The Book of Enoch

    1. And from there I went towards the south, to the ends of the Earth, and there I saw three Gates of Heaven open; and the south wind, the mist, and the rain, and wind, come out from there.
    2. And from there I went towards the east of the ends of Heaven, and there I saw the three eastern Gates of Heaven open, and above them, there were smaller Gates.
    3. Through each of these smaller Gates, the stars of Heaven pass, and gotowards the west, on the path that has been shown to them.
    4. And when I saw, I blessed, and I will always bless the Lord of Glory, who has made Great and Glorious Wonders so that he might show the greatness of His Work, to His Angels, and to the souls of men, so that they might praise His Work. And so that all his creatures might see the work of His Power, and praise the great work of His Hands, and bless Him forever!


  1. THE BOOK OF METHUSELAH (pages 46-48)

    This short section has many interesting features. The story is set some years later. Methuselah is now head of the family (since Enoch went off to live with the Angels, (see 81.6), a year after he wrote the book). Methuselah’s son Lamech is now grown up, and his first son is born. At 106.2, we get a description of the child who will be named Noah.

    It seems he had white or blonde hair, a red birthmark, and perhaps blue eyes. Even more surprising, at 106.5, we learn that this is what the Watchers look like. If some of the wives of Enoch’s family were descended from the runaways, then Lamech could easily have had an unexpectedly blonde-haired child.

    Lamech is disturbed about his baby’s unusual appearance, and goes to see Methuselah. This section seems to have been written by Methuselah, to reassure his son about the birth, written as though a reply from Enoch himself.

    Methuselah claims he went and spoke to Enoch, but I suspect that this is just a device, in order to give enough authority to the message, so that Lamech can be reassured.

    The naming of Noah at 107.3 is interesting, since it links the name to the word comfort. Noah still sounds like the Hebrew word for comfort, and a similar story is told at Genesis 5:29.


      1. And after those days my son Methuselah chose a wife for his son Lamech and she became pregnant by him and bore a son.
      2. And his body was white like snow, and red like the flower of a rose, and the hair of his head was white like wool. And his eyes were beautiful and when he opened his eyes he made the whole house bright, like the Sun, so that the whole house was exceptionally bright.
      3. And when he was taken from the hand of the midwife he opened his mouth and spoke to the Lord of Righteousness.
      4. And his father Lamech was afraid of him, and fled, and went to his father Methuselah.
      5. And he said to him: “I have begotten a strange son; he is not like a man but is like the children of the Angels of Heaven, of a different type and not like us. And his eyes are like the rays of the Sun and his face glorious.
      6. And it seems to me that he is not sprung from me but from the Angels and I am afraid that something extraordinary may be done on the earth in his days.
      7. And now, my father, I am entreating you and petitioning you, to go to our father Enoch, and learn from him the truth, for his dwelling is with the Angels.”
      8. And when Methuselah heard the words of his son he came to me, at the ends of the Earth, for he had heard that I was there. And he cried out, and I heard his voice and went to him. And I said to him: “Behold I am here my son, for you have come to me.”
      9. And he answered me, and said: “Because of a great matter I have come to you, and because of a disturbing vision, have I come near.
      10. And now hear me, my father, for a child has been born to my son Lamech, whose form and type are not like the type of a man. His colour iswhiter than snow, and redder than the flower of the rose, and the hair of his head is whiter than white wool. And his eyes are like the rays of the Sun; and he opened his eyes and made the whole house bright.
      11. And he was taken from the hand of the midwife, and he opened his mouth, and blessed the Lord of Heaven.
      12. And his father Lamech was afraid and fled to me. And he does not believe he is sprung from him but thinks him to be from the Angels of Heaven. And behold, I have come to you, so that you may make known to me the truth.”
      13. And I, Enoch, answered and said to him: “The Lord will do new things on Earth, and this I have already seen in a vision, and made known to you. For in the generation of my father, Jared, some from the height of Heaven transgressed the word of the Lord.
      14. And behold, they commit sin and transgress the law, and have been promiscuous with women, and commit sin with them, and have married some of them, and have begotten children by them.
      15. And there will be great destruction over the whole Earth, and there will be a deluge, and there will be great destruction for one year.
      16. But this child, who has been born to you, will be left on the Earth, and his three sons will be saved with him. When all the men who are on the Earth die he and his sons will be saved.
      17. They will beget on the Earth giants, not of spirit, but of flesh, and there will be great wrath on Earth, and the Earth will be cleansed of all corruption.
      18. And now make known to your son Lamech that the one who has been born is truly his son. And call his name Noah, for he will be a remnant for you and he and his sons will be saved from the destruction which is coming on the earth because of all the sin and all the iniquity, which will be committed on the Earth in his days.
      19. But after this, there will be yet greater iniquity than that which was committed on the earth before. For I know the mysteries of the Holy Ones, for the Lord showed them to me and made them known to me, and I read them in the Tablets of Heaven.
      1. And I saw written on them, that generation upon generation will do wrong, until a generation of righteousness shall arise, and wrongdoing shall be destroyed, and sin shall depart from the earth, and everything good shall come upon it.
      2. And now, my son, go, make known to your son Lamech, that this child that has been born, is truly his son, and this is no lie.
      3. And when Methuselah had heard the words of his father Enoch – for he showed him everything which is secret – he returned, having seen him, and called the name of that child Noah; for he will comfort the Earth after all the destruction.


