Message From the Pleiades

Semjase- 117/surely, but this did happen already, hdhahaha ….. ; i also was surprised.

meier- then this child has pressed its cold fish-frog-mouth onto your cheek, too? it appeared to me like a kiss.

semjase- hs/oertainly, and this should also be sane kiss, this namely being the regular conduct of greeting one another with the cygnians.

meier- this should behave as well here. it would change the vrorld a little. bjt it would not be suited here, i think. yet tell me, why haven’t these cnes used their radio means when their ship’s drive exploded?

Semjase- 119/eecause this was also destroyed. 120/

flHHHH^H till then, be very happy, for meanwhile i will also try to record the talk between you and ftsina, thereafter i will transmit it to you by its whole run. 125/1 also will talk with her, and she surely will agree to a picture of her. 126/ cr 102____

Meier- ^^^^■■^^^B^B^BHlH^^P But as we

are already talking about other intelligences: Are the Cvonians still staying with yon? Semjase had once iifri i is: it.e, that I si; rely pan bake a plstSIBLOf Asina before they return to their hcmeworld.

Msnara- 15/They will still be here for several more ninths, because the regair_ of the interstellar drive of their ship showed itself to be very difficult-16/Of course you will not be forgotten in a picture of Asina. 17/Semjase has already told this to me.

new contact report transmission apparatus constructed by quetzal & his friends:

Semjase- ^^■■^■^^^^^^■■M

now, it really treats c-f something new, and that namely of an apparatus for transmissicnlng, which Quetzal has constructed. 102/Ke wants, that the pre-report becomes transmitted by this new apparatus, which can be switched to different speeds. 103/Our conversation of two hours length will then, if all

keeps correct function, get transmitted to you within only about 30 minutes, while you would write so fast, and transform all series of pictures within so short a time, like a computer means can work.

Meier- Of course I agree.

Semjase- 104/Then I thank you in name of Quetzal and his co-working friends.

CR 91, Thursday, November 17,1977

– Billy has to kill his dog, which remembered him once of an incident in Eastern India of a Tiger attacking him

Relationship between Dlffuser of True & False Spiritual Lessons to the Receiver:

Semjase- 26/Your thoughts are very logical, but you forget, that we have to let absorb cur radiations

inside of our stations or inside of our ships by those, so as not to influence by them the earthhuman beings.

Meier- Does it dea 1 here with those radiations which I know for example as sympathy and antipathy?

Semjase- 27/That’s only partly correct, for there are still included other fantr>ra. 28/One of these factors for example is that one, which expresses itself as a pro or contra inside of a form of life, if it reaches into the field of such a radiation. 29/ TShen then for example exists a lesson of the truth, which becomes spread by a being of the truth, then its radiation diffuses very quickly and very intensively. 30/lf now other living creatures find themselves the truth within this lesson, by which fact they themselves strive towards the truth, so they become liberated for the reception of the radiation of the concerning sender of this radiation. 31/in consequence of this, the receivers of the radiation tune themselves inside of the subconscious for elaborating the lesson of truth toward its best inside of themselves, what way they generate automaticly a relationship of themselves to the diffuser of the lessons and even to his place of stay.

Meier— That is very interesting, and your answer is also giving for me an already long time ago put question about why all of our group feel themselves in spite of many evils, etc., always again attracted by out center. I yet ask me now, how has this to behave, or what does happen, when a lesson is negative?

Semjase- 32/This also can be easily explained: 33/ When a negative lesson is given, then tlie difference is that one, that there rises no self-generated connectedness towards the diffuser of the lessons and his place of stay, but a coercion, which is based cn fear and terror, that namely would rise death and damage for the own body if one would not observe the lesson’s diffuser in his orders- 34/Yet the sane does also happen in the case of prevailing fanaticism of belief. 35/In consequence you see, the difference being within, that at a real lesson of the truth is generated a voluntary relatcdnera, while at

a lesson of untruth or simply of something negative, there is a decisive coercion or a coercive Imagination.

What Happens when Plejaren Radiation hits Earth HumanBeings:

But what would

happen if you would release your oscillations completely and unobstructed ly?

Semjase- 36/There would occur, that all the earth-human beings, wtlo would be-cme hit by our radiations would straighten themselves according to us, in such a way tnat they would estrange themselves completely from their world and would no longer maintain duration.

