Message From the Pleiades


protection (crenzschutz), who interact in terrorist activities and should break tlie terror. 94/A great part of this special unit is already staying at the place of the coming event, namely at fc-gadis^Uj in Somalia, where at the local time of midnight they will exercise a surprise attack on the hyjacteed fli-ghtjrachine and will take posession of the mchine. 95/With new kinds of weapons, these soldiers of the special unit- will make flightless for seconds the staying in the airplane criminals* for to be able to open in flash-fast action the airplane’s doors and to penetrate? into the plane. 96/Here will happen a short fight, in which the criminal kidnappers will be killed. 97/As far as I knew, mere is for only one single criminal a chance of survlvinq. 96/Of course, here injuries of flight passengers and members of the special unit can not become prevented, but of them provisionally no deaths will have to be deplored. 99/These are the events, which will cone to pass in the coming night at Mogadishu in Somalia, and this will become tlie end of thia hi-jacking.

Meier- This is very good news, but how will this [ratter then continue about tlie Eucder-mtib ir: Germany, as thiy are kept in prison, and should have been freed by the kidnapping?

Sorrjase- 100/During this night the decision will be settler: –:. : ;’■>’•–. u: i ■ ■■ r • ‘ oi than tain r_– ~.-t-experience the day tomorrow, because the main ringleaders will fall to a liquidation, whidr~wxTlbe steered from outside of the prison. 102/Prison internal forces will perform that liquidation and show all in a way, like there would be offered a self—murdering,, while in truth only two of those criminal elements will exercise such a try (suicide/note), about whose effect we do not yet have exact analyses. 103/ But three main ringleaders will not get killed for sure. ‘-

Meier- And who are these?

Semjase- 104/A woman by the name of Gudrun Enssllnf then a man of the name Andreas Baader, and another one by the name of Raspe~ 105/lhese are the three ones, who become liquidated-

Meier- Interesting, though regrettable events.

Semjase- 106/Surely, and these occurences will reach still worse forms in the future-

Meier- So I con imagine.

Semjase- 107/Let’s don’t talk any longer about such, for this barbarous doing of the earthhunan heings is full of cruelty.

Meier- Here unfortunately you are right. No More Beamship Demosntrations for Group Members:

Semjase- ^^^^^^^^^^^p 118/Kcw by regret I still have to give you another announcement, being not very delightful* 119/Acccrding to the status of our latest analyses, by regret, for the coming time, to become excluded a demonstration with our beairships.


120/ results from, as especially outstandors of the group, aa well as yet some members of the group, too, are believing to own a privilege in the matter of dejnonstrat ions. 121/Also the errful opinion has risen, that we would have to announce or to make vis-ihle not enly our ships, but moreover ourselves, tec, as a proof of our existence. 122/We can not grant these unreasonable desires in any way, because they contradict the meaning of our tasks. 123/1* have no reason to show ourselves to the earthhurrari beings by any of the wanted manners; as well in no circumstance will we do like that. 124/By our action, that we showed to different group members and outsiders to the group, a demonstration by our ships, the belief has risen, that we would have to do so further on and even in increased manner; on the one hand as an obli-

gaHnn,. arx\ nn the other hanrj * th^nkynn. I257^d as I said, someone holds the view of owning a privilege, but which can not be in any way. 126/Ihese confused wishes and demands urge us, to give in future expectation no more any official demonstrations, or even to perform such. 127/Alone strictly for the internal group research should here And then still be done some few exceptions. 128/Apart from this, there is no importance of our ships and ourselves and our esistence at all, but only and solely for the mission of all of us, which to execute is demanded. 129/We can not allow, that by the mentioned wishes and demands would arise new idolizaticns and idealizations, which would unavoidably lead to a new religion, like has already happened many times before.

Meier- Something like that, I myself have considered already since long ago, and there has been an easy matter to find out the result by myself.

CR 89, Friday, October 28,1977

How Billy is able to Write Contact Reports Very Fast:

Semjase- 5/In the future I will visit here more often, for it Is easier and more sure than cur usual method. 6/So you can write as well our sonversations at once.

Meier- So does not run unfortunately, for I an not able to write so fast by the typewriter, in this respect it is likely better to maintain such as before, because that way I con write f&ntasticly quick- What is the reason for this actually?