    1. THE BOOK OF NOAH (pages 50-53)

      Noah’s book was probably written when he was the head of the family and like Methuselah he claims to speak with Enoch. He seems to have written this before the flood; and once again there are some interesting details.

      The most important passage is at 67.2. This indicates that the boat is being constructed at the time of writing. Noah may have written this piece in order to persuade his sons to come and live with him, inside “the wooden structure.” Noah may not have seen a boat like this before, and perhaps was not sure what to call it.

      There seems to be a background of unusual geological events. At the beginning, 65.1, Noah says the earth has tilted, later, at 67.11, he says the Hot Springs became cold. This does fit with the theories of Charles Hapgood in his book ‘The Path of the Pole’ where he suggests that the huge ice melt (that probably caused the flood) occurred when the poles shifted – perhaps due to an impact from space. The North Pole shifted from Hudson’s Bay to its present position. At 65.3 Noah says the earth is ‘afflicted and shaken’ and he does seem quite alarmed by it.

      There is also talk of molten metal and a smell of sulphur, 67.6, but this may be pollution from the metalworking described at 65.7. Production of metals, and weapons, may have become quite large scale by Noah’s time.


      1. And in those days, Noah saw the Earth had tilted and that its destruction was near.
      2. And he set off from there and went to the ends of the Earth and cried out to his great-grandfather Enoch; and Noah said three times in a bitter voice: “Hear me, hear me, hear me!”
      3. And he said to him: “Tell me, what is it that is being done on the Earth, that the Earth is so afflicted and shaken, lest I be destroyed with it!”
      4. And immediately there was a great disturbance on the Earth and a voice was heard from Heaven and I fell upon my face.
      5. And my great-grandfather Enoch came, stood by me, and said to me: “Why did you cry out to me, with such bitter crying and weeping?
      6. And a command has gone out from the Lord against those who dwell upon the dry ground that this must be their end. For they have learnt all the secrets of the Angels, and all the wrongdoings of the satans, and all their secret power, and all the power of those who practice magic arts, and the power of enchantments, and the power of those who cast molten images for all the Earth.
      7. And further, how silver is produced from the dust of the earth and how soft metal occurs on the earth.
      8. For lead and tin are not produced from the earth, like the former; there is a spring which produces them, and an Angel who stands in it, and that Angel distributes them.”
      9. And after this, my great-grandfather Enoch took hold of me with his hand, and raised me, and said to me: “Go, for I have asked the Lord of Spirits about this disturbance on the earth.”
      10. And he said to me: “Because of their iniquity, their judgment has been completed, and they will no longer be counted before me; because ofthe sorceries they have searched out and learnt, the Earth and those who dwell upon it will be destroyed.
      11. And for these, there will be no place of refuge, for ever, for they showed to them what is secret, and they have been condemned; but not so for you, my son; the Lord of Spirits knows that you are pure and innocent of this reproach concerning the secrets.
      12. And he has established your name among the Holy, and will keep you from amongst those who dwell upon the dry ground; and he has destined your offspring in righteousness, to be kings, and for great honours. And from your offspring will flow out a spring of the Righteous and Holy, without number forever.”
      1. And after this, he showed me the Angels of Punishment, who were ready to come and release all the forces of the water, which is under the earth, in order to bring judgment and destruction on all those who reside and dwell upon the dry ground.
      2. And the Lord of Spirits commanded the Angels who were coming out, not to raise their hands, but to keep watch; for those Angels were in charge of the forces of the waters.
      3. And I came out from before Enoch.
      1. And in those days, the word of the Lord came to me, and he said to me: “Noah, behold; your lot has come up before me, a lot without reproach, a lot of love and uprightness.
      2. And now the Angels are making a wooden structure, and when the Angels come out from that task, I will put my hand on it, and keep it safe. And a change shall take place so that the dry ground may not remain empty.
