Message From the Pleiades

Meier- Oh yes, – you, that’s really bubbling. May I blow it out myself?

Semjase- 37/But you have never operated such an apparatus.

Meier- Nevertheless I want to try that.

Semjase- 38/As you like, but then I have to fly very much closer to the tree. 39/Wait – so, now we are 38 meters distance from it. 40/Here, by this sight-means you can regulate the ex terns ions of the beamer, by which I mean the cut surface of the beam. 41/This disc here, you can move it by this moving-instrument ancTdefine by it the further eradication. 42/By this you can precise very exactly the whole core of burning, and limit it. 43/When you touch this small swelling, then the energy escapes from out of a hair-fine opening at the bottom of the ship, for destroying the target with a form of radiation. 44/Here you can regulate the strength of the burning, so, for you should not hurt the tree by going deeper. 45/Now first train seme minutes with that, while you deliberate by thoughts the manipulations and times.

CR 81, Sunday, September 4,1977

– New Regulations of Orders for Billy Group Members MR. Glanzmann’s relation to Billy’s Mission:

Ptaah- 9/New do listen to what I have to tell you. 10/As you have analyzed correctly, those contacts with Mr. G. were truelv existing, which you had recognized for contacts from the next-positioned to you sphere, the next higher sphere. 11/These contacts were initiated to Mr. G. with the aim of overtaking_a mission, and the performance connected to this mission, in compass to an education about the truth, that the material aspects of life have to be brought into connection with the spiritual. 12/Therefore it would have been the mission of Mr. G. to dedicate himself to teaching the human beings of Earth in such a way, that he would have transmitted studies to them for the mastering of the material field of influence and for its correct leading within the daily life and in connection to the spiritual way of evolution. 13/ He only obeyed this mission in its first phase, but then he deserted it and let himself go into the influences of the material, disregarding his mission and eager for material profits. 14/Besides this, he also no further observed, to discuss all matters with you, as was ordered for him, to justifiably become the master of his task. 15/Clearly and evidently, he was advised to meet with you, to obtain fran you the measures of his mission performance and his proceedings. 16/For this purpose, one told him clearly and openly about your nomination, like you had been called in earlier time, which is about 1,500 years ago, when you taught the earthhuman beings in both regions of evolution, but which at the present time is not possible for you, because according to the given circum-

stances you can only be active by greatest concentration on the spiritual region alone. 17/But Mr. G. now estranges himself from his alloted mission and devalues the ratter towards financial meaning and profit. 18/By this, the true contact with the other sphere was lost for him, but which he did not become conscious of. 19/By his wrong activity, he lost the real contact with the other sphere, whereafter still remained for him the illusion of a further existing contact. 20/In consequence he still lives on in the imagination, the contact with the other sphere would continue, although this has been interrupted and not to return in his present life, for if a form of life misses and fails this way only one time, then a new alloting can not, and is understandably no more initiated again, because there would always be the threat of failing again. 21/By his wishes. Mr. G. formed an illusion in his subconsciousness, from which he writes down things and notes, cut wnich are still guided by himself and his subconsciousness in a form of wish, but which he wrongfully regards as true and believes it. 22/But now the necessary knowledge is missing from him which would have been told and transmitted to him during the observance of his mission and its performance, so he seizes on error?-oatus and wrong literature of illogical heresies, which he spreads materially in lesson . form, thus forcing the fallen to him people into euphorical-meditative states, which those regard as truth, though in truth they only deal with self-suggestively generated hal lucinations, that is with imaginations of mostly picture form. 23/But just this form is of greatest danger, because it is just this, which leads to complete surfdom for the suggestively evoked reach of hallucination, being often provoked in you of the Earth by wrong teachers of meditation, who usually call themseIves within that foolish and dangerous play as “Swami” and “Guru”. 24/Mr. G. is walking the same paths^ and already has infected some of your

