Bush as “Magog,” Bill Clinton Says Hillary conjures the dead


Gog and Magog were giants once worshiped in Britain with human sacrifice, and mythology attributes the city’s founding to the same. In fact, their statues stand in the London Guildhall to this day. A website for the Lord Mayor’s Show, which celebrates Gog and Magog, notes the following:

“The story goes that Diocletian – the Roman Emperor – had thirty-three wicked daughters, for whom he managed to find 33 husbands to curb their unruly ways. The daughters were dismayed, and under the leadership of their eldest sister Alba they plotted to cut the throats of their husbands as they slept. For this crime they were set adrift in a boat with half a year’s rations, and after a long and dreadful journey they arrived at the islands which came to be named Albion after the eldest. Here they stayed, co-habited with demons, and produced a race of evil giants to inhabit the wild, windswept islands.


“The story continues: Brutus, the great-grandson of Æneas, fled from Troy and by way of various scrapes arrived in these islands, which he renamed after himself; Britain. With him he brought his most able warrior and champion, Corineus, who fought the leader of the giant brood in single combat and eventually slew him by hurling him from a high rock into the sea. The name of the giant was Gogmagog and the rock from which he was thrown became known as Langnagog or “The Giants Leap”…

“At one time human sacrifice was common, but as times grew more civilized, images of men were burned instead of the men themselves.”

ISIS, Fanatical Zionism, End-time Christians, and the Templar Freemasons

Baphomet is worshiped in the Knights Templar lodges, from the Scottish Rite to the O. T.O. Bonesman are included. The 19th  century illustration is of an 18th degree Scottish Rite initiation ritual.

“A laptop computer seized in a raid on an ISIS stronghold last Saturday may well have exposed a bizarre plot right out of Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones.  Analysis may yield evidence of a strange “brotherhood” connecting cults within not only Israel but the US and European freemasonry to the planned destruction of two religious sites, one very real, the al Aqsa Mosque on the Holy Mount in Jerusalem and the second, the mythological Second Temple of Suleiman or Solomon, son of King David of Israel.

“The story encompasses more than a minor dose of the supernatural, armies of demonic genies building temples and a melding of Masonic-Templar myth with Zionist expansionism and Christian “Dominionists” end times prophesies.

The Fall of Palmyra

“The ISIS drive on the ancient city of Palmyra has a special significance, according to documents seized on May 16, 2015 by Syrian Special Forces units in a near dawn attack on al Mayadin, along the Euphrates River.

“The al Mayadin attack, simultaneous to an American attack only a few miles further north along the Euphrates, brought both nations a trove of vital intelligence.  Documents found on a laptop used by a top ISIS commander showed direct communications via “social networks” with Israel, but that isn’t all that surprising nor is it what is of real significance.  The message received from Israel had several startling elements:

  • Orders for the ISIS drive that took Palmyra came from Israel but also reference “the freemasons,” a group whose historical origins are tied to the Knights Templars, a religious and military organization believed to have discovered the First Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and to have looted its gold and artifacts.
  • The document orders ISIS to find and destroy the Second Temple of Solomon to be found in Palmyra, long the subject of “fringe” archaeology, and thought to be a mythological site built by superhuman beings or even extraterrestrials.
  • The document goes further, indicating that Israel will destroy the al Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam that has been under attack by Israeli settlers in recent weeks. The ISIS drive on Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an incomparable archeological treasure was carefully coordinated with a drive that took the Iraqi city of Ramadi and a Turkish backed drive on Aleppo by Al Nusra.  All three operations were totally unhindered by US and “coalition” air attacks, curiously so.  Moreover, reports from Ramadi of American C130 aircraft resupplying ISIS units have multiple confirmation despite US denials.  When questioned about this, US Army Special Forces representatives blamed Iran for spreading the rumor as part of a psychological operations ploy despite the fact that the US had previously admitted to “accidentally” resupplying ISIS forces near the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani.  The Kobani “accidents” happened several time over a period of days during the height of the battle there.”

Sickening: US Evacuating ISIS/Israeli Military Commanders from Ramadi By Gordon Duff, Veterans Today, Senior Editor on December 24, 2015

President George Washington, himself a mason, was deeply concerned that the Illuminati would infiltrate and control the American lodges, which ultimately happened. More here.

The key to understanding the Illuminati is that it is headquartered in the London area. The Satanists (and witches) refer to Great Britain as the mother country.

Fritz Springmeier

The London Grand Lodge in all its glory

Not to miss out on a self-fulfilling prophecy, ISIS, in coincidence with Magog, is gathered from many, many nations; about 80. Why so many nations? It is an oil-funded mercenary army with recruits from Turkey, Israel, Australia, France, Germany, the US, Russia, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, etc.