      3. And I will establish your offspring before me, forever and ever, and I will scatter those who dwell with you, over the face of the dry ground. I will not again put them to the test, on the face of the Earth, but they will beblessed and increase on the dry ground in the name of the Lord.”
      4. And they will shut up those Angels, who showed iniquity, in that burning valley, which my great-grandfather Enoch had shown to me previously, in the west, near the mountains of gold and silver and iron and soft metal and tin.
      5. And I saw that valley, in which there was a great disturbance, and a heaving of the waters.
      6. And when all this happened, from the fiery molten metal, and the disturbance, which disturbed the waters in that place, a smell of sulphur was produced, and it was associated with those waters. And that valley of the Angels, who led men astray, burns under the ground.
      7. And through the valleys of that same area, flow out rivers of fire where those Angels will be punished, who led astray those on the dry ground.
      8. And in those days, those waters will serve the kings, and the mighty, and the exalted, and those who dwell upon dry ground, for the healing of soul and body, but also for the punishment of the spirit. And their spirits are so full of lust that they will be punished in their bodies, for they denied the Lord of Spirits. And they see their punishment every day yet they do not believe in His Name.
      9. And the more their bodies are burnt, the more a change will come over their spirits, for ever and ever; for no one can speak an idle word in front of the Lord of Spirits.
      10. For judgment will come upon them, for they believe in the lust of their bodies, but deny the spirit of the Lord.
      11. And those same waters will undergo a change in those days; for when those Angels are punished in those days, the temperature of those springs of water will change, and when the Angels come up, that water of the springs will change, and become cold.
      12. And I heard the Holy Michael answering and saying: “This judgment, with which the Angels are judged, is a testimony for the kings and the mighty who possess the dry ground.
      13. For these waters of judgment serve for the healing of the bodies of the kings, and for the lust of their bodies; but they do not see, and do not believe, that these waters will change, and will become a fire which burns forever.”

    68.1 And after this, my great-grandfather Enoch gave me the explanation of all the secrets, in a book, and the parables that had been given to him; and he put them together for me, in the words of the Book of Parables.


    1. THE BOOK OF PARABLES (pages 55-85)

      This part of Enoch’s book is introduced by a quote from the “Holy One,” at 37.3; this is the headman of the Watchers, and what he says is almost an apology. Enoch’s parables are actually three essays, which outline the future path of spiritual enlightenment, as explained to him by the Holy One.

      The content of the second two parables is similar; the main theme is a Messiah, who will bring guidance at the correct time. This eventually brings about an age of enlightenment, where the souls of the righteous can live in peace.


      1. The second vision that he saw, the vision of wisdom, which Enoch, the son of Jared, the son of Malalel, the son of Cainan, the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, saw.
      2. And this is the beginning of the words of wisdom, which I raised my voice to speak, and say. “To those who dwell on dry ground: – Hear, you men of old, and see, those who come after; the words of the Holy One, which I will speak, in front of the Lord of Spirits.”
      3. “It would have been better to have said these things before, but from those who come after, we will not withhold the beginning of wisdom.”
      4. Until now, there has not been given, by the Lord of Spirits, such wisdom as I have received. In accordance with my insight, in accordance with the wish of the Lord of Spirits: by whom the lot of eternal life has been given to me.
      5. And the three parables were imparted to me and I raised my voice, and said to those who dwell on the dry ground: –


    The First Parable. (Pages 56-62)

    The first part of this parable is possibly a description of a holy place set in the future; Enoch seems to consider it a description of the Watchers home also, since at 39.8, he reveals that he is being allowed to live there, with them.

