Message From the Pleiades

2. Your inattention was, having moved too careless uhile the film-anc phcto-exoosing during the last weeks.

– 199 –


3. You were a bit too careless.

4. This has consequenced, some persons having become attentive for certain things, of which they should not have knowledge, as these can injure our matter.

5. Also from my side lay ahead an inattention, because, when I demonstrate the Flights for your Film- and photo-purposes, I care Faw for the environment, because I had too much to concentrate meself For my ship and your camera.

S. 5o escaped from my observation, same as From your’s, that some persons realized your labour and got astonished aOout your performances.

7. Some of them followed later to you unnoticed and made inquires

about your person, where they invented with things, they better

would not have recognized. Q. So three persons undertook steps, that ought clear up your

activities at certain places. 9. This concerns exsoecially tug places, uhere you could shoot

important exposures of my ship.

10. The risen danger by these inattentions from our sice is less for you of importance, than for our matter herself and for certain cognitions of research, which would get done by according investigations cf your scientists and which were not of benefit For the human beings oF your world during their present development.

11. These recognitions of scientific basis of research could get achieved at and in the wheather-furs, which I had used for comparison purpose and -objects for my flights.

12. These have caught up radiations from my ship and suckled them up, because I came into their next near or even touched them by my ship. This radiatior, that is absolutely harmless for creatures, consists over manthes and could get fixed and analysatad by your scientists, what would effect a rapidely increasing of their resedxuiies dim recognitions.

– 2oo –

13. Nat master of these things, they would commit by them huge catastrophles, we but could not admit, because it were the direct guilt of our inattention.

1**. Because out technics etc. but nut allow, to paralyze this once by the trees suckled up radiation simply or to distract her out from the trees, so only the one possibility remains spared, to eliminate these trees into the past, where of course also all reminiscenses, written documents and photos etc. become at the same time eliminatec, too.

15. There will no reminiscense any more exist for these trees, exactly from the explanations I once have done to you respectively such eliminations.

16. This is the important notice I had to give you today, with the destination, that in futural times you are no more so careless at such matters.

17. Be conscious, everywhere existing danger spats 3nd very many earthhuman beings having established firmly their existence in the negative.

13. This is also one of the reasons, why we perform our touchdowns always in the mode, that we can not get observed there, because always exists the canger of a radiation emission, which could become caught up by any materials, found by scientists and become analysated.

19. So also the landingplaces have to remain mainly secret, what

fact also has to be understandable for your group members and be duty.

20. As group-internal knowings and against eventual researches from your Side is nothing to object from our side, as long as the confidence and the silence is preserved.

21. New I don’t want to disturb you further on in your work.

22. So far then ……..

+ Moment, Semjase, do not simply retire from the reach of my thoughts, because oy your notice does also appear a great problem. I have but exo-osed at the concerning place a film and alas, do these also become distroyed? And what is with my reminiscense? It were but unfair. Can there not get done exceptions and the by you said elimination be so far controlled, that certain matters get not seized by it?


23. Sasicly tnis is passible, what concerns your last question, and I

and for this exception could I account, if yau assure me, that besides your trustworthy friends and trustworthy group-members you give no facts to any other persons, where the two mentioned locations trouve themselves.

In these conditions I would not witheliminate your film and the

pictures as well your memory.

+ I comply fully with your demand, Semjase, but what happens with the reminiscense of my friends and acquaintances etc., if they already know the locations? It really were fair, if here you do an except.


25. I’m sorry, that I can not give my permission for that, but can say so much in that, that I will let them a quite far unconscious assumption of reminiscense, which will appear in them as something diffuse.

Semjase Refuses Selling of Crystals & Minerals to Expert in this Field:

Meier- Bat I have a question, as you have already made this contact with roe now. You explained to me in the last contact that ire should handle the crystals and atones according to rules you defined. I now have a possibility to cell some of these to a quite certain rran- Ehculd w take thic chanceV

Seuijase- 26/1 liave expressiy indicated, that the objects my only and exclusively be sold or given to persona who am? Slicing dj‘td thinking in conformance with your group.

