Message From the Pleiades

astonishingly I always cone to one and the same con-elusicn again, that the word “MURG1*, if I have filtered it out correctly, does mean nothing more than PEACE- Since then it is always sounding in my ears, like titis creature would have asked me, if I would be peacefully intentioned toward it. Sonethlng else to be said about the matter is: The head of the creature had a human form, but the face was rather irensterlLke that would be a misture among a fish and a frog, with a rather great mouth and a kind of whalebone above the skullj which was as bare as everything else of this head, which I nevertheless want to define as somehow beautiful, because, though it apfpeared iron— ster-like in in the dark, it was very well formed and very natural, Anyhow the creature see-red to me like one resurrected from a fable, namely like an ainphibiar. human. Now the great question to you is; Do you know anytliing about such creatures, and is it known to you whether those creatures still live anywhere on the Earth or have previously come here? is there anything known to you, that this creature had been here in Tuesday?

Semjase- 32/.*»* ■»•••••«

Meier- Girl, — — hello . . + .

Semjase- 33/Excuse me, – no, there is nothing known to me, that such creatures would be here – not, indeed. 34/1 know this kind of creature all right; and they deal with human forms of life, who still lived in the water at earlier times and as well on the solid continent, in result amphibian humans, as you said correctly, but that such forms -of life, who live very,very far away from this system., should be here, that is not known to me. 35/Have you really not been subjected to an illusion?

Meier- That may be possible, but the tape recorder evidences something else. Just do listen…………

senjase— 36/You are right.

Meier- What do you say now?

Semjase- 37/You gotn1t subjected to an illusion, and as well the quite clumsy language of the being is

somehow acquainted to me* 38/1 am not fully sure about it, and so I first want to talk with Quetzal and some otherones about the matter, and want to pay my attention to the affair- 39/If I car. take the recorder tape, then I will return at once to the station and also call, if necessary, my father, for he masters some of the such clumsy languages, as axe spoken by amphibian humans, if they are not capable of telepathic eemrnunicatipn, because telepathy is their essential means of coirminication.

Meier— Of course you can take the recorder tape with you.

Semjase— 40/Than I leave you now? See you again. Meier- >i#ien will you return?

Semjase- 41/In a few hours, as by then we win have scouted earthing.

Meier- Well so, tehys for that while, and kind greetings to all cne3.

19:23 h

Meier- My dear girl, you return very fast, that took only l 1/2 hours* Have you found out anything?

Senrjase- 42/SureIy, and it might be very interesting to you. 43/First I had a call to ray father and told him your explanations, as well as the sounds you have recorded by your ijistrument. 44/Father was informed at once, as the sounds have originated in a known to him gutteral language, of a same as well known to him race, which is at heme in a region and near to a star formation which is known to you as “of^jftrr about 2,0CO lightyears distance from the 331/-System. 45/ .:i■-!”‘■_”!’ by yov.i precise notification cf

the sounds of the observed creature; and likewise, too, by your detailed specifications of your observation. 46/The sounds heard by you and Claire are yet very clumsy, because they are not used much by the CMGmaKS, aB they are called. 47/Afc the normal case they communicate merely telepathicly, just because their gutteral language is very uncarmon and troublesome for them, which thus they use enly then for ccniTTLUucation when they have to talk with other

