Dennis Leary is in Denial

Albert Einstein once said that “If at first an idea does not sound absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Here is an absurd idea, one I share with an exponentially growing number of people.

Dennis, the “White Condi Rice,” If You Think these Firefighters Crazy, Eat a Dick


Above, NYC Fire firefighters describe the demolition of WTC 7, noting the explosions, free-fall, and pancake collapse consistent with a controlled demolition. They were there, Leary wasn’t. But I guess Leary trumps them by default, since he plays a fireman on his show, and has a right to mock these men and what they saw first hand.

Oh, and by the way, President Bush told the nation that explosives were used on 9/11, in a Rose Garden press conference. See the last video on this page.


“Have you seen the video of building 7?”

“Yeah, but you don’t want to get into that with me…”

Above is a BBC report stating that Building 7 had already collapsed when it had not, and would not do so for 20 minutes. Gap toothed Dennis “The White Condi Rice” Leary rose from the table. Then the questioner was immediately thrown out. He had asked no other question nor harassed Leary, as you can see in the video.

Leary Book Signing
When Leary and his ilk attack well-meaning and intelligent Americans in the military and scientific community who raise sobering and rational objections to the official story, you have to wonder if their scorn is based on disbelief anyone would dare question the integrity of the Bush administration, or based on the belief you can say or do anything about it.
What a Real Comic Sounds Like: Disbelief in Fairy tales

For a while Leary was good friends with the late Bill Hicks, a legendary comedian who was never afraid to question the media or the status quo. At times this cost him, but he stood up for his principles. What’s repugnant is that Leary would compare himself to Hicks, an intellectual and moral superior, when Leary stands for everything Hicks detested. Hicks ended his friendship with Leary after he stole Hick’s material line for line in his album No Cure for Cancer. Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer.

What is it? That WTC Building 7, which was struck by neither plane in the 9/11 attack yet collapsed in the same free fall manner, did only hours later with the help of a demolition team. That’s it, that’s what all this is about, implying that some events in the official 9/11 account could not have taken place. That’s the wild conspiracy. When asked about WTC Building 7, he said he knew several firefighters who were trying to keep it standing. This contradicts the fact they were told to leave because of an imminent collapse. Who told them? Rudy himself: on the news 20 minutes before it came crashing down.

Later, despite all the evidence to the contrary, this was all denied and it was claimed building 7 fell without warning. Leary, whose teeth earned him the nickname “The White Condi Rice,” managed a weak gap-toothed grin and then had his security boot the questioner from the book signing as if he was violently attacked, rather than asked a simple question requiring only a lucid and sincere response in the same tone as the question was asked. The question was simply this: “Have you seen the video of building 7?”

“Yeah, but you don’t want to get into that with me…” Leary warned, rising from the table. Then the interviewer gets the boot. It was disgusting. You’d think he was trying to interview Dick Cheney over the torture of his Muslim paper boy. Seriously. Check out his reaction and the look of horror on his face as a woman asks him about 9-11.

And this piece of shit tries to compare himself to Bill Hicks, a man who questioned everything? The issue here is cowardice. It is easier to believe that while we slept, the people we trusted to protect us never made laws that enabled secret arrest and detentions of American citizens, that they could be held without charge indefinitely whether arrested here or abroad. It’s easier to believe the Bush administration would never dare rewrite the law, and abandon the Geneva Conventions, to make torture legal if it didn’t kill a person. In fact, torture isn’t supposed to kill you if what you want is intelligence. In short, it’s easier to believe in a world of fairy tales.

We just call this world denial now, and it’s really the same thing. Torture is supposed to make you confess to things you did, or did not do, depending on the motives of the interrogator. That is why courts throw out confessions made under torture. That, however, only applies to civilian courts and not military ones. Military courts which would have jurisdiction over those stripped of habeas corpus can accept those confessions, and did.

The 9/11 Denial

It is easier to believe your parents won’t divorce, but if the evidence is clearly there and irrefutable, living in denial will only make it harder in the end. The battered child often lives in denial and is often the last to know he is being abused, and even if he does know, he rationalizes it as something he deserves. You cannot heal, or forgive, without eventually confronting those who wronged you. It is easier to believe in a make-believe world than it is to find the will and courage to confront a crippling or devastating reality or wrong. Which do you think most people, and I mean adults here, would rather choose and do? A childish fantasy of authority figures that can do no wrong, whom only have your best interests in mind and whom would never hurt you, cannot change the reality at hand. That’s why it shouldn’t bother you when people call you a “conspiracy nut” and why it does in fact, tickle. Under the law, it only takes two people to form a conspiracy. They’re so common the only the morally bankrupt or willfully ignorant pretend they’re so rare they’re something to be dismissed outright. J. Edgar Hoover, for instance, used to say the Mafia didn’t exist when he knew it did, and that was the largest known criminal conspiracy of his time. Every prosecutor who has ever taken on the mob, secret criminal organization, or a gang is a conspiracy theorist: the criminal conspiracy is a theory until he can prove it in a court of law. He has to approach criminal conspiracies or gangs as a theorist to determine the hierarchy, methods, hit men, etc. Hit men don’t advertise. Though most Americans don’t know it anymore, President Abraham Lincoln wasn’t assassinated by a lone nut. It was a conspiracy, and John Wilkes Booth was part of it. Conspirators (patsies actually) were prosecuted and hanged. This could have never happened if one assumed no conspiracy could be involved.

