An Explosive Payback for PC Thought Policing Inevitable

James Damore: ‘It’s okay to openly shame white people and men at Google’ (AUDIO). Seriously? what’s the point of bashing either?


Psychological projection

Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually rude racist may constantly accuse other people of being rude racist. It incorporates blame shifting.
Google employees who arbitrarily judge innocent internet users and censor their speech “feel judged.” This is the paragon of virtue behind it, and then above him, tech monopolist Eric Schmidt.

There’s an old saying that for the pure, all things are pure, and for the base, all things are base.

It’s another way of saying rotten people will see rottenness in everyone, and good people will see the good in everyone. So when you see virtue signaling and self-righteousness in others, it’s a character flaw you’re looking at, and they’re simply projecting it on to other people inasmuch as they have sexism and racism in their hearts. We live in a hateful age where even smiling and a tip of the hat to a passing stranger might be perceived by the angry and embittered as some sort of sexist harassment, but ironically, the mentality that would perceive it that way would most likely be doing so in proportion to that prejudice within them. This is really self-evident, upon a little thought.

In a public or private setting everything you say can be interpreted as racist or sexist unless you’re a mind reader, so the inevitable outcome is that people will realize it doesn’t matter what they say, their only recourse is silence and submission. When that happens, if men and women are already punished for ordinary discourse and the very practice of communication so essential for relationships breaks down, you’re going to see a lot of anger and misunderstanding. People will realize since they are already punished de facto for opening their mouths, then they may as well say anything they want, and they won’t hold back. The concern isn’t online as much as offline, where Google and Facebook can’t control speech and action.

An insufferable racist has nothing better than to do than to accuse others of darkness she has in her herself.

Projection is becoming fashionable and a very real problem, and the easiest way to spot it is through the term “dog whistle” to describe code words only racists understand. Someone might be discussing something about Bolivian cotton prices in 1956 and our less than enthusiastically welcomed social justice warrior will be there to cry foul because now “cotton” is a dog whistle for white supremacists as it  alludes to the slavery days when blacks lived on cotton plantations.

“Dog whistle” is a term often used by crooked politicians to label and curtail the effective words, memes, or slogans of opponents. It’s how a popular cartoon frog named Pepe became the  symbol of white supremacy in America, when there’s nothing to stop supremacists from wearing Nazi or Klan garb now.

It’s gotten so bad recently a writer for Time magazine’s Sarah Begley wrote that Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat had secret racist undertones, or dog whistles, but her article was really more of a painful, sobering view into her own psyche, into the darker side of confirmation bias where Begley is inclined to a world view that all white people are sinister and all data that could possibly support that bigoted view, no matter how absurd, is entertained, collected, and spread as fact. One need only see Nazi children’s books, with Jews portrayed as hook-nosed, thieving, greedy criminals and defilers of white women to see what a racist children’s book really is, and what is not. Dr. Seuss also fought the Nazis, by the way, in the propaganda department.

If anyone ever accuses you of racism or sexism over something petty and trivial, call them on it. Those are serious allegations, it’s actual defamation that could live forever in the internet, affecting job prospects and professional lives. The odds are the loudest SJW voices have an identifiable past history of racism or sexism and are still trying to process their own issues, guilt about it.

Call them on it. They better have a body of evidence to substantiate the charge that you have a history of mistreating people because of their race or sex.

Fight them hard on this and ask them why it would bother them so much if it isn’t in them to their very marrow, in their hearts to the point their own conscience and neurosis perverts the way they frame the world.

We all live in our own universe. Begley, for example, she clearly believes her reality, unique only to her and consisting of her own personal life experiences and memories from infancy on that interprets and attempts to predict the world around her is something everyone in the world not only lives in too, but that it is a common reality we are morally subordinate to, as well.

She has an external locus of control that basically means the outcome of events in her life relies on others rather than herself (internal locus). She wants to bring awareness to the dangers of the Cat and the Hat and  uses arbitrary, fashionable dog whistles in vain attempts to police the thoughts of others when she cannot police her own. No one can do that.

She is not well.

In most cases where people cry “racist! and “sexist!” every chance they get, it is something they have inside, hate that they really don’t like about themselves, so they project it onto others. We’re dealing with people who really don’t like themselves and as a result, take it out on those who never harmed them, even cartoon frogs and “secret hate symbols” and dog whistles they literally invented. They see themselves as courageous warriors, but are more like firefighters who start forest fires just so they can have something to put out.

Still, the real issue is projection. We all have it, just some have it more than others. Some real life examples of how one might deal with toxic projection may be the following:

“Hear about the Washington Redskins game last night?”

“That’s racist!”

“What a minute. If that’s racist you’re assuming I am too dumb to know what racism is because I have yet to be informed of your arbitrary definition of the term, or that I am a racist for saying it and that I have a history of oppressing and attacking others because of their race or color. The latter is a serious charge and defamatory. Don’t ever use that term around me unless you know me well enough to know my heart.”

Or how about this…

“Mankind is…”

“Wait, you said mankind. That’s sexist. That’s part of a patriarchal terminology that helps keep women down.”

“So I’m a sexist? Let me tell you what I know about you. You had no problems with men until your man left you for a younger woman. You’re too old for dating and you’re embittered and angry. You hate all men now, you color them with the filter of hate you have for your ex. This prejudice makes you a sexist because you see all men as innately evil. You’re prone to a hive mentality and cults, since there’s plenty of women like you, and you’re just a hateful person. You’re as bad as the man who hates all women because his wife left him or cheated on him with his best friend.”

If that is too much to remember, let’s play this scenario out another way:

“Mankind is…”

“Wait, you said mankind. That’s sexist. That’s part of a patriarchal terminology that helps keep women down.”

“Bitch, shut the fuck up. You’ve just made us all make a mental note to never invite your negative nitpicking ass anywhere we go.”

That scenario is not recommended, by the way.


This is sexism, self-defeating and senseless male bashing. This is what it looks like when sheer hate, based solely on a person’s gender, consumes you to the point of toxic projection. 

And one final example:

“Bill is going to have a sex change. His chromosomes haven’t changed, he remains male, so this is a psychological matter, he says.”

“You are wrong and that is trans-phobic! Gender is a spectrum.”

“Sexual preference is a spectrum. Gender is not a spectrum, it’s binary. You’re trying to appropriate basic scientific fact to accommodate a political narrative.”

“No, you are Hitler. Gender is a spectrum.”

“You have a dog or cat? are they male or female?”

“I have a female cat.”

“Are you saying an animal’s gender has nothing to do with chromosomes? Because if that’s the case, if I am whatever I say I am, then I am a fire truck because I am sexually attracted to other fire trucks and love to stick my milk hose in their exhaust pipes. So am I fire truck?”

“No. Of course not.”

“That’s fire truck-o-phobic. I sexually identify myself as a fire truck. I am a transformergender. That’s what gets me off. Get the fuck out of my face you Bill Nye the Science Guy watching perverted motherfucker.”

The truth is the very act of attempting to police the thoughts of those around you is an aggressive and coercive act. Again, when you cannot police your own thoughts, you can’t police those of others, that is insanity. It is offensive, you become the antagonist, not hero, for doing it and there will be consequences proportionate to the hate invested in the attacks against people who never harmed you, and often had nothing but the warmest feelings towards you. Virtue signaling and thought policing invites conflict where there was none.

It is beneath the thinking man or woman.

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