Semjase- 7/With the transmissions and their writing down, you work largely via your subconscious, which reacts very much faster than tlie consciousness. 8/ By your subconscious you control the novements of your hand, for which reason it can work so fast, much fa*ter, than you would first have to give the necessary commands by your crcnsciouaness to your subconscious, which would then order the ccmmana tuncticns.

Meier- This is explained unders13J::: ?U yf and i: •-

“Plejaren Mission” for Doubters: Semjase:

A 28/And for doubters be once more

said here: 29?Qur mission is something good and hides not a jot of something negative inside. 30/We axe all just laboring to know about the true good, because loyal to the laws and bids of the Creation we can not conduct otherwise. 31/And we are told for another time, only and solely one lessen being that one of the worth of the truth and the truthfulness, which namely is the one you have learned and which you are spreading. 32/Solely it is the lesson of truth, and it solely leads towards the goal of ^pro-ve^ent and the absolute. 33/cnly this and the a 11-greattcirporary some remaining lesson is truth, imperishable and unchangeable, and it solely is the law, and that the law of the Creational, of earpiece-universal sense and Cleaning. 34/This way the universal conscicusnesa reveals itself.

Meier- You have explained this marvelously, dear girl, and I think, all ones of the basic group know this, because else they would not be with us and would not have troubled themselves so much in such passible connection to this at all. Age of Our Universe & Great-Time:

Meier- SB so another question: Can you give me information; how old actually is our present universe?

Semjase- 79/Surely, I can answer this question. 80/ The present universe is in its fourty seven billionth year. ‘

Mpier- You are complicated. You likely mean our pro-sent universe being roughly of an age of 47 billion years, when we calculate this amount since” its last state of slumber? –

Semjase- 8I/Surely, so I said.

Meier- Surely. Realize now I also start with that acain, but you have just said it in a way that everyone does not understand at ence. But now the second quest ion is in relation to this; How often has our material universe already existed?

Semjase- 82/1 don’t understand the question’s meaning?

Meier- 1 asked it right frcm what Guido has written, yet I ask it merely logically: How often has cur uni-verese in the same material formation already existed, as it does exist in the present?

Semjase- 83/Our universe is still a very young one, and since the beginning of this universe’s creation and since the own creation of this universe’s creation, this universe is the first one in this present material form. 84/Before the creation of this universe, the Creation of this universe slumbered by seven-greattemporal sluurber, into which she had spiraled herself after the rise and fading away of the primary universe, which had risen from cut of her own idea and which was solely a space with limitation, without

solid-material formations, as does happen for the present universe. 85/lhesfi facts yet are known to you by the lessen of the “Genesis“, in the form given to you by Fetale.

Meier- Okay. All right I do knew; then once again about the age o£ our present universe: So it is 47 billions of years. Ihis number of years corresponds to around one sixth of a great time, yet a bit less, but it’s all right about j as one greattime is com-Prl&lnq311,040,000,000,000 years. So this does mm, we inside our universe to be standing in the second act of creation, having first passed 47 billion years of this second act of creation respectively, which time this universe has passed, and which still has to exist until the accomplishment of this act for some 264,040,000,000,000 years.

Semjase- 86/Certainiy, it has been very correctly calculated by you.

Meier- Well, then we can find cut by calculation, how old at all would be our Creation since its own rise by the idea of the Ancient Creation. So there are 47 billion years until the present, then we have the period of slumbering of 311,040,000,000,000 years before this as a same long time of being awake, and then again a time of slumber, which is it rs tims of getting created itself, is that right?

Semjase- 87/Now you got submitted to an exchange.

Meier- How?……one moment, – – – gh yesr but so

does behave: Tln*r# are but 7 x 311, 040,000, 000,000 years. Then wait for …….. yes, they give, –

– moment ..,.** + , yes, this will have to be right: 6,578,640,000,000,000 years. Does so behave?

Semjase- 88/Surely; so fast I could not calculate this, than you can.

Meier- In calculating, I am a null, but for this it does still suffice.

Semjase- 89/You have already told me greater calculations, which have a denominator of 10^°.

Meier- oh yes, do know, I have calculated this out

cn paper, and often struggled hours for it.

Semjase- 90/It is and remains an extraordinary re-gar dabie work, and moreover still so fast.

First HumanBeings in the Universe:

Meier- ^ tell me the more, and this is

j. uue-Htioi: of Guioo again; where have risen the first human beings in the universe?