evident word- and disclose the truth for them. 26/IJ you do not follow this advice- then your ccmnuniti will break up in a short time like having became brittle material, for which you already find evidence, ir that this brittling has already begun within the basic matters. 27/Yet still exists time to work against this further development of this form, if within one month you regulate these concerns- 28/But you wilJ meet with strong opposition, which fact already ha£ resulted as true and sure, and that for the one whc already has fallen to a certain serfdcm into the heresy of Mr. G. 29/And these still are not all the facts of these regrettable concerns, because inside the subconscious of Mr. G. are already working forces of the government above the group, and the issue of snatching up the ccmminity of you all, where he wants to establish himself as a destined factor of allcon-trolling leading force. 30/Already has grown mature ii his subconsciousness the idea, to cause the whole community into the sphere of his bondage, for being able to earn profit for himself as the upmost leader- 31/ In consequence, it is advised/ that you all remove yourselves at once from out of his direct and indirect fields of influence, and break off as far as possible, completely, the contacts with him. 32/Anc for you alone, this vouches, that by test measure yoi stay away from all his reach and influence. 33/lr the future you ought as well not to acknowledge an} potters of any form from outside of your group. 34/ This is due to you in respect to lessons and knowledge, this to get all exclusively fran you, transmitted by us, by Arahat Athersata and by Petale, as well as in later time by still otherones.

Negative Radiations of Group Members at ‘Seances’ were Copied by Gizeh-Intelligences:


the future you ought as well not to acknowledge any pcwers of any form fran outside of your group- 34/ This is due to you in respect to lessons and knowledge, this to get all exclusively fran you, transmitted by us, by Arahat Athersata and by Petale, as well as in later time by still otherones. 35/ln result, never a member of your group should appropriate any heresies from outside, but tune himself only onto the truth, which he gets from you. 36/When this advice is not observed, then your caimuinity and your whole mission is threatened. 37/And in your position you are very much susceptible, which is why only a few days can be sufficient to destroy all, where as well we would have no chance for help, then. 38/Your community can only then exist further on and be active beneficially and fulfill the essential mission, if all of the group finally becomes conscious that

the true knowledge and the true truth is handed over only and solely alone to you all in purpose of advising, education and spreading, and all this being performed only in connection to the true consistance of your center. 39/But if several ones of your group allow themselves again to be influenced by other, and moreover erring and wrong lessons, then they menace the mission of you all, and even the center. 40/Cer-tain occurrences of the previous past already do even trace back to there, because by the unreasonability of a certain member, who in spite of several warnings still often anew moves in spiritua1istic seances, negative radiations could come from the concerning medium, w ~ch were copied by an analizator-artif icial-brain o the Gizeh-Intelligences, who by that found a weak point, and in consequence of that generated this artificial insect by the help of a wicked group of refugees frcm the region of the Pegasus star constellation, which has the guilt for the bacterial infection in the center. 41/Furthermore, such menaces can again come to the center, if those actions are not stopped soon, as also we are not able to keep all things under precise control, especially then when they cons antly offend against our instructions, although we give them only for your cwn welfare. 42/ Finally all of you should now become conscious, quite especially the members of your basic group staying there now, where each wrongdoing should finally get conquered, and nobody any longer indulgeing in astray lessons and superstitious concerns.


OiMHMMMi- 31/On the other hand, she also menaces all by her, already manytimes explained to her, wrong doings in respect to her cultic actions in the of her spiritualistic belief and sharing in such superstitious cultic seances. 32/AS was already ex-plained during our last contact talk, she in this way sponsors the steadily growing threat, that negative radiations are released, which get analyzed by negative forces and becarr^ disfunctioned for a damage against the group- 33/Here it does not deal of, M. herself radiating these radiations, but that tlie med-ium releases data, unconscious ly to M. frcm out of her subconscious, and eradiates these, which she, M. in their meaning and by correct way is not giving out. 34/Seances with mediums are extremely dangerous for

her in consequence, because secrets are hereby revealed and eradiated, which ought to remain secret. 35/In truth, tlie facts are, that because of different seances with feL in the last three months, secrets have been released from her subconscious by the medium which refer to the…… 36/lhese, in this

sense negative, radiations were localized and analyzed by the intelligences of Gizeh, who, by this were first informed of the foundation of the center.

