Message From the Pleiades

you, only you are not allowed to talk about than, as you know-Meier- Of course, then stop with this theme-

Bermuda Triangle, Madagascar & Devil’s Triangle’s Cosmic Radiation Effects have Ended:

Meier^- Okay already, such I have known for a long time. At present I have no more questions, thus you may perhaps give now your explanations about the Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps meanwhile still a question reaches my brain?

Semjase- 15/Surely. 16/My explanation does not need a long time. 17/The conditions around the Bermuda Triangle as well as around the centers of Madagascar and the Japanese Devil’s Sea have basically changed, 18/As is known to you, your whole solar system is wandering like a gigantic spaceship through the interstellar space, and approaches more and rrore to the star constellation of Hercules, which will be reached after about two times ten thousand years. 19/In this wandering of the whole SOL-System, the point of axis of the radiation of those great stars has gradually shifted more and more, which radiations have generated the dimension-doors in the Bermuda-Triangle, at Madagascar and in the Devil’s Sea- 20/Since around 18 years ago, the radiation became more and more weak and differentiated to time, thus often for days it was completely removed. 21/During the last two years, the radiation sank down still more, and several times was ccmplete 1 v neutralized for months- 22/The last bursts of the measurable radiation, which had reached their extreme in the past, touched the Earth around 1 1/2 months ago, namely on the 10th of July (1977) . 23/Since then the Earth is out of reach of that radiation reach, and at no other place on the planet is still existing a dimension door or dimension barrier. 24/These phenomenon were completely removed, and will according to our calculations, never more appear, because the whole course of the SOL-System towards the star constellation of Hercules has no stars at

a nearer or farther distance, which would generate this sort of radiation, 25/A11 the events in the BenTfuda-Triangle, at Madagascar and in the Japanese Devil’s Sea are arranged in order, since the 10th of July 1977, to mere earthly-natural events, where the natural events so to say are the most important powers, especially the appearing very strong at the mentioned locations earthmaone tic undu lations. by which compass-means and many other navigational equipments, etc., fail or show wrong indications, like does so behave as well at your center.

Meier- But are Madagascar, tlie Bermuda-Triangle and the Japanese Devil’s Sea as well on facet crossings, like our center is?

Semjase- 26/Certainly.

Meier- And does then exist a connection to the radiation from out of cosmic space, that there, or exactly there, it hits the Earth?

Semjase- 27/No, this has been merely a vagary of the cosmic play.

Meier- Yes, that. – Then these two or three percents by which amount occurred unexplainable events at those locations, are really simply rare? But there have been just two or three percent, which among or of all of these events have to be ascribed dl thuse places to the cosmic radiation, and in this way unexplainable for the earthhuman being, haven’t they?

Semjase- 28/Surely, as around 98% of all those events at these three places lead back in main factor toward earthmagnetic undulations and earthmaqnetic storms, as towards rapid climactic changes, storms going astray, crime, and so on*

99.5 % of all Parapsychological & Paranormal Claims are Lies :

Meier- Regrettable, new for the parapsychology-fools and other superstitious ones, phantasts and sillies again, once more a world is crashed, but if I don’t become deluded by all, then these male and female stupidities will scon find a suitable substitute again, only maybe still one thousand times sillier, more primitive and crazier than that having been

hitherto. Bermuda Trkwgl Mystery Ended

Ptaah- 59/Just like that it will be, because the stupidity of mankind still knows no bounds, and that is valid quite especially within the newest and hitherto likely most idiotic re 1 igion, that ever has mastered the earthhuman being, which is the parapsychology –

Neier- Man alive, Ptaah, but this way I never have heard you speak.

Ptaah- 60/1 think your own kind of expression is as well justified with us when we have to explain any earthhuman-concerning things. 61/Within our vocab-ulary we don’t find these suited expressions, as those are suited for telling the stupidity of many earthhuman beings, and thus I seize upon your own vocabulary. ~—

Meier- That’s sounding so confoundedly peciliar by you, Ptaah, it nearly seems to me, like you would be very much depressed and speak angrily because of that.

