Message From the Pleiades

Staijase- 42/Yes*

*t*Ser- Fine, tjiarth you. But – what actually is there

about him coTeermre the incarnation? Too ….. would

Interest me? Then …… and…… ?

sanjase- 44/……will be of female forms of life

again, and will incarnate between the years of 2030

and 2041. 45/……changes to the male form of life

while ______ will maintain thei r <=f>:. 4fi/They all

first appear sgain after the year 21113.

Meier- Yes, and where will they see again the light of this wori£?

Semjase- 41/ ……will be in the center, while all

the othercnes will be outside, but come again to your group, although some of them, will be born thouearjds of kilometers away.

fteior- Thank you for thie inrorrnation. But there would still be…….What will oe with then*,?

Semjase- -18/ …… – do ycu think hero of……?

Meier- Of coirse.

Semjase- 49/They both will be bom outside of the center. 50/After the year 2060, the girl, and after the year 2081. the rtsn, if he finds the final way to you- 51/Hie girl will be not far away from the center,

ile about …… the concerns are not clear-Meier- fthy not!

Semjase- 52/He still is not clear within hhnself in

respect to certain matters. as well could stay

way from the center in the manner that he only appears there from time to tuna, and will not leave this world at that location.

Meier- Oh that yea, but is this necessary for certain things?

Semjase- 54/Surely, because tc be able tc incarnate in the center, is necessary a special help by each single person. 55/lhis stands in caruiectica to the «mmi/ which fact conditions that in each third day there has to be perfumed c special .. • * • anu a defined **««*• by each single one, by which first can be caused an aijt^-directed incarnation by definition of the place of rebirth*

Meier- Oh yes, now I under a land. The …… likely

is a center for oscillations and radiations, by the energies of crystals,, etc, isn’t it?

Serajase- 56/Surcly, so it Ls,

Meier- Then I am informed- Something similar to this X almady knew from a mcmastery In the lUrroloyipe f i-rftere certain gurusr real mastersr destin their place of rebirth- It is an incarnation’s

Semjase- 57/Stop this, you do know, you are not allowed to term this officially.

Himalayan Gurus/Masters Control their Next Place of birth

Gemjasc- 54/Surely, because tc be able tc incarnate in Uie center, is necessary a special lielp by each siriole oeiscii. 55/lhis stones in carinecticri to the • which fact conditions that in each third day

there has to be perfuttneu c special ….. ana a defined •••«»■ by each single one, by which first con be caused an aiitt-dirscteu incarnation by definition of the place of rebirth*

Meier- Oh yes, now I understand. The …… likely

is a center for oscillations and radiations,, by the energies of crystals, etc, isn’t it?

Semjase- 56/Suiely, so it is.

Meier Then I am informed- Something similar to this I cLlircady know from a monastery in the lljniolpyQe r

where certain gurus, real masters, deatin their next place of rebirth. It is an incarnation’s

Soijose- S7/Stop thisf you do know, ycu are not allowed to term this of fie tally.

Meier- Please excuse. It wasn’t intended.

as norrra 1 ly the run of wa.nt.1cn until the ctestinaticn [by oneself) cf the rmxt place nf hlrth would still take bcxtf tgnthousartd yearn

CR 73, Monday. February 7,1977

– Semjase will transmit the list of names of groups descendents

– Semjase says that the Inhabited houses around Meier’s new center upto 300 meters will belong to Center in Future

CG group destined to become Spiritual Leaders on Earth:

Semjase- ^^^^H^HHH^^HMi^^k T want bo explain soma matters to you. B/Jflhen you arc cloar about all the coming things, and all vent to provide not only for this life, but as well for tha next cnes for them, then you will know how to collect the necessary capital, and also be able to do it. Q/Snmscnes of your -iY.uij know ,.i -3. ^ir.-vJy, flat Luc/ vi: I share :Ls-cisiveiy in this object, by which you will be able to buy the center olid build it up.

Meier- Are you so sure of this?

Semiase- 10/Yes, but there du still appear to be seme doubts with same of thenu ll/EN/erylxx^ of them has to be conscious of, that for the first time since their primary origin they can dispose lOO^i security the destination of their incamaricn arxl the place of their birth; dispose of this by EhsrselvsE, and in this way can already provide now for their next life. 12/Trns e-Kneptim is vatiri only hpnfliiRP rhp cTpaf mission is r^nnerrteri to that,, as normally the run of evolution until the destination (by oneself) cf the next place of hi rth won 1 d srr111 take Bona tenthcuBand years, ri/Those ones who thus trouble new for this, according to oar instructlonsr achieve this way an unprecedented advantage and the chance of a faster evolution, which dewelcps them after their nextTlife for around 124 years of spiritual evolution, by which th»~y become an elite, which slowly develops itself for the spiritual guidance of the Earth, by which is later porfornod then tho spiritual leadership one education of tho Earth by theifu

Meier- V/ha± a thing.

