Message From the Pleiades

Meier- But then not much will be able to occur, if I let dance a bit, these little things above in the sky, isn’t that so? Or will the apparati suddenly fall dewn?

Semjase- 221/It is impossible for them to crash down, or so at least ours, but there exists the danger that they crash together with one another when suddenly they run astray of their prescribed course, and cross into the flight course of another one.

Meier- So bad as well this will not be, as then they will simply dissolve themselves, as you earlier once said.

Semjase- 222/Surely, but this concerns only our am registration discs. 223/The discs of otherones could fall down. “

you need the steady new testing of your spiritual forces, but please test them elsewhere, and not just at our telemeter discs-

Meier- I will trouble myself for that, but I can not promise anything.

Semjase- 225/At certain concerns, you simply are unbeatable.

Semjase on ‘DEATH’

Semjase- ■■■■^■■■■IB- 227/But now away with jokes: 228/Already for some months, all members of the group are waiting for seme wrthwhile words by me, which now is the time I want to give them, when they have overcome the nost troublesome efforts and have become a little more free again, from which they may truly understand my words, too: 229/Inside of every single one of you, inextinguishably burning, is the desire for sureness, especially for the sureness of your existence and stay unti 1 far longer than the earthly existence, which you call death- 230/These even …………..

Meier- Excuse me, when I interrupt you; it seems to me, like you are speaking quite inconsiderately, because I am absolutely conscious about, and treat in all sureness, that my existence and remaining, is in truth to be far above this existence now, reality far over to my perishing. Why then do you think…….

Semjase- 231/You have misunderstood me; I do not speak to you, but to your group members.

Meier- Oh, then please excuse me. Just continue your words, please.

Semjase- 232/—– 233/Yes. – This sureness can

become true to every single one, if every single one will overcome his own I, because in truth, it is only the fog of the ego and the I, which prevents the outlook towards the kingdom or sphere of the true living,

tlie spiritual sphere, being away from the change of rising or dieing. 234/This, because the ego, the I, lays too much stress and worth on its cwn welfare, till with most ones, this fact develops itself into egoism. 235/In result them are hanging above the individual person as above the whole of mankind, the doubts and insecurities like heavy thunderstorm clouds, from out of which incalculably for earthhuman beings break out thunder and lightning, called alive by egotism and materialism and all other unworthy of the human being concerns, to which he became subject and by which he is imprisoned. 236/To fight this ought to be one of your first obligations, as at first, if recognition of the truth the sun of love, which embodies a revelation of the spirit of life, rises on the horizon of your psyche and this way pushes away the thunderstorm clouds, then you will be able to see what vou really are in certainty, and hew unreasonable indeed has been your fear and worry. 237/Unfortunately still in the present time, for many human beings at first the death of their physical life does mean the beginning ot their essential liter and by that the gradual re-lighting of the inner sohar. 238/When now the next incarnation comes along, then by the ignorance within the life before, again the same situation may occur, if not fought against and troublesome worked for a bettering during the life before. 239/Only by true inner rebirth, can the darkness or dim light of one earthly life be finished, that is, when the light of the inner sphere becomes conscious to you, and when the working of the spirit of life no longer appears a hollow fate to you, which in truth you yourselves generate and create by wrong education– 240/If then finally the sohar is shining inside of you, then you see the invisible, the power of the spirit and its unlimited force for being the true working fact, while the caused visible things already disappear again as shadows, but remain as a constant and vivifying rernemberance, for working further on and for being serviceable in evolution. 241/ It still behaves with many of you, that behind the