    ‘Those who do not sleep’ (see 39.12 and 71.7) are mentioned often. These are the seraphim, cherubim, and ophannim, the non-human angels, who do not need to sleep. Enoch never describes them, so it is difficult to know what he had in mind.

    Most of this parable is a description of how four of the Watchers showed Enoch everything.

      1. The First Parable.

        When the community of the righteous appears and the sinners are judged for their sins and are driven from the face of the dry ground.

      2. And when the Righteous One appears, in front of the chosen righteous, whose works are weighed by the Lord of Spirits. And when light appears to the righteous and chosen who dwell on the dry ground. Where will be the dwelling of the sinners? And where will be the resting- place of those who denied the Lord of Spirits? It would have been better for them, if they had not been born.
      3. And when the secrets of the righteous are revealed, the sinners will be judged, and the impious driven from the presence of the righteous and the chosen.
      4. And from then on, those who possess the earth will not be mighty and exalted. Nor will they be able to look at the face of the Holy ones, for the light of the Lord of the Spirits will have appeared on the face of the Holy, the righteous, and the chosen.
      5. And the mighty kings will at that time be destroyed and given into the hand of the righteous and the Holy.
      6. And from then on no one will be able to seek the Lord of Spirits for their life will be at an end.
      1. And it will come to pass in these days that the chosen and holy children will come down from the high Heavens and their offspring will become one with the sons of men.
      2. In those days Enoch received books of indignation and anger and books of tumult and confusion. And there will be no mercy for them, says the Lord of Spirits.
      3. And at that time clouds and a storm wind carried me off from the face of the earth and set me down at the end of Heaven.
      4. And there I saw another vision; the Dwelling of the Righteous and theResting-Places of the Holy.
      5. There my eyes saw their dwelling with the Angels, and their resting places with the Holy Ones, and they were petitioning and supplicating and praying, on behalf of the sons of men; and righteousness, like water, flowed in front of them, and mercy like dew on the ground. Thus it is among them forever and ever.
      6. And in those days my eyes saw the Place of the Chosen Ones of Righteousness and Faith; and there will be righteousness in their days, and the righteous and chosen will be without number, in front of him, forever and ever.
      7. And I saw their dwelling, under the Wings of the Lord of Spirits, and all the righteous and chosen shone in front of him, like the light of fire. And their mouths were full of blessing, and their lips praised the name of the Lord of Spirits. And righteousness will not fail in front of him, and truth will not fail in front of him.
      8. There I wished to dwell, and my soul longed for that dwelling; there had my lot been assigned before, for thus it was decided about me, in front of the Lord of Spirits.
      9. And in those days I praised and exalted the name of the Lord of Spirits, with blessing and praise, for he has destined me for blessing and praise, in accordance with the Lord of Spirits.
      10. And for a long time my eyes looked at that place, and I blessed him and praised him, saying: “Blessed is He, and may He be blessed from the beginning and for ever!”
      11. And in his presence there is no end. He knew before the world was created what the world would be, even for all the generations that are to come.
      12. Those who do not sleep bless you, and they stand before Your Glory, and bless and praise and exalt, saying: “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord of Spirits;he fills the earth with spirits.”
      13. And there, my eyes saw all those who do not sleep; standing in front of Him, and blessing, and saying: “Blessed are you, and blessed is the name of the Lord, for ever and ever!”
      14. And my face was transformed until I was unable to see.
      1. And after this I saw a thousand thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand! A multitude beyond number, or reckoning, who stood in front of the Glory of the Lord of Spirits.
      2. looked, and on the four sides of the Lord of Spirits, I saw four figures, different from those who were standing; and I learnt their names, because the Angel who went with me made known their names, and showed me all the secret things.
      3. And I heard the voices of those four figures as they sang praises in front of the Lord of Glory.
      4. The first voice blesses the Lord of Spirits forever and ever.