This is why law takes the term “conspiracy” very seriously as it recognizes that NOT ALL CRIMES ARE COMMITTED BY ONE PERSON. If you think large conspiracies don’t exist, you probably think the Mafia doesn’t exist. You probably believe big oil doesn’t conspire to manipulate the price of gas, either. Gee whiz, that would take a lot of people huh? so it’s implausible, huh? Not too long someone was bold enough to notice the spike in gas prices and theorized there was a conspiracy by oil executives and Wall Street traders to manipulate the price of gas. Though this was literally a conspiracy theory, this person was not a “conspiracy theorist” in the sense where everything was a conspiracy, no, he just saw it here, but the theory was right, and people got nailed (not as much as we wanted though). The same applies to people who don’t live their lives seeing conspiracies in everything, but have sense enough to know that sometimes they do happen. These people are called grown-ups.

It is easier to believe your parents won’t divorce, but if the evidence is clearly there and irrefutable, living in denial will only make it harder in the end. Eventually, we’ll have to divorce ourselves from the idea elected officials are incapable of treason or crime just because this is America.

What do you care if an infantile, bed-wetting “mythbuster” or Leary laughs at you? Enjoy it! Even if he has a lot of smug and arrogant company, remember this old Indian proverb: “The idiot is always the first to be heard.” The irrefutable evidence at hand is that 9/11 was, at least, partially a false flag operation. The evidence at hand is that at least two people, in very high office, conspired to use an event they knew would happen without their intervention if it meant it could create an impetus for justifying an unpopular war, and the secret implementation of the Patriot Act to prevent us from ever doing anything about it once the war came.

It an act that had the immediate effect of making it impossible to question the events leading up to 9/11. It wasn’t just written up at the spur of the moment, they had it already, and they merely dusted it off and introduced it. And it speedily passed. Many lawmakers later admitted they never even bothered to read it before voting for it. When Leary and his ilk attack well-meaning and intelligent Americans in the military and scientific community who raise sobering and rational objections to the official story, you have to wonder if their scorn is based on disbelief anyone would dare question the integrity of the Bush administration, or based on the belief you can say or do anything about it. You, the American, gain nothing and are in fact wronged.

Assuming Leary is wrong, and the scientific method and President Bush ‘s admission proves he is, he is not only justifying every criminal act he mocked the Bush administration for in the past, but he is putting stones in the path of those whose first impulse isn’t to hide in a childish fantasy where our highest elected officials are incapable of corruption.

Psychologists Explain 911 Denial

Cognitive dissonance and our inability to examine empirical evidence for fear of ostracism, anxiety, a challenge to our world view. How we appeal to denial to protect us from anxiety, and the effect of trauma on a national level after watching thousands of Americans killed on live television.

Stivers-6-30-06-Denial-is-tCowardice sometimes disguises itself in indignation, in anger, in cynicism and scorn. It has to, because the yellow streak down your spine, should it be common knowledge, will color every aspect of your character or lack thereof henceforth. Leary was not insulted at the book signing. He was not verbally abused, and there was no protest. It was just a question. But that was a question that scared the shit out of Leary, even though he made a point of saying he will attack “9-11 conspiracy theorists” in the upcoming shows in April of 2009. These shows we await with baited breath. Oh, please, Dennis, please show them soon. Let’s see if you fare better than Bill Maher, when even the National Institute of Science and Technology got their asses handed to them on a platter, and they could only offer the explanation that the building fell due to a fire and circumstances impossible to duplicate, because what happened had never happened before. The NIST theory failed the Scientific Method, meaning it could not be duplicated in the physical world. They tried to pass off the results from a computer simulation, a virtual world where unlike real life, physics and circumstances could be manipulated to change the outcome.

To illustrate how idiotic this is, I can Photoshop myself boinking Salma Hayek. It would be a virtual picture that sadly, stands little chance of being duplicated in real life. My hypothesis, that Salma Hayek would sit on my face in the interests of science, would probably fail. Even so, as unlikely as this is, it is physically possible, albeit not likely. Not so with the NIST findings, and they admitted as much by concluding the fall was a “new phenomenon”; a freak event not seen before. Ever. They had to recreate it on a computer because the theory they came up with is that wildly implausible. But all of this is assuming President Bush didn’t already tell us himself, in a national address, that explosives were used in the demolition in question. You’re an asshole, Dennis.