Semjase- 91/That is by regret, unknown to me. Science-Fiction Author – Perry Rodan Received Impulses from ET’s :

& further question: Is it true, the famous scienceflet ion-author Perry Rodan having been inspired by extraterrestrial intelligences?

Semjase- 92/Your question is very illogical.

Meier- Guido has written it like that.

Semjase- 93/But it is not right. 94/The series are known to me all right, of this paper, but the name of the author is not Perry Rodan, but the main figure in these books has this name. 95/As far as I knew, it is the writing of a certain Mr. Scher or Scheer and another one, but whose name is unknown to me, this series, which indeed has extraterrestrial inspiration as origin, which accords to an already existing in great part technique and otherwise develccgient of many planetary bodies, is inspirationally—inyytilslvely received by the authors and written down. 96/But now. Please no further questions. Beamships & Spaceships are Steered by Female forms of Life:

Semjase- 101/Oiiefly beamships and spaceships are

steered by female forms of life, that ia true- 102/ ■TnTi behaves, because female persons are very much suited for these positions, as these do not demand very great physical forces, but on the other hand women are more sensitive in the communicative reach, and by that, more companionable than male ronra of life. 1D3/These are the main reasons why normally more women hold these positions, which yet is not the fact with all races of this space, as there exist as well human races within the far space, who because of their infatuation, as with tlte earthhuman being, concede the right or all rights solely to the male forms of life, while the female forms of life are shifted aside. 104/How high the culture and the development in its whole of a human race is expressed, can in consequence be very accurately so recognized from which manual activities a female form of life is exercising. 105/Physically a woman is less suited for severe manual action, but very well for softer manual activity, as for example for the steering of fiiqhtrneansr etc* 106/ln this respect they are also more sensitive, from which reason it is not understandable for me, why an the Earth your primitive flight means are not being steered by female persons♦

Meier— That’s quite a “hot iron”, my child, because the human being of this world is still very badly urjderstanding these concerns, confoundedly bad,

CR 90, Friday, November 11,1977

– Removal of impurities from clothings, body & mouth for the group members as it affects the meditation center.concetrated force of magnetic character will be highly stored

– Plejaren’s Great Survey Discs of European Region

– Conversation turned to discussion of semantic of the words ‘ I am Sorry1 & ‘ I feel Sorry’

Billy’s next life & his Present Parents: Meier- Then I would now

have a i^esticn^ScmeBvE^^oesTntercst me about my later life, and that in respect bo my present parents. Can you give me some information about this, and do you at all have any knowledge about this?

Semjase- 31/Surely, these concerns, which belong tc you, are known to me, but I am not allowed tc talk of them, for you still should not be able to elaborate this knowleoge. Cygnian ET’s(Asina):

where the head of the figure had appeared for me like an apish face. Now I clearly and distinctly saw the creature having a human-like body/ and If I was not much in error,It even had to deal with a womanly body. From earthhuran imaginations, however, this was muck contrary to tlie

voice that this creature had, for this sounded rather dark, which fact yet does tell nothing, because I know very well that other beings can have as well other voices, than such forms as appear on our Eiarth. Then I also saw one hand of tills being, of which the firjoers appeared quite superdimensional to me, which were about twice as long as mine. But then the head; that, oh dear me, that was unique. I was not shocked because of this, for I have already seen such miserable mutilated hymn faces, but anyhow I was fascir.a-ted_by_tj^j^wJ, ^^BUMBBMM^^^^MBBMP ^^B^^^^^^^^B^B^Bl^^^^^^^^P 3ut this pecu-liax being nust have had eyes like a cat of prey in the night, as how else could it have been able in this confounded darkness, to see me having a weapon in hand. This namely must have been the reason why it disappeared so fast. Anyhow I do know that with the pistol I had connitted a bad mistake, but a further one by leaving the blockade on my thoughts. Somehow T feel that this creature, which was about 160 centimeters of height, could ccmrninicate telepatliicallyj and assumptively had wanted to make contact with me in that way, which had not succeeded because of ory blockade. Thus it tried to reach me acousticlyr but then saw my weapon, and as it cojld not comprise my thoughts, it likely must have regarded itself threatened. Now I have since then the feeling that this being will return again, and will come with rather peaceful intention. This matter does also result from its voice the turned on recorder received on the streetpost. I have tried to decipher the sounds and found cut, they are the same words the being spoke. It sounded to me like K U R G, M URG. I have reflected upon this for two whole days, and

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