DEVELOPING: Collapse of Russia, China and EU Predicted

Collapse of Russia will prove major test for US – Stratfor

stratfor.siAs the world moves away from the petrodollar and towards BRICS, Statfor, a major US think tank that outlines geopolitical developments and threats within the next ten years, has made startling predictions. Stratfor predicts Russia will disintegrate, the EU will also disintegrate, and China (now the world’s largest economy) will collapse and turn into a dictatorship.

A CIA-linked firm with a proven track record in correctly predicting global conflict, if they foresee a regime change in Venezuela or the Ukraine in a year or two, you can rest assured they know exactly what is coming because, as one happy customer pointed out in a Yelp review, “it’s almost like they helped plan it in the first place.” That, or they have some really talented Druids.

In a related story, Psychic Hotline begins major recruitment drive at Stratfor headquarters.


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