Everything You Need to Know About Illuminati History and Rituals (Excerpt)

Nothing is more clear than that the design of the Illuminati was to abolish Christianity–and we now see how effectual this would be for the corruption of the fair sex, a purpose which they eagerly wished to gain, that they might corrupt the men. But if the women would retain the rank they now hold, they will be careful to preserve in full force on their minds this religion so congenial to their dispositions, which nature has made affectionate and kind.

And with respect to the men, is it not egregious folly to encourage any thing that can tend to blast our sweetest enjoyments? Shall we not do this most effectually if we attempt to corrupt what nature will always make us consider as the highest elegance of life? The divinity of the Stoics was, “Mens sana in corpore sano”–but it is equally true,

“Gratior est pulchro veniens e corpore virtus.”

[paragraph continues] If therefore, instead of professedly tainting what is of itself beautiful, we could really work it up to

“That fair form, which, wove in fancy’s loom,
“Floats in light visions round the poet’s head,”

and make woman a pattern of perfection, we should undoubtedly add more to the heartfelt happiness of life than by all the discoveries of the Illuminati. See what was the effect of Theagenes and Chariclea.

And we should remember that with the fate of woman that of man is indissolubly knit. The voice of nature spoke through our immortal bard, when he made Adam say,

——————————— “From thy state
Mine never shall be parted, bliss or woe.”

[paragraph continues] Should we suffer the contagion to touch our fair partner, all is gone, and too late shall we say,

“O fairest of creation! last and best
Of all God’s works, creature in whom excell’d
Whatever can to fight or thought be form’d,
Holy, divine, good, amiable, or sweet!
How art thou lost–and now to death devote?–
And me with thee hast ruin’d: for with thee
Certain my resolution is to die.”


^78:* This is evidently the Mystere du Mithrus mentioned by Barruel, in his History of Jacobinism, and had been carried into France by Bede and Busche.

^86:* I observe, in other parts of his correspondence where he speaks of this, several singular phrases, which are to be found in two books; Antiquite devoilee par ses Usages, and Origine du Despotisme Oriental. These contain indeed much of the maxims inculcated in the reception discourse of the degree Illuminatus Minor. Indeed I have found, that Weishaupt is much less an inventor than he is generally thought.

^89:* It means an attempt made by David Williams, [Am: Ed]

^92:* Happy France! Cradle of illumination, where the morning of Reason has dawned, dispelling the clouds of Monarchy and Christianity, where the babe has sucked the blood of the unenlightened, and Murder! Fire! Help! has been the lullaby to sing it to sleep.

^112:* (They were strongly suspected of having published some scandalous caricatures, and some very immoral prints.) They scrupled at no mean, however base, for corrupting the nation. Mirabeau had done the same thing at Berlin. By political caricatures and filthy prints, they corrupt even such as cannot read.

^113:* In this small turbulent city there were eleven secret societies of Masons, Rosycrucians, Clairvoyants,” &c.

^145:* I say this on the authority of a young gentleman, an emigrant, who saw it, and who said, that they were women, not of the dregs of the Palais Royal, not of infamous character, but well dressed.–I am sorry to add, that the relation, accompanied with looks of horror and disgust, only provoked a contemptuous smile from an illuminated British Fair one.


The Illuminati’s O.T.O. 9th Degree Ritual for Demonic Embryo Implantsdruid-circle-lodge

alester-crowley-and-L-Ron-Hubbard“He [L. Ron Hubbard] got hold of the book by Alistair Crowley called The Book of the Law. He was very interested in…the creation of what some people call the Moon Child. It was basically an attempt to create an immaculate conception– except by Satan rather than by God.  Another important idea was the creation of what they call embryo implants –of getting a satanic or demonic spirit to inhabit the body of a fetus. This would come about as a result of black-magic rituals, which included the use of hypnosis, drugs, and other dangerous and destructive practices. One of the important things was to destroy the evidence if you failed at this immaculate conception. That’s how my father became obsessed with abortions.”

L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., son of the late Scientology founder.

L. Ron Hubbard discusses “very good friend” Crowley

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard encourages high level followers to read works by Satanist Aleister Crowley, his “very good friend”.