Semjase- 14/Surely, but they all destin their future for thexiselvee, and in result have destined, too, that they get chosen for the ooming thinqs because of their labors-

Tele-Transmitter in Semjase’s Beamship :

w-irr- i^^H^B £ got one of rty crazy ideas: what do you think abcut letting me on my rot urn, slide down in front of the eyes of Jacobus directly before his car down there?

Semjase- 32/This would delight you?

Meier- But certainly. Know, i want to see his astonished face.

Semjase- 32/As you like, but I will suspend you here through the mechanical telepcrter. Id/This is a tele-transrai tt or.

Meier- ttha.t again i& that?

*4enrjase- 35/It deals with a transmitcer in tlie field of the dis- anil re-narerj aM 7.atinn. 3fi/You have to climb into fine pit, as usual, while T then release the transmission, by Which at tha a aire moment you wi 11 appear to have grown stra lght up out of the ground in front of the car of your friend.

>teier- Okay, that’s becoming a joke. – Can we fly back now?

9enrja£@- 37/Surely-

CR 74, Monday, February 14,1977

– Semjase explains to Meier what will happen if the buying of the Center will fail

CR 75, Monday, Febraury 21,1977

– Menara was pursued by a Swiss AirForce Jet Fighter Dwarf Race ET’s_Tayget System :

^^■^^^^^^^■^^^^^^^^B 3/GVcr there in the region I usual ly cane to, by reqret today we -can not meet, because some friends of ours sonde there 4/Wfe don‘t want Lo aMaLurb than Lfocrcby* B/Eut Hit/ liavu boon rather careless during the last days, because they have already been observed in their smeedrive suits twice, which they have, to wear because tliey are not oxygen breathers as we are- S/Your shrove-tide habits have protected then from tho attention of the r.’-‘rr., .-.r. fc$K£$d Likely ftTB u~ fchp opjlticffl that they wore Shrove-Tide-aevelers-

Meisr- Thic is interesting. What in detail axe they doing there, and where do thoy ccms from?

Sesnrjasso- 7/Thcy belong to the other groups here on tho Earth cooperating with uay they are also connected to our alliance, and analyse radiation appearances and subtcrre3triai earth-shifts/ whicrT arc caused by different inner-world factors/ and which wiLl influence this region in the future*

Meier- Yes, but what happened in Sunday, the 13th of February, when we have found the single footprint in our new house” —-

Semjase- 8/But I had premised this surprise for you. 9/ Had the picture succeeded well? ID /Have ail four of them been captured on Uie film?

Meier- Wo. unfortunately only one of them. But the picture is good- Do they belong to you, and how tall arc they actually?

Senrjo&e- 11/Their size amounts to 115 centimeters, and naturally they belong to us, but live en a seller aeigl’Jxjring planet to Erra. 12/They have been active there wheie they rurified the building, and especially the eellar, from radiation?* and fluids,, which have settled there in consequence of seme earlier and not just positive events. 13/We 6b not want you to be influenced by the negative events. 14/Because cf that, our friends were working there.

Meier- Okay, quite many thanks for it. But also convey ray thanks to the little people. Besides, I would have been Mich delighted if I conic have seen tlie one in more detail. By regret this happened for only a split second.

Semjase- lb/This would have been dancercus for the ohhercnos who wore with you. 16/Thoy would not have beared that. 17/For that reason the knave made himself visible for only op long a time ac tho Film w»e being exposed.

Meier- You delight my heart, girl. You already speak as I do.

Semjase- 18/1 crjn’t understand.

Meier- Ynn just id the little one was a knave.

semjase- 19/Oh yes, that you mean. 20/1 esteem the terra very funny, and use it in consequence, 21/As well Quetzal and Pleja have appropriated this tern.

^^^^HB) And just wait, have you porhape interfered within the last days sccnewhcrc amcng our group raanbers?

Semjase- 29/Surely, cur little friends have looked around at …… and in tho home of Ehgelbort, 30/flnd

soon, too, they wiLl look around at further nctt.bers.

