Message From the Pleiades

Quetzal- 58/This is tlie meaning of my words. 59/On this ground then each form of plants grows excellently, too. 60/For a rurther fact then as well play an important part, tlie fanatical or purely credulous opinions of the concerned people, as by these vibrations as well again, the plants c?et influenced and caused to grow, frcm which doings they have to ccme then to very good growth.

Ifeier- Then at least the attitude is not bad, with these people .

Quetzal- 61 /Not the attitude itself, but the astray belief and the resulting from that wrong machinations.

Meier- Well then, still another question: Margaret once told me a story about Australia, in relation to elementary beings and a clover plant, which …….

Quetzal- 62/You have once told me about this, but I could not explore these tilings. 63/But if this offering corresponds to facts, then no elementary being had part in this event, but only the thought \rorld of_ Margaret, who influenced by her vibrations of wishes, the plantr and Hansen by that its growing and thriving, as this corresponds to her wish.

Meier- I regard your explanation as logical-

Pleajren also ‘Kiss’ their Life-Partners:

75/As well your Kannibal is likewise correct, if she really corresponds to your meaning according to these p concerns. 76/lhis great change by very positive 0 ireaning is witness to her true progress in every re- p spect, as well as in her love towards you. 77/You earthliurnan beings reveal emotional irovements of love by, that you kiss one another, yet you also express by this a special form of thanks. 78/For that reason: 79/Do kiss your Kannibal in thanks and love for all her understanding, for her far-reaching and very rarthful proceedings.

Meier- Then she embraces me – but for you. But gladly do so, my son- Yet tell me: Don’t you knaves as well kiss your girls, and reversely the girls, too?

Or is that left for only the earthhuman beings?

Quetzal- 80/You want to know very much. 81/But yes, tte, too, have these emotional movements. 82/But now good-bye, my friend.

Meier- Whys, my friend, this was I slowly like you more- Good-bye.

CR 99, Wednesday, January 4,1978

Billy’s Emotional Talk that Opened new perspectives for Plejaren about the Conditions on Earth:

– Quetzal decides to stop the mission as most of the group members acts childishly

Meier^ Can’t you care for that, that this ail mill be made good again? Know, the following now is childish yet, what I tell you, and somehow I will try a bribery. Just now, before I left Jacobus and Guido, there Guido had ordered me to thank you very especially, that you have done so much for all of us during all that time you cared hitherto. Don’t you think it

being only good and fair for all these ones, if you once more shut one eye at the concerns and try to help us? T am convinced of this being thanked to you, son, at least by all the ones caring futurally still much more for everything, who think earnestly within our concerns in respect to our mission, and as well have troubled themselves very much up till today. Indeed, just by reason of their trouble and will, would be right and justified, if you would arrange it all for good again- Do know, I simply see it impossible, that all the hitherto achieved and performed should simply go damaged, only because several few ones have to revolute and do not know what actually they have cone. Should indeed, confound this! should indeed all your troubles have been in vain. And do once sonetime, also reflect upon those ones, who will weep and cry their eyes out, if you really would construct that stuff, only frcm reason, that seme ones don’t knew, just what they have to do and behave. But you all can not so simply make an action of short-circuit, only as all is not running a course- that you had imagined. Do seme times as well think of us earthly newts, us confounded, being as ignorant and barbarous, as the last monkeys from the jungle. Once consider, that really we have not been fed the wisdran by spoon, as we say, and that your favorable forefathers are not unconcerned for all this damned beastly state. Do once think about, that one can not first effect a human being for beccming a beast and give later on only a short single chance for him, to develop again towards a human being. But do, confound it, once remember, that your ancestors have stolen now and spoiled all knowledge us, have risen aloft by own grace up to gods and godly creators, and that they have teen, ones who were delighted about our beast-becoming, and this vsy had exploited us. absolutely conscious of, that, this way we had to reach into the most confounded dirt of the whole universe. So it is, if once you deliberate it all very thoroughly from our side, quite confoundedly unfair, that you simply want to leave us laying in the mud. We are

