Message From the Pleiades

felon of thoughts, but as well to a better state of health. 79/Unfortunately many earthhuman beings hold very^strong and erring opinions in respect to the take-up of nourishment, which accordingly have damaging effects on them, too. 80/The erring opinion, a human form of life being able to develop itself fully and better without animalistic products is likewise as wrong, as the opinion, that great quantities of animalistic food TOUld influence the bodily constitution towards the good. 81/The truth in this respect is, that when human forms of life completely omit nourishment from animalistic products, there comes to appear, the same as with much, a lack in many respects, like cane to appear when too much of these foods is eaten. 82/The complete construction and preservation of the human form of life is based on florical as wsll as on faunical nourishment, at least, as this concerns the physical sphere. 83/ But if for example faunic nourishment does not exist for the human form of life, or when in consequence of astray assumptions these are avoided, or in consequence of an attitude tcward living, then necessarily the missing animalistic materials have to be substituted by plenty, but of fully tlie same worth as animalistic ones, substances etc. 84/But this still is not possible on the Earth, because these nourishment materials have remained as well undiscovered hitherto here, and the few ones, which already are known, are avoided from inunderstandable reasons of distaste.

CR 101, Monday, January 18,1978

– Meier’s center came under attack from neighbourhood people & local governments as visitors increased more..

– Billy says he would never use his spiritual force as a weapon but will use his superior knowledge as writings & voice

-Billy explains to Quetzal his displays of spiritual powers like etching his fingerprints onto a coin

– Dwarf Race will get to clean the center & Engelbert house in next 14 days Huge Pyramid in Bermuda Triangle:

Meier- Okay, then still another question: Is something known to you, that in the depths of the ocean in the ^rrmirfa-Triang l e had sunken a huge pyramid? The baseline should be 333 meters, and the height nearly 223 meters?

Quetzal- 53/Scmething lUce that is not known to me.

‘Real Love” carries onto Next Incarnation:


us talk about something else* I have a question for which I only want to have an answer in the report, but I don’t want my question repeated there.

Quetzal- 60/Then tell me your question.

Meier- …………………..

Quetzal- 61/These things are known to me. 62/They consist of transmissions during incarnations, because those facts, which were already created during earlier lifetimes of the human being and which were of durability, will became fixed for all time and be awakened anew within the next life. 63/A once having existed deep love, for example, does not get simply eliminated by death, but is transmitted to the spiritual regions, which gives it hack at the next incarnation by irrr-pulses towards the material sphere, by which the love comes to new flowering and on and on enlarging itself, until the point of goal, where it becomes homogenous of universal character and is united to everything living of rough-material and spiritual form.

Meier- Thank you quetzal, your answer is very exact and signs to me for all that, that I myself have explored and deliberated. Thus I had been right within my result. Thank you.

Quetzal- 64/It was a delight for me, to be allowed to give you this explanation.

Amount of Spiritual Power required for a Telepathic Contacts:

Meier- I see, how much time of normal standardized work does this mean, if by the carmen time you transmit to me one page of typewriter script?

Quetzal- 71/1 have not calculated this, why I can give you only the data I have calculated by myself, which is counted in minutes- 72/One minute of telepathic transmission by a time of normal length of speaking demands frcm you a consumption of force of physical power of 23 minutes normal labor effort, which means, if for exanple you have 30 minutes of telepathic recording, you are performing a physical labor of great measure, namely such one, which corresponds to 690 minutes of constant and troublesome physical work- 73/Thus a one-hour-long telepathic recording by you demands from you 1,380 minutes of physical force, while tlie data increases itself threefold at a fast transmission.

Meier- Then does this mean, that in one hour of transmission is contained, of standard work, 23 hours of bodily labor? But that’s crazy. How shall I perform this?

Quetzal- 74/You always regenerate your forces, but that’s why you are always exhausted after a transmission – this by the consumption of forces itself and by the process of regeneration.

Meier- But such, no human being can endure-

Quetzal- 75/Normally he doesn‘t, but somehow, and this is as well for us an unsolved riddle hitherto, you perform this and also continue enduring it- 76/ But now, my friend, the time has ccme again when I have to leave you- 77/Good-bye, and greet all very kindly from me, and as well your Kannibal.

