Message From the Pleiades

– Semjase’s mission is taken over by Quetzal & Pleija

– Plejaren order of Billy’s 30 km limit has been terminated

-Billy is able to answer any question about Utopical series of books to Herbert & he wants to know why


But tor this now question: iou saio, tnese Soneans having assisted Semjase, Can you tell me more about then? T ara interested, how old they beccn-e, what a race they are and which culture they keep, and so on.

Quetzal- 22/About this I am ignorant. 23/Only so much is known to me about them, they being a huciar; race of the DAL universe, whose average age is some 2,360 earth years, even much superior to cur own life

expectations. 24/Their body’s size amounts, by earthly measurement, to 175 centimeters, where their form of the skull is very much higher and longer than ours as far as 1 could see. 25/The headlength accords to a size of about 50^ more than ours anSTyou of Earth. 26/Iheir race is named “Sana” in an unknown to me language, and their total development accords to seme 4,000 years farther than ojrs.

Meier- Many thanks. But tell me, why do you say, they would be 4,000 years in advance of your development? Isados has but spoken about this concerning tlie race of /Hsket.

Quetzal- 28/1hat is right, but meanwhile we have now reached the same level by the help of the TIMftRS.

Meier- What again is that?

Quetzal- 29/1hatrs the race where Asket originated.

Meier- Ch yes, this I haven’t known as well until now, as I never asked her for the name of her people.

Meier- A ¥et now once more a question in

respect to^tne^orjeans who are so highly developed. Of what kind is their technique?

Oietzal- 35/Their technique does already correspond with forms which weselves axe still unable to understand. 36/Tn respect to the mastering of Space and ESe“, they are very Mich superior to us, and like that as well within all other concerns-

Meier- How do they overcome, for example, space and time, to get tc Erra, and by what means do they master the transition through the barriers of universes?

Quetzal- 37/Fcr that they do no longer need space-travel ing f) j ghtmeans, because their techniques are already established within the transrrlttance reach and has penetrated deeply Into this sphere.

Meier-‘ Oh dear, of this 1 already do understand nothing more. Only Herbert has told me about such already v i—–—-l

Quetzal- 3B/When you want SO/ then once I will inform you about such according to my knowings, but the part of my cognitions in this respect is not very tall as well.

Meier- I would like no; for ma -his will by suiv b so very much. ^ ^

How Plejaren & TIMAR’s call our Universe :

Yet as we are already on this theme: Do you know, what these Timars call our universe?

Quetzal- 30/lhat is no secret. 31/lhey call it the DEr?2v-Uni\ferse.

Meier- and what do you call it? Quetzal- 32Ave call it just “Cur Universe” Meier- Like that we also do.

Limits for Life-Extension

MpIpj– 4 9 Yet nGW still another

questionr Zte these Soneans can already renew brains, is there not the chance, that by such means the human beings would live much longer and could reach higher positions in evolution?

Quetzal- 33/You know very well, your question is especially unlogical-

Maier- Of course I know that, but this question is not now rising from ma. I know very well, it being all right possible to prolong by such interference into the brain and such manipulations, whose tecrmiques are irninderstandable and unknown to mer the Ufe of a human being could be extended by centuries or even to milleniuirs, but only up to a level where the body becomes devoid of each regeneration. But such a man-

ipulation can not lead to the life of the concerned creature becoming limitless, or just relatively limitless, as a leave of the spirit from cut of the body-has necessarily to occur sooner or later, when a process of evolution shall event. So because of that, everything collected in life has also to become transformed and elaborated by pure-spiritual way, so within the reach of the other World, towards knowledge and wisdom. If namely this process of change would suddenly fall away, then one day the material consciousness would become afflicted with imbecility, and the formation of spirit stagnate, for that reason it must be, that each form of life owns just accord-to the level of its knowledge, and the chance for evolution is defined and tuned to that span of life.

