Message From the Pleiades

not been used for a very long time, around six hundred years, because our technologies have meanwhile developed much better ones. 27/1he newest weapon of this sort has been reduced to one third of this size here, and the function of the practise of the release of radiation was basically changed. 28/So the use of the newest weapons is individually tuned to tlie carrier of them, by which fact the weapon can exclusively be used by its owner. 29/The release is accomplished on a purely thought basis, for which the re-leaser mechanism is programmed to the brainwave pattern, as a stored program for releasing the weapon by only the owner. 30/lf for any reason the weapon has become the property of a new owner, then a new programming has to be done.

Meier- That’s very interesting, but I do not understand a lot about such matters, as you know-But this dees not matter and it isn’t irnportant. I only wonder a bit because you talk of an owner of such weapons; can you explain this to me?

Menara- 31/1 term tlie carrier of such weapons the “owner”, as this is according to your understanding, and because the weapon is tuned individually for the using person.

Menara’s Ship :


^^^p Yet tell ms now, why all the dogs here as well as the chickens do not behave as crazy, as they usually dc when a beamship is near them- Bat today i. he animals conduct is fully normal, except for the mother dog Anita, Why that?

Menara- 34/lhe young dogs are very charming. 35/lb answer your question, my ship is not a beamship, but a flight means with densifier aggregate, which flies by the densification and high-compressed exhaust of atmospheric qasses. 36/By this, the animals don’t

get excited, while they are disturbed or even run away frcm beamships, which send out radiations and vibrations which excite the animals.

Meier- I see, and by which propulsion do you fly in the cosmic space?

37/My ship I presently own is not able for deep spaceflight*

Meiers Oh that, but at least you can screen it frcm being seen. Where did you leave it at all?

Menara- 36/lt’s just suspended above this place, at a height of 27 niters, and we know the technique of screening frcm sight for sane 2,983 years already.

CR 79, Saturday, July 16,1977

– Semjase feels too connected with Billy & his group; so she left working for a while into other region to reflect on her feelings and mind

– 2/3rds of Predictions for the year 1977 arose from Billy which he didnot like his group members to know

– All of Billy’s Predictions for the year 1977 has come true

– Billy thinks he was infected by a meat parasite from sausage but Semjase doubts that

– 3 Members of the group could not arrange into the community; out of which 1 member wrongly glorifies Billy, as unfortunately the fact already in earlier time, this one’s mind was confused by the demonstration of your fireworks at the time of your pursuit.(Paul/Saul)

– Swiss Army paying more attention to Billy’s Contact Surroundings

Plejaren Medical Apparatus_Parasite Neutralizer:

Semjase- 64/A parasite-neutra 1 izer, as the earthman would naire such. 65/ihis apparatus does automatically neutralize all sickness-causing or life-threatening parasites of the physical sphere of a human form of life; as soon as this colorless area here makes contact with the skin, like just now. 66/The time of neutralization is less than 6 seconds for the ccm-pleat human body, while the neutralizer accomodates itself within part of a second for the physical be-havior of the constitution of the concerned human form of life. 67/In the final effect, the apparatus neutralizes all the harm caused by the parasites, or yet they get neutralized when they are of any material or otherwise substantial or gas formed nature, which just now has happened with you, frcm which thing you are released frcm your poisonning.

Meier>- That’s mi I really feel best okay again. But tell me once, what you actually understand by parasites in the case of a sickness or even a poisonning?

Semjase- 68/Tfo these belong all sorts of baczilli, viri, microbes and other disease excitants, whose existence in many cases is still unknown to the earthly science, but of which in the run of the next years different ones will get discovered.

Meier- I see. Do salmonellas and similar belong to these, too?

Semjase- 69/Surely. Organ Transplantations:


You knew, we here on Earth have been for sane years perforniirig transplantations. In every case of these transplants does rise the menace for the patient, always, that he only survives for a short time. This because the strange transplantations get refused by the body, in sake of which this body is so heavily treated by medications, etc., that all its means of defense and the defense organs of the human body get

put out of function, which fact of course results in the body becoming extremely susceptible to infections etc ., leading most of the time soon after transplantation to death of the patient. About this I now have a question, whether there is not the possibility, to perform a transplantation with success, without the protective stuffs and defense organs of the body of man being put out of function? If this is possible, can you tell me then, and are you allowed to tell, what science has to do for this being successful?

