The Fake News Silence on 9/11 Finally and Convincingly Explained


The intensity of Cameron's denial of an establishment role in the pedophilia scandal dissuades no one, it serves only to confirm it and incite a just suspicion of his personal involvement.

After Princeton released a key study finding we no longer have a democracy, and French economist Thomas Piketty rocked the world with a book detailing just how harmful such oligarchies have proven now and throughout history, Sen. Bernie Sanders asked the fed chair at a recent hearing whether we have a democracy or oligarchy (rule by a few wealthy elites). She couldn't say.

Terminating Your Trust in the Corporate Media, with Extreme Prejudice

This is critical.  One common source of reference notes “Such states [oligarchies] are often controlled by a few prominent families who typically pass their influence from one generation to the next, but inheritance is not a necessary condition for the application of this term.”  The corporate media is already selling this to you by implying you only have a choice between the Bush Dynasty (Jeb Bush) and a Clinton Dynasty (Hillary Clinton). Jeb Bush, being governor of Florida where the "hanging chads" destruction of Democratic ballots got his brother into the White House, is no less responsible for the 9/11 overthrow than Dick Cheney or George W. Bush. Those are oligarchies, but pushed by the corporate media out of self-preservation more than anything else.

Among young Americans between 24-35, suicide is the second leading cause of death. This is a nation in despair.

One key reason is cognitive dissonance, wherein the attempt to reconcile what you know to be untrue with your world view creates denial, anxiety and anger. That produces cortisol, the stress hormone, and it has devastating effects on your mental health. High levels of cortisol are linked with PTSD and trauma, and 9/11 was a national trauma that was exploited and continues to be exploited by Democrats and Republicans alike.

High stress levels which produce excessive cortisol, the "fight or flight" hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, can affect the hippocampus, amyglada, damage neurons, and dendrites, etc. If you watch enough cable news to believe it is an accurate depiction of reality, it will assuredly affect you. If the propaganda is targeted at a particular demographic, like the unemployed or poor, it can create stress, depression, and even riots while manipulating the rest of America to scapegoat and target their fellow Americans.

Suicide kills more Americans every year than car accidents. According to the Center for Disease Control, among young Americans between 24-35, it is the second leading cause of death. This is a nation in despair. Television news broadcasts are virtual reality in every sense of the term. If people believe television is an accurate window into reality, their mental health directly affected by the hysterical and negative coverage that saturates their lives.

In describing this stimulus response system, we need to remember that the brain constantly takes photographic images of the environment around you. If this environment includes brutality, terror, shock, and cruelty, such as that which we can get from constant exposure to television presented as fact; then the mind will become conditioned to experience stress before the entire stimulus returns, like a dog can learn to salivate at the sound of a bell when it has been conditioned to expect food at the same time, or freeze in place or even urinate if it is conditioned to expect a shock at the sound of a bell.

Because we have a media monopoly designed to replicate the function of a state-controlled totalitarian press, it is not difficult for the most intelligent among us to be deceived.

Eventually, you don't need the stimulus for the brain to experience the response, you just need a bell associated with it. An image, sound or word then becomes all you need to trigger stress. That is why many Americans can react negatively now, with hate or fear or both, simply by hearing a Muslim name or seeing anyone in Muslim garb. When one becomes a target of such manipulation, they can be easily exploited by politicians and demagogues.

Rupert Murdoch: "Slave Handler" for Western Audiences

One thing that we've learned from the Nazis is the power of the visual media in manipulating and indoctrinating the masses. Where Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch stands apart from Josef Goebbels, however, is in his ability to use national traumas to furnish and corral the thoughts of the unwary. There is such a thing as trauma-based mind control (brainwashing), it is often found in religious cults, but in a population with a controlled media the perception of reality is very much what Murdoch and his ilk tells you it is. See for yourself. As more and more people question 9/11, the anti-Muslim, anti-Russian narrative gets louder and louder. They will do and say anything, now, to take the spotlight off of them and the neocons. CNN is getting desperate too. So is the New York Times.


Because we have a media monopoly designed to replicate the function of a state-controlled totalitarian press, it is not difficult for the most intelligent among us to be deceived. Only six corporations control everything you see on television: Viacom, Time-Warner, Disney, Fox Newscorp, GE, and CBS. Sinclair Broadcasting controls about 164 local stations in all major cities. Clear Channel controls the radio airwaves.