forms of life who are not able for telepathy- 48/The defined by you for “murg” sounds do really correspond with this word, and about this, father was really astonished, for he explained it being extremely difficult to define these gutteral sounds by syllables, which matter yet sucee=ded for you evidently without great trouble. 49/For the standard case namely, so he explained, would be demanded as well on Earth studies and apparatural comparisons etc., to analyse, s „:-•:! scjr.ds and to reduce them, to sylLables. 50/A matter that further astonished father was, that yoa had as well correctly analyzed the sense and meaning of the words, because MURG does in fact mean Pg££E. 51/But why it came here is still a mystery to us-52/Neither Quetza 1 nor anybody else knew that any unknown to us flightmeans had flown into this earthly space”! 53/Just now researches have resulted daring the last 70 minutes, that in last tonday during the nighttime one of our great survey discs in the south regions of Europe had registered a strange flight-machine, but did not radio this fact to the station, because of a disturbing f ie id which stored in oar surveying means like of natural origin, and this data was not recorded and thus not transmitted to our station. 54/The analysis of this disc resulted now, that her apparatus had gotten by no means out of function by a natural earth-disturbing field for seconds, but that an artificial disturbing field from some flightmeans had caused this damage, and that controlled by some intelligence- 55/The fact that unobserved during bho ^sturbonoa jjojumfaa on our surveying apparatus, was an exposure recording means, which automatically captured the stron-ge flight means on running film, from which we now know of this cylinder— shaped, about 12 meters diameter ship staying somewhere on the Earth, but where, we don11 exactly know, unfortunately* 58/lt is evidently equipped with some protective fields, because of which our analyzations had no effect ana we could not define its place of stay. . 57/But we will continue all anal-ysations by our survey means day and night and not rest until we have got the exact reconnaissance. 58/ Especially we will care as well for you, because you seem to be correct in your assumption that the

being seen by you will come to appear again.

Meier- Mice, and then I will no more conduct myself SO stupidly and raise once more the gun- .ftnd I will release my thought block as well.

CR 91

Semjase- 6/But in that sake I should tell you some explanations from Quetzal, because he has namely observed the whole events during the last Saturday afternoon,- when he surveyed the region of your center, for to reach possibly seme indications about the stay of the CygnianSj. for which reason as well I have come here today, for to inform you about, that hitherto we

still have found out no worth mentioning data about their stay. 7/But by sure we could state, their ship hitherto not having left the earthly space, thus it is still Mcden sfirewhere and screened- 8/Father has tried to get informed at their hone planet, who and why anybody has come to the Earth, but he was informed that presently four ships of the cygnians would keep an unknown staying-place, which is why it would not bo possible to give details in this matter. 9/That there would deal with only one of these four ships, would be plain, because about all other units would be recorded exact coordinates-announcgrenfcs r and none of them would stay even in near of the SQL-System or inside of it. 10/Of the four ships with unknown stay, it would treat of expedition ships of older ™”<HTlirtl‘”‘”i so the information of the Cygnians, which ships would dispose unfortunately of only wry much limited farcommunic-aticn means on technical basis. 11/This means, the Cygnians staying here on the Earth would not be able to communicate with their home planet, just for that reason, that their far-cannunication means could not overcome the distance of 2,000 lightyears. 12/The maximum reach of their technique amounts unfortunately to less than 1,400 lightyears.

Meier- But then they could generate telepathicly a connection.

Semjase- 13/Tnis is not possible for them, unfortunately, for the Cygnians are only mastering the primary telepathy, thus not the spiritual telepathy.

Meier- I see. Then they are bound to planetary clr-cumferences by this form of telepathy. But one thing is not evident to me in the whole matter: Why don’t these boys come in connection to your people? Why do they try to reach contact just with me or at me?

Semjase- 14/For this exists a very clear explanation: 15/Thc Cygnians are representing a human race, whose senses for radiations from outside their own bodies are extremely highly” susceptive, but t55 way only at planetic and ships1 internal sphere. 16/By that, they are able to receive radiations from all forms of

life and to analyze those radiations. 17/And exactly here now is the answer to your question: 18/The cyg-nians are keeping at their home worlds a form of coverrrrent which ycu earthhuman beings would define as gregarious Instinct, which yet is guided then by the -ticn .-t- oic of the herd. 19/So does deal at this order with a similarity cf a gregarious order of animals, whose strongest part exercises the position of leader. 20/As the Cugnians are keeping this form of gc^’ernment since old times, they have changed this form in the run oi the last milleniurrs just so far, that they substituted the strongest person of their race to the most knowing one, who by this was also that one, who radiates the highest oscillations, which is equal tc the most forceful oscillations. 21/Because of this, it is just self-evident, that the Cygnians on strange for them worlds, when they visit such, wanted or unwantedr research according to their form of government, as well for the highest oscillation of this world and turn themselves in emergency case towards this, if they need so. 22/And in result of your education and your knowledge, it is

you, being that human on the Earth, who emitts the highest radiations on the Earth. 23/This reversely is meaning for the cygnians, you being for them that form of life on this world, above whom is standing no other form of life there. 24/Solely this can be the reason why they try to come in connection with yc“j.