CR 102, Tuesday, Febraury 21,1978

– Quetzal touches down with his ship in the parking place of the center

– Many organisations, states & individual persons have become attentive for you in the run of the last weeks by greater interest, than ever before which fact led trying to eliminate you 3 times

– Plejaren are not in a position to provide constant protection to Billy

– Quetzal wishes to have atleast half of the abiity that Billy has in will & patience

– Kalliope is in hospital & Billy worris about her health

– Gizeh-lntelligences sent a traiangle shaped-remote controlled ship to kill Billy bu Menara & Quetzal came in the last minute & saved Billy..later they eliminated that last ship of Gizeh’s.

– Re-Incarnation & Incarnation are one and the same thing

– Use von Jacobi dared to translate the contact reports wrongly & gave it to Wendell Stevens who is publishing it as a book

Plejaren too Celebrate ‘Birthday’:

Meier- Just a question referring to this: Here on the Earth, it is common use, to celebrate a birthday. Do you perform like that, too?

Quetzal- 15/We always remember the time of our birth. 16/But we donft have a festivity then.

Menara- 3/This behaves as well with us, like Quetzal explained.

Meier- Yes, \%^11, I do not mean at a festivity, that we celebrate such one, at least concerning our circle.

We just keep a small festival, where we sit together, eat something and drink and talk with one another.

Quetzal- 17/Then I have misunderstood you. 18/In a similar way as well we remember the day of our birth.

Meier- Fine. In other circles, the earthhuman beings exercise rea 1 festivities, at least concerning those humans who are in real passion for such.

Quetzal- 19/Such behavior does not appear with us.

Meier- This would have astonished me, too. I^BV

CR 103, Wednesday, March 1,1978

– Billy says he likes to embrace each human being

CR 104, Saturday, March 18,1978

Billy’s Trip to Future San Francisco Earthquake Event:


But tell me, Quetzal, can you penetrate by this old box into other dimensions, too?

Quetzal- 83/Your question is not logical; what do you want to ask?

Meier* I would wonder about, whether you can also perform travels by the ship of Menara towards tlte past or the future?

Quetzal- 84/To do this is possible, but why do you ask? 85/Whenever you ask such questions, then a certain purpose is behind them. 86/Do you want to ask me whether I will undertake a travel with you to the future or towards the past?

Meier- Exactly this, my son.

Quetzal- 87/Sooo – …. because of that you have taken this apparatus for photographing?

Meier- That’s it, my son, but this is not such a complicated thing, as you say, but quite simply a confoundedly normal camera.

Quetzal- 88/But that’s the same. 89/But–■ – whereto do you want to go?

Meier- To Frisco, my son- To San Francisco, but into the future. Namely to that time when the city will be destroyed by the c?reat earthquake. Here I would be interested in how all is looking when the first heavy quake is over, and exactly this matter I want to photograph then too- This will surely be possible to do, won’t it? And surely will play no part here, when later I will publish, too, these pictures, if they cone out well, can’t I?

Quetzal- 90/Against this, surely nothing should be objected, because by this deed, surely still very many people would leave San Francisco and settle elsewhere

before the catastrophy will rise. 91/This would rescue very many human lives- 92/Surely, I agree in this, but it will need several hours if I should go there with you, 93/This old ship namely, and at present I have no other ship ar my disposal, needs a longer tine for preparation, according to which fact, you vrauld be here again in the normal time at first dawn of the morning.

Meier- This does not play a part yet, because you can bring me back about then, at the same time at which you had taken me out from the bed.

Quetzal- 94/This would be possible.

Meier- Well, then namely I still could sleep some short while. So let us go-Quetzal- 95/As you like, but in the meantime, we can not have any conversation.

Meier- That’s all the same to me, just let us go, I am strained like a string before busting.

Quetzal- 96/So be it. 97/You truely are indefatigable.

Quetzal- 98/Here we are about 300 kilometers in distance from San Francisco. 99/Down there, you see the clefting of the earth, as they already exist frcm long ago^ 100/What you can see are the enlargements of the Andreas-C1 e fts, which has risen up to the surface of the earth.

Meier- May 1 photograph this?

Quetzal- 101/Therers nothing to refuse, but, you also could capture this scene onto your film in the present time, the year 1978, because the alternations are only very little, and not likely recognizable inthe pictures,

Meier- Nevertheless I want to take this picture.