Ptaah- 62/So does behave indeed, but which fact is not astonishing, when always once more I have to recognize, the earthhuman being trying by all means, to silence till death the truth and to trairple it down to dirt by delusion means, like spiritism and the whole series of the madness religion parapsychology, the cult religions and the cruel lies of all kind, within the worst of all is, to affirm that contacts to us or other, living outside the Earth, intelligences and to creatures of spirit would be maintained, although of 100 such contentions 99.5% are just lies. 63/And for these lies, belief is still given by the unreasonability of the earthhuman beings, while your contacts with us are accused of being the lie, though they are so much more real and true as the light of day. 64/1 want to …..

Meier- So please calm down, Ptaah, for you do know, the time is still long until the earthhuman beings finally start to learn understanding and knowing. You

alKO knnw th<=» rWirHn all anrl Vr\r-%.i -F-rsvr\ 4-K4e 4-Kr»4-

will learn some thing new, and finally can learn to ‘ :\: nk.

Ptaah- 65/You talk the matter correctly- 66/Ebccuse my rage-

CR 82, Tuesday, September 6,1977

– Details on the construciton of Meditation Center – Ventilation shafts, electrical Illumination & plates

Formation of Basic Group Members:

1. Equal positions

2. U^ual valuation

3. Understanding

4. Comprehension

5. Cognition 6- Cooperation

7, r>.ecution

25/A11 conprisingly, these seven points rark the whole value of the material and spiritual potential of qualification in respect to the fulfillment of the obligations-

CR 83, Saturday, September 10,1977

Astral Space-Leap by Billy & Semjase to Glanzman :

Billy tried to penetarte Glanzman’s protective violet color block but failed twice.

Semjase- 3/And by what measure have you made the try? Meier- By way of an astral space-leap. Semjase- 4/Are you sure of such?

Meier- But surely, for I wanted to avoid, that one could localize me in the point of starting, because somehow I simply kept the the unsure feeling, which warned me of a threatening danger. For that reason, I used a space-leap, which moreover I clothed by two wrong coordinates.

Semjase- 5/And which were these?

Meier- The one of them has been New Delhi, and the second Rangoon.

Semjase- 6/That is very well; by that, a localization of your position will very likely be impossible, if as well you have fixed these coordinates within the leaps.

Meier- So I have.

Semjase- 7/Surely, you had been careful enough. 8/1 will care for these events and bring you-the necessary explanations late in the evening of Sunday/ if I can analyze the occurrences – 9/lt appears very mysterious to me, of what events it is treating here, because such very strong forms of force are extremely rare, because here it can only deal with a high concentration.

Meier- Of cluster formations then, as I have also deliberated, because Mr. G. himself being able to generate such forces, appears very much doubtful to me.

Semjase- 10/Certainly, but his subconsciousness ab-solutely is able to activate such powers and to call them frcm somewhere, maybe from the reason, because frcm scsnewhere it has localized a menace,

Meier- Do you think here, it had been able to localize the coordinates of my ego?

Semjase- ll/No, if namely you have not interrupted your self-generated blockade, then this will not be possible.

Meier- You mean this blockade, which you had objected to a little more than one year ago, when I generated it?

Semjase- 12/Surely.

Meier- No, it is as before, and I haven’t interrupted it in any way.

Semjase- 13/So I thought. 14/You are very careful.


11/Until then- please by no means do undertake anything, because I could not offer you help in any way, for I am not powerful enough to master these unknown to me forces, which really has to deal with a very high form of concentrated force, force of several million units, 12/Even when I made a new try for the clearing of the matters; this time by purely technical means, this also was a total failure- 13/Like so, as well were two further tries. IT/The analyzers maintained function for so long, until their searcher beams mat with

the iirmense concentrated energy- 15/Then all happened very quickly. 16/The searcher beams indeed got consumed in a fraction of a second, just as though they would have served as food for the penetrating-in power. 17/Then suddenly this immense power was in the middle of the center of instruments of the analyzer, and spread to the essential heart, namely into the reach of the sensors. 18/With a crashing noise, the sensors got distorted frcm insides, by which the whole apparatus was destroyecIT” ~19/Keep patient r_:.-~.~ until the appearance of my father, as at the latest until Wednesday, he wants to be here, to dedicate himself to the exploration of these very secretive things.


7/But now you really have been on the razor1 s edge and still have been able to act in the decisive part of a second. 8/Here in fact it dealt only with tiny second1 s parts ■ 9/A further plus for you was, having set wrong coordinatesr by which a direct attack against you was disabled, thus you only got hit by indirect disoriented basis by relation back to the delusional energy towards her store-keeper, so in this case towards Mr. G. 10/But if you would not have undertaken counter-insurance, but betrayed your position, then you would without rescue have been lost.