Meier- But that is crazy. – According to them, I would have to be something like the great heard1 s chief of the Earth? But that1s mad and crazy.

Semjase- 25/Surely, according to your terms, yes, but not so according to the terms of the Cygnians, as they think by their standards.

Meier- But in spite of that, different things are not clear to me, as for example, why these knaves do not turn themselves to your people and towards the other groups, as all of you own quite decisively some times higher oscillations, than I do.

Semjase- 26/Your thoughts are very logical, but you forget, that we have to let absorb our radiations

inside of our stations or inside of _gur ships by those, so as not to influence by them the eartfuuiman beings.

Meier- Dees it deal here with those radiations which I know for example as sympathy and antipathy?

Semjase- 27/That’s only partly correct/ for there are still included other factors. 28/One of these factors for example is that one, which expresses itself as a pro or contra inside of a form of life, if it reaches into the field of such a radiation. 29/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^gU^gl^ But happen if you would release your oscillations completely and unobstructed ly?

Semjase- 36/There would occur, that all the earth-human beings, who would become hit by our radiations would straighten themselves according to us, in such a way tnat eney would estrange themselves •_-<■_>:-^ictu-iy from their world and would no longer maintain duration.

Meier- Oh that- Now I understand, but what is the matter with me?

You are above these concerns

What has gotten done with the cvgnian

girl actually, which you have taken in last Saturday? It’s likely been the 26th of November, after 1W call?

Semjase- 99/lhey are all with us in the station, as well as their ship, whose interplanetary drive had got destroyed by an explosion. 100/The Cygnians are owning a very old-fashioned technology, which apart from this was handed over to them less than 4,000 years ago, but about which technique we do not have the necessary knowledge. 101/For that reason, it will take a longer time, till we have repaired their ship, whereafter one will bring it back to their home world.

Meier- But couldn’t substitution parts be brought from their harae planet?

Semjase- 102/That’s by regret not possible, because for this old-fashioned technology also are missing there the necessary knowings, and besides, the Cygnians are technically absolutely untalented, for which reason they are not able, too, to repair their technical means, etc., by themselves.

Meier- But that’s not possible

Semjase- 103/So it behaves.

Meier- And during what time have these been on tour now, and why at all have they come to our system?

Semjase- 10 4/They were on journey during four long .years., of which they drifted more than two years by free-falling through space, after the explosion of the propulsion gears.

Meier- So by free-falling you likely mean, they have drifted without propulsion through the space, don’t you?

Semjase- 105/Surely that.

Meier- I see, and they reached to here by space-drifting?

Semjase- Certainly.

Meier- They didn’t starve from hunger?

Semjase- 107/They spent the time in deep-sleeping, and thus needed no nourishment.

Meier- I conceive, – they even may have lain inside of water containers still and got awakened by a robot after their long bath?

Semjase- 108/Surely, but wherefrun do you know that?

Meier- Such jokes I have already seen in science-fiction films. But do you like to have your fun with ma?

Semjase- 109/This is no joke. Meier- Eh?

Semjase- 110/1 have said, it did not deal with any jofce.

Meier- You think……..?

Semjase- Ill/Surely, there does behave, as I have said.

Meier- But that can’t be. Man. oh man, then the fantasies of the science-fiction writers are not so irrelevant.

Semjase- il2/They are writing by inspirational manner. –

Neier- of course. This I should know. But tell me: The short talk of last Sunday with the astrcchild, isn’t there possible, it will transmit to me this conversation by the same manner, like you do with the reports? This would be very interesting for us. And can I see this thing once mere and perhaps get a picture of it?

Semjase- 113/Surely, this all should be possible. 114/1 will ask ASINA-

Meier- Like that the astrcchild has armcoinced itself to me.

Semjase- 115/Certainly, Asina is a very worthy of loving being.

Meier- So I have noted, confound it, eh, but I nearly have been shocked. I have but not known, these having similar habits like we have, at certain relations.

Semjase- llS/Hahahahaha

Meier- Just amuse yourself; perhaps this will happen to you, too, once sometime.

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