The Book of Enoch

    1. Those who hated us, those who goaded us, were masters of us. And to those who hated us we bowed our necks but they did not have mercy on us.
    2. We sought to escape from them so that we might flee and be at rest. But we found no place where we might flee and be safe from them.
    3. We complained about them to the rulers, in our distress, and cried out against those who devoured us, but they took no notice of our cries, anddid not wish to listen to our voice.
    4. And they helped those who plundered us and devoured us, and those who made us few, and they concealed their wrongdoing, and did not remove from us the yoke of those who devoured us, and scattered us, and killed us. And they concealed our slaughter and did not remember that they had raised their hands against us.”
    1. swear to you, you righteous, that in Heaven the Angels remember you for good in front of the Glory of the Great One, and that your names are written down in front of the Glory of the Great One.
    2. Be hopeful! For you were formerly put to shame through evils and afflictions, but now you will shine like the Lights of Heaven, and will be seen, and the Gate of Heaven will be opened to you.
    3. And persevere in your cry for judgment and it will appear to you, for justice will be exacted from the rulers for all your distress, and from all those who helped those who plundered you.
    4. Be hopeful, and do not abandon your hope, for you will have great joy like the Angels of Heaven.
    5. What will you have to do? You will not have to hide on the day of the Great Judgment, nor will you be found to be sinners. The Eternal Judgment will be upon you for all the generations of eternity.
    6. And now do not be afraid, you righteous, when you see the sinners growing strong and prospering in their desires, and do not be associated with them but keep far away from their wrongdoing, for you will be associates of the Host of Heaven.
    7. For you sinners say: “None of our sins will be inquired into and written down!” But they will write down your sins every day.
    8. And now I show you that light and darkness, day and night, see all your sins.
    9. Do not be impious in your hearts, and do not lie, and do not alter thewords of truth, nor say that the words of the Holy and Great One are lies, and do not praise your idols. For all your lies, and all your impiety, lead not to righteousness but to great sin.
    10. And now I know this mystery; that many sinners will alter and distort the words of truth, and speak evil words, and lie, and concoct great fabrications, and write books in their own words.
    11. But when they write my words exactly in their languages, and do not alter or omit anything from my words, but write everything exactly, everything that I testified about before; then I know another mystery:
    12. That books will be given to the righteous and wise and will be a source of joy and truth and much wisdom.
    13. And books will be given to them, and they will believe in them and rejoice over them; and all the righteous who have learnt from them all the ways of truth will be glad.
    1. And in those days, says the Lord, they shall call and testify to the sons of the Earth about the wisdom in them. Show it to them for you are their leaders and the rewards will be over all the Earth.
    2. For my son and I will join ourselves with them, forever, in the paths of uprightness during their lives.

And you will have peace. Rejoice – you sons of uprightness!



  1. ENOCH’S CONCLUDING WORDS (pages 157-158)

The conclusion to the book covers similar ground to the previous section but in a shorter form. Future glory is predicted for the righteous and darkness for the sinners.


      1. Another book which Enoch wrote for his son Methuselah and for those who should come after him and keep the law in the last days.

      2. You who have observed, and are waiting in these days, until an end shall be made of those who do evil, and an end shall be made of the power of the wrongdoers.
      3. Do indeed wait until sin shall pass away, for their names shall be erased from the Books of the Holy Ones, and their offspring will be destroyed forever. And their spirits will be killed, and they will cry out and moan in a chaotic desert place, and will burn in fire, for there is no Earth there.
      4. And there I saw something like a cloud, which could not be discerned, for because of its depth I was not able to look into it. And the flames of a fire I saw, burning brightly, and things like bright mountains revolved and shook from side to side.
      5. And I asked one of the Holy Angels, who were with me, and I said to him: “What is this bright place? For there is no sky, but only the flames of a burning fire, and the sounds of crying, and weeping, and moaning, and severe pain.”
      6. And he said to me: “This place which you see; here will be thrown the spirits of the sinners, and of the blasphemers, and of those who do evil. And of those who alter everything that the Lord has spoken through the mouths of the prophets about the things that shall be done.
      7. For there are books, and records, about them in Heaven above so that the Angels may read them and know what is about to come upon the sinners. And upon the spirits of the humble, and of those who afflicted their bodies and were recompensed by God, and of those who were abused by evil men.
      8. Those who loved God and did not love gold, or silver, or any possessions, but gave up their bodies to torment.
      9. Those who, from the moment they existed, did not desire earthly food, but counted themselves as a breath which passes away, and kept to this. And the Lord tested them much, and their spirits were found pure, so that they might bless His Name.”
      10. And all their blessings I have recounted in the books, and he has assigned them their reward, for they were found to be such that they loved Heaven more than their life in the world. And although they were trampled underfoot by evil men, and had to listen to reviling and reproach from them, and were abused, yet they blessed their Lord.
      11. And the Lord said: “And now I will call the spirits of the good, who are of the Generation of Light, and I will transform those who were born in darkness, who in the flesh were not recompensed with honour as was fitting to their faith.
      12. And I will bring out into the shining light those who love my Holy Name and I will set each one on the throne of his honour.”
      13. And they will shine for times without number, for righteous is the Judgment of God, for with the faithful He will keep faith in the dwelling of upright paths.
      14. And they will see those who were born in darkness thrown into the darkness while the righteous shine.
      15. And the sinners will cry out as they see them shining but they themselves will go where days and times have been written down for them.


    The Ethiopic Book of Enoch,

    M. A. Knibb, Oxford University Press.

    My book is based on this 1974 Oxford University translation. There are many footnotes on the details of the translation and detailed comparisons of the various known manuscripts and fragments of the book.

    The Book of Enoch,

    R H Charles, SPCK London

    Published in 1917 and the most common English translation – but not the best.

    The Book of Enoch the Prophet

    Richard Laurence, Wizards Bookshelf

    Published 1821 but possibly a better version than the Charles version.

    Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil

    Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Summit University press

    This is a good and well researched book about Enoch. It also includes the text of the the 19th century Laurence translation of the Book of Enoch. Also there is an extensive section covering biblical references relating to Enoch and the book. This book also has the text of other old works where Enoch appears in the title, such as the secrets of Enoch, and also the Book of Jubilees (written at the time of the Exodus).

    Uriel’s Machine

    Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, Arrow Books

    This is a good book and worth reading. It connects Enoch to the ancient

    stone circles and religions and is packed with interesting detail.

    From the Ashes of Angels

    Andrew Collins, Michael Joseph

    This is an interesting book about the possible background of the Watchers.

    Thoth – Architect of the Universe

    Ralph Ellis, Edfu Books

    Mainly a book about the mathematics of stone circles and pyramids but related to Enoch’s time period in places. This is the book that mentions the South Sandwich islands.

    The Sign and the Seal

    Graham Hancock, Mandarin.

    This is about Ethiopia and the Ark of the Covenant. It was this book that led me to Enoch’s book.


    Krishna Dharma, Torchlight Publishing

    An Indian religious epic, that is very old, and that may be based on the story of the families of some of the rebel Watchers during the times between Enoch and Noah. There are some very interesting descriptions of warfare involving advanced weaponry.

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