“And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” Revelation 6.6

Considering the time it was written, one might wonder what John meant by oil in a verse alluding to an economy, but the fact of the matter is that two world wars have oil as the key prize as it is a staple of economies, such as ours in the petrodollar. Hitler wanted Russia’s oil, and didn’t get it. Bush-Cheney and his neocons from both parties wanted to control the middle eastern oil market and didn’t.

As “in the midst of the four beasts” which cries “hurt not the oil,” in the case of the ISIS oil pipeline western leaders deliberately  “hurt not the oil” by refusing to attack the strategically critical target. These leaders literally tasked our army to kill ISIS, but to do so without taking ISIS guns or money. By any rational and legal measure, that is complicity, that is conspiracy. This was largely John McCain’s call as he literally, personally knew the key ISIS leaders by name.

Like Turkey’s Recep Erdogan, John McCain went to some quite shameful ends to prevent any attack on the very thing the ISIS terrorist bled: oil. Their motives? Nothing nobler than greed, that eternal and most predictable motive of all.

We know now ISIS benefited many western leaders, including our own; with ties to Houston now, which means George H.W. Bush.

“…and see thou hurt not the oil…” Revelation 6.6

“And fire came down from God out of Heaven and devoured them.” Revelation 20:8.

Of course, God, as writ throughout the Bible, acts through the hand of man.

Bad omen: Mecca, a lightning strikes kills 107 people on 9/11/2015. Saudi Arabia was a key player in the terrorist attacks on 9/11.


Good omen: On same day, New York City, the 9/11/2015 double rainbow.

In a very literal sense fire has already come down from heaven to destroy ISIS in the form of bombers, fire from an Orthodox Christian nation that defeated the same Thule Satanists from Nazi Germany. This is just the beginning. Russia learned from its mistake in Stalin’s pre-WWII bloody purges of its best generals, and these days their army is in a state of eternal vigilance. We are dealing with the same family as well. Bush Sr.’s father, Prescott Bush, was actually another Bonesman charged with illegally financing the Nazis in World War II.

For anyone even a little familiar with the Bible, Revelation describes a Lord that returns with the sword, and it doesn’t end well for Magog.

The NWO’s Own Prophecy…and how whole point of pitting Muslims against Christians and Jews is  depopulation

The Denver International Airport’s infamous murals actually explain what is happening now in Syria. When you hear the term New World Order that is, plain and simple, another way of saying The Illuminati. The Illuminati itself has many names  and guises, but this one is most encompassing and official. The theme in the murals is not too complicated and is the hallmark of Illuminati doctrine: order from chaos, to destroy an old world and create a new one. In this series of murals you can see Illuminati plans to first destroy the world, depopulate it by billions, and eventually from this chaos create a perfect order, a New World Order. Aside from money and selling arms to both sides of a conflict, there is depopulation, so this cabal is attempting to destroy an entire religion consisting of about a billion or more. This is the true motive behind Islamophobia, as you can see in right-wing media titan Rupert Murdoch’s papers (and FOX News).

Of course, killing so many Muslims means tens or even hundreds of millions of Christians and Jews would die since they have nukes too, so we refer tot the mural below from the Denver airport: the blonde girl in the coffin with a Star of David and the Cross.

In this anti-Jewish propaganda, we see even the Nazis were more subtle than Rupert Murdoch.
Depopulation by religious war
NWO political alliance. Why are so many right wingers pouring money into Hillary’s campaign?

Again, the whole point of pitting Muslims against Christians and Jews is depopulation, since Muslims, like Christians and Jews, have had nukes for a long time (e.g. Pakistan). Rupert Murdoch is certainly not the only media titan that does this, but he is the most notorious and rightfully regarded as a war criminal.

This airport, as in seeming anticipation of global retribution, is designed with fortified bunkers and a complex tunnel system to withstand nuclear attack.

US Navy barracks in Coronado, CA. A product of the Nazification of the Republican party after Operation Paperclip’s importation of Nazi war criminals into our military-industrial complex. Instrumental to this change was George H. W. Bush. This doesn’t mean our Navy or armed forces are Nazis, as they remain honorable inasmuch as the leadership does, but it does mean it has been compromised with a fifth column of fanatical racists.

