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(3 lines unrecoverable)

(Lines 24ff, I or 2, do not survive) 123 ten thousand glories in them.

Therefore, he is a perfect glory so that whenever he can join (another) and prevail, he exists as perfect. Thus, even if he enters into a body and a death (coming) from matter, they do not receive greater honor because of their all-perfectness from whom came all these, being perfect, together with those who are with him. Indeed, each of the aeons has ten thousand aeons in himself, so that by existing together he may become a perfect aeon.

He exists in the [Blessedness] of the Triple [Powerful] Perfect Invisible [Spirit ...] silence [...] who became first [...] and the knowledge

(3 lines unrecoverable)

  1. whole, a silence of the second knowledge, the first thought in the will of the TriplePowerful, because he commanded it to know him, so that he might become all-perfectand perfect in himself. By simplicity and blessedness he is known. [I received] goodness through that follower of the Barbelo aeon who gives being to himself. [...] is not the power, but she is the one who belongs to him.The aeons which really exist do so in silence. Existence was inactivity, and knowledge of the self-established Kalyptos was ineffable. Having come [from the] fourth, the [...] thought, the Proto[phanes], as (the) Perfect Male [Mind](2 lines unrecoverable)
  2. he is his image, equal to him in power and glory but with respect to order higher than him, (yet not higher) in aeon. Like him he has all these (parts) living (and) dwelling together in one. Together with the aeon in the aeons he has a fourfold difference with all the rest who are there.

But Kalyptos really exists, and with him is located she who belongs to all the glories, Youel, the male virgin glory, through whom are seen the all-perfect ones. Those who stand before him are the triple [...] child, the triple [...], the Autogenes [...] He has [...] in one [... the one] again who prevails over the [...] existing in [...] 126 of ten thousand- fold.

The first aeon in him, from whom is the first Light, (is) Solmis and the god revealer, since he is infinite according to the type in the Kalyptos aeon and Doxomedon. The second aeon (is) Akremon the ineffable together with the second Light Zachthos and Yachtos. The third aeon is Ambrosios the virgin together with the third Light Setheus and Antiphantes. The fourth aeon is the blesser [...] race with [the] fourth Light [Seldao] and Elenos.

The [...] him [...] [...] Arm[edon (1 line unrecoverable)

127 phoe zoe zeoe ze[...] zosi zosi zao zeooo zesen zes- en - the individuals and the four who are eight-fold are alive. eoooo eaeo - you who are before them, and you who are in

them all. They are within the perfect male Armedon Protophanes of all those who dwell together. Since all the individuals were existing as perfect ones, the Activity of all the

individuals appeared again as the divine Autogenes.

He stands within an aeon because there are within him four different self-begotten aeons. The first aeon in him as the first Light (is) [Harmoze]l-Orneos-Euthrou- nios. [He] was called

(1 line unrecoverable)

[... The] second [aeon as] [the second Light is] [Oraiael ...]-udas[...]os, Ap[...] 128 Arros[...]. The third (aeon) of the third Light (is) Daveithe-Laraneus- Epiphanios-Eideos. The fourth (aeon) as the fourth Light (is) Eleleth-Kodere- Epiphanios-Allogenios. But as for all the rest who are in matter, they were all left (there). It was because of knowledge of greatness, audacity and power that they came into existence and comforted themselves. Because they did not know God, they shall pass away. Behold, Zostrianos, you have heard all these things of the gods are ignorant and (which) seem infinite to angels."

I took courage and said, "I am [still ] wondering about the Triple Powerful Invisible Perfect Spirit: how he exists for himself, [how he causes] everything [...] who really exist [...] what is the [...] [...] and [...] [...] of [...] 129 very [...] they set [me] down (and) left.

Apophantes and Aphropais, the Virgin-light, came before me and brought me into Protophanes, (the) great male perfect Mind. I saw all of them as they exist in one. I joined with them all (and) blessed the Kalyptos aeon, the virgin Barbelo and the Invisible Spirit. I became all-perfect and received power. I was written in glory and sealed. I received there a perfect crown. I came forth to the perfect individuals, and all of them were questioning me. They were listening to the loftiness of my knowledge. They were rejoicing and receiving power. When I again came down to the aeons of Autogenes, I received a true image, pure (yet) suitable for the perceptible (world).

I came down to the aeon copies and came down here 130 to the airy-earth. I wrote three tablets (and) left them as knowledge for those who would come after me, the living elect. Then I came down to the perceptible world and put on my image. Because it was ignorant, I strengthened it (and) went about preaching the truth to everyone. Neither the angelic beings of the world nor the archons saw me, for I negated a multitude of [judgments] which brought me near death.

But an erring multitude I awakened saying, "Know those who are alive and the holy seed of Seth. Do not [show] disobedience to me. [Awaken] your divine part to God, and as for your sinless elect soul, strengthen it. Behold death here and seek the immutable ingenerateness, the [Father] of everything. He invites you, while they reprove you. Although they ill-treat 131 you, he will not abandon you.

Do not baptize yourselves with death nor entrust yourselves to those who are inferior to you instead of to those who are better. Flee from the madness and the bondage of femaleness and choose for yourselves the salvation of maleness. You have not come to suffer; rather, you have come to escape your bondage.

Release yourselves, and that which has bound you will be dissolved. Save yourselves so that your soul may be saved. The kind Father has sent you the Savior and given you strength. Why are you hesitating? Seek when you are sought; when you are invited, listen, for time is short.

Do not be led astray. The aeon of the aeons of the living ones is great, yet (so also is) the [punishment] of those who are unconvinced. Many bonds and chastisers surround you. 132 Flee quickly before death reaches you. Look at the Light. Flee the Darkness. Do not be led astray to your destruction.


Oracles of Truth of Zostrianos God of Truth

Teachings of Zoroaster

from James M. Robinson, ed., The Nag Hammadi Library, revised edition. HarperCollins, San Francisco, 1990.

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