      5. And the second voice I heard blessing the Chosen One and the chosen who depend on the Lord of Spirits.
      6. And the third voice I heard, petitioned, and prayed, on behalf of those who dwell on dry ground and supplicate in the name of the Lord of Spirits.
      7. And the fourth voice I heard driving away the Satans and not allowing them to come in front of the Lord of Spirits to accuse those who dwell on the high ground.
      8. And after this I asked the Angel of Peace, who went with me, and showed me everything which is secret: “Who are those four figures, whom I have seen, and whose words I have heard and written down?”
      9. And he said to me: “This first one, is the Holy Michael, the merciful and long-suffering. And the second, who is in charge of all the diseases, and in charge of all the wounds of the sons of men, is Raphael. And the third, who is in charge of all the powers, is the Holy Gabriel. And thefourth, who is in charge of repentance and hope of those who will inherit eternal life, is Phanuel.”
      10. And these are the four Angels of the Lord Most High; and the four voices that I heard in those days.
      1. And after this, I saw all the secrets of Heaven, and how the Kingdom is divided, and how the deeds of men are weighed in the Balance.
      2. There I saw the Dwelling of the Chosen, and the Resting Places of the Holy; and my eyes saw there all the sinners who deny the name of the Lord of Spirits being driven from there. And they dragged them off, and they were not able to remain, because of the punishment that went out from the Lord of Spirits.
      3. And there my eyes saw the secrets of the flashes of lightning and of the thunder. And the secrets of the winds, how they are distributed in order to blow over the earth, and the secrets of the clouds, and of the dew; and there I saw from where they go out, in that place. And how, from there, the dust of the earth is saturated.
      4. And there I saw closed storehouses from which the winds are distributed, and the storehouse of the hail, and the storehouse of the mist, and the storehouse of the clouds; and its cloud remained over the earth, from the beginning of the world.
      5. And I saw the Chambers of the Sun and the Moon, where they go out, and where they return. And their glorious return; and how one is more honoured than the other is. And their magnificent course, and how they do not leave their course, neither adding nor subtracting from their course. And how they keep faith in one another, observing their oath.
      6. And the Sun goes out first, and completes its journey at the command of the Lord of Spirits – and his Name endures forever and ever.
      7. And after this is the hidden, and visible, path of the Moon, and it travels the course of its journey, in that place, by day and by night. Onestands opposite the other, in front of the Lord of Spirits, and they give thanks, and sing praise, and do not rest, because their thanksgiving is like rest to them.
      8. For the shining Sun makes many revolutions; for a blessing and for a curse. And the path of the journey of the Moon is for the righteous light but for the sinners; darkness. In the Name of the Lord, who has created a division between light and darkness, and has divided the spirits of men, and has established the spirits of the righteous, in the name of His Righteousness.
      9. For no Angel hinders, and no power is able to hinder, because the judge sees them all, and judges them all Himself.
      1. Wisdom found no place where she could dwell, and her dwelling was in Heaven.
      2. Wisdom went out, in order to dwell among the sons of men, but did not find a dwelling; wisdom returned to her place, and took her seat in the midst of the Angels.
      3. And iniquity came out from her chambers; those whom she did not seek she found, and dwelt among them, like rain in the desert, and like dew on the parched ground.
      1. And again I saw flashes of lightning and the stars of Heaven, and I saw how He called them all by their names, and they obeyed Him.
      2. And I saw the Balance of Righteousness, how they are weighed according to their light, according to the width of their areas, and the day of their appearing. And how their revolutions produce lightning, and I saw their revolutions, according to the number of the Angels, and how they keep faith with one another.
      3. And I asked the Angel, who went with me and showed me what is secret: “What are these?”
      4. And he said to me: “Their likeness, the Lord of Spirits has shown to

    you; these are the names of the righteous who, dwell on the dry ground and believe in the name of the Lord of Spirits for ever and ever.”

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