Message From the Pleiades

Semjase- 164/You have looked very Llioroughly, as the saire facts we, too, noticed by a telemeter-ship.

Meier- Yes, we consirleTer: r”m= f^rrastic, hut what has happened there? Can you tell roe won* cserailaS

sanjaae- 165/sureiy, as we could localize tlie fem Of life and reach carraunication with it. 166/lfrese visitors were very snail hunan beings of j*ust 110 centimeters in size, 167/U”jey live on a small planet world of a hitherto unknown to us star system, 168/ Th?y hrive come to the Earth because of an invc luiitary shift of time, hy a faulty manLpulaticii of theii still insufficient spacedrive technology. l697Biiuip-peri as an exTzediticn ship, Sis was hy sci.enti.sts, of which one moved out of the ship, to take plants, ice and water at the pools you mentioned, tor analysis by them, while another one mowed tcwards the woods, for the collection of materials there as well, l’/O/A third one meanwhile watched, moving by a floater rrear.s, the environment, for protection from une>:pected surprises* 171/But hy misfortune he at cne time flew too close to the ground, where he then left both the footprintc seen fcy you.

Meier- Ah, so that was it. Bat – where or© those dwarfs now? Can they return to their hcrnewxld at all? You said they have corns here by a time—shift, and this by an undesired one* But this means they have gotten thrown out of their own time, doesn’t it?

TaXInq his camera with him on the mission to investigate another ET landing site requested by Semjasej Meier snapped a nutter of photographs of tlic landing tracks and the small 23 centimeter footprints left in the fresh snow by the occupants of the craft toho got out of it at that tin*.

Semjase* 172/Yes, it does. 172/But they will again find their hcnelandr because father will bring them mm their t.iire hy tliH-larip, and Ejarfr.foi fnelr_ovii hnmeworld. 174/But this still offers sons difficulties, because we still don’t have information about their hone star system, for which reason w do at first figure exit riie cocrcinates.

Meier- Do you mean that you will find it out?

Semjase- 175/Surely, though this will give troubles.

Meier- Then, good luck. But tell me new, why and at what time did these dwarfs lane: in this forget?

Semjase- 176/dey imam landed therer because quite nosrby is a srrall impulse-sender built by us, which serves cur telemctcr-diacs for orientation. 177 /They had registered these irepulsriG, anc ir. consequence had landed there. 178/The time o£ their landing was 21:40 hours/ in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

ffcicr- So this would haw been – mordent – yes, in the 7th of December.

Semjase- 179/Yea.

Meier- Well, we have alroactf wondered about those dwarfs. We even censioerec that children could have played there, but the traces in the snow to the water-pools and Lhe single traces ccntradicted this. As well I calculated from the size of the footprints, that this must have dealt with creatures of about 120 centimeters in body size, frat which fact itself we could not exclude children fiat our a»3usnptions»

Semjase- ftou did calculate very well – there bed only 10 centiiueters cf difference.

CR 70, Thursday, January 6,1977 Atoms & First Molecule :

Meier- Just this has happened as you answered my ^^^^B Rut new, still something else, a question also- In that last contact report I concealed the question and your answer – because of advice. Ihe question was, how many atorrs does a molecule -contain. Your answer vasr that the answering of this question in this form could evoke nsiaanderstandings, yet then yea told uie that a raoiacule_ would contain 45 atoms. Unfortunately I could no more find cut the questicner, th-ijs I can not precise the question for you now, and do not know what essentially should be asked. So I want to ask ycu row for an explanation to your answer

HUM «ne has told me meanwhl ie, that the different molecules, about which J do not know, toe, what they are, would rave different amounts of atoms. So ny question a ins at: what did you describe with your answer? Df what molecule does it treat which contains 49 atoms?

Semjase- 4/1 nsve feared this would comet, but I can give you the answer. 5/with the molecule you mentioned, it deals, in your terms, with the primary or first-moloculQ of the hernmmg matter Tass cf spirit or spiritea 1 energy. h/This miecuie contains the 4^ atoms, but of which are hitherto known to oily sore few ones of tl» ©arthly science. 7/Hasioly it has to be explained herefore, the earthly scientists going astray in their termination of the atoms, because tlU9, what they call atome, are not those. S/Ihe atom itself is no mors of pure material nature, but an intermediate thing between crrssmaterial matter and the energy of spirit. 9/irvis is all disposed hy a sej£enne3S, which we rail the sevenfold synthesis of

