Chris Wallace Is a Racist, and Here’s the Psychology to Prove It

This is getting old. An ambiguous statement is interpreted as racist by pundits, and even misquoted, and half of America who backs Trump is smeared by association. In the latest example, it turns out that President Trump tweeted something to the effect that Baltimore is filthy and rat infested, and then largely white pundits, the real bigots, assumed he was talking about black people. Only a racist mind would think of blacks when he hears the word “rats.”

Here is an exchange in a recent show with Chris “Rats Equal Blacks” Wallace…

Chris Wallace: “Infested. It sounds like vermin. It sounds subhuman and these are all six members of Congress who are people of color.” Mulvaney says he’s “spending too much time reading between the lines.”

Analyze what Wallace just said. “Infested. It sounds like vermin.”  From here he makes a word association to subhuman and six members of Congress who are people of color.

This is important. Wallace just made an association between the word “subhuman” and six members of Congress who are people of color. That association, in and of itself, is disturbing because it came unscripted. Is this the way he talks about blacks in his private company?

No matter what he says, he can’t escape the fact that Trump didn’t compare those men to rats, to vermin, but Wallace did in a most self-evident manner. And he blamed Trump for it. Wallace blamed Trump for prejudice found within himself, to the overflow of his heart.

Wallace: “I’m not reading between the lines. I’m reading the lines.”

And then he has the nerve to say Trump directly compared rats to blacks when it was clear that is what Wallace just did.

Actually, what Wallace is doing is projecting the worst in himself with the screen provided: the ambiguity of an unspecific comment. Again, if Trump calls a city “filthy, rat-infested” and Wallace assumes he is not talking about the rodents themselves, but about blacks, then the association between blacks and rats is coming from Wallace and not Trump. That’s projection. He is projecting his own inner view of blacks onto a safe target that is Trump and everything he says, and all who support him. He makes the associations and attributes them to others, and his guests should be very wary of falling for this trick. You force him to rephrase on the spot, and call out his projection.

Thus, everyone who calls out “racist” over anything or anyone they disagree with is actually advertising the hidden contents of his soul, a character flaw that is most disturbing to him. Someone who never accuses a person of racism without solid evidence is not being naive, he is likely the most pure in that respect.