Semjase- 70/lf only three months ago you would have asked wb this question, I would not have been allowed to answer it. 71/But since a short time, nothing any irore stands against the answer to this question, and I can give you an answer, as far as this is permitted for me: 72/If a transplantation is to be successful, then relative to this very little is demanded, and that is simply a serum, a gene-combination, which I am not yet allowed to describe in more detail. 73/ Different earthly scientists working in this field, have already found this serum, and exercised tests with animals. 74/They call this produced by them serum an “antigen-serum”, which is produced frcm very special substances of animals, which eventually will facilitate the transplants. 75/This serum has been attributed to the fetus within a mother’s body, which then does inmunize itself by developing an according serum-substance in cooperation with the substances of the fetus, by which, then in corrmunity the substances are then constructed to accomodate the transplantation. 76/The strange self-constructing substances program certain control centers of quite special cells, by which these become aware of the earlier introduced antigen-serum, by which they accept transplantations like our own parts, of which the substance was contained in the serum. 77/And just the same process takes place, when the serum is produced fran the defined substances of another human form of life.

Meier> This sounds quite easy, but nevertheless is still contained rather a lot of ignorance and missed

their testing and put the matter to use, as they already know enough to preserve worthful human life from an early death this way. 79/Your science should now take this step, as this is evolution-conditioned, even though you will turn away from such again, because other and better ways will be opened, and because the recognition will rise, that the fluidal forces existing within the transplants are harmful in the long run, and influence the carriers of trans-plants according to their power and strength positively or negatively. 8Q/1he human form of life, all the same, regardless of which race they belong to, meaning here only the human being species, is the highest developed physical creature, of very defined characteristics, which can not be found in animal or plant life, 81 /As an autonomous little world, with the human form of life everything is possible when strange transplants etc., are introduced into it. 82/Thus, what alone and only is right for this form, are organ and protoplasmic forms, which are created or bred for individual tuning to each single creature here, by the existing (sphere) of the form of life itself.

Meier- I can scarcely follow this explanation, but for much more, I am not able.

Semjase- 83/This is not so inportant, too, for tlie earthhuman being will walk his own way in any case, because he has predetermined this already by the great mass of himself.

Gizeh-lntelligences Center lies exactly in the Center of Magnetic Radiation:

Meier- Now yet something else interests me, girl. What about all these negative inf 1 uences, which have been so strong onto all of us? One did tell me; I believe your father did, I simply can not remember who said this, that, if everything takes its provided course, this will change for a little better by the rronth of July. Anyhow, for days already I have been feeling that indeed a bettering is active and that the hitherto negative influence decreases a little?

Semjase- 165/Father and Quetzal informed me about the events. 166/Surcly, the situation begins to balance itself and to normalize itself, but which in the main is ascribed to the merit of Quetzal, as for months he troubles for analyzing the concerns and to rearrange them. 167/ln the main, the Gizeh-Intel-1 igences are guilty of the negative events. 168/By the knowledge, their center lying very exactly on a center of the magnetic radiation, they used this for their purpose and for launching forces which you can not match. 16 b/As you yourself know very well, you had a lot of trouble, and need to overcome the enmities of all kind or at least refuse these- 170/But if it is a riddle for us, how could you manage this, so this fact nevertheless exists.

Menara’s Ship Protection Umbrella – Unknown form of Infra-Red Radiation

Please tell me once what the following could be, or is: When Menara and Alena were here on the 6th of July- I shot quite a number of pictures of the beam-pistol and the shot-through tree■ Later, that is in the diapositives, we realized some very peculiar things. For the first, in some pictures was exposed the tractor of Jacobus, although at the time it no more stood in this place, but was at Wila. As a second and third fact, the lean-to and the dwelling-house respecting the barn part, and the beside this wooden door, the passage and the trees, etc., were so very much distorted in the pictures, like the film would have been damaged by warmth and evoked distortions. But this did not happen, because the films are completely okay. Can it thus be possible, that the pro-tecting shield, which Menara had lain over the whole environs, have caused this?