you all know this quite well, as else you would not have cccite to us for to help us and bring back to us what had gotten spoiled at us by your heroical condemned forefathers, why don’t you all then feel yourselves obligated until the very last possibility, just to assist us, though within our confounded ignorance, as all knowledge has got stolen frcm us or damaged, we still are rather stupid and primitive. Man alive, are you not better than your lousy forefathers, these longhaired monkeys and confounded scalawags? Are you all not better indeed, are you? If so does not behave, than simply hurry off and away and be damned dastards and good-for-nothing ones, but leave us in peace and tranquility. That way we still degenerate completely by all honor, and someday blew trie whole universe to pieces– Just do not believe, we would not be able to accomplish that without you, and do not believe, that without you all, we could not live. Surely, all knowledge will be merged this way once more, but then you once will all listen to us by very other manner, than you all imagine within your confounded unreasonability and arrogance before us. Do vanish away, and leave our caimth, because barbarians like we are, can also live without you and walk our way and…..

Quetzal- 63/Stop it, this ……

Meier- Just do not interrupt me, for I still have to tell you much prettier and delightful things…..

Quetzal- 64/1 plead you, please be quiet.

Meier- So…..

Quetzal- Please, I only want you…..

Meier- Ycu could this…..

Quetzal- 66/Please, I plead you for, my friend. 67/ You are very much excited, and have told me things, which cause me for being very much reflective- 68/

Perhaps is ….. I ….. Your words correspond in

many Darts richtness. thi*t c^n nnt Vv* r-nnt-oct-ori £Q/

them visible, which we never have taken into consideration ■ 71 /Be given my promise to you, that I will stand up for you at all those who have voted for the stopping of the contacts- 72/1 yet can not give you but a promised word, my friend, but I want to do the best I can. 73/When a clarification of the concerns in welfare for you should not be possible for me, then I would have to discuss the things with the High Council, whereafter at first then I would return when I have knowledge of their advice.

Meier- ihen hurry away already, man, and begin something, before the confounded shit is totally existing.

Quetzal- 74/You are very much in needs, dear friend, as only for that reason you talk to me like so. 75/1 know very well and by all distinction, your having fully other feelings and thoughts towards me, than those now in your great need you vent to make rre believe. 76/It is very painful for me, to see you in your needful sorrows and pain.

Meiei?- Man. set me down soon and now, just at cnce here; otherwise still something will occur!

Quetzal- 77/As you want? you may go now, if you want, good-bye,

Meier> (fell, I feel relieved at having no more to see you.

Quetzal- 78/Your words are very painful to me, but I understand you, and so I want to do my best, to…..

CR 100

Quetzal- 1/You are very obstinate in your calling, but it is very suited to me, that you want to talk to ire. 2/According to your emotional eruption of Wednesday evening, we once more have come together in the station and again discussed all your concerns, during which meeting I explained to all there your needful eruption of emotions. 3/Not only I, but we all were most deeply touched by that, and like I had explained to you already, are opening by it for us fully new and hitherto unknown aspects in relation to the earthhuman being and for your deeply rooted concerns about your essential existence and the deeply established forms of will, of earthhuman beings, for fighting for self-preservation. 4/Your unexpected eruption was in every respect new for all of us, and we never had assumed such conduct by you- 5/But as this conduct and those things are established inside of you, they necessarily have to be as well inside of other earthhuman beings as well, but which to explore new is first in front of our working, because until now they have been unknown to us. 6/But besides these matters, you also have led aspects in front of our eyes by your eruption, which frcm reason of ignorance of different important facts, we simply have overlooked, which misled some ones of us, to regard you earthhuman beings frcm out of wrong sight. 7/Your words said to me in wrath and in your need to show us new facts, which let us decide unanimously, and recognize that in respect to an interruption of

