Message From the Pleiades

gowemiTGnt again with r^e rrv o ionizers j Nl let] led to an order that the tarth he evacuated by force to the heme cysterns. 74/’-a 3era the ccntrarv colonised, because the people ^here remained peaceful. 75/But this lasted only for a narrow ronrry years, then also there the thirst for power rose between the two different nations, and before this ecu Id he Bet-tied by orders from the heme systems, the Ma Ionian s destroyed one another sutually and destroyed their whole world. 7 6 /Scattered to thousands of small pieces by an immense explosion, the remnants of that then beautiful planet, since then, rotate around the sun between Mars and Jupiter, being an ever lasting mercurial to human delusion. 77/Prom tho homeworlds the development of the Earth was constantly watched, and year after year expeditions were sent cut to her. 78/Always repeatedly it was tried as well, to colonize anew this very beautiful wurld, but which goal failed miserably always again in a run of more than 80,000 years. 79/Several kinds of creatures were deported to the Earth, as w»l I as such ones, which you would call prisoners, slirpiy to set tfisn out there and to leave them to their fate. BO/Deprived of all technology, it could not fail, that they deqenerated and grew savage and nixed with the savame-ciCMiT descendents cf earlier elements, and became bestial. 61 /But then finally the time ranv=» when the great plan was finally started. 82/ln several hundred greatspacer and smaller ships, the Earth was again approached and occupied, 83/ft great culture was erected, which remained for 6,000 years, until coo© more the thirst for power increased among the scientists which led to horrible war activities and once more all was destroyed to the last piocG. 84/In this way, the Earth fell again Into its eorlicsr state, where all the forms of life existing thereon scon grew savage. tob/Vor 4,000 years, Che Earth remained conpletely ignored and left in peacer until it was again Flown to. 86/Bot tor this time an expedition was not the reason, but aggtn an escape. 37/ln tho homcvorlds of the Pieja-Systems war broke out once more betw&en tho higirninded scientists with their unbridled thirst for ccrrmanrt, and the people, who they subjected by their terrible weapons and other tilings. 88/But while the wickod destructive rayed In all three homeworlds, a great group of

othorwise-rhinkir.c scientists bound themselves to— gather andta) tlie lcaccrship of : :».-tr2r. ?rr u>t:. who had himself already- attained the level cf :hwh, 89/ Under his leadership, 70,000 human beings, arang them many scientists, working togeuier, U5ok conrand of different spaete-ships, and escaped from tlie Ple>.-SvBtem. 90/According to the ccordlnates of tlie old registers, the refugees reached the SOL-System, and by this” once rrore the Earth, where the Titans then settled once more. 91/ln Earth chronology, this happened about 50,000 years ago* 92/On the horoeplanets, the wicked war was fought until its bitter end, and the scientists cot challenged. 93/Their kind of government was removed and given into the hands of spiritual leaders, wir: announced the long forgotten spiritual lessons anew and educated the nation a. 94/ These reeognl7ed the value of the lessons, acpropri-dted them, and lived accordirrjly since that tiro, Iron which they frame: the final peaco and lived since then trader the law and order of absolute determination, which renditions are preserved until today and will never change. 85/3*1 the run of tho na>ct 8rCO0 year.c, the. plrja nations developed thcwncalwr! uf» to a very high spiritual level, in result of which, they made alliances with every pcssiMe similar and other Btrangi nations of nearby and ±ar-away systems, anc unanimously Lived for evolution. 96/ln this way then together developed another groat alliance, in the cause of which they performed new expeditiens, and found in 1951, years ago in Earth chrurology, a seari-spiritual world in tne Andromeda Star System, wi iich was inhabited by semi-spiritual creat-iires, an already extreme ly highdevelopcd form of I if ft, which still existed semi-materialiy# tut as well seml-spir-itually, too. 97/By agreement cunonq these forms of life, they all decided that irj the future, these beings in Andrcneca should guide and govern, r»y their gigantic knowledge and wisdar, the fates of their nations and their great alliancer which plan was welcomed joyfully by all nations. *36Yln con sequence it was decided by agreement of tlie spiritual leaders, who were human creatures and Kyi ritual teachers, that all fates should in the future te guided by the, now best friencs, semi -spiritual creatures. 99/The manner of guidance should be that ana of a council from the

