The Decoy Ambulance

When the First Lady arrived at the Bethesda Naval Hospital at about 6:55-7:05 p.m., November 22, 1963– she arrived at the front of the building with a heavily guarded casket that was actually empty.

Another navy ambulance had arrived earlier, which was driven by a man in a white surgical smock. That driver was Admiral Galloway. It pulled up at the rear of the building, and a greyish-pink shipping casket was unloaded. In Dallas the president was tenderly wrapped in a white linen shroud and placed in a bronze ceremonial casket. By the time Kennedy’s body arrived in Bethesda it was in a cheap shipping casket, and wrapped in a body bag. The final, cruelest indignity was that Kennedy was stripped naked and bereft of his shroud when they unzipped the bag.

You can imagine the surprise of the doctor falsely attributed with the original autopsy. At the Bethesda Naval Hospital, autopsy assistant Paul O’Conner could only describe Cmdr. James Joseph Humes as uncharcteristically “scared to death” when he unzipped the body bag, looked into Kennedy’s skull, and he saw no brain. Naturally. The brain contained evidence of trajectory and bullet fragments.

“Moreover, we know the identities of several of the individuals who were involved in the cover-up. These persons could be subpoenaed and finally asked tough, probing questions about their disgraceful behavior–and, if caught lying under oath, could be prosecuted for perjury. Who are these individuals? In my opinion, the list includes former WC counsels Arlen Specter and Wesley Liebeler, the three autopsy doctors, certain active and retired FBI agents and CIA officers, and former Dallas police lieutenant J. C. Day.”

From Preface; “More than a Reasonable Doubt” by Michael Griffith