■akJctQF., 1ft/Tn r^^rtnro rho ggnnpn plants; arA fully

different, and thus as well different in their value, u/Hitherto are known to the earthly science only two of these planes, and These are the seventh and the sixtn_ of then;, while they try to explore ths fifth one, taecause they becane attentive tottaryhew. 12/so the scientists of tarth are working fully correct within their researches, because they explore the origin of life backwards. 13/This means, that they follow hacK their researches from final product to the origin, which is good logic* 14/But in spite of their rtsjht treatment In this respect, the earthly scientists are extremely presumptions and Insufficiently educated, because, how could otherwise care up, that they define the seventh plane nf synthesis or matter s.s the atonic plane and atom, aith-i^. this is very definitely only correct for the fclrst plane, which consists as absolutely in di irt ga’r-i i iry in its values* 1^/Ihe second plane is known to tho earthly science, but it ir. truth embodies the e fifth plane which ycu call elementary particles or th© plane of olemontary particles, while tho fifth plane is already Inown to thorn, but they arc still unable to araiy7e

it today. lG/ln consequence are hitherto known to them two planes of [ratter construction (the last lwd, the sixth and the seventh), while they first try to explore a third one (the fifth), but still have no presentiment chat there exists in the whole seven planes, ana that they miss the knowledge of the further four of them. 17/And because those facts are unknown to them, by which they could understand then, that there exists a nricrer-atonr-p 1 ane besides the atom plane, which draws through all spiritual energetical ann rnughmteria 1 matter.

Meier- Thank you for your explanation, what I erxt-ceived of it- I unfortunately have only con founded ly few facts, but therewith the physicians can fight-

Scnrjaso- lB/btorraally thin wculd bo above thexr imaginative forces.

History from Lyra-Vega System upto Aryans & BAFATH :

Meier- fl^H^H^MH^^HV^- But now to the other theme, where we are also ir*teres ted in the history of Uie Aryans, il you knew anything about this?

Semjase- 19/Yes, 1 do; – at which HvnrttM shuuld T start?

Meier- Start there, when the earliest ancestors were still in their original hcmeworld. Tell the time when they first cane to liarth, etc., etc.

Secijase- 20/As you want. 21/Well, already at the beginning of our contacts I told thoroughly of the history of destruction and rebuilding of the ancient hcrasworlda of tlie…..

Meier- Excuse j.t, you talk of the destruction of the world by tlie EJestroyer^CQinet? What actually happeiied there?

SGmjaee- 22/Surelyf I sra=>ak of this. 23 f the* ancient hcoawprlda were planotc within tho cotfitellatien of stars known to you as “LYRA” and near the “VESH” constellation. 24/Few of the worlds there are still today Inhabited by different races, which all belcng to our federation- 2S/0ur then early ancestors mastered snaceflight already more than 22 nil lion years ago, and performed exiaerlltlona reaching; far into the cosmos on exploration fiigntsr and already then came to Earth tho firct tine- 26/But she still lay deeply

in early developments, and in consequence lay further for her time of dbvetopnent. 27/Uut nevertheless the Earth was often visited again to set out the p^nishec elements who were evil in the hcmeworicls- 28/But this last«T~cinly a few irtilleniumsf and then once left frcra the Earth by unknown roe an s, and left this world in calir. again, for mny_rj.lllon years* while the already

ther on in natural order, when we abstract from that, that the set-out (railed) human things mixed themselves with the already hunan-like creatures. 29/ Millions of years passed, while thy dicient races spread far over the cosmos, also developing themselves spiritually and gathering great power. 30/But this power still not control lably 11 watered, was used fox wicXed purposes anrt for mischief cn many worlds. 31/ Meanwhile the eatastrcphies caused rjy the “Destroyer” darr.aged much of the ancient nrjmawDrias t3nd killed up to two-thires of the then nrenJcind* 32/Bit tlirouqh hardness and lots of privation, they sccr found a new beginning, hy which they built up after less than nine centuries, a new civilization anc culture. 33/ carman wort and reseaicti, umy urtciueu e very nign technology, which reached further than, oil had been hitherto. 34/in parallel, they also developed their spirit, whose forces they still could not master. 35/Su the time cams when they constructed f 1 ightnach ines again* by which tlwy could hurry through tlx* free cosmic space. 36/lhesse fliqhtraeans were of saucer-lite form and had beandrive (raydrive). 37/By these mears they flew out to the widths of the universe, towards other sun-systems and planets, which they expedlt loned and colonized, either by peaceful means or murderous wars* 38/often by evil power, they produced new possibilities for livtrKj and new space for life, as they needed this for the prevailing number of human beings of their nations. 39/ltiere were especially the scientists, who explored space for more and .Tore new worlds and solar systems, and to perform this was no problem for them, because their chipe were equipped with all technical means, which made them absolutely powerful inasters. 40/Trielr weapons were of great power and fichtir.g efficiency, in COTSoquence of which, fights against whole-nations of strange worlds Here short and one-sided.

