Message From the Pleiades

30. I have neglected in the whole matter, that you could more intensively study the concerning human beings, than I with my short impressions, which unfortunately could not make ail clear for me.

31. My mistake consists in, not having penetrated deeper into the both, but only collected superficial cognitions.

32. That told me, being evidently necessary at the earthhuman being, to penetrate deeper into him, when certain matters shall get


33. In this direction we have to correct our destinations, thus such mistakes will no more event.

3**. This recognition does but also explain to us some other events

of same or similar kind, as for example the wrong doings at Is ha ftashid

your friend, who had transmitted for you the Talmua Jmmanuel, like 3lso the wrong doing at the calling of adress by Mr. K.L. Ueit.

35. Basicly these recognitions trace to your person, because hy your feelings’ dehavement, which you have constructed from an intui-tive knowing, we got knowing of these fact3.

36. Far this merit we tribute our thanks to you.

+ This do I feel like flourishing roses in middle of winter.


37. You can really be proud of that.

+ Hou should I? I have not even kncwn, having conjured your recognition of mistakes. Also is not very clear for me, hou I have effected this, what means, that partly is not all evident for me. I surely uill in run of the time meet with the poodle’s core.

Nqu I knew, it really being better, when I leave the decisions about your group members to you, and I keep me out of that.

‘•:. Yet I uant to 3hou me servicie in another aspect to your group and help you in certain matters, uhen they concern interests, which I can render account for being assistive for you. I will soon come to speak of a help in this respect, when I have explained another point far you: From my today notices your group members are missing cognitions of a “hou-to-grasp” of a spiritual substance.

Ul, Though they are very uilling, to proceed spiritually, they don’t know the way of this proceeding.

**a. From that, I want to order you, to care for tnem oy special measure in these concerns.

192 –

k9. I may not better explain this part of field of the spiritual evolution, than you, as in that you are equal to my potential.

50. So take up this mission from out of your side, because this soares from us this uays long ana troublesome reports.

51. nut I uould recommend you, to record your explanations by tone, from where they should became written, what you should do besides uith all your discussion talks.

52. Disclose the basic factors, which enable the conceiving of spiritual cognition and labour.

53. That is very imoortant for all of us.

+ I like very much to do this, yet I am asthonished about, all having changed so and very suodenly. You sesm by one time having chanced whole your inclination.


5*.. 3y certain meaning, you are right, yet I gave you about this the necessary explanations already.

Of course, but you now seem to go conformous uith me, that each earnestly troubling himself human being owns the right, to dsvalop himself within these trails, of which he Is just interested.


55. Surely, yet I kept this knowledge already before.

56. I already explained, the mistake consisting in having collected

only superficial experiences and not penetrated deeper, as in

each human being certain secrets should be preserved. As this

uays I could not conceive all, so the prevailing superficial

impulses transmitted to me false impressions.

+ You mean by that, that these superficial impulses, as you call them, could cover other things, when these are still weakly developed? And could this aiso mean, by ether words, that these superficial impulses represent the actual conscious thinking in material-intellectual forms and are aole, to suppress and effect in practise unfeelable and unrecognizable the other thoughts, when they are still not so strong and expressed, as the material-intellectual forms?


57. This is very beating formulated, uhat I could not have done better.

+ Ufell so, then please correct me, uhen I should say anything,

that not corresponds to the facts: If I have understood you

right, then you have penetrated at the nou often mentionned

193 –

there existing impressions, while you have evoided from other reasons, to explore as well the Peeper spiritual Farms, which as far as I know, are directly eataolished in the subconsciousness, where also have to reat all those secrets, which yau designate for single property of the concerning human oeing. If so does really behave, then I can absolutely understand, you having to fall to a fallacy. From my side, I find it for absolutely logic, the consciousness being able to deceive so long, until a fact or simpller a factor becomes established as knowledce in the Huhcnnflfilpj’inBSB. or there as sham-knowings I it just far unlogic da think, that you have neglected this factor, The consciousness is Out the essential rprjulacinrj apparatus of knowledge-generating, of the actual thinking-process, while the succonslousnesa embodies the part of tne registering computer. Jhen so are doubts in the cansciou3ne3s and such kinds of thoughts prevail, then this has not necessari ly to run canformous to the knowledge or the desires of the subconsiousness, where the spiritual form is Put established firmly, even if so should only bs in tiniest size.

