Party Cabals: Drug War’s Only Winners

“White-collar” cabals that keep the black market profits obscenely inflated via prohibition-modeled legislation. The latter insures they get a good cut. Why else would they so earnestly try to defend an indefensible prohibition model that is the equivalent of a dog returning to its vomit?

In fact, drug cartels would suffer a devastating financial blow if marijuana was legal, regulated and taxed. Marijuana, unlike cocaine, doesn’t have to be processed. It grows anywhere. Making it legal would deprive cartels the black market profits of a key cash crop. This is why marijuana is listed as a Class 1 narcotic, as opposed to cocaine, which is listed as Class 2. The latter means that there are limited uses for cocaine and thus, it is perceived by the FDA as less dangerous than marijuana. But ask any doctor or policeman which is the more dangerous of the two, in terms of addiction, overdose, and crime, and see what they tell you. These people don’t give a damn about your kids or crime. These wolves in sheep’s clothing parading about as if they had any interest for anyone but themselves.

To understand the true motives of the neo-Prohibitionists, you have to understand greed has no limits in Washington DC. The lure of untraceable funding for anything from political campaigns to waging war is one too tempting to ignore. Consider the time the CIA sold coke on our streets to fund the Contra war.

To refresh your memory: a piece of the Eric Umansky article reads as follows…

Oliver North’s diary contained at least two extraordinary entries:

From a July 12, 1985, meeting with Richard Secord, North’s boss in the Reagan administration:

“$14M to finance came from drugs.”

This entry, which was given in part to the Kerry Committee, was first reported in NEWSWEEK. North claimed he did nothing wrong and said the Kerry Committee was “just playing politics and dragging out wild charges.”

And this entry on Aug. 9, 1985, which was submitted as part of the Iran-Contra special prosecutor report:

“Honduran DC-6 which is being used for runs out of New Orleans is probably being used for drug runs into U.S.”


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