CR 76, Monday, May 23,1977

– Meier requests Menara to leave solid Traces of her ship near the SSSC

– Menara warns Meier of danger from Brazilian group which is in alliance with Gizeh Group to destroy Billy

Group Members in Previous Life Times :

I^BMi^^HHi 61/This on the one hand then because in error they assume to stand higher in know-ledge than the other ones, but being in wrong by truth according to self-deceit; but on the other hand as well, rich in phantasy and deceptive informations by wrong mediums they allow themselves to believe to have been great or anyhow else important personalities in earlier lifetimes. 62/But as you very well know, there is no person in your group’s reach, who even nearly would have been an important personality in her earlier lifetimes, as for certain reasons, they all left their activities unimproved, before they had learned them.

Meier- I know seme connections, but not everything. But What I hitherto have found out, does only verify your information. And indeed, tfnat at least I hitherto found out and know, nobody of tlie group has exercised for any long time one activity in earlier life-times, for quite a defined reason has kept them from this. With us, one would say, they would have “hanged the profession on a nail”, before the concerned person was in posession of a third part. .And indeed no one has come to more importance, except for house— wifeship and for pottery.

CR 77, Tuesday, May 31,1977

All records of Group Members are handed over by Plejaren to High-Council:

8/About this I do not want to give judgement, because we can not analyse the concerns of mentality of these persons so far, as this would be necessary for such a judgement. 9/To a certain degree, we are subject

to limits, which do not admit a deeper penetration into the spheres of thoughts of a form of life, for us, for ttfaich reason all records about the single group members were handed over to the High Council with the aim of getting a judgement from tfiemT~ViBfr-

CR 78, Wednesday, July 6,1977

– Billy’s learning time is only 2 to 3 months where as in case of learning a profession for others it takes about 3 years

– Billy shoots with New Beam-Pistol along with Menara & Alena Introduction of ALENA:

Meier- Fine, that you still core here- I had nearly thought you would have forgotten to do so-

Menara- 1/Then you think by little faith. 2/lhis is Alena, she wanted to see you once naturally.

Meier- Thank you, Menara. – Be welccme here, Alena, and I hope that you are not disappointed in ne. Knew, Menara surely exaggerates when talking about me.

Menara- 3/You shouldn’t speak like that.

Alena- 1/1 also advocate this opinion, you are too modest. 2/Yet I enjoy your welcome words, and thank you for them. 3/Here you have a very pretty place, and you surely are also delighted in it.

Meier- Surely, and many thanks for your thanks, they completely correspond to your lovely appearance. But may I ask, where are you at heme, as this interests me and all the otherones very much.

Alena- 4/1 come from the planet of Sater, which is about one third smaller than yours. 5/Sater is, seen frcm Earth, in the star’s constellation of Lyra, at a distance of 157.3 million liqhtyears to the sun MEL. 6/But the planets are not yet recognizable from Earth by her still very underdeveloped technologies.

OMiBtaHfe How tall actually are you? Surely no rrore than 1.50 meters?

Alena- 9/According to your measure, 148 centimeters.


Menara- HB^MMMMBMBi 13/Yet

now look at this weapon. 14/It treats of a similar one to that, by which you once beamshot the young trees and Uie firs* 15/But this here is a very much olc[er one than the one before. 16/Here, the aiming r-:-i-■:-.£ is shewing ycu the aim in sc IMC:; more act;: 1 ” by these enlarging optics, that by it, even for seme kilometers distance, you can hit very sharply still one single needle of a fir, which fact you can examine then at a tree there over at the hill. 17/The tube-fonred aiming optics effect the aim so close to your eyes that it would seem directly in front of your weapon- 18/In contrary to this exists this very antiquated apparatus for dissolving, which is similar to that of your explosion weapons. 19/For the pro-jection of the beam you have to push this back with the finger, like you do with any weapon. 20/Both these transparent boxes up here, are containing two different elements, being basically necessary for the generating~~6f the kind of radiation. 21/LJsed linked, they generate a form of laser still unknown on Earth, which sends out a strong dissee iat ion osci 11 at ion, Which only destroys seme few artificial forms of mat-teXjL as for example the material of your films, for which reason at photographing you should not practice the weapon. 22/When with pressure onto this point the front and back elements get connected, then a combustion radiation rises, which within parts of seconds dissolves everything to nothing up to a distance of 37.2 kilcmeters, without leaving any trace of ashes. 23/Only the evirons around the struck part carbonize and remain. 24/If after a further pressure on this place the front box only gets activated, then a narcotizing effect is released, which is exclusively used in self defense, whereas the combustion radiation normally serves only for working or elimination pur-poses, but finding use of course in extreme cases as well for example in hurting an enemy vehicle or a flightmachine so far that it becomes unmaneuverable and in that way ineffectual. 25/This also works on weapons, and so forth. 26/lhis sort of weapons have

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