Semjase- 181 /This not only could be, but really was what happened. 182/Without infonning you about it, Menara constructed this way the protective shield, that the things you said happened, in purpose of shewing you, and of course all the otherones of the group, too, what all we can do with the protecting umbrellas. 183/The explanation for these events is very easy: 184/At the appearance of the tractor in the film, it dealt of a still unknown to you form of making visible such matter by infrared radiation. 185/The earthly science has ail right come so far, as to know the infrared light and many of its possibilities for use, so for example as well the making visible of matter, which already was removed hours or even days before from the exposure position. 186/But the hitherto earthly techniques referring to this, can normally only reveal shadowy outlines, while our techniques are developed so far, that an object is reproduced in all its peculiarities and according nature■ 187/The distortion, as you call this, of the buildings simply rises from, that everything which does not lie within the immediate reach

was within the inmediate field of radiation.

Meiei> Yes. this again I understand. That is evident.

Reasons for the Beamship Demonstrations for Group Members:

^■■^^^^■■■^B- 202/Referring to the group members now, who think our appearing to be visible privileges, be explained here, that by no reason do we refuse releasing our ships at demonstrations to their sight, but not because of privileges, sensations, etc., but just because we feel our-selves in delight because of their own delight, and because we want to develop by dear connections the delight inside of them all, when they can observe us at demonstrations, or otherwise as well. 203/But this fact does not grant the right to anyone to demand this as a right in itself.

Compass needle showing 2 directions in Meditation Center & House: Meier- Besides, I now know why Ptaah has told me a

a quite special reason for the meditation center,

Semjase- 209/This couldn’t remain concealed from you.

Meier- I only have met with this when I wanted to define by conpass the exact direction tcwards the north*

Semjase- 210/1 already said, this could not remain hidden frcm you. 211/Only for this reason did we not want to tell you something about it, because by your own initiative you once more could collect sane worthy recognitions.

Meier> Here indeed I found out some facts, as for example, too, why down here in the center all is much stronger expressed, and is expressed, than usually behaves. But anyhow manyones do not understand why the pointer of the compass shows two different north directions within one meter of horizontal shifting.

Semjase- 212/You should not spread these matters officially, as so-called experts would once more accuse you of fraud and cheating, although indeed does exist a very strong deviation from the north, and the compass pointer in truth shows the old and the new position of the magnetic plus-pole of the Earth. 213/ The pole oi thg meditation center is pointing at the old, and as well valid at the present time, pole then “oF the galaxy, while the pointer of the compass shows at the house the new earthly plus-pole, which is in the direction of Greenland, where now exists this magnetic pole.

Meier- You have explored these things very thoroughly.

Semjase- 214/This has been our obligation, too, because for the whole center the value of these concerns is of importnat meaning, as you know-Meier- But the actual worth I also recognized at first then while measuring the different poles, then inside my brain something switched, from which I became able to recognize tlie real, and far-reaching connect ions, too-

Telemeter Discs Technology:


Besides that, I suddenly saw

the light within the reason, why so very many telemeter discs fly directly above the center, and that for the reason of the position of the facet courses of the magnetic streams.

Semjase- 216/This as well is important, and is as you are just now thinking about. 217/ln the future, you really should emit your jokes and should not cause at every chance the discs running off their □Ourse. 218/Our technicians have meanwhile equipped her with speciai~course-stabi1izers, Which automatically cane into operation if the lights forT course-correction get switched off by thought influence, but still these stabilizers are not so much improved as to be fully functional.

Meier- And so with your technologies?

Semjase- 219/The constructed course-stabilizers, of this sort, were first developed, since you constantly caused by your strange jokes, the discs to go out of course. 220/Never before did we know such problems, and so a new invention had to be made, which at the present time still is not mature enough, but will be in a short time.

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