Sorcha Faal

World Trembles In Fear As American Heartland Becomes Apocalyptic Wasteland

Over the past fortnight, this report concludes, the now near totally in control radical leftist “coastal elite” media establishment in the United States has consumed itself in an orgy of hate fueled hysteria due to President Trump having been exonerated from the lies they made up and told against him—but have shamefully done so at the expense of their failing to warn the American people of one of the greatest natural disasters their nation has ever seen—that if warned about would enable these peoples to protect themselves against the soon coming catastrophic rise in food prices—most particularly because this apocalyptic catastrophe is only getting worse—and whose most affected victims of will be those who actually believed these radical leftist monsters were telling them the truth in the first place—and for their blind ignorance and trust, will, undoubtedly, see them collapsing into tears, fears and denial, like they did the night Trump was elected. […]