fear of being separated and of being united again, and above all – fear of the change from this world to the Other World. 242/Tb those fears is linked this of the pain, originated by the false recognition and heresy, that every life would constantly fall to the death and would always live frcm other life, which it would destroy and have to destroy for the purpose of existing itself. 243/A horrible thought, indeed, but he is only of earthhuman nature, risen from the misunderstanding of the real truth. 244/Because each life is living from other life; that is correct so far, but one life does not murder another life to be able to exist and to live itself. 245/Qnc life is arranged in order into the next one. and the one assists the other for living, for being arranged at a certain time again into the perishing, when it has completed its time and task. 246/lhe life is no constant sacrifice and being sacrificed, as the earth-human being assumes in error and gets confirmation of this by concerning heresies. 247/The nore, in truth then is only the rising and dieing of meaning in the constantly progressing evolution, and merely in ac-cordance with the creational regulations and laws, then into which by each direction the Creation is arranged in order itself- 248/So it only deals with a many-qreat-tertporal rebirth and renewal inside of the wheel or perishing and rising. 24’3/5o the perishing, the death, all right is reaching into the heart of life, but likewise the rising, the life, reaches far into the heart of death, by which the two spheres complement each other, which at the same time conquer each other and gradually bring the other to recognition, 250/The life does not strive for theovercoming of the single case of death, but towards the overcoming by evolution of the death and rising in itself. 251/It is working towards the up-deve1opment of each have-become thing towards that, which is living of unperishabls things in the innermost of uncountable myriads of creatures, and working there: 252/Tbwards the final goal of all creations, towards the Creation, towards the Universal Consciousness….

of the steadily wanting to dominate I, and following evolution in the whole of spirit. 255/Tb conquer yourselves then, is meaning that you should help your higher self towards the victory, to recognize in this was a still higher self, namely the creational I, into which you will awahe by still higher evolutions. 256/Certainly, this is one of the most difficult labors of your life, but moreover as well the very most beautiful, most worthy and richest one. 257/Because beyond this task is awaiting you the most high sure-ness of your all-great-temporal existence opposite to every outer and physical form of existence. 258/Be-cause your spirit life inside of you is a piece of the spiritual energy of tdhe Creation, it takes, to remember back to that creational root of your being, for to unite yourselves in true profundity to the all-great-temporal inside of yourselves, because, tc be at one with the spirit of life inside of yourselves, with the part-piece of Creation inside of you, means, to be absolutely free, and as well free from the fear of death, and death itself. 259/To be at one with the partpiece of creational energy inside of yourselves, also means to recognize behind the outer ego your other ego, which namely is the creational I. 260/This for sure is the greatest thing for the still unprepared inside human being, but truly the most frightful that can happen to a human being. 261/To see himself truely and to recognize one-del f – one’s most original I, which reaches above all spheres and limitations and beyond is floating in all senses towards the all-great-temporal and humanly inconceivable regions of the Creation. 262/But who unites oneself to the partpiece of Creation inside of himself, to the spirit, does at the same time solve the fearcausing for man, but in truth so harmless riddle of the perishing, the death, by shich he recognizes the death for only the other side of life, which, like in the physical sphere is sleep, which detaches frcm the wakefulness of day. 263/Only the human in his ignorance and blindness fancies himself, that sleep would be the darker side of life, from

265/Still it should be explained to you: 266/That the life in the human body can only unimproved ly unriddle, while this the partpiece of creation inside of you can reveal by all distinction and truth. 267/ And that is the sureness of your absolute duration for all-great-temporality. 268/Unhesitatingly

you should turn your eyes towards the tasks of your earthly life, with the recognition, to govern the kingdon of rough matter, and on the other hand to here govern the kingdom of the finematerial stuff, but that the separate kingdoms of this world and the Other Wbrld are one single kingdom and sphere, coexisting in the same place, but just otherwise di-mentioned, but within the “same time-sphere. 269/So surely, the total sum of the need and pains on this planet Earth is very much larger than the sum of delight and fortune. 270/But this is only a wrong conclusion by you, who are bound in traditional to you and implanted heresies, inspiring the confused and dangerous opinion, that this would be as is said, indeed. 271/But this is so by no means, as need and pains, like joy and delight, do always keep the scale in balance. 272/But by your wrong thinking alone, you over-value your need and pain, register these and keep them in constant memory, while far too soon you forget the events ot delight and luck and let them go. 273/Ynn still have not learned to move with poise in these matters and remember the positive like the neg-ative to preserve that in memory. 274/In spite of tnat you are able to see and to recognize the destiny of man, in consequence of which you can change the circumstances and can elaborate from the regions of darkness an isle of sohar and safetiness. 275/The time for that should not trouble you, as until the realization of the highest goal still millions and milliards of years may tall to the past. 276/Still many millions and milliards of years are dedicated to you and given, to smoothe again the furrowed by you face of your homeworld, but in the present, you have to be attached to the offered to you change for beginning with the goal of evolution, truly have to