For anyone curious about the type of ritual involved to create an “embryo implant,” or homunculus, read further for an excerpt from “The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O.” by Francis King…

According to Alex Constantine in Ordo Templis Intelligentis:

The OTO was founded between 1895 and 1900 by a pair of powerful Freemasons, Karl Kellner and Theodor Reuss. Politically, the order was right-wing in the extreme, proposing the creation of a pan-German world based on pagan spiritual beliefs.


A Secret Instruction of the Ninth Degree



Baphomet X° O.T.O. Rex Summus Sanctissimus to all His Holy and Royal Brethren of the X° upon earth, and to His Viceroys in all the Britains, Greeting and Peace.

Under the seal of the Obligation of the IX°


  1. The homunculus is a living being in form resembling man, and possessing those qualities of man which distinguish him from beasts, namely intellect and power of speech, but neither begotten and born after the manner of human generation, nor inhabited by a human soul.
  2. Thus, supposing that the re-incarnating Ego enters the foetus at the third month of gestation, it would not serve to remove such foetus from the mother, and cause it to live; for it is already human. But a foetus of two months might become homunculus.
  3. baphomet-templars
    Scottish Rite 18th degree initiation ritual with Templars carrying Baphomet

    A human being can only become homunculus if obsessed by a demon to such an extent that the human soul is irrevocably expelled to the same degree as in death, and freed utterly so that it seeks a new tenement, and is cut off absolutely from the old. But even this, rare as it must be except in lunacy, involves an extension of the natural meaning of the term homunculus.

  4. In the third chapter we discuss Our method of producing that which, if not a true homunculus, at least serves all proper purposes thereunto pertinent.


  1. The classical method of making the homunculus is to take the fertilized ova of a woman and to reproduce as closely as may be, without the uterus, the normal conditions of gestation therein.
  2. For: in the case of ectopic gestation, it is clearly possible for the ovum to develop for a considerable period; and a child of 4½ months weighing nine ounces, has been known to live for over an hour after delivery. These considerations encourage us. Life is indefinitely adaptable, and life originally appeared in a planet bacteriologically sterilized by temperatures of many thousands of degrees Centigrade. There is therefore every reason to hope that, starting as we do with the proper First Matter, we may be able to devise conditions of its growth in a ‘culture’, just as we have done in the case of the simpler organisms.As it is written ‘With God all things are possible’; and is not our Motto ‘Deus est Homo’?
  3. The White Tincture of the Alchemists was in this connection a replica of the Liqor Amnii, and their Red Tincture a substitute for Blood.
  4. Certain truly magical aids to the physiological experiments indicated above have always been held worthy. The Adept must, however, be left to devise these, as in so small a treatise we have no place for a subject so starry vast as this.


  1. We assume that Our Brethren have well studied Our Epistle De Arte Magica Secundum Ritum Gradus Nonae O.T.O. k.t.l.
  2. Before introducing our own method of making the homunculus, let us refer to (A) the theory of Incarnation and (B) the method of Evocation invented by us in An VI Sol in Aries (April 1910 E.V.).


Hillary Clinton, (a 6th level Illuminati witch & sadistic Monarch slave handler) received a witch’s hat in anticipation that she would be called the wicked witch of the West, and that Mary Matalin (who married Clinton’s top campaign advisor James Carville) had a photograph of Hillary Clinton as the Wicked Witch of the West on her wall with the caption “I will get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!” The witch’s hat and the caption both are popular with these people associated with the White House because they are so rich in triple and quadruple meanings. The deadliest meaning is that the Monarch Slaves that sexually service Hillary and Bill Clinton have Wizard of Oz programming.”

For about three months the foetus is empty of any soul. It then attracts an Ego of such a nature as (a) its own Karma i.e. naturae and tendency, and (b) the Karma of the Ego, combine to make viable. If a suitable combination is not found, the result is either miscarriage, still-birth or the birth of an idiot.

In the last case the foetus has been obsessed by some dumb non-human spirit, or by some human spirit of exceptional Karma. By Karma We mean always nature and tendency, and no more, although we use these words in a large sense to include all causes moral as well as physical. But we include not any conceptions of ‘Justice’ and the like in these.