Meier- But the mentioned person is an expert in this field,

Sanjase- 27/lhat is absolutely uniitpcrtant.

Meier- I was told of this person being occupied with borderland and spiritual sciences matters, and that he nag good contacts! He also could perform analyses tor us.

Sanjase- 28/You “ay tell the name of this person, for hp Is knom to ire by your talking, as I have eardroppefl on this oixe# 29/But nevexthclosc I roust remain with my rule. 30/ In tine this may change, of course, but for now I must stay with my order. 21 /You .-nay, of courss, let That ^pr^r.ii examine and analyze the crystals and numerals, but only Ifbeo no word of origin ia allowed* JiyiJiis I fifcist onrmwnd, as I already explained, dangers menace everywhere.

Meier- As you say, Semjaco. I will act aomrdirigiy.

CR 017, Friday, May 9,1975

– Predictions for Switzerland for next few years

Plejaren Eliminated Dangerous Cognitions about their activities among the Knowing Ones:

Sevententh contact + You let me long wait for this contact.

Friday, 9.May 02J*Qfo

– 2o3 –


1. This came, because through our cautionlessness with your film-and fotograph-workings rose some difficulties.

2. These had to be cleaned up at first and neutralized.

3. To prevent further such events, ue have settled the order, that far the next time you should not take any other photos and films. Dn the other hand the material you have uill surely be enough for some time.

+ It’s a pity, but it seems to me, that you dramatize the matter, uhich is a strange moment for me in you.


5. The uhole affair uas much more earnest, as you seem to assume.

6. ‘lot without purpose I have directed the steps on, to eliminate farms of life.

7. Such proceedings depend on certain laws of our race, uhich admit such eliminations only in an emergency.

8. And in this case such an emengency lay ahead, if also this may not

seem so for you.

9. But you uill understand this, when you know, that the seen by you military in 21. April uas indeed in action because my beamship.-

1a. We have made this sure meanwhile, besides many other matters.

11. Your fear and assumptions in this direction were really all right.

12. But far many other matters have risen by these connections, so that ue had to spent uhole the last days’ time, to remove the came-up troubles.

13. The emergency demands, to analysate all these human beings out from the mass, uha have reached dangerous knouledge about our matter.

At these 311 ue were coerced, to eliminate their reminiscense in this respect, to evoid damages of each kind.

15. Acknowledge: Uhole the chaos and difficulties were very earnest, and by no means I dramatize them.

16. So understand also, that presently I can not allow further photos

or films — and that for longer time-

17. But far that I will give you the opportunity, to take up on film other things,

18. But uith this it is no hurry, and you uill have to take youself in patience.

+ Really a pity, Semjase, hut I understand you position, as your talk

Hypnotizer got Attacked by Billy’s Spirtual-Blockade:

– 2d5 –

+ Since many years I recognize a phenomena at me, uhich by no means I am able to explain: Since very long time I endeavour me in making known to me the past of my earlier llfes, or at least partly. I have tried this by many uays, but I never succeeded really. Under Fully normal-consious state I met uith things, uhich gave me reminlscenses oF earlier lifes. But nothing Farer, as certain details 1 never found. In that purpose I sometimes tried to find very good hypntiseurs, uho should reset me to there by hypnosis. But even the best among them failed and brought me not into into a hypnosis, very in contrary: My senses became almost clearer and sharper uhile only feu parts of a second. I aluays suddenly felt, uhen they uanted to. search into me, and at once in me something fully inexplicable formed itself: Under racing speed, uhich actually needed no time, came up a block of defence automatically, uhich the hypnatiseurs uere not able to brake. As second factor formed itself by same rapid speed a contra-force defence block, uhich attacked the hypnotiseurs, uithout that consciously I uanted such. If then the hypnotiseurs not at once kept auay from forcing in me, then evil became dune uith them: Crying from pains, they started to hold their head3, urithed end crooked themselves, until Foaming from their mouth they lay on the ground and at last fell into deep conscioualesaness. Some oF them came near the death these ways and thanked their living-on alone the fact, that by all force of my spirit I endeavoured for their lifes. Also at tries, to reach into me secretly, same uays all troubles failed. Also uhile other tries uithout hypnosis the same appearances evented. But hou and why these defence- and attack-blocks can became constructed insides me automatically and racing fast, that is a riddle to me* Because this, I uant to ask you, hau and uhy this is and uhether there yet is a possibility, to use hypnosis at me?