Spm iese

58. I have to correct yau by na means, quite contrary: Your explanations are extraoedinary correct and are worth of honour for you.

59. Uhen in it you estimate my manner of treatment for unlogical, then this is the caser too.

5a. Fundamentally I have started in this matter from the wrong

premise, that in themselves unlogical factors in the earthhuman being would effect certain same-airected unlogical conoinations for a one-factorial potency. + You speak so bombastic tumid, like the last monkey in the jungl


61. I don’t understand, what you mean.

+ I mean by it, that no human being will understand the drivel of your tumid talk, as everyone will puverize his brains, when he had broken his neck by your last sentence, soralned his jaw and bite off his tongue.


52. You have a lccution again, which is beating.

53. But is the last sentence indeed so heavily to unoerstand?

+ From my side, I believe to understand, what you want to say by hira, out as said: As said, I only believe so, what means, I assume to <nou. uhetner otnerones yet unoerstand it, that is but very mucn to doubt- If you say, “basically have I starteo

– 19**

in this matter from the wrong premise, that in themselves unlogic Factors in earthhuman being would close certain same-directed unlogic combinations to unitary potency, then I would retranslate this as Fallows into an a bit less tumid and understandable language: “Sasicly have I started in this matter from the wrong premise, that the in it conscious thinking of the earthhuman being efFects certain same-directed unlogic acceptances and forms of the subconsciousness to a combinative factor of consciousness, from where becomes generated a unitary-samedirected force in the respect, that the canscicusness repeats just that in combination, what this consciousness and the subconsciousness have together generated For thought.


&k. Just that have I but already told by my words, and moreover

in much shorter way.

+ Dooooh – but this does not understand any human being, Semjase Consider but, that the gros of the dear little earthhuman beings is either fully slaved spiritually by religions, or but, that they are alone adle, to think in pure material-intellectual spheres, or, that they first jump over the barrie towards the spiritual or first have jumped over it formerly. Hgw uill these human beings be able, to interprets your words, when you just clothe your spiritual thoughts into acustical or written words. It is but granted only to few human beings, to understand such spiritual explanations right; do consider that.

Sem jage

65. Indeed, I have not considered this. The cause but is, that I can talk with you like uith me self, and that you are able to follow me.

66. So can happen, simply forgetting me in the manner, speaking

alone explaining for you.

+ That is no further on worse, because I may each of these times be3t you something by the fence-post.

Plejaren are not allowed to Interfere against the Theft of Photographic/Film Material:


■■■^■1 r.Du yet I want to give ycu an explanation aoout the help, uhich I already havn jruniseo for your group In this, I yet have to request you for evaluating such assis tance and as uell otherones cf other kind unly in the group. No persons being no group rcempers should oecome initiated into these things.

– 195 –

69- To all of them do I requesting suggest, to keep silence aoout such things. All right exist stili very many groups, which occupy themselves with equal matters, as you do, but the greatest parts of these groups represent unreal factors, which are away from the real truth.

70- They manyfold indulge in unbelievable-unlpgical phantasies, which miss each truth and reality.

71. They live in wrong acceptances of belief and urang, for all times unwitnessable imaginations, strange to all reality and truth.

72. Among them or in them are but also many conscious or incon-scious deceivers.

73. Prevent youselves from all of these, because -hey could become very dangerous for you.

7**. Their influence into certain decisive circles is often very great, what were for these, but not for you good.

75. So I want to destiny in your interest, that all right you are allowed to hand over to outstander contact reports and photos, but not photo-negatives, films or dia-positives.

76. Vou also aught hand over cristals and minerals alone among members of the group or to absolutely secure replying persons, but never to persons, who stay strange to your group or simply to our matter.

77. You should perform lectures and film/dia-lectures, but be very careful with the lecture-material.

73. There do already exist certain circles, which would like to seize possession af the material in your disposal, and which even do not neglect bad intrigues for this purpose.