If this be accepted, then clearly it is possible that a magician might find means (a) to bar the gate against any Human Ego, and (b) to cause the Incarnation of some non-human being, such as an elemental or planetary spirit, of a nature fitted to some desired end. Thus one eloquent, from an incarnation of Tiriel, or one bold in war, from the indwelling of Graphiel.

And these will be his chief difficulties (a) that Man (even when discarnate) is so spiritually powerful, that to bar him from his urgent need is a task of colossal awe; and (b) it is necessary to choose a spirit suitable to the foetus. Thus if the babe that is to be were by reason of physical heredity sluggish, melancholy and weak, it would be but nugatory to invoke into it a spirit of Nakhiel or Raphael or Haniel or Anael.pentagram-kazakhstan


The Beast and his Number, his Mark, the Sign on the Right Hand and Forehead

Here’s a guess: The Beast and his Number? Aleister Crowley. The Mark? the pentagram. The sign of his right hand and forehead? Baphomet. Crowley claimed to have channeled the Templar god Baphomet when he wrote The Book of the Law. He was known as, and called himself The Beast, and signed all of his letters with the number 666. He was the father of the modern Satanic movement. In the foreground is an 18th degree Scottish Rite initiation ritual featuring Baphomet. The Satanic statue herein was the subject of debate when added to complement the Ten Commandments in an Oklahoma courthouse in 2014. The entertainment industry, with some leaders highly involved in the occult, use Satanic symbolism prominently in the music videos, as we see with Katy Perry.


The human soul is all but inexpugnable; yet We have succeeded in the temporary expulsion of a weak and wandering soul, and its replacement. For example, We once supplanted the soul of a Caliban­ creature, a certain deformed and filthy abortion without moral character, named Victor Neuburg, by a soul of Isis, by a soul of Mars and by a soul of Jupiter in turn, so that this quasi-human shape, not being a poet, did yet write verses goodly and great in praise of Isis; and not being a prophet, did yet foretell most accurately the wars which even now devastate the earth; and not being generous or wealthy did yet for a season support many dependants on his bounty.

And this we did with no elaboration of thought, no Persian apparatus, no weariness or trouble at all. Now then do We mark down the Means devised by Us Baphomet for the making of the homunculus.


baphomatTake a suitable woman willing to aid thee in this Work. Explain to her fully the precautions to be taken and the manner of life necessary. Let her horoscope be, if possible, suited to the nature of the homunculus proposed; as, to have an incarnate Spirit of Benevolence let Jupiter be rising in Pisces with good aspects of Sol, Venus, and Luna; and with no notable contrary dispositions; or so far as may be possible.


Take now a man suitable; if convenient, thyself or some other Brother Initiate of the Gnosis; and so far as may be, let his horoscope also harmonize with the nature of the work.


Let the man and woman copulate continuously (but especially at times astrologically favourable to thy working) and that in a ceremonial manner in a prepared temple, whose particular arrangement and decoration is also suitable to thy work. And let them will ardently and constantly the success of thy work denying all other desires. Thus proceed until impregnation results.


Now let the woman be withdrawn and carried away to a place prepared.

And this place should be a great desert; for in such do rarely wander any human souls seeking incarnation.

Further let a great circle be drawn and consecrated to the sphere of the work; and let banishing formulae of the Sephiroth, and especially of Kether, be done often, even unto five or seven times on every day. Outside which great circle let the woman never go. Let the mind of the woman be strengthened to resist all impression, except of the spirit desired. Let the incense of this spirit be burnt continually; let his colours, and his only, be displayed; and let his shapes, and his only, appear so far as may be in all things.

Further let him be most earnestly and continually invoked in a temple duly dedicated, the woman being placed in a great triangle, while thou from the circle dost perform daily the proper form of Evocation to Material Appearance. And let this be done twice every day, once while she is awake and once while she is asleep.


And let the quickening be a feast of the Reception of the Spirit. Henceforth ye may omit the Banishings.


And during the rest of the Pregnancy let there be the Charge to the Spirit (so that the whole period of all this work is as it were an expansion in terms of life of the Art-formula of Evocation) in this manner.

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