of race baiting shows. It’s just economics…they want visibility. However, they don’t want it the expense of losing customers or being perceived as unfriendly towards any segment of the consumers. For this reason, they will likely spend their advertising dollars on other shows, such as the competitor of the show, rather than risk alienating the consumer dollars they are aiming for.

Don’t let them Divert Your Attention

The Effective Boycott Employs the Following:

1. Assign Commercial Monitors. Set up a monitor for each targeted radio or TV show. For example, one or two daily monitors for Lou Dobbs or Rush Limbaugh whose sole assignment is to note advertisers for these shows.

2. Identify Prime Advertisers. Get the name of advertisers, e.g., national or local advertisers that appear on a given show. Post a list of these advertisers on a high visibility web site. If you see a particular insurance company advertising on a targeted show, note the company, post it to the list of boycotted companies. If the same company has more than one commercial on the same show, target that company over any other.

3. Call and Write to Advertiser. Call and write to sponsors of the show to make sure they are aware of a possible boycott, allow them a chance to pull ads from a targeted show. Make sure to explain the reason for your concern, cite evidence.

4. Post List. Use friendly radio assets and the internet to promote said web site which points out offending advertisers. Indeed, the largest radio station in Los Angeles is Spanish-language. Using it, bringing traffic to such a blacklist site could be easier than you think.

5. Surgical Boycotts. Encourage boycotters to choose one or all of the advertisers of a given show, for example, Lou “Grand Dragon” Dobbs, to boycott for an entire month, or longer. Surgical boycotts, aimed at a prime sponsor of a given show, work best provided enough people know of the boycott. Email, radio, internet postings can spread the word.

6. Do not end boycott until goal is met. For example, until a public apology is offered by the host or the network president resigns, or feels the full wrath of stockholder pressure. Stay updated on list of advertisers. Participate. And don’t buy from those who spit in your face, and your children’s.

7. Remember that domestic terrorism is still terrorism. Remember the Oklahoma City Bombing. When CNN or any other network advocates membership in front groups for the Klan or similar white supremacist militia movements, do not reward their sponsors with consumer dollars. Much like international terrorists, who form front groups and “religious charities” to fund their movement, Klan fronts are created to maintain an illusion of grassroots sentiment, but are easily discerned by a consistently parallel agenda with official Ku Klux Klan platforms and ideology. For example, both the Minutemen and Klan see the government as an enemy; both groups support vigilante justice over federal control of immigration laws. Indeed, the Klan and Minutemen are now interwoven militia movements, the latter with a few token minorities but led exclusively by white supremacists on a crusade to preserve America’s “racial purity”. In other words, the Minutemen are the armed militia movement of the Klan.

8. Support the CHOICE Act. Support Sen. John McCain’s CHOICE Act, aka cable a la carte. If you don’t watch CNN, why pay for it?


Other Action? Contact this bigot asshole:

CNN President Jonathan Klein Phone: (404) 827-1500 Web:

Remind Mr. Klein his job at CNN depends on balance and accuracy.

Also see…

Broken Record: Southern Poverty Law Center Report on Lou Dobbs The Southern Poverty Law Center, which specializes in taking on domestic terrorists like the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis, reports on CNN’s Lou Dobbs and the Atlanta network’s embrace of racism and subtle promulgation of white supremacist ideology:

“In 2003, FAIR added, a reporter on Dobbs’ show grossly mischaracterized a National Academy of Sciences report. The report found that immigrants provided a net gain of $1 billion to $10 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product, but the CNN reporter said the report had found the economic impact of immigrants worked out to a net loss of up to $10 billion….

“But there’s one thing Lou Dobbs won’t do. No matter what others report about the movement, Dobbs has failed to present mounting and persistent evidence of anti-Hispanic racism in anti-immigration groups and citizen border patrols.”


“The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Klanwatch & Militia Task Force calls the CCC ‘the reincarnation of the infamous White Citizens Councils of the 1950s and 1960s.’ The White Citizens Councils, often referred to during the civil rights era as the ‘white collar’ or ‘uptown’ Klan, were formally titled Citizens Councils of America (CCA).

“The CCA were created in 1954 in reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling against de jure segregation. Opposed to integration and to voting rights for non-whites, the CCA were known for using intimidation and harassment to discourage integration at schools and participation at the polls.

“Perhaps the CCA’s most infamous member was Byron De La Beckwith, who murdered civil rights leader Medgar Evers in 1963, with the CCA raising thousands of dollars for De La Beckwith’s defense. In its newsletters and monographs of the time, the CCA typically ranted about black intellectual inferiority and criminality, and inveighed against interracial marriage, Jewish plots, Catholics, the left and the federal government.”

Anti-Defamation League report on the CCC. Detailed ADL Report on the Council of Conservative Citizens, including its ties domestic terrorism, media and political infiltration.