side of tho higher spiritual level, in consequence of which this control and guidance was called the “High Council”, and is maintained this way until today, and will never change. 100/Since then, all nations of all races allied to us remain under the guidance of the “High Council“, which never orders any cemnar.cE, but only offers a “high advice”, the observance of which is at th» disposal of each single torn at lire, and which normally is deserved, too, without exception. iQL/The refuged to the Earth humans at first know nothing about the end of the wars, 102/Indolight over their new-wen libertyf they gladly subjected thornsq1 vac to the straight regienre of Pel-cgon, who had chosen two hundred scientists for his sub-leaders, and arranged them in order according to their fields of knawladga. 1G3/Under their leadership there rose en Earth en all tha continents, large cities and other colonized regions of a very high culture. 104/For around 10,000 years peace and concord reigned, but than a now IHWH by the name JESftS came up, who murdered tho followor of Pelegon and took the command fco himself, above all the then united natiervG armi rj%e*«. lO-v/Dut already tv.-janty yearc later, the people rose up against Jesas and a horrible and worldwide war broke cut again upon the Earth- iD6/Many hundreds of thousands of pecple flee in groat ar.e small spaceships to the free cosmos, escaped and settled on Beta-Centaurus, which you know as Barnard’ s- Star > 107/Scme few million human beings remitted back on tho Earth, whoro everything til at had been constructed by human beings had been completely destroyed* 108/Tho. renraining people, new deprived of all technical and other cultural possibilities, because of tho total obstructionr fell mor© and more into a miserable lethargy! degenerated and became wile beings with an evil barbaric-. ^^^^9′


110. For 700 years the Earth was simply avoided, before the descendents of the refugees [on Beta Centauri, (in another space-time configuration)] set out to once again settle the beautiful blue world.

111. This was 133,000 Earth years ago, according to your current chronology.

112. The returnees were led by an Jschwisch with the name Atlant, married to an Jschrisch named Ka ryatide.

113. in the latest episode, under the leadership of Atlant, the continent of Atlantis, which had been headed for again and again, and used for millennia, was expanded and made habitable, while under the command of his wife Ka ryatide, Lesser Atlantis came into existence, as at the same time her cousin Muras built the gigantic city of Mu, which, like Atlantis, also found its origin in very early times.

114. The reason for the construction of these cities so far apart was, that the humans had become cleverer through all the wars, and hoped for peace as a result of the great distance between the cities, if everyone stayed in their domains.

115. So it went well for many long years – a whole 1,800 years, to be precise.

116. Then, however, again some scientists exalted themselves, whipped up by power lust, and tried to snatch up control for themselves.

117. This time, however, they had not reckoned on the peoples’ memory of war which had been passed down over the ages.

118. So before the scientists could strike, the people rose up against them.

119. Through an accomplice, the scientists obtained possession of spaceships and fled into the space-time-shifted regions of Beta-Centauri.

120. This was 115,000 Earth years ago.

121. After 2,000 years, during which the malicious refugees again created a high technical standard and produced many descendents, they returned, filled with hate, to the Earth, after they had increased their hate immeasurably against the extraterrestrial inhabitants of Earth, and were only able to preserve order within their own ranks with terrible punishments.

122. Spurred on through their inhuman hate, they, through research and the knowledge obtained from it, drove up their life expectancy to more than a thousand years.

123. Their single wish was, however, to gain control over the Earth, for which reason every individual was taught wicked intrigues and was instructed in the craft of war.

124. After 2,000 years, this hate-drenched people was so far along that it could venture an attack on the Earth, therefore it manned its ships and came newly to the Earth, and indeed under the leadership of the Jschwisch Arus, the barbarian.

125. This happened 113,000 years ago.

126. Arus was extremely bestial and barbarous in his disposition, and his power was feared.

127. Like Pelegon, already thousands of years before, Arus also had 200 high-grade scientists with him, which he made sub-leaders.

128. In a lightning action they fell upon the Earth, robbing, murdering, and taking possession of the land.

129. Primarily, they conquered the distant land in the northern regions, where the climate was moderate and very good.

130. These were those regions, which are traditionally known to you as Hyperborea, and which were far in the north, before an upset of the Earth shifted its axis, so that the then regions exist today where you name Florida.

131. Coming from the north, Arus’s son, Arus the Second, set out and fell upon those lands which today you call India, Pakistan and Persia, and so forth, whereby they struck the earliest forefathers of the Sumerians, who, peace loving, fled and set down far in the south; a people of dark colored skin, but by your terms, not Negroid, but like Europeans and of tall growth, risen from a race of former Sirian refugees, who had likewise settled on the Earth 133,000 years ago, as did the refugees from the Plejaren-System.