in advantage for tlie conquerors. 41/Especially the scientists recuynized in the run of time, the unlimited possibilities of the spiritual forces, thus they sponsored tliese by the collection 5f imense taTowledge, and OQTOloped them until they became a ln3tt@r inr course for then, by which they rose still higher aloft, and soon became absolute masters of their nations. 42/For their great knowledge, they were called JHKE, having the same moaning as “God**, to uee terms known to you, meaning then again “Kings Of Wisdom“. 43/The iHWHs, much superior than their nations, because u£ their knowledge and abilities, subjected all forms life below them under their rule and. governed them by dictatorial force. 44/For a tlroe of several centuries, exactly 864 years of your present earthly time calculation, the nations were exposed by dn, at first secretly glowing’ revolution, but which doings le3 to the jukhs seizing by violent ireans and trying to stifle all of that In its bud, but wherein they did not completely succeed-45/By the ambiticms ones, innumerable human beings were killed or just 5imply eliminated by horrible weapons, thus r.o flustpieoe remained or mem. 4b/nur. by this the renccr of the crowd increased, ar.c they steadfastly and secretly prepared for flight. 47/For four ler.c centuries the secret preparations lasted, fcr breaking nut hy a sudden blow in a far-reaching and open war for liberating, which spread ever many worlds of the Lyra and Vega Systems, and lasted there. 43/MDre than 55 percent of ill culture ivhs esr/sgftc and completely destroyed. 49/Some races were completely harassed, w’-:ile ^triers only by -»-ery narrow escape were able to survive. 50/Three worlds of tee Lyra-System were sinply eliminated and dissolved to energy by a new process, which meanwhilo on the Earth is already in the beginning or its development. 51/ The earthhuman being is already calling this delusional weapon “over-killfor its deadly effect. 52/ £-iil as a product fantasy about an improved technology f this weapon is in research and cc^istructicn by the scientists as a weapon for total elimination, and it already finds entrance in the books of different authors, who describe this most cruel of weapons in their science fiction worksP to preserve the earthhuman beings Iran the last delusion. 53/ln Earth

cluonology, the crjfchroakc o£ the liberation war in the Iyra and Vega systems was around 230, OOP years ego. S4/Thc high occnajidcr of tho terror!zing armies was an IT Uill fay the n^re of ASAEL, who, whan he saw Lhe hopelessness of the £ight„ withdrcw hinselt in a fast escape from the victorious and vengeful nations. 55/He secretly succeeded in occupying a pr^rful fleet cf 183 grcat*-3oacor ships (mothers-ships) and 253 space rcccnnaisajjicc ships with a total crew of 360,000 people, and fled the heaviest fighting. 56/ It.ey quickly left their home systems, to go astray in the ccgncs for many rootless yoara, until they one day found el great star system which offered the necessaxv space fcr living, far rsroved from their origin aL home system. 57/Tha new star system was comprised of 2S4 a till young and because of that blue-white stars, which already had separata systens of a few oolcnizoblc planets. 5S//Vcording to the leader of the escape fleet, Uie whole solar system was named for him, this by your word’s value as ASAEL-SaSTB*. 59/After occupying this young star system, where different planets were made inhabitable in a run of

three hundred vuaij by tho ti r^r-r doB-^rt^rs,

and a new mankind was gcncratcc, they newly started in greet cohorts, to go exploring through the space for new room for living- 60/Cn the* three cclcri2ed worlds, different expedition ships were equipped, with which the titans tiien flow cot to the widths of Uie universe, to reach 17 years later their preconceived sin and to take poecssion of it. 61/Trds had been the stars known to you as tho HESPERIDES, which liave their own worlds rotating aroune tnecT anc were little inhabited by human forms ot life, who were subjected by the conquerors. B5/CS55c a tew centuries, a new culture was generated in the Hasperides worlds, then inhabited by the emigrants frrjm the Asaei-System. 03/Seventy years later, Asaei walked the way ot all perishable things – he cicd* 64/ffe was succeeded by his daughter Ple^a, an IIflvTi, in whi=h ccnceq^esiee the heme system was changed in nsfrc- frorr. /.cael- to the Pleja-gystem, because for the then human beings, who mce Titans, the synboiizatlon wac still of rmch valuer 3ik* still today for tho human being of the Earth, corresponding to degenerate logic. 65/Under the caTraand of the new leader Pieja, further erped-

itions were prepared, which would o^Iorc a very remote and outlying solar system, which according to all calculations must have gained posession of a part of a planet frcrn the Lyra-Gystegnj when many mil lien years ago the Destroyer had killed the original bane-worlds. 66/”ftccording to the calculations, the Destroyer itself must have taken the same course, in consequence of which it had been changed in its course by the sun of that remote system and was diverted into an always returning course through this system. G7/These calculations gave a hint to the Titans, why they started towards this far away sysLsm, not knowing that millions of years ago their great-great-ancestors had flown to this remote system and had set out unwelcome elements cn a world there, which was on the Ffrrth, your hrmewxrid. 68/so they started newly in their expedition ships and reached after Icng years to the Huff-System, where they brought three different planets