Meier- Oh that- Now I understand, but what is the iratter with me?

Meier- You are above these concems. CR 92, Wednesday, November 23,1977

-Gizeh Intelligences negative oscillations penetrated into Billy as his blockade has been broken due to heavy manual labor which sent out painful impulses picked up by semjase

– Billy gets an electronic typewriter, Remington-Machine

CR 93, Tuesday, November 23,1977

– Hans Jacob – Martin Sorge(alias Martin Duval) & his Girlfirend – Film material

CR 95, Saturday, December 17,1977

– Amata

– Engelbert felt he received Impulses from Plejaren to go to a contact place

– Semjase’s Collpase Incident, taken by Ptaah to DAL Universe

Plejaren Inspirational Contacts with Earth HumanBeings: Meier- About such a question: How many other contacts, and here I speak of inspirations 1 ones, are you presently maintaining with earthhuman beings?

Quetzal- 31/Of those 22i46_3,

CR 96, Wednesday, December 21,1977

– Isados brings a positive message about the status of semjase’s health

– Isados is new to Earth and doesnot understand Billy’s language, so he uses his translator

SONEAN ET’s Rescue Semjase on ERRA :

See, this mindless behavior of Qjetzal incited me to send my spiritual consclousness wandering, which matter I performed in the night~o£ 19th to 20fch of December, thus from Monday to Tuesday at 02:00 in the morning. What I saw did nearly smash mer and at first I was not able to comprize such at all. I needed many hours to finally accept the seen, but which fact does not mean that I am able bo understand it, because it is and remains inunder3tandable for me. I saw Semjase

Meier- At first I made tho stay at Err a, where I …

Meier- Nice, so I am at least informed. Listen now; I sent out my consciousness to Erra, and there I found a quite peculiar building, which somehow attracted me magically. Thus I penetrated into it, into a roan, which appeared to me like a supermodern operating room. There were to see different boxes, which seemed to me like glass shrines, but equipped with every possible and iirpossible means and apparatus. Except for one shrir.e they were all empty. Inside of the occupied one lay Semjase. completely undressed and quite evidently deeply frozen – dead. Her head lay inside of a hnrses^ce-like translucent apparatus, so that I could only see her face. Indeed she was ccsrpletely lifeless, and her brain without any reaction. Indeed existed no doubt, and I can’t have become subject to an illusion, because the spiritual consciousness is never deceived. But now you ccne hexe and »fere to affirm that Semjase would be well-up. How can you dare to fix up such an affirmation?”

Isados- 21/You do convince me by the description of the room. 22/It grieves me very much that you have seen these concerns. 23/The time after this until now must have been very heavy for you. 24/Now I understand correctly your aggressive behavior toward me which just results from your deep grievance. 25/It troubles ms, that you had to stand these heavy for you hours and days, and this only because we. gave too little care for your emotions. 26/lf that would have happened, then one would have informed you better of the true state of concerns as well. 27/Evidently nobody considered that because of deep sorrowing you would undertake a wandering of the consciousness to clear up for yourself. 28/But be confident, as I cane not here to offer you untruths, bat to inform you about the present status of the concerns. 29/ Semjase is not staying in the Other World’s sphere, as you said, but she is very well again and …..

Meier- I do not understand. Say this once nc-re. I

likely have heard wrong?

Isados- 30/Your hearing was very well. 31/Semjase is among us, and according to all circumstances, she is very well*.

Meier- Man, is that really the truth? You got me … Man alive, if this would be the truth. I am going crazy,