132. Named after Arus the Second, the India of today was at that time called Arien, which, however, split off from Hyperborea after a few centuries, after 210 years, to be exact, and joined with the inhabitants of Mu and Agharta, while from Hyperborea, Arus the First constantly troubled Mu and Greater Atlantis by wicked war activities, in order to become their ruler.

133. During around half a millennia, or said very precisely, during 502 years, those war machinations continued, until Arus the First, who in the meanwhile had become old and weak, succeeded in infiltrating wicked elements of his hater humans into the leading controlling ranks of Atlantis and Mu, who secretly stirred up violence and hate for so long, as also did their descendants over several centuries, until, through boundless intrigues, Mu and Atlantis were able to be completely destroyed some centuries later, while the only few survivors were beaten into servitude.

134. However, great scientists, in knowledge of the coming things and conscious of their powerlessness, set off in spaceships and fled towards the early home-worlds in the Plejaren systems, where they were affably received.

135. I indeed do not need to speak yet again about the destruction of Atlantis and Mu because you will find that as a separate chronicle in the explanations given to you.

136. So it only remains for me to report that Arus the Eleventh, as a very distant descendent of Arus the First, was murdered in his old age many thousands of years later, and around a hundred-thousand years, after the destruction of Mu and Atlantis, by his third-born son Jehavon, after which this one took over command of the hater-people, in order to rule these and three Earthly peoples and the Hyperboreans himself.

137. The one Earth people consisted of the very distant descendents of the Armus people who had lived there where today the region of Armenia is.

138. These were descendents of the Jschwisch Armus, who settled there with his race 133,000 years ago, after he had emigrated from the Plejaren systems.

139. The second Earth people which fell under the Jehavon’s control were the (likewise very distant) descendents of the Aryans, who meanwhile had mingled themselves with the still very underdeveloped, pure Earthly and lethargic, native population, after the Sumerians were expelled.

140. The third Earth people was actually, in and of itself, no such thing, because it concerned a very widely disseminated alliance of gypsies, which was interspersed with Jehavon’s spies and saboteurs,

who, in unity with the gypsies, brought about dissention everywhere, greedily drawing everything to themselves and were always constantly eager to murder, burn and rob, for which reason one named them the Hebrons by the original language of our forefathers, therefore Hebraon and later then Hebrons.

141. These names correspond to gypsy, scum and outcast in the sense of the original language, which therefore has not been transferred to your present languages, because the sense of your present term for gypsy still only means the wanderers, the itinerant, and the unsettled ones.

142. Thereby it should be clarified that the present gypsy people have not the least in common with the Hebraons of that time, who proclaimed themselves the first born and the chosen ones, just as much as do their distant descendents, who today still dare to assert this.

143. In truth, the Hebraons were the real scum and outcasts of Earth humanity, because through them fights and quarrels within the whole world were constantly stirred up and yet further spread, which has been maintained until the present day.

144. Earth will first finally be calm, then, when this power-hungry and bloodthirsty Hebraon alliance, and which they themselves named as a people, which has split into various sects addicted to world control, and so forth, is fully dissolved.

145. Jehavon ruled until about 3660 Earth years ago, until he was likewise treacherously murdered by his only son Jehav, who then snatched up rule for himself, after 340 years of his father’s reign.

146. Jehav ruled wickedly, and always screamed for blood and revenge, until 3,320 years ago in your chronology, during which time he sired three sons, who were named Arussem, Ptaah and Salam.

147. Megalomaniacal like his father Jehavon, he let himself be proclaimed as creator, and celebrated as such, and like his father, he caused terrible devastation among the three human races, and he demanded blood and death.

148. As addicted to power as his father Jehav, was also his firstborn son Arussem, who constantly wanted to take over his father’s power.

149. So he also finally murdered his father Jehav, and wanted to snatch up the power for himself.

150. But he failed profoundly, because his younger brother Ptaah and his youngest brother Salam positioned themselves against him, in order to expel and ban him into exile, because, having become disgusted by the constant wars, power struggles and bloodshed, Ptaah and Salam already made an effort themselves for many decades to lead humane forms of life.

151. Therefore already for a long time, they assembled around themselves many like-minded people, with whose help they gained control of Arussem and his 72,000 followers, and expelled them.

152. But Arussem secretly returned to Earth, and settled down with his army, in the land of Egypt, in the old cubical constructions which had existed there unused for more than 70,000 years.

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