Meier- But so bad tin is also wuld not have been, or?

Ptaah- 11/Still all was worse, because by all means, you are out of the position of eliminating that concentration of energy. 12/At the most you might have been able to inhibit it for a short time, but nothing more. 13/This would be the case if your position were to be known, as then this unbreakable for you force and power would attack you by full verve and fullest strength .

Meier- But then I still do not know, how this force or energy is suited to Mr. G., for I can not imagine him being able to generate such a monstrous matter.

Ptaah- 14/Surely, he is not able for such, not even in the tiniest form. 15/But his subconscious is decisive therefore. 16/Namely this registered impulse-according danger, from somewhere, reacted according to that- 17/By the event of the break-off of the contact, namely, Mr. G. put himself into an irreparable state of consciousness, which means, that he can no longer keep control of his subconscious in relation to the contact, fran which fact he absolutely is in-conscious about the contact towards other spheres being interrupted and does no more return. 18/By the irrepairable status now, he fancies himself for being further on in the sphere of contact, in which consequence he leads wrong impulses of his consciousness towards his subconscious, which in reverse measure gives wrong impulses of this kind to his consciousness. 19/By this, he no more is able to discern the true facts, consciously I mean, and by this as well his subconscious is getting fed by tlie same wrong data, wherefran this is as well working incorrectly in this direction. 20/This means his subconscious is still able to work in this form in respect to these matters, too. 21/In consequence of that, it forms a servitude-like j 1 Ins-inn, being twofold based, which means consciously and unconsciously. 22/But this is causing the subconscious to defend itself against all, which is not correspondingTo its storage goods-23/For the subconscious is only that in fact at this

namely that all in respect to the contacts of Mr. G. would be untrue, and the contacts to the other sphere would be of a more imagined character. 25/flnd exactly here now, that factor starts to play a part, where those forces are. called into activity, which so wickedly attacked you so suddenly that you fell to bad need. 26/Unconsciously to Mr. G-, his subconscious conducted absolutely autonomously by a form of defense, which he was not able to conceive. 27/Inside of himself, and thus within his subconscious as well as within his consciousness, too, he still is deeply connected to religious concerns, which mtter became the decisive factor for the wicked doings of the subconscious- 28/At registration of the menace, being somewhere known, the contact of Mr. G. towards the other sphere being irretrievably interrupted, it regarded this for wrong and reacted very quickly- 29/Within a short time it mobilized energies for defense, to defend the already existing illusion of good inside, where the next-seizable energy for it was stored, which strongly reveals its presence, which were the energies of the religious belief, for which Mr. G. himself advocates responsibility, although he may contest this to the outside. 30/But just these forces, those of the religious belief, are the greatest, that exist on the Earth, because they are produced and exist from wrong and milliardfold energies of thoughts of credulous earth-human beings. 31 /These forces represent an intriense accumulation, a gigantic form of concentrated energy, which clasp your world like a closed sphere and often cause bad harm. 32/Connected to them are, too, immense concentrative forms of fluidal powers, which in the same way were produced by milliards of earth-human beings depending on belief, and were further produced. 33/These now connected to the concentrated form, and in consequence cooperating as well energies have been, what were called into activity by the subconscious of Mr. G. and clasp him as inpenetratable, protecting cuiress of radiation and energy, which you

CR 85, Thursday, September 15,1977 – Subconsciousness powers of MR. Glanzman Religions Creates ‘Forces of Darkness’ (a paradox):

Meier- Yes, now I see a lot more- At Einsiedeln, in the monestary, around a year ago, I was again nearly hit by a hairs bredth. Then it had to deal with those forces.

Ptaah- 34/Surely, and they are menacing your life, which is why you should shun concentration places of such energies.

Semjase- 2/lhis advice I have already told you some times.

Meier- Yes, I know.

Ptaah- 35/Then you also should trouble yourself for observing this advice. 36/These energies of belief and fluidals of belief, you can not cgribat in any way that you are able to make them ineffective- 37/ These even are too strong for us, and too pc^erful.

Meier- This I now know. Only 1 do not understand, the religions constantly talking about these energies as the forces of darkness, because by these such negative effects are conjured up, while these religions themselves produce these forces of darkness,

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