Quetzal- 34/That was expressed very correctly-Why Plejaren do not maintain Physical Contacts with Earth HumanBeings : S A- *5ow Yct 1 still have another question:

Scrr.ja sc^^nrca to explain to me weeks ago, why you do not just come into relation with us earthhuman beings, especially not by physical way. Anyhow sounded out from her words, this being connected to a danger for


Quetzal- 46/This is a matter of fact, and as well I can give you an explanation therefor: 47/Of all tlie already told you reasons for that, none is so much important as that one which you have just addressed. .:r/:;,—• u-,r —–f…- tbig 7n;:r. with me, vh:::r; iF.

why I am informed ir. the matter. 49/The reason that we do not mintain connections in physical form with you eartrthuman beings, is as follows* 50/ihe spheres of oscillations between tho earthhuman being and ourselves is basically so much different, expressed in forms of negative and positive, as of the balances, that it oould have heavy consequences, if they would touch one another. 51/Nbrmally those oscillations of the human being reach up to 90 meters, which is why care has to be taken, this distance does not fall below that, thus that earthhuman beings shall not core within this point of distance to us. 52/Our oscillations are very sensitive, and same as highly sensitive weselves react to oscillations., which penetrate towards our sphere of oscillations. 53/ln comparison to the earthhuman being, we are standing very high within cur total [development, namely by about 3,500 years in advance of the earthhuman being, for which reason as well our complete field of oscillations has become subtilized- 54/When now oscillations of the much less sensible earthhuman being would hit us, just that way, that earthhuman and thus quite imbalanced and negative oscillations would penetrate to the field of our oscillations, then this would be equal to a very strong shocking of the structure of oscillations, which would consequence, the strong outer influence leading to a sudden un-controlledness of all reactions, thoughts and actions of ourselves, which at the same time release unccn-trnnprf feedings of fear. 55/lhis means, weselves, when oscillations of an earthhuman being root us, who still today unfortunately is emitting very negative oscillations, becoming that way injured within many concerns of actual velocity and starting uncontrolled treating, which matter was as well the factum; with Semjase when she fell down in the center and got the heavy hurt. 56/Wormally we use, when we walk among earthhuman beings, which doing yet is extremely


rare, an instrument, which protects us from the lower earthhuman radiations. 57/But to do this was never necessary with you, because you are exempt from these oscillations because of all your knowledge and your balance which is quite much equal to ours.. 58/

Inside of the …….now a certain protective ring,

a small protective screen was constructed which keeps such oscillations of the earthhuman beings away. 59/ But this protective screen is only of conditioned strength, by that only immediately for the …….

itself, but where ^-[x^ radiations from outside are

still able to penetrate weakly into tlie …____, when

anybody moves directly into the entrance or the outside wall. 60/When now Jacobus stood at the ojter door, there his oscillations penetrated towards Semjase and generated inside of her the before mentioned fear and uncentrollecness, which matter was the cause of her uncontrolled action. 61/The consequences of this are yet known to you. 62/These dangerous for ourselves disturbances of oscillation structure are the main reason for, that we are not allowed to agree to physical contacts with the eartiihuman beings. 63/ Even in our telepathic, or just lnspiraticnal-inpulsive contacts, we have to exercise extreme caution, as also reflected impulse radiations effect simiiar ccoseo^ances.

{Meier once gave me a simile that though less kindly was more graphically put. He said that them coming into close contact with us was sccnetliing like us getting into a muddy pigpen to wallow with the pigs. We have what may be likened to a “human stench11 caused by our vibrations of greed, envy, lust, avarice, hate ect., that are most disagreeable to the Pleladians.)

Meier- Ihen you are quite badly susceptible.

Quetzal- 64/You are telling a true word, yet this susceptibility of us is not only established within our evolution, as also our liomeworld is embodying a very hiportant factor there, because itself is sensitized by high amount, which matter remains not unin-fluencing us human forms of life. Plejaren live in Other Dimension :

Quetzal- 64/You are telling a true word, yet this susceptibility of us is not only established within our evolution, as also our homeworld is embodying a very important factor there, because itself is sensitized by high ancunt, which natter remains not unin-fluencing us human forms of life.

Meier- I don’t understand this completely. Quetzal, but already for sore time I try to reason that out.

Semjase namely said once to me a somewhat peculiar statement. This caused assumptions in me, from which I assume you lining on the Pleiades in somehow other dimensioned fom. By this, I want to say, you ore all right being there inside of our universe and our tine, as Semjase once told mef but that you are dirnension-.u Lyshj ft ed, nil I efe I s ‘ nsi de of a para 1’ e 1 system ol the Pleiades, ftm I right with that, when I consider so?