CR 80, Wednesday, August 24,1977

– Artificial insect(in form of Praying Mantis) – global bacterial infection, disease unknown to us & which was on the verge of spreading over the entire earth by means of wind currents[Et’s from PEGASUS region]

– Semjase destroyed the top of the tree by crashing into it due to receiving of impulses of strong headaches frmo billy

– Billy & Semajse destroyes the Infection on the bark of trees

PEGASUS ET’s Attack Billy:

ffHi^fr 15/But as well the catch in g-up of your uncontrolled thoughts was uncommon for us, because they witnessed about a hitherto still never appeared tin-controlledness in you. 16/So this all had to have a reason, for which we followed your ways of thought and found your observation of the 12th of August, vrtiere you stood in thoughts as the mentioned tree and had observed a great insect, which would not have been allowed to exist there, because this sort of insect is no more existing elsewhere in your region, and moreover is fully abnormal at a size of 14 cm. 17/Thus seme thing here had to be incorrect. 18/So Quetzal researched the event in the past, and found drawn, by help of an area-analyzer, on the screen the enlarged insect: A God-Whorshipper (translated directly fran German). 19/From the pictures, still a routine work for him, it showed that he was dealing there with an artificial insect, which had a carpi i-cated body construction that housed a mutated baci 1 les. 20/When now this artificial insect flew two times around you and the tree, by remote control, it diffused from an outlet-opening a small part of the mutation baci lies, which at once attacked you and infected you with an unknown to you disease, which at circumstances could have caused very heavy conseguen-ces, if Quetzal had not interferred. 21/He and some otherones meanwhile had elaborated a means, which since yesterday he diffuses throughout the atmosphere, because meantime the bacilli have spread themselves, and threaten to spread themselves throughout the planet. 22/Especially menaced were all those persons who have stood in the center during the last days, because most of them were attacked directly by the bacilli. 23/By the artificial insect namely, as we realized less than 20 minutes ago, a seat was established inside the tree, in which the mutated bacilli are breeding and propagate themselves. 24/Now I am here to destroy this wicked seat. 25/Further on,

I am here to clear up some other facts which are still evident to us, as for example the event of the 16th of August when you sighted a figure which had extraordinary large organs for seeing. 26/It is-

Meier- Yes, that thing owned lanterns as great as mats. They also did fluoresce. The figure was about as tall as Herbert, as Renato also noticed.


(■^■■^■■■fr 56/So listen to what else I have to tell you: 57/Quetzal and I will finally explore during the next days the concerns around the occurred things. 58/Hitherto we still don’t have exact data, why we still don’t know, what were the essential purpose of the whole, and from where it all got started. 59/Fixed alone is, that the Gizeh-Inte 11 igences have united one another to a group of evil-minded, escap-ing from the cosmos intelligences, who indulge them-selves in the concerns of the Gizeh-Intelligences and are helping them. 60/Their outer appearance corresponds to your observation, namely that they have very large eyes and some of the other characteristics. 61 /This also means that you have not suffered an hallucination, when in the night of the 16th of August you have seen that figure. 62/By sure, wb will be able to clarify these matters in the next ten to fifteen days, whereafter I will get in contact with you again and report, the position of the matter. 63/Until then, you will have to be patient, and now I have to go again. 64/Convey my kind greetings to all, and console the sick persons, that soon everything will run its well course again.

Billy & Semajse destroyes the Infection by Artifical Insect with Beamship Weapons:


flHR 33/But now I want to destroy the wicked core of bacillus.

Meier- Hew are you going to do this?

Semjase- 34/My ship posesses many kinds of weapons, as you know, so for example a similar beairer, like the one you have produced the hole in the tree with. 35/With a surface burning, I will destroy the seat. 36/look, here in the viewing screen you can see it.

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