The Reality of Thought Control

Proof All of Your Local and National News is Scripted by the Same Source

Think about it. What's newsworthy about the price of gas when you already know what it is simply by driving through town every day?  If you want to know how this is possible, the reason is Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which controls at least 164 local FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, CW stations in 77 major markets. So if all of the stations are telling you the same thing, is it not clear how easy it is for television to become your perception of reality, how easy it is to be manipulated?

This is what a controlled media looks like. We see the same thing in the US.

An image, sound or word then becomes all you need to trigger stress. That is why many Americans can react negatively now, with hate or fear or both, simply by hearing a Muslim name.

Rupert Murdoch, in psyops terms, is a "Slave Handler." Controlling the masses through trauma, without their knowing it, defines the term. Murdoch isn't the only one, he's just the most obvious and shameless about it. In trauma, there are a few key human tendencies that make one profoundly susceptible to psychological conditioning; particularly the trance state that is part of our every day lives. This is where television and radio come in, as both are designed specifically to influence us as we relax, in our every day trance state, suspending disbelief for any given show or just listening to the set while we do something else.

Trauma-Based Exploitation

In Britain, as here, the Muslim threat is hyped and inescapable, particularly among the Rupert Murdoch media empire. Murdoch is, in a very real and demonstrable sense of the term, the "slave handler" for the English, American and Australian audiences manipulated by their fear of the unknown. When news channels loop terrorist incidents 24/7 you know exactly what they are trying to do: they are forcing you to re-live 9/11 so you can experience acute apprehension and then by increasing the tension they can, as professional hypnotist Dick Sutphen writes in an article on brainwashing, "break you down until you completely submit. These conditions wipe the brain slate clean so that the mind accepts new programming." Today, that programming is that we should surrender our civil rights to be "safe," and that we should fear or hate Islam, Russia, Iran, the poor, immigrants, etc.

Television is a proven hypnotic induction agent that operates as the brain waves of viewers are in a relaxed Alpha state (7.5-14Hz) , wherein viewers are 25 times more suggestible than waking consciousness and reasoning (Beta).

An analogy: the Beta state knows that those are only actors on the television or movie screen, reading from a script, and that they are on a set. The relaxed and suggestible Alpha state is immersed in the plot and for a while, the characters are real. There is no set. They are watching reality unfold. So often we hear "America needs to wake up!" and there is a lot of truth to that. Inasmuch as we rely on the network news to "stay informed" we remain in that Alpha state, highly suggestible and a danger to ourselves and others. In this dream state, Muslims, Russians, Iranians all want to kill you, but an honorable Wall Street is capable of self-regulation. In this dream state torture works, so we have the moral authority to criticize and sanction other nations for human rights abuses which we celebrate here at home. In this dream state up is down and and black is white.

Rudy Giuliani was so brazen in his attempts to exploit the tragedy of 9/11 he actually had a fund raiser planned where the entry fee was $9.11. The Onion, quite presciently, published "Giuliani To Run For President Of 9/11." about a year before he would run for president.

Along with that, of course, we are programmed to buy a lot of things we don't need.

That is all a classic and unfortunately, highly effective, military-grade psychological operations campaign that's been in full effects for decades. A more recent set of programming for FOX News viewers, a set of instructions to kill a lot of peoplecame from military analyst Robert H. Scales, who argued we should start killing Russians to deal with "the crisis" in Ukraine, never mind the fact it would start World War III. Since the FOX News demo averages at 72 years old men, it is not likely they will clamor for war so that is a small comfort. In his last interview with FOX News Scientologist Greta Van Sustern, Scales certainly found it funny, along with her, that anyone would take offense, but if anyone on Russian television was saying Putin had to kill a bunch of Americans and send them home in body bags to make a point in the Ukraine, it wouldn't be a laughing matter. It is now clear FNC has lost the capacity, or ability, to schedule respectable or non-homicidal guests.

According to the linked article, "Scales’s statement also violated article 20 of the United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which bans any propaganda of war and instigations for discrimination, hatred or violence." This is how desperate the neocons are to distract you from their overthrow of our republic on 9/11. Murdoch, as Bush's propaganda bullhorn, was in on it from day one. (So was the BBC and every major American network, some before the fact and some after.) Some may still argue "where is your proof?" but a better question may be where is it not? The evidence of Bush complicity in the attacks, Rudy Giuliani's foreknowledge of the fall of Building 7, BBC's foreknowledge, the ridiculous impossibility of the official story makes it clear that had it not been for a Supreme Court that had been preemptively seated, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Murdoch and more would have been hanged for mass murder and treason.

