The Fake News Silence on 9/11 Finally and Convincingly Explained

So in this quote Rockefeller makes it clear who made it all possible, the press, and who could have stopped it: the press.

The Bush Family’s Greatest Hits: What Rockefeller Means by “Discretion”

This is what the media soon ignored or attempted to discredit. Eventually, you heard nothing about it…


“A coalition of multinational corporate executives, big-city bankers, and hungry power brokers… want to give you George Bush… their purpose is to control the American government.”

– Ronald Reagan, 1980.

C1426-26President Ronald Reagan did not want George H.W. Bush on the ticket in 1980. It took threats and a lot of persuading, and after that, with the bad blood out in the open, we had this. The man who shot Reagan and several others, John Hinkley, came from the Hinckley family; a very wealthy supporter of Bush, Sr. when he ran against Reagan for the Republican nomination…

Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D writes “Another ‘coincidence.’ In the days before the assassination attempt, plans had been made for Vice-President Bush to assume the presidency on March 31,1981, should Reagan die or be killed. Reagan was shot at close range on March 30, 1981. As recalled by Bush ally, James Baker—one of the ‘Texans’ mentioned by Nixon when discussing the Bay of Pigs-Kennedy Assassination—: ‘there had been a FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Administration] exercise scheduled for the next day on presidential succession.'” The suspicion that fell upon Bush was palpable and immediately afterwards,  in an unheard of development, Gen. Alexander Haig declared “I’m in charge here” after Reagan was shot; ignoring the chain of succession that would put Bush in charge.

An interesting, albeit anecdotal aside from Fritz Springmeir

“We wanted George Bush to get it.” ‘Whose we?,’ the Christian asked to this rich lady who kept tossing her furs back and forth. “The Illuminati,” she said, “We’re the enlightened ones, and George Bush was trained by us.”

“Two weeks after Reagan was elected, a beautiful Mercedes pulled up to where this Christian brother was working. The guy who got out was obviously rich-his suit had to be in the neighborhood of $800 and his wife had fox furs around her neck. They said their son was going to work for the state and they wanted to look for a home for him. The woman was being Independent and said, “I don’t want to go see the houses. I want to talk to this nice man.” The houses were done by Donahue Construction. The men went on to look at the houses, and the woman remained behind and talked.

This Christian is an easy talker with people. He struck up a conversion naturally. He said, “I think its great Ronald Reagan got elected, he’s going to be a good president.” The woman replied, “We wanted George Bush to get it.” “Whose we?”, the Christian asked to this rich lady who kept tossing her furs back and forth. “The Illuminati,” she said, “We’re the enlightened ones, and George Bush was trained by us.”

Unfortunately, the men had just returned at this point and were entering the room. The man with the expensive suit was livid. “Shut your ….. mouth,” he yelled. She huffed back, “Well, if you insist.” He then turned to the Christian, who he didn’t know, and politely told him that they had failed to find anything that suited them. “Thank you very much everything is secure.” and handed him the keys. Then he dragged the woman to the Mercedes giving her hell all the way for talking, and when they got in proceeded to physically slap her around. This was an extremely rare incident.”

Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati founder, aka “Spartacus”

So was George H. W. Bush in the Illuminati? The cold hard fact is yes. He was in the Skull & Bones, and that powerful Yale fraternity is itself a chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati.

This sentence becomes of interest when the Illuminati aspect is discussed in Memorandum Five below. Here’s another interesting paragraph from this pamphlet: “Bones is a chapter of a corps in a German University. [Inglestadt University, birthplace of Illuminati] It should properly be called, not Skull & Bones Society but Skull & Bones Chapter. General R——(Russell), its founder, was in Germany before Senior Year and formed a warm friendship with a leading member of a German society. He brought back with him to college, authority to found a chapter here. Thus was Bones founded.” Think about this: Skull & Bones is not American at all. It is a branch of a FOREIGN [German] secret society. “Presumably this is one reason why intense secrecy is vital. It also raises the question of just who and what this foreign organization is and whether its objectives are compatible with those of the Constitution of the United States.”

