Message From the Pleiades

– Semjase destroyed part of film

Meier wants to Photograph UFO’s by Commanding them to Appear on Film:

What now yet nd there I can

observe UFQs, which according to their forms do not belong to yours. In most cases the objects are but so very far away, that one can not realizes more details or even phntngranh them, what would be very interesting for comparisons. Can I do anything in this repsect, to get but anytimes a chance far photographing?

21. Respectively the strange spaceship, which you uant to expose for a comparison, I myself can unfortunately do nothing.

22. You uell might influence the, thoughtly in their flight and light-emission, but not in the form, that you could commang. them near enaught to ban them on the film.

23. From my side I but have the possibility, to do it. 2U. So I uill do it at chance and call you.

Malachite Stones for Meier’s Friend F.L.:

The second question concerns the cristals, you have brought to” me: My friend F.L. has felt great delight because the green malachite stones. He lets ask now, whether you could perhaps bring him still a greater piece of this sort of minerals?

25. Df course I like to bring a piece of malachite stone for your frieno F.L.

26. This aught yet not become far standard, because all right have I agreed generally bringing stones and crystals, uhen they are destiniea for your awn collection’s purposes or far the selling.

27. Far your three most close friends I yet will da an except.

28. Until then they yet have to keep some patience, as first past some weeks is for me the possibility again, to provide such things.

Semjase allows Meier to take More Photos for lecture ;

29. In respect to the by you provided lecture respectively our mission have we councilated thoroughly.

30. So I can tell you the decision, that we agree with it, you making still some dozens of diaphotos of my ship; this in contraryness to my Farmer decision.

31. ‘Je start in it From the opinion, that a sufficient number of pictures of this kind are very useful for the matter and are of great worth.

32. Besides got decided by us both at the last meeting, that the disturbing factors became turned off, which carried the basical cause for my destination, that you should make no further evidence pictures.

33. Nevertheless we but want to limit the pictures on an amount oF 1ao, which surely uill be enough.

3fc. The destination is but, that no further persons oecome exposed, far not they are of importance, but my beamship. + I am very delightfully surprised, Semjase- Very much thanks.


35. Your thank is not necessary.

Billy Asks Semjase to Photograph her Home-Planet with his Camera:

+ Is the possibility, that you bring from your home planet or from any other worlds some pictures anytimes, or that I give yau my camera, with which you then make pictures?


38. This have I to deny unfortunately, because this would go too far. Besides the cristals and stones we have to limit us on things of earth.

+ Thank yau, Semjase, this answer suffices me.

Swiss Authorities & Military interested in Plejaren Beamships:

yet just I remember still, having been in z1- April, that is in the day past our laat mppting, in Ravensduhl again ana observed, militaries being there and searching over the whole environment- Have you noticed anything about this?


Uo. This hut represents a further question, but of the event is nothing known to me.

M. It might well 6e possible, anyone having observed the starting of my ship and having announceo this to the authorities or to the army, what unfortunately happens here and then, past what the search uill have got performed, uhat happens, uhen ue are not careful enough or uhen any uncareful strange ships appear or even touch Ccun.

U2m As youself know, ue do take caution in each respect in highest measure, to prevent from such occurrences.

*»3. Though but is all caution too few, because very often are just there observing eyes, uhere ue don’t assume them, even at so late time in the night-

t*U. This may unfortunately lead then ta undelightful incidents, exspecially then, uhen ue fly several time to the concerning place or even have to toucn doun there.

US. Exspecially authorities and the army feel themselves very much menaced in their pouer, uhen they get informed about sightings or landings of bs3mships etc., though ue are not interesteo, to brake or to menace their primitive force, as this mission oblies alone to the earthhuman beings.

<«6. Though they are very much interested in our beamships and perform researches and examinations, authorities and army deny these facts very strongly.

*»7. All informations in this respect in matter spaceships, sightings and touch-douns etc. become by them so as much denied, as their secret researches and examinations at beamship-landlnqplaces etc.