the contacts, we treated very much prematuredly, is why as well the transmissions for advice of the High Council were still in time stopped. 8/We all regret it very much, to have been so much unreflected and made without real cognitions of all necessary basic facts nearly a very farreaching conclusion and decision, which had gotten settled by us in an absolutely-unjustified manner. 9/But think for us here as plus-facts, our task being extremely difficult and have to reach steadily, and most times by doing mistakes, like as well the earthhuman beings have to do for reaching recognitions and new cognitions. 10/This should not be an excuse, but only a plea, that we also still have to learn very, very much, especially here on the EartE in connection to you earthhuman beings and your, still concealed from us many ways or forms of thinking and emotions. 11/In the name of all cnes^ I have to tell you our thanks, because at first by your needful eruption, we have reached new recognitions about you earthhuman beings, which in the future will cause us to have much more patience in several views, when you do not always observe our advices or necessary regulations in the measure we had expected. 12/Especial ly ahead of the group members, we want to be more lenient, as by recognition of new aspects, we became conscious about, the need for time for the obtaining of certain goals, than we had calculated. 13/But that we met on this and could obtain these recognitions do we thank you and your r;i ul eruption, which revealed to us artcr thorough analysis, your having thought by no means of yourself, but only and solely for all your group members and the earthly mankind in its whole- 14/Yet especially for the members of your group, you have felt painful need, because they Mould be in miss of many things, by such a stop of contacts. 15/So but in spite of your thorn, you also considered about mankind. 16/ you, had fully neglected yourself here, and seen only all the otherones, who would have been injured. 17/But this has nothing more in concern to your, best known to us, limitless modesty, but that with you

we realized with only you, but which distinctly offers, that in spite of quarrels and dissension and war is a strong unit, which as well has to

cause itself at spreading of lessons and the forming of knowledge. 18/lhis we saw, too. at first by you and your uncontrolled eruption. 19/Ke had to make this understandable for ourselves, this unknown to us characteristic of you earthhuman beings, namely that you can live in war and strife together among you, and in spite of that call for your own a strong expression of homogenousness, something completely unknown to us. 20/On the one hand, as resulted frcm the analysis of your rage eruption, you had been very-angry about those who were faulty and had caused us to our unreflected decision, but on the other hand you were worried about them and tried to rescue all of them, because you had felt love for them. 21/Be-cause of that, you cried angrily and thornful at ire and cried words at me which should hit me and touch, and which have dene that, and this thoroughly. 22/ But they touched as well all the otherones of us, and from that, we came to the conclusion, to have treated in a very premature manner and without real cognitions of all facts.

Meier- Then this means, that you will maintain the contacts, doesn’t it? This is already pleasing me more, my little son.

Quetzal- 23/Vfe all can only plead you for understanding us, because as well we are only human beings like you. and as well we are still for a long time not so far in evolution, that we would no rrore conmit mistakes.

Meier- Donated, ray son, so much petti foggy we are not. too.

Quetzal- 24/1 tell you thanks for all of us to you all.

Meiei> All right already, it’s already forgotten. Weselves do indeed build sufficient mistakes, too-

CR 100, Friday, January 6, 1978

Effects of Eating too much Vegetarianism & Non-Vegetarianism : Quetzal:

69/ln relation to this, I at once want to give two members of the group an important for them advice: 70/It is a great riddle for me, why the occurences about Semjase could ceres about, and in consequence I thoroughly occupied iryself to Jacobus, and saw an apparent lack in him, which let him act by the known unresponsible manner. 71/This apparent lack exists in his nourishment, as he feeds himself too much one-sidedly with animalistic products of nourishment. 72/This causes his thinking to became hampered, and he becanes clumsey in that, which matter also leads to, the appearing impulses of arbitrariness inside of him, that are known to him, but can not be brought under control by him in decisive and worthful time. 73/Animalistic nourishment products incorporate into his brain acids and are weakening his reaction to thoughts1 flexibility, which fact is named in other words as a slackness of reaction. 74/So he should straighten more his nourishments in the direction of plenty of products as to vegetables and fruits, which doing would influence his slackness of thought towards positive direction. 75/A similar, but exactly opposite case exists with Margaret, as here, too, I had to see by regret: 76/In fully unreasonable manner she withholds herself from each animalistic nourishment product, which fact causes at her, that her series of thoughts and reactions get surpassed within their worth, tcward the positive, by which matter results the negative effects again. 77/Her thoughts and reactions become too free and surpass the measure of the good, by which she no more is able to differ real facts from unreality, because by the surpassing of the sound measure, is missing from her the necessary critic. 78/More hampering and slackening forms of thoughts and reactions in this respect are of necessary demand at her, for which reason she should eat more animalistic products, which performance would not only lead to a better produc-

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