The Society for the Appreciation of Bitch Slappin’ the Mimes

The Impious Digest hires only the best and strongest pimps to administer the bitch slappin' we give to mimes across the nation. But it's not cheap. Ice packs (for bruised knuckles), travel expenses, bail money and legal fees are just part of the expenses incurred in our efforts to make every child smile. Our pimps charge an hourly wage, but a fair one. […]

Independent Press

My Bitch Might be Pregnant.

This is fucking nuts, I thought, I dont even have a goddamn job. My fucking P.O. Would probably have a goddamn heart attack if he heard this latest shit. I can’t believe it. Me and Cheryl, we been together since high school, and I love her and everything, but fuck, we cant have another kid. […]

Independent Press

My Bitch had her Kid

First, I gotta tell you about some shit that went down at the hospital down in Cali. Doctor motherfuckers always piss me off. I have always fucking hated em. They are like fucken teachers in white coats, dude. Pussies. And assholes. They fuck with me almost as much as the pigs, and they think they are all cool and shit cause they wear that shit on their fucken ears to hear shit and have a goddamn lightbulb on their head. Fucking pussy motherfuckers. I hate doctors. […]