**S. Sp don’t care aoout the military you have met or observed in tevensnLihl, because their inveatigatioj s Eire Bb and sc secret, and they hide them by all lies in their proposal.

1*9. They uill contest in each respect your observations, even if you could ultness them by photograph, uhat otheruise could become dangerous for you, as you already knou from oun experience.

5o. So don’t care about the machinations of the army, as this could otherwise get dangerous for our matter.

CR 014, Tuesday. April 29,1975

– Mr J. comes to Billy the next morning which Semjase predicts by monitoring his Subconscious

Billy is in need of Spirhual-Refreshing:

Fourteenth Contact

Tuesday, 29. April 1975; 1**.oo h

+ I am longing very much for soma spiritual refreshing, Semjase, so I have sent my thoughts to you and have called you.


51. I am very glad about it, but is there no one in your environment, where yau could offer yauself spiritually?

+ By regret not, because all those, una are interested in this

field, live far auay and have on the other hand to perform their oaily duties. It is not granted to them, to part their time for working, like I can oa in my case. From these reasons we mostly find together only each 2-3 weeks, where ue then can indulge in spiritual themes.

– 18a –


52. That is not good, because under such circumstances suffers tne spiritual development.

53. Because this, have you to chose shorter times between the meetings, at least every week one time.

5*». Very good would be, if you could generate a place together, where you rise a center and live together in nearest environment.

55. So you would have the chance, ta exercise youselves spiritually every day.

+ This is a very good idea, Semjase, which yet already had my friend F.L. and I myself, too. Us thought in this of a great farmyard, a bit retired and servible far our aims. The realization but give3 difficulties, becauss such objects are uery expensive and we had at least to lay 5oo.oao SFr on taole.

93%(or 94%) of Our Laws are against Human-Dignhy & Reason:

+ This is a vary goad idea, Semjase, which yet already had my friend F.L. and I myself, too. Ue thought in this of a great farmyard, a bit retired and servible for our aims. The realization but gives difficulties, because such objects are very expensive and ue had at least to lay 3Fr on table.


56. iiihen you uork earnestly together, then you could realisote this plan.

57. I am ready to help you by cristals and stones, you could sell,

by uhat mean you collect the finances faster.

I told already one tirre, that I C3n not simply sell these objects uith the note, they would come from other stars etc.


58. Don’t trouble youself because it, as I have deliberated on it and found a awy.

59. Sell the crystals and stones only for an according receipt and the declaration, that it treated at the sold stones and crystals of quite natural stones (minerals) and crytals of

the sort ….. (designation), that their origin yet could

not be witnessed from earthly demands.

6a. So also don’t name a place of origin of the cristals and stones but only notice on the receipt, treating of quartz, malachite, rose-quartz etc. + Do you mean, it suceeds this uays?


6*1. The logic tells, this to be right from your laws and no osceit is ahs3d.

□2. During the last time I have scrutinized occupied meself about your lawgiving and have invented here very many lams, wnich are unworthy of a human form of life in each respect. Often the laws are of such a stupidity and primitivity, that I became tired of their study.

63. Df logical lawful conclusions can only in very few laws be found anything, for 93% of your lawgivings are away ^rorn all human dignity and reason, not to speak of reason and logic.

6**. Lie knew hitherto already, to oe several things in your lawgiving not good, but we had no reason and demand, to occupy us detailled with them, until you made me attentive on it.

65. That bit it behaved so worse, that hit our worst exspectations.

feier- Ycu unfortunately arc right, as I have said lor many years. Dut there is no sense in discussing this, because It io in the behavior of tHa crwud of pocqIp fhat ROTH laws are able to exist. Tno people as a whole wnulfl have to oppose these laws to initiate a change toward the better.

Sanjase- 16/You speak wisely, but the individual who offers the idea is the one who can spread it and take the mass with it.

Iteler- This is fully evident, end I think the lighting of tlie idea could qrow into a fire when the a,loan is great; enccgh. I mean by this, to let the power of the spirit work.

^•^■i^^^^^^^B^^B. For this, this cjer^ain mass has first to take down the slaving religion, before she can reach reason-end wisdom-according recognitions.