Quetzal- 65/Kow were you able to find out this matter? 66/These concerns namely should only be explained to you in the year 3979.

Meier- I have told you; Semjase ence gave a quite peculiar statement, which gave me that assunption.

Quetzal- 67/She shouldn’t have done that.

Meier- It was not her intention, as I have often seized sere thing from out of her, without her wanting to give ire any information about it. So she does not even know about giving me an answer on something that interested me.

Quetzal- 6fi/I understand, as herein you are a master, 69/Ali right, as you know this already: 70/It is as you said. 71/But by that nothing alternates, as we are same as compact and present inside of this our old dimension, like as well in that of the systems of the Pleiades, as we are originated in that one and as well your dimension. 72/Tne reason why we are now living on Erra and at all within a parallel system cf the Pleiadian systems, is, the systems of the Pleiades is this and ycur dimension being inhabitable for us, and could not be made habitable by our ancestors as well, because the system was still too young for habitation by us in this dimension,

Meier- Your explanation is evidencing, but how is structured that Pleiades’ system inside of the other dimension? Does it consist of the same as solid matter like our Earth?

CMetzal- 73/lt treats of a parallel dimension, as I have said, in consequence of which also the matter has the same solidity as that of Earth- 74/Only the dimensions are different within their structure, but

not within space and time,

Meier- That is not understandable for me.

Quetzal- 75/Your knowings In this respect are not sufficient, that I am able to make this understandable for you.

CR 98, Friday, December 30,1977 Elementary Beings:

^■■■MHMMHHHI Then still have a last question: Do you know anything about elementary beings, namely about witches and about an organization at Findhorn (town), which occupies its self thoroughly with elementary beings and biological results there, frcm cultivation of plants?

Quetzal- 47/The circumstances of this are known to me. 48/Scme time ago, you asked Semjase about this, whereafter I troubled myself for an exploration, for nothing was known about this to us. 49/But what in detail do you want to know about this? SO/In fact it is not worth while to say many words about it.

Meier- Well, I know about the existence of the elementary beings. As far as I knew, these do not communicate by language or telepathy to us very rough-material earthhuman beings. On a good occasion, one may be able to see these beings seme times, but which


premises a good harmony of conscious form in the human being- About this, my question now, which is as well a question by El si and_Margareth, who were this year at Findhorn and looked into this matter there: What is being exercised there, and how real is all that? Are those human beings there really in contact with elementary beings, by direct or indirect manner, and are they able to obtain information from these elementary beings about bio logical-elementary culti-vation of plants, etc.?

Quetzal- 51/Uhat do you think of that?

Meier- I don’t know, but according to my loiowledge, such contacts will very likely not be in the field of possibility, because as far as I know, all of the elementary beings are living within much higher spheres of vibration. And this as well in respect to all telepathical and accoustical conrnunication fields and are unable to operate in our deeper spheres.

Quetzal- 52/By your explanation, you have just given yourself the correct answer. 53/That, what exists at Findhorn and as well at spread from there branch places in different lands, is based on pure super-stitious aspects, 54/A11 right this is not to con-test the existence of the elementary beings, because their existence is proved and is necessary for living and this quite especially within the world of flora and fauna, but it is a conplete impossibility, the earthhuman being would be able to ccanimmicate with them acoustically or teiepathically or elsehow, but like that as well it is with the elementary beings toward the earthhuman beings. 55/The acting at Fi_r_u-hom persons, who show themselves in pretended contacts with elementary beings, or try to show, sirrply are of superstitious nature and are living in a state of acute and chronic imagination, which partly has increased to delusional form, in connection to a quite Peculiar belief in hierarchy, which is connected to suggestive meditation and prayers. 56/Gonsider very analytically, it is dealing with this undertaking of a further aberration of a menace-hiding cult-religion

Meier- But tell ire once: Why are these keeping by them methods of agriculture, which pretentively was told to them by elementary beings, such a monstrous success?

Quetzal- 57/This is caused by the main fact in. that the cult-adherers of this kind normally develop a considerable scent for seemingly fruitless, but in truth extraordinarily worthy and fertil ground for plant cultivation, in which …….

Meier- You talk of fertil ground, which appears to the outside as fruitless and maybe even waste?

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