ISIS Getting Slaughtered, “Moderate” Terrorist or Not

Let’s see how the world is seeing us, and which side of history our leaders are on right now. We should care, as well, if we want any meaningful coalition against terrorists. There are far more intense videos out there, that truly show the horrors of war as perpetrated by all parties, as war is wont to cause.

This video is amazing. At the 4:23 point mark you are seeing Russian pilots waging suicide attacks against ISIS, Stalingrad style. They are flying directly into anti-aircraft fire, in full daylight.

Screen grab: Russian suicide attack in Syria. ISIS incoming from two anti-aircraft batteries.
Screen grab: ISIS fighter tried to escape dressed as a woman.
Screen grab: ISIS fighter tried to escape dressed as a woman.

They are NOT fucking around.

In the meantime, we get this interesting headline from Veterans Today:

This is for the war hawks. Have a look at what they want to drag your boys into…

Feel like another 10+ years of this?

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