America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, by Antony C.Sutton


What isn’t clear right now is if the Bush family has fallen out of favor completely with the Black Nobility in Europe. Here’s what we heard from the Bilderberg Meeting, best described as the Illuminati parliament, in 2014:

And those who work for their own greediness, success and hunger for fame, who have sold their nations like the Bushs, Mugabe, Orban, Al-Bashir, Kim Jong-Un, are traitors. Not only traitors of their people and their nations, but for humanity as a whole entity.

William Van Duyn, Illuminati’s Opening Remarks at Bilderberg Conference, 2014


When NBC and FOX News Really, Really Lied


Behold Bill “The Uncorruptable” O’Reilly. News moguls are focusing on small lies to distract you from the big lie. If the moguls can convince you they have a zero tolerance for the slightest falsehood, they can present the illusion they would never lie about something as big as 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, etc. Those two key events, for example, created two major regime changes that could only be sold with media complicity. And while the networks are ridiculing the credibility of one another, let us all remember that FOX News went to court for the right to lie in its “news broadcasts” by arguing it was “entertainment.”  They won. If you can make up racist stories about Muslim war zones in major European cities with Sharia Law or stories about President Obama being born in Kenya, and it is legal to air it, you certainly do have the right to lie. Despite Snopes’ tacit implication that networks couldn’t legally lie when addressing the FOX News case precedent, or that Snopes is a the final authority on anything, they or ANY network most assuredly can because of the National Security Act’s provisions for allowing psychological operations to provoke (draft preparations), pacify (e.g. protests) or mislead Americans. As an aside, Snopes is a pet peeve because it operates on a logical fallacy, a major one: the appeal to authority, and they have been selling themselves as an authority. For example, they claimed that networks could not not legally lie, but what about the concerted effort to sell the “weapons of mass destruction” lie that got us into Iraq?

The Garrison Rebuttal to NBC Propaganda Campaign: NBC Destroyed



The moment this picture was taken, RFK had just been handed a slip of paper by an aide, hit the post, and asked LBJ directly“Why did you have my brother killed?”” Note the expression on Johnson’s face.

Brian William’s little fibs were nothing to compared to the CIA propaganda campaign waged by NBC on critics of the Warren Commission. For those of you unfamiliar with the man, Jim Garrison was the only prosecutor to most successfully challenge the Warren Commission, and as facts suggest, he was responsible for Lyndon Johnson refusing to run again in 1968 after Garrison exposed a link between the CIA and the JFK assassination, before and after the fact. This is important, because only Johnson had the authority as president to protect, control and manipulate the CIA. On July 15, 1967, Jim Garrison was granted thirty minutes of national television time to respond to an NBC documentary which was highly critical of his investigation into Clay Shaw’s role in the plot to assassinate President Kennedy (see video slideshow above). By the time Garrison was done he destroyed the Warren Commission and laid out the path to the only possible suspects. As a result, Robert F. Kennedy would famously come to confront President Lyndon Johnson and ask “Why did you have my brother killed?” (See his complete address.)


The Illusion of Free Choice

The entire role of a controlled media is to present the illusion of free choice. Creating false oppositions presented as “liberals” and “conservatives” that serve the status quo, in particular Wall Street bankers, is what it is designed to do. When they agree on an absurdity, such as advocating torture, they can present the illusion that there are some “truths” everyone agrees on. It is, in more formal terms, a Hegelian Dialectic, wherein two opposing sides are controlled by the same party, and crisis upon crisis is created to present a pre-chosen “solution” favoring the latter. For example, a junta may want to overthrow a democracy. A false flag act of terror (thesis) is created to instill fear in the masses, and an entire religion is blamed (antithesis).

Opposition parties, being controlled wittingly or unwittingly, gravitate towards the initial objective disguised as a solution; a cynically titled “Patriot Act” essentially repealing the Bill of Rights on the grounds it will be temporary until the threat is over (synthesis). Because terrorism is a tactic and not an army it cannot be defeated, so the Constitution is effectively destroyed and the government is overthrown. Because Islam cannot be defeated militarily, being a religion, that too, is a deliberate ruse for eternal war favoring Wall Street, in particular bankers and defense contractors.

