JFK Files: NBC vs. America

May 28, 2017 Independent Press 1

UPDATED: CIA and NBC cover-up detailed in #JFKfiles. “As a matter of fact, the Warren Commission’s inquiry into the assassination started off with a completely unacceptable philosophy for a democracy like ours. One of its stated objectives was to calm the fears of the people about a conspiracy.”

If you had any doubt lawmakers had to sign a loyalty oath to Israel…

January 13, 2016 Independent Press 0

If you had any doubt lawmakers had to sign a loyalty oath to Israel, and this in an open embrace of treason, follow the events regarding their outrage on NSA spying on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The truth is, the NSA would have been derelict in their duty had they not spied on Netanyahu. We are talking about a highly narcissistic, unstable and impulsive leader whose atrocities exceed Recep Erdogan's by a mile, and whose murders include countless Americans. We are talking about a man who actually made a thinly veiled threat on Obama's life in  a Grassy Knoll reference, and this even before trying to undermine an international Iranian peace agreement. As for the loyalty oath, watch Rubio and his ilk as an example of how emasculated neocons defend the complete surrender of American sovereignty to a foreign power, Israel, using Jesus as an excuse. It is an open embrace of treason you see in someone so familiar with hypocrisy they are immune to its stench.

The Most Important Thing an American Can Know

September 23, 2014 Independent Press 1

As with any coup, you would expect a national and concerted media campaign attacking anyone who came close to the truth, and we saw that. You would expect to see the corporate media use the national trauma that was the Kennedy assassination to manipulate our cognitive dissonance as we saw painfully contradictory evidence to the official story; to use the psychological defensive mechanisms of denial and anger to shut down our rational thinking and rather than question the actions of our government, trust them even more.