Quetzal- 102/So do it then. 103/Gome here, look –

here, this hatch is in the floor, as you see after shifting this plate aside, it releases this very fine-pointed sightplate, through which you can look directly

Meier- All right so. Quetzal, but do you know, that, when I take pictures from out of the ship, these afterwards are always very unsharp and blurred- Is there no other way, you know, that perhaps I can walk outside?

Quetzal- 105/You get the best view around from up here, here from out of the ship. 106/On the other hand, this time you will get sharp clear pictures in your film, because the propulsion of this ship does not harm by radiations your film. 107/You only have to watch for not photographing directly down below the area of propulsion, because the very strong irradiation of light could injur the film. 108/The smallest injury of the film could foe, that the ready pictures would appear to be lightened by a spring of light- 109/And in the worst case, an overexposure could happen.

Meier- Is this the light, which reaches so far downwards and looks like a searchlight?

Quetzal- 110/That is right, and so care for, that these masses of light do not reach into the area of your exposure-

Meier- I will try it.

Quetzal- Ill/Are you ready in your working?

Meier- I am, my son. But perhaps I have not been careful enough in sake of the light. Anyhow appeared for me, like to have seen in the objective always the shimmering of light.

Quetzal- 112/So try it once more.

Meier- No, let us first go to Frisco, as namely I only have one film with me, and besides, only a standard negative—film.

Quetzal- 113/As you wont- 114/Walk away frcm the hatch. 115/- So, – well, it ……

Meier- Man, that’s crazy yet, just look, all is smoking there in front.

Meier*- Man alive, Quetzal, this looks much worse, than I had considered- Listen yet, Somewhere has to be a building, which should be known as America-Building or similar; get me there, too. This I want to photograph in any case, so that none can cone and affirm, that I would have shot pictures of the last great quake at the turn of the century.

Quetzal- 118/Here we are already, my friend, but this tine have more regard for the lightbeam.

Meier- I will try for that.

Thank you, Quetzal, this suffices, still rush back a

little…….Well, okay,——moment……..-

Well, now still fly a bit to the right side there…..

Well this way. Thank you. Man alive, that’s gigantic,

the cruel destruction………….Thank you, Quetzal,

again I got seme pictures. This should be enough. So please do fly back again towards those strange lifts of the Andreas-Cleftings.

Quetzal- 119/As you want, but remember, our time is slowly getting exceeded, and I have to make the preparations for the flight back.

Meier- All right, Quetzal, you can start with them at once, when we are at the place. I once more want to see all- But how soon such a half hour is passing, of the future.

Quetzal- 120/The time is the same, but she only appears to you as much shorter because of the seen events.

Meier- Of course, I already knew. Oh, here we already are. Now just do your work.

Quetzal- 121/Well, my friend, here we are again. 121/ We are sooner here by around 30 minutes, than you had left your warm bed.

Meier- Than we still can use the remaining time for talk about those concerns, which you wanted to discuss

■it. I ..l«p->i__

ELSI – ‘Magdalena-Elizabeth-Maria’ & ‘Kalanka’ :

Meier- HHMMiH^aM^M But

listen, you knave; Our dear Elsa is not called Elsa with us, but just simply Elsi- Please you, too, do call the girl the same. Know, Elsa sounds so strange.

Quetzal- 135/1 readily correspond with your wish, thus Elsa is Elsi.

Meier- Reared well, lion. Elsi will be delighted about that, as well as my Cannibal will, and all the other— ones. Pnd as I am already at Elsi: Do you have any presentiment about, what way the name of Kalonka or Kalanka could have relation to her?

Quetzal- 136/You ask me for things which you yourself should explore.

Meier- So I did, as else I would not know this name.

Quetzal- 137/——I don’t understand.

Meier- Is that really not understandable? I just have told you too names, and these I have found out by labor myself-

Quetzal- 138/Oh yes, of course. 139/You got me confused. -140/The name of Kalanka is right- 141/Around two thousand years ago, this was a nickname for Elsi. 142/This is an old Russian-Greek name, and it is not spoken by the written “K”, but by the letter “G”. 143/

This nickname was given to her because one called the family of her father “Kalanka”. 144/Her own name was then Magdalena—Elizabeth-Maria.

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