30. I exspected these questions already long time in yau, because I knou them in you already since years.

31. I feared them, cause things are connected uith them, uhich I am not alloued tc- say, as they lead into too deep spiritual cognitions, uhich first in much later years you uill find by your natural development.

32. And just to this development I must not anticipate.

33. On the other hand there yet are Facts, uhich I may explain to you, which but have to remain your secret, because only you are able to understand them.

3**. If namely certain other things gat said ahead of otherones, from this could rise a catastrophy for many human beings, as this knou-ledge contains too many great dangers and demand for their understanding a spiritual wisdom, which equals to yours.

– 2o6 –

35. Human beings uith louer uisdom than the of you uould disuse this knowledge by absolute certainity negatively, partly from egoistic and selfish causes and partly by fully unreason.

36. If then I should answer you parts of your questions, then alone for your knouing.

37. What yet I am allowed to explain Fdt everybody, is: Your defence-and reforce-block against trying to force in spiritual pauers gets generated by tha wisdom of your spirit as a protection for, that certain in you slumbering secrets gets not realized and evaluated, as the knouing and the farce of these secrets would be too great

and mightful for other human beings, than they were able to recognize and to evaluate them according to reason and brains.

36. What belongs to the possibility, you were able to be set in hypnosis, so this chance exists yet really.

39. This possibility but lays alone in youself.

t*o. On the other side it is but also so, that your defence- and attack-block can get broken and destroyed under enough forces, uhich yet must be very great and only could get generated in practise by some hypnotiseurs together in a forceblock.

This chance is but very small, for your blacks aun very much energy. U2m If yet they but should become broken, uhich is very in daubt, then

this alone can happen under evil and unreasoned power, by uhich your spirit yet became confused by force and the users of this force

earnt nothing of prpfit. **3. So consider, that for your own benefit and for protection of your

fellow creatures you should not do any hypnotical experiences on


t*U. In itself it were plain harmless for you self, but it could effect a confused spirit or even the death to these persons, uhich take such tries uith you.

**5. Your defence-blocks are so stabile and strong, that everything has to fail against them.

J»6. This is also one of the causes, that the concerning expert of any authorized science uill never be able to analysate you and aluays uill judge you basical urong,

47. The single, that far can get explored out from you, are the attributes of your character in astrological destination under common view, as they apply for all those,comprehensively, who belong to a certain star sign.

+ These are matters, which I assumed already long time and uhich have became in me like a sureness. But I’d like to hear from you though these explanations, uhich you are alloued to confide to me. Of course I uill keep silence about them and keep them quite alone uith me.


<*6. 5o I uill explain to you the certain facts: ……. • • • • • . • •

+ Your exposures explain for me many things, about which I have puzzled already since years, but though many remains unclear. But I thinfc, that in run of the time I uill be able to clear up more, as you have told before.

George Adamski – Phenomenal Suggestor:


US. So sure, but nou to other things, uhich are of high importance:

In the beginning of our contacts I said a many about several deceivers in sake of beamships.

50. Sy names I talked about George Adamski and his nearest friends.

51. In this matter I made certain some things uhile the last ueeks, uhich are very unpleasant. As I knou, you have in the beginning of our contacts sent some material in photos and reports towards certain adresses.

52. As Adamski get3 shoun evidently as largest deceiver, some unpleasant things have resulted from this: During the last ueeks several got performed Dy several renowned sides, to drew this deceiver Adamski just the more as hero into publicity and to shou him as the essential father of the UFQ-exploraa.ons/-contacts.

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