17. The speak from my opinion, as if you would think my own thoughts.

+ This can be, because I have noticed differently already, spiritual truthes harmonizing, even if they get spoken by other words. Yau personally nave said sc already, too. But sometimes it is nnrspri heavy, to agree intn ths destinations oF the truth.

CR 015, Thursday May 1,1975

– Semjase analyses Mr.J & her Daughters Thoughts

Semjase learns their Mistakes in Analysing Humanbeings from Billy:

– iaa –

Fifteenth Contact Thursday, 1. May 1975; 15.57 h


1. I have called you so urgently, fur I have to talk about very important things.

2. 5a listen ta me very thoroughly, for no misunderstandings ought rise.

+ Just speak, Semjase; as usual I am Fully ear. ‘Jhile you talk, can I at least catch for breath, for you have hunted me very much through the landscape. – – – Hill up, hill damn, through thornes and water-puddles I had to run. Why haven’t you called me at once to the canton iJallis?

Semjase (laughing)

3. I well could have commanded you still further away, but I thought it for not necessary.

<*. It was but important to order you here, because wa are here farly undisturbed, while in the nearer surrounding of your homeplace innurnerous human beings make today their excursions.

5. Yet listen now, what I have to explain: It was very evident for me, that after the yesterday day you would arrange as fast as possible a discussion again with Mr. J.

6. As I know you, was I prepared and ready for this, thus I could arrange at given time, to follow your talk from her beginning.

7. This enabled for me, to recognize things, which I had hoped for basicly and realized in a future look, that is an intensive camming up change towards the spiritual cognition of Mr. J.

3. A bit surprised have I been by the presence of his daughter,

utiat but was for mine and her advantage uarthful yet. 9. Also out from her I could realize things, which witness from a revolution towards spiritual cognition. 1a. As I could recognize, they only needed certain explaining interpretations, to activate the basic points of spiritual form of thinking, although they couldn’t conceive this completely.

11. But yet I was surprised by certain from them rising thoughts, which they did not clothe into words.

12. These revealed many things to me, which first became clear for

13. From that, I have to confess having succumbed to some mistakes

which brought me to wrong elusions. 1U. You with ycur feelings yet have drawn the right conclusions

ana laid the perspectives right.

15. Evidently you are superior to me in such things, oecause you can 3tart From pure earthly aspects.

16. I yet don’t want to exclude, that sameways ycu can came to wrong decisions by this form, like I with the mine.

17. At all ends ws are human beings, even if from different stars and spiritual positions, but fundamentally ecual-kinded creatures, who have to gO the way of their.evolution.

13. This does then not exclude, I also committing mistakes, what I ask to understand your friends and acquaintances.

19. My form of life is all right in all concerns developed higher than the your, yet also we are not staying in degree of that improvement, which would exclude mistakes.

20. This should you always consider.

21. Lie really are not these creatures of perfection, like they lifc to get utilized by pseudo-contactors for religious benefit, because these pretentive perfect creatures are either deceivir or might-advocating creatures, who want to suppress the earth-human beings, what indeed occurs in some few cases, or they ai very simply pseudo-beingsm who alone exist in the phantasy of the pseudo-contactors.

22. As my form of life is unimproved as yours, has necessarily to become understood, that I oblie to mistakes, too.

23. If but such things run under me, then I do call them and stand to them, because it would result no sense and use, if I would hide them or contest.

Zh. This would only reach far my own disadvantage.

25. So I give expressively the declaration, that I uas really

surprised aoout the alternating things of spiritual cognition of Mr. J. and his oaugnter and delight me of.

26. As i first could recognize today, you had known adout these matter in the both human beings already since same time, what fact had sponsored you, to construct Justified feelings in this respect in you.

27. This was until today yet unknown far me, far else I would have occupied me with the matter from your perspective.

25. In first line I yet have to take up the matters always from out a very objective side, without feelings, because alone this guarantees the finding of the truth.

29. This has yet happened, too, in this case, where yet I have suffered mistakes.

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