79. From this, be very cautious, for we can not interfere into these concerns, if you should effect difficulties far you.

Astral walk, Spiritual-lntuirtve View & Pictorial Visions:

5a. “ioid yet I want to apeak about my help: Uery interstec” have today I followed to your talkings concerning tne astrale walk, as you call such.

31. In First line I want to show you, since every time and ever innumerous human beings having aFfirmed to have experienced sucn “travels” or “walks” or to have exercised such by own release of power or use oF pouers.

– 195 –

52. It is but recommended, to enjoy such affirmations by very extreme caution, because among of such pretentions are only 2 or 3, which bear all examinations and can get designated for true.

53. A very high level of percents of such pretentions consists on bad-minded deceit and on same as bad-minded lies.

BU. A further amount of percents consists on inconsiouc lies, as yauselves have already recognized right.

35. Such lies are constructea on fanatism or self-deceit, etc., for by the “self—sugestionning” of the concerning person, she uaula perform an astrale walk, sne suggerates this so long for herself, until it becomes to a fixed idea and to an imagination.

36. Thus the sense for the reality goes lost and the concerned person believes, to perform really an astrale walk.

87. UJhen she then pretents it, then she lies inconsiously.

88. As yet I explained already one time, does also so behave at other fields of the border- and spiritual science, very exspecially at sacallad medium persons.

59. Astrale walks are but possible in truth, what means, they are reality* Yet hers are also to consider very many factors, because fallacies of senses can rise by self-suggeration.

90. Each from the phantasy of the concerned human being can pictures of other worlds became attracted, which but in truth are effectively only phantasies and have nothing in concern to reality.

91. Uery often taken object of this kind are othsr worlds and planets.

92. Cn this self-suggestive base also past and future can become withdrawn by pictures, which but in truth ars also only phantasy-formations.

93. Very often also the process of the spiritual-intuitive view, which unconsciously can be released in each human being, gets designated for astrale walk.

9U. Also picturai visions get exposed far astrale walks, and many further things over that.

– iyv –

95. Also that process is very known, a human Qeing projecting his picture spiritually to any a place and tnen pretenting, having done .told walk,

96. In the concerning place his image can indeed get seen, but not by astral Form.

97. It appears more like a mirage, transparent, but recogrtizafcilB* 95. Such pictures can also oecome attracted From the past or

become projected into the presence or Future, being even seizable photographicly. 99. This process is in itself very easy, when the way is recognized.

Semjase’s Spiritual-Projection Experiment:

99. This process is in itself very easy, when the way is recognized.

100. As help for your group I uiant to offer an* experiment in this respect, where but once mare I want to lay stress an, that this, like otherones, too, is exclusively allowed to get used for group-internal purposes: All may surely remember the 2a. of April, and sa everyone will surely still know, what clothes he will have worn.

101. Clothes then, which have been worn in the past.

102. My proposal now is, that you can shoot a dis-photo during next times, while I project some of you picturally from the 2o. of April into the presence, ay just mentionned kind of spiritual projecting of image.

103. For this I will yet need the help of the concerning persons, because I represent here only the controlling factor.

1o**» Of course 1 will be with my beamship in next near and lead

the images of the concerning persons in the way, that persons and ship become together expnsap.

1o5. For this experiment have I selected three persons, which

according to their spiritual development offer least resistance: the misters Le., J. and 3., this means, that their spiritual abilities form still no markable hankerings, when such experiments become led by outside influences.

loS. The greater and higher namely the spiritual abilities become,

all the more the concerning human being exercises defending

spiritual forces against all outer influences, by what an

experiment could get judged for failing.

+■ Yau talk again so abjective about the three men, Semjase, like if they would be rabbits.

CR 016, Saturday, May 3,1975

– Semjase eavedrops on Billy & MrJ

Semjase Eliminates Weather-Fir Tree into Past;

Sixteenth Contac

Thought fransnission Contact


1. Don’t see it for a disturbance, uhen 1 invade at you so unex-spectedly while this for you early time, Out it is of cemand: By some inattentions of you have some trauoles came in, which i nave to remote coerceO-

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