7 Subliminal Hit Film Sponsors

If you’re sick of seeing product placement in movies and television, you’re about to get sicker. Now you’ll have a mental association of a brand based on a film title alone. You wont have to see a film to visualize a product. Don’t believe it? Behold…

1. Die Harder and Viagra. Until those little blue pills, Bruce Willis couldn’t get it up with a crane.
2. KY sex lube and Grease. Hopelessly devoted to goo…
3. The Seven Year Itch and Desenex. Athletes foot lasts way longer than seven years, but at least there’s relief.
4. Happy Feet and Gold Bond Foot Powder. All that waddling has got to mean some smelly ass penguin feet. Gold Bond to the rescue!
5. There Will Be Blood. And there will be that time of the month again. Kotex will be there.
8. Snatch and Vagisil. For when your itchy snatch is feeling not so fresh…
6. Snatch and Vagisil. For when your itchy snatch is feeling not so fresh…
7. Outbreak and Valtrex. Yeah, she won’t let genital herpes ruin her life. She’ll just suppress the symptoms in her outbreak and ruin someone else’s.

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