Message From the Pleiades

Meier- This do I know, thank you, but nevertheless you verified this to ire. ^^■■^^■^■^^^^^■■■■^■■V

CR 105, Wednesday, April 5,1978

– Quetzal advices Billy to illuminate the surroundings of Center

– Television crew from America has come for a documentary on Billy & for that reason he has to go to South America

– Quetzal suggests Billy not to undertake travels in large flight machines(planes)

– Menara sent a piece of her writing to be published in monthly magazines no: 18 & 21 of Billy as anonymous

Plejaren waiting for High-Council’s Advice in ‘Removing Gizeh-Intel I igences from Earth”

what is going to get done frcsn our side, is, that we occupy ourselves with the thought, to remove the Safath creatures out of the earthly system, taking posession of them, eliminating their whole stations, and to release them, deprived of such technologies, somewhere in a strange and uncolonized region of a faraway galaxy, where they can spend their remaining and built on wickedness life.

Meier- Man alive, Quetzal, that would be the “hit” of the one million next years. But, why do you finally now nevertheless want to act by power against these knaves?

Quetzal- 89/Their danger suddenly is becoming much bigger, for which reason we have to seize for the logi-cal force,

Meier- This is a word, my son. What time should that happen?

Quetzal- 90/When the advice of the High Council does agree with our decisions, then the starting of this undertaking will be in the run of the second half of this month.

Meier- That is good, because a little resting does not harm us.

Quetzal- 91/You and the whole mission are nevertheless very much menaced still, by other elements, by earthly as well as by extraterrestrial ones.

Meier- So I can think by myself, but these surely are not so wicked and dangerous, like the Gizeh-fools?

Quetzal- 92/Don,t get infatuated, as the dangers are partly still greater, because these elements do not have to take regard about, that their existence becomes known.,

Meier- So does it rean, the troubles will go on in spite of all.

Quetzal- 93/This is correct;

CR 106, Monday, April 10,1978

– Physical contacts will be limited in future & substituted by Telepathic contacts Universal Barrier & Future ‘San Francisco” EarthQuake Paintings :


Let us go to another theme; Do you perhaps know a magazine by name of GEO? As I realize here frecti my note, it should deal with a geographical magazine about culture, which is edited by the Heinrich-Bauer Edition if Hamburg, Germany-Quetzal- 40/This is not known to me, but why do you

ask? 1flT7


Meier- In the autumn of last year, I believe it was in September, in one number of tills magazine should have been a picture by a painter, who painted San Fran-cisco in future form after its destruction by the earth-

quake. Now look at these pictures here, which I got during our journey to Frisco, when you brought me into the future- These pictures here now should correspond very exactly to parts of that picture, which this painter of the Bauer-Edition produced- Like that at least it was explained to me yesterday- This is meaning, when indeed this picture exists by this painter of the edition, that once more I will get placed for

being a liar and a cheater, while another time once more will be told, that I would only have taken pictures from that other picture for purpose of evidencing sore things.

Quetzal- 41/Your question has some background- 42/ Seme thing must have happened, that now you ask me about this. 43/And from where have you known about this picture now, which really exists?

Meier- Oh, I see, but so; yesterday this was told me. Kurt had gone to a restaurant in Zurich, where just somebody was reading in this magazine, and there he saw tlie picture, because there it was reproduced. Now of course he came and explained to somebody behind my knowings, that likely I would have made photographs from parts of this picture.

Quetzal- 44/This is very much regretable. 45/1 did not know that this picture, which got transmitted towards this man inspirationally, already had got pufcr-lished. 46/Here most have happened an accident because first in the autumn of this year, it should have reached the public- 1978 —

Meier- Yes? This will be a pity for me, and that a much lousy one, because now again I keep the same theater, like then by the picture of the universal door- But who did actually transmit this impression towards that painter?

Quetzal- 47/This have done the Baawi-Intel 1 iqences, who work together with us here on the Earth, and who are responsible for many inspirational transmissions. 48/ But they must have suffered a mistake in respect to the publication of the picture, because first in connection with certain coming events, the picture should reach publicity in the autumn of this year. 49/1 myself considered, when you had asked me for this journey, this then could just get connected to your photos. 50/But under these circumstances it is likely better, to protect you frcm further attacks, that I take the pictures, as well as the negatives of the film,too.

Meier- But these I don’t have, because I have given

Quetzal- 51/Then I will destroy them, or take them with me. 52/Where have you given them to?

Meier- To Bar at .vetzikon– But each time he sends them to Wadenswil to a great laboratory.

Quetzal- 53/That is sufficient for me. 54/1 will take the material and store it.

Meier- And what shall I tell to the people? I have but to tell the truth-

Quetzal- 55/You tell the truth.

Other ET’s may Contact Billy:

Meier- What do you mean by that? Do perhaps still otherones want to start contact with me?

68/It is possible, that other intelligences cone in contact with you, but this isn’t our concern then. 69/From the side of us, it will remain irrevocable, ourselves maintaining only telepathical contacts with you in respect to lessons and explanations for the group, and so on. 76/But the personal contacts for you in respect of the to learn worths for yourself will continue like hitherto, but about which no reports will be transmitted.


Meier- mm* This will be a pity for n>3r and that lousy one, because now again I keep the sarns th« like then by the picture of the universal door, who did actually transmit this iirpre-SSiotl towards painter?

Quetzal- 47/This have done the Baawl-mtel liqei who work together with us here on the Earth, an* are responsible for many inspirational transmission; But they must have suffered a mistake in respect t publication of the picture, because first in corme with certain courting events, the picture should i publicity in the autumn of this year. tt^a^tmrn

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