GE, which own NBC, is a major defense contractor so that should explain why they are no less hawkish than FNC. In Slide 1 below in the Meet the Press panel, in the background, in plain sight, is another defense contractor plastered on the set like a sponsor on a race car: Boeing. They are discussing a presidential race wherein Hillary Clinton, herself a Boeing lobbyist and war hawk, is the inevitable and only electable Democratic candidate. Another hawk, Jeb Bush, is also discussed along the same terms. These panels are not there to inform you, they are designed to corral your choices into establishment favorites by dismissing the electability of more popular candidates, and often with phony polls, as discussed earlier in the example with Operation Pliers. In an ideal world, none of them would talk about their favored candidate. That’s why polling booths have curtains.


The whole point of having pundits on “news” shows is to imply that only smart people agree with them, and if not that, then a “majority” of people. For example, pundits may argue as to why 2+2=5 rather than if it is the right answer at all, while you already know that is the wrong answer. 

Voting Democrat or Republican is the ultimate illusion of free will. Free will requires informed consent, and knowing that you have a choice. You are not informed, you are consistently and methodically misled and told that you have a choice between bad and worse. In other words, you are told you have no choice. But what other choices do you really have? Target the first line of defense in an oligarchy: target the corporate news. Protest. Strike for editorial autonomy. Boycott. Think for yourself.

The news boycott, for example. Lots of products that you see on television happen to be things you don’t need. That means if you never have the television on, you are never tempted to buy those things. Same thing with radio, especially talk radio. Since it is too inconvenient to list the sponsors of all news broadcasters, it’s best to just shut down the set until alternative voices, and significant reforms, are made, starting with the shattering of media monopolies. It is better to be uninformed than misinformed. An uninformed man can be harmless, a misinformed man can be convinced to wage war on an innocent neighbor. The networks are doing exactly that right now. Around the world, however, from Thailand to Ireland, the networks and stations are being called on their propaganda.

After the Supreme Court eliminated limits on campaign donations, and the Koch brothers alone are pledging to spend at least a billion for the next election cycle, it is important to keep in mind that most of that money will go into radio and television ads, which is perhaps the best reason to stay away from television and radio.

You need to understand that it is not in the interest of the corporate media to tell you the truth. Watching the news on television always presents a staggering disconnect, because when it comes to terrible realities, such as the regime changes that came with the Kennedy assassination and 9/11, a child can reason the official story cannot make sense.

Again, most Americans know the truth, or sense it, yet dare not speak of it above a whisper. Who taught us that, if not television and a monopolized print media? Who taught us to fear our own capacity to reason, to never question the “experts” on television?

Let us never commit the fashionable stupidity of assuming we can be educated on complex geopolitical, legal and economic issues with a couple of soundbites from some self-infatuated pundit.

Let us not forget for one second that corporate media has waged an undeclared war against you, the American people. It is demonstrable and unchecked psychological warfare waged not just for profit but for its own existence as an institution; waged ferociously to support the house of cards that is their credibility, as agents of state propaganda, in an age where viewers have finally come to question not just their integrity, but the true extent of their danger.

This illusion of free will is what makes the media monopoly the nightmare that it is. Trust the networks, and the major papers, at your own peril. You have seen where that has gotten you.

  • Did they throw sand in your eyes for all these years, or have you seen clearly?
  • Did they disparage and attack those that tried to stop torture and horrendous abuses of power, or did they defend them?
  • Did they try to make you feel stupid for questioning absurdities, or did they encourage informed dissent?

Isn’t it obvious by now that the most important stories regarding our nation have to be covered by the international media before our media gets to it, if those stories are embarrassing to the political and corporate elites?

Wouldn’t they be ignored otherwise, as they were before the internet came along?

The Reality of Free Will: You Have the Numbers, the Chains are Shadows and You Can Shine the Dreaded “Lights of Publicity”

Just by approaching the corporate media with the skepticism you would give an abusive pathological liar, we can go a long way.

While at first glance the problem seems insurmountable, it isn’t. Here’s the problem: we’re dealing with ridiculously wealthy and powerful European and American families that have been entrenched for a very long time, the former as far back as 800 years. They want war, and literally fund and arm both sides of a conflict. As we are seeing with ISIS right now, we are attacking them, and yet report after report keeps coming in from Iraq and the UN that the Israelis, British, and even Americans are supplying weapons to the enemy.

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