Isadoa- 32/It is the full truth. 33/But listen: 34/Tt Is correct, in every detail, what you have obtained by the wandering in your consciousness. 35/ Only the circumstances were sonn otherwise, than you had assured to see them. 36/lt is true, Semjase having been dead when you found her. 37Her brain was so much hurt, that no hope existed for maintaining her life. 38/Our scientists were not able to offer help, as her physical existence slowly starved. 39/ Staying in deep coma, she had only a few minutes before that point of time where her life would have died away, laid into that shrine where you found her. •10/By intravensl supplies of different materials her body was placed in seconds into a stiff and deep-frozen-like state, where her physical life ceased for the nrrnent, bat only for the while of a predetermined time, curing which her form of spirit would not escape from out of her, because the same keeps, while in this state, the possibility or re-awakening from inside the brain’s region. 41/At the revival of the body, the spirit automatically leaves the stagnation and presses itself into activity again. 42/In this way Semjase was prepared for a later revival, while her father, Ptaah, went to the DAL Lniverse, to Asket, who you are said to know, for help from her. ^3/But this help, that race in the other universe as well was not able to give, for which reason Asket searched for help from a higher developed human race in her uniyexse, which help she found and has got there indeed. 44/In consequence several scientists from there race t.r. Erra, and took care of Semjase. 45/By long labor, the damaged parts of brain were removed frcm Sen.jase, the frozen brain’s acids inserted into artificially produced plasnm-protcnHI~ncw parts of brain, and were directly connected again with the brain, afterwhich action a process of rapid curing let grew

21 r

together the artificial and natural plasmas# and the skullcap was closed again, which then as well was regenerated by a fast process- 46/By this everything became as before, and nothing will ever indicate any more for her, that these events burdened everything so much. 47/Semjase will have no rcfnemteranco about that, like as well not about the 42 hours she was dead. 4B/Her__kncwledge at first starts again when she awoke after the operation, and as well there, too, when she fell down according to the data given to Ojetzal by you. 49/A11 will be as before? her knowledge and abilities will be the same, and she will have neither injuries nor losses.

(Here the final pace of those contact notes is rnissinc and we have no record of the ending of that visit by Isados-)

CR 97

Quetzal- 10/So it is, unfortunately, my dear friend, because she ought not bjrden herself strongly ibr soma time, which also will be why Plena especially, will become a constant companion to her sister for thc next years, for which she is already working very much in preparing herself for that labor. il/Though Semjase has not suffered any damage because of the suffered mischief, she is much attacked and needs a long time for greater regeneration, which is why in tlie future she will perform just the ire-re ordering tasks, and by a manner that otherones will have to execute her orders in respect to her own mission. 12/Even as the SQKEMtiB were able to rescue in consequence of their very highs tan-ding science, her brain, so the complete process of transformation of the artificial protoplasmic formation of the brain’s parts needs several years, during which Semjase is not allowed to suffer any overstrain.

Mfiier- I do not comprise completely, because this knave Isaacs told ma yet, that by the fast-curing process everything would be of best order again.

Quetzal- 13/That’s quite right, but he owns no mere cognitions about it, that the artificial form of plasma of the new parts of the brain has to alternate to— wards bececming physical-owr. plasTa, needing several years therefore, namely those three to four.

Meier- Thus it means, this artificial brain-plasma matter having to perform a process of transformation to became like natural forms of plasma? But why that, Cuetzal?

Quetzal- 14/The hra-in, jgnpHms of each creature are at the same time the seat of the according spiritual form of life, by that meaning thus the direct center of steering of the creature. 15/As such, that is the center of steering, it needs a special attendance and energy supply. 16/rhis attendance and energy supply becomes performed now by the cosmic— eleotrlcal energy of life, which aa the driving and maintaining energy as well as the nourishing energy, feeds the formations c£ the brain material as well as the spiritual nature, preserves these and attends to these, and so by natural form. 17/This means, from this energy alone impulses for life’s preservation is emitted, as well as nourisnment means etc.* but no impulse for curing and regeneration. 18/This means, that no process of curing can take place, if this steering central gets hurt or just suffers from any injury of any kind. 19/ln consequence, the brain is not able to regenerate itself or to cure itself, if hurt organically or by sickness. 20/While now within Semjase’s brain artificia 1 piasma-farms are implanted, these do nevertheless represent foreign bodies, which in the long run would lead to the destruction of the brain. 21 /Because of this, this artificial plasma form, which had to be created especially according to all characters of* the plasma form of Semjase’s brain, was impregnated by same as special transiormatlon impulses, which will consequence, tliat tlie artificial form of plasma, which is representing on energetic life, alternates in a run of time of 3 to 4 years toward natural forms of plasma, under cooperation with the cosmic, electric energy of living.

Meier- Tills you have explained so well, tliat even I am understanding that, although I don’t own a tiny imagination else of such matters. But for this now

CR 97, Wednesday, December 28,1977

– Semjase changed alot through being with Meier, learned Humour which she didnt knew before

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