Depopulation is still an obsession for the elites. As for this one, there were a lot of bad “Jews” in the Bible (Jews in name only). They still exist, with fanatical or misled Christian-Zionist leaders that are actually subservient to a Sanhederin that still exists. Source: Sanhedrin Warns Pope Francis: Godly Judgment May Prove “Very Risky”  July 17, 2015 Breaking Israel News

DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: This menacing figuring represents a Nazi resurgence and gas/biochemical warfare like we are seeing already in Syria. This is the agent of chaos, controlled by the “illuminated” elites: Clinton, Bush, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. Denver International Airport: Judeo-Christian Genocide. Note the Star of David and Cross, the hue on her lips denoting gas attack. ISIS gas attacks in Syria The Denver Airport’s pale horse of the apocalypse. Denver International Airport: Genocide Denver International Airport: Genocide and over-fishing. AIDS Syrian bombing victim, courtesy “controlled” chaos and neocon regime change. Denver International Airport: A planned ecocide and genocide featuring extinct species. The Illuminati alludes to a New World Airport Commission. Spain, protest against Bilderberg meeting in Spain in 2010. Even as far as Spain, they know about the 9/11 false flag, because they don’t have to deal with our media. Denver International Airport: Part of the NWO depopulation plans involves genetic engineering and sterilization plans. On the left, does that remind you of something? it should: the Monsanto logo. At the moment, Monsanto is facing charges of crimes against humanity and ecocide at the Hague in the Netherlands.

MIT: Half of All Children May Have Autism in 10 Years Due to Monsanto

“And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” Revelation 6.6

Depopulation: Tampons discovered with pesticides; a virtual glysophate injection.

Agriculture and the oil industries are now controlled by NWO multinationals. Monsanto is an Illuminati, or NWO company, as you might have guessed. Through a scheme with genetically modified glysophate-resistant seeds the plan was to control everything that was grown on earth. They said it would make global agriculture, cheap, plentiful. As it turned out, the plants, everything from wheat, barley, grapes, corn, etc were now genetically modified to resist the Monsanto pesticide glysophate, or Round Up.

The problem came when farms became so saturated with the pesticide it was impossible to find produce free of glysophate, a known carcinogen. In fact, even tampons became unsafe, as the cotton farms were also subjected to Round Up. Imagine the predicament, if you are putting a carcinogen in your body when there is contact with an open conduit to a woman’s blood stream during ovulation. This is one reason you are seeing studies like this one below from MIT, which states half of all children may have autism within 10 years. Since people with severe autism don’t often reproduce, it fits well with a depopulation agenda.

Worse, with the TPP and TTIP plans are in place now where Monsanto is protected from being sued, or if outlawed by any nation, it gives them a means to sue nations for lost profits.The TPP was the enactment of a long-proposed plan to make all sovereign nations subservient to corporation and banks.

Click to access mit-states-that-half-of-all-children-may-be-autistic-by-2025.pdf

So many, many good masons in the first three degrees would truly recoil at the thought of how badly this fraternal organization has been completely usurped and misled, much as President George Washington had feared.
No advance warning to this fraternal order of New York City officers on 9/11. Why? They would have probably stopped it or shot Cheney for suggesting it. Along with over 3,000 immediate victims, 9/11 rescue workers have died in incredible numbers, approximately 39,000 and counting from toxic dust inhalation, and largely due to a neocon blocking of medical care they have only relented on 15 years later.

“We execute masons in such wise that none save the brotherhood can ever have a suspicion of it, not even the victims themselves of our death sentence, they all die when required as if from a normal kind of illness. Knowing this, even the brotherhood in its turn dare not protest. By such methods we have plucked out of the midst of masonry the very root of protest against our disposition.”

How the NWO plans to deal with the lower degrees and dissent. This was only true when this was all still a secret, and its members were all unknown. Our highly sophisticated surveillance technology, inasmuch as it promulgated, has been used against them, as well. The odds are now in great favor of numbers, and the grievously hoodwinked in and outside the craft. Thus the NWO’s only protection is you, and it is time to walk away.

More Parallels

(Revelation 13:15) And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Film and television. Hitler was the first dictator to be promulgated via the film media and radio. Consider “Triumph of the Will.” And consider the propaganda and hate films that inspired some of the worst racial conflicts and persecutions in history, e.g. “Jude Suss” in Germany and in America, “Birth of a Nation,” which idolized the Klan. Both films were the products of Thule and Scottish Rite masons, respectively. In Germany, Protestants that didn’t adopt Hitler’s new Bible, i.e., the German Christian Bible often faced murder and persecution.

After that, it was universally recognized that film, television and radio were essential to controlling the masses in a way unseen in history. Cultures were changed, genocide and wars came easily as provoked by illusion.

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