Oscillator-Vibrators of Pegasus ET’s :

Quetzal- 7/It is a product of the Gizeh-Inte 11 igence in cooperation with the refugees from the Pegasus region. 8/Namely these about six weeks ago were discovered by the group in Brazil and made attentive to them, fran which the connection between them started. 9/The connection to the Gizeh-Inte 11 iqence then was only a question of time. 10/Well informed about the proceedings within your center, and in detail about the members of your group, they also know about the becanning existence of the essential worth of the center. 11/But this, the essential worth, embodies extreme danger for them, because when it is completed and in use, then they finally have lost. 12/Just this they want to prevent, for which reason every secret and non-violent way of destruction is fit for them. 13/So they took use of the knowledge of the refugees frcm Pegasus as well as their equipment. 74/An oscillation-vibrator, using inicrgwayjes, put at their disposal, was used to cause the actual damage at the center, and to destroy it if possible. 15/ One Pegasus-refugee, whan you have seen, examined the object on the 29th to 30th of August, about in the fourth hour of morning, when the Pegasus-ship was directed to the centor, to use in action the oscil-laton-vibrator. 16/The force of vibrations was

started behind the wall, which already had earlier crashed down because of water pressure . 17/By the strong vibrations released^ a very “high frequency wave was generated, which in a few seconds broke out the concrete wall frcm its anchors, lifted it a bit and flung it forward, which is why it fell so far forward from there-

Meier- I see, and for that reason it lay shifted for more than one meter to the front. But – one thing I do not understand; How could we have prevented this if we had stood guard?

Quetzal- 18/If you had observed the advice of Semjase, then this occurence would have been left undone, and this because: 19/The oscillation vibrators and microwaves are working under such power, that they produce the effect in parts of a second on each form of life, the process of growing old in a flash, which could be seen at once by even an ignorant one. 20/But it is exactly this, that the negative Gizeh-Inte11igences can not allow, namely that things would be noticed which could point to their real existence. 21/If this would happen, then their existence would be revealed to the public, whereafter then your explanations, which you would surely spread, would be accepted by the earthhuman beings, and especially by scientists and the authorities, with the consequence of the Gizeh-Intel1igences being pursued, and the religions being staggered by that, but which are their best helping means in the purpose of their plans for world government. 22/ln consequence, they are not expected to do anything which would indicate their existence, from which fact they also would have done nothing if any of you had been watching in the near surroundings.

Meier- I understand. – These knaves will in consequence undertake nothing that would be inexplicable to the earthhuman being, if this would appear to be unearthly?


MV. But tell me. Quetzal, how does this confounded vibration-osci I lator function?

Quetzal- 24/It treats of an oscillation vibrator, not a vibration oscillator- 25/How it is constructed I unfortunately am not allowed to explain officially, but you can be assured that the earthly scientists are as well already developing these apparatus in their beginnings. 26/But these are completely on another basis of operation, than those used by the refugees from the Pegasus constellation. 27/These namely are transformed up high by an exactly defined oscillation of thought, wherefron they first generate the necessary energy. 28/This the Gizeh-Intel-ligences are not able to do, because they are not able to generate these thought irnpulses, thus they had been depending on the help of the Pcgasus-refugees. 29/When these are no longer here, when Ptaah has taken them away, then the danger of a similar destruction of the facilities of the center will no longer exist.

Meier^ But how shall things go in spite of this? We can not always stand guard-

Semjase- 4/A atfltiffp?rv telemeter-disc will be suspended high above the center, and will constantly transmit all occurrences to our station, by which a certain protection frcm our side is guaranteed.

Billy’s Succesor:

Meier- ■■^^■■■i; Then yet another question: I and all the others as well am interested in, what actually should happen when I am no more here? Will further contact from your side be maintained to the group, or will this fall away then?

Semjase- 10/These things will first result- 11/Your successor is just growing up and develops by provided measure, but this is still indiscernable at present for different members of your group- 12/But who will vertake your succession, and hew the matters will be in the sense of your question, within the future, I am still not allowed to explain, because the point of time for this is still much too early- 13/Those things that you yourself have to knew, are known to

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