Back to FOX News, however. Former FOX News host Eric Burns describe working there as cult-like.

Now, if Burns is right and you like FOX News your immediate reaction will be something like "That's just liberal propaganda and he's an embittered employee or something. Beside, CNN is dogshit and not credible, as you yourself, the author, are about to write about their PSYOPS, about specialists working there at the CNN Atlanta headquarters."

The last part of that reaction is true. The first part is a good example of a programmed trigger.

Pavlovian classical conditioning: The FOX News viewer learns to associate the word "liberal" with an astounding array of negative imagery and ideologies.

Here is where the autonomic response comes in. The keyword is "liberal." FOX News labels all critics liberals and that is simply not true. It is a trigger word that makes you shut down cognitively, and you completely disregard the speaker once the association is made. It is a conditioned response. The FOX News viewer learns to associate the word "liberal" with an astounding array of negative imagery and ideologies: perverts, cowards, communists, traitors, you name it.

Above all, FNC will cite liberals as the true cause of your 9/11 trauma, consciously and subconsciously, by telling their viewers that weak and defeatist liberals didn't do enough to keep us safe.

In fact, FNC labels anyone with a contradictory or unapproved thought as liberal. Dissent is a thought crime. Listen to the one-trick pony Ann Coulter, and count how many times she uses the word liberal in her speech, or her books and columns...


"Coulter, es scortum obscenus vilis, es mundus excrementi, fututus et mori in igni."

Cicero, Roman statesman, 44 BC (attributed) after blind date with Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter C-SPAN video excerpts of an actual speech in which she refers to Native Americans as peyote smoking "savages" and refers to Arabs as "camel-riding nomads." She also suggests that dissidents should be put in "administrative detention under John Ashcroft."

*Latin for "Coulter, you are a vile, perverted whore, you are a pile of shit,  fuck off and die in a fire."

Attacks on 9/11 widows will not go unanswered. Did you miss the swastika on her chest?

What Ann Coulter is doing in her speech, unrelenting repetition to embed the trigger word "liberal", is straight out of a propaganda primer. It's not like she has never heard of a thesaurus and doesn't know a synonym for liberal. The point is to associate that keyword with all that is negative and offensive. Lawyers do this all the time, and surprise! She was a lawyer.

FNC viewers are drawn into a psychodrama where they are moral crusaders out to fight for God and country, the good fight against the atheist and effete liberals, against anyone that disagrees with them. If said speaker is in on a "liberal" news channel, then that person will be disregarded by association. That is why it seems you always hear that word "liberal" at least twice a minute on the FNC.

Then there is the cognitive dissonance in reconciling the fact that a press you once trusted, at least somewhat, is actually a media establishment that is a willing partner in irrefutable and blatant treason.

As for FOX News being a cult, more so than the rest of the miscreants on cable news, we know that:

"The Riverside OTO...used psycho-drama and fear to tear down the mind of the initiate and rebuild it according to the desires of the cult’s inner-circle."

That quote, sadly, comes from an article on Aleister Crowley's Satanic cult, the OTO, and how Satanic cults program followers. Alex Constantine further writes on how it became a science: "One order adept, Oskar Schlag, was an alleged 'psychological warfare' specialist from Israel." All of which is to say, it is not the most savory of characters that appeal to what we have been seeing on television lately.

As as a direct result of a controlled media and the subsequent tunnel vision, what we have been experiencing for 13 years is a massive psycho-drama where news agencies have torn us down with fear, and we have been rebuilt to forget how to question authority.

Prove it? Okay.

If this assertion is true, then for the establishment media to exist it will require an incredible amount of psychological conditioning, and not just censorship, to exist as both a state propaganda agency and "credible" news delivery business model. The evidence that this is the case has always been there. Not too long ago Army psychological operations specialists from Fort Bragg were discovered working at CNN headquarters in Atlanta. This continues to be the case, with the networks working directly with psyops specialists on American audiences, ostensibly that they might train for operations with foreign audiences. When this is happening, and psyops specialists openly admit to using American audiences as guinea pigs, you can rest assured the relationship between you, the viewer, and the broadcasters is akin to one between master and slave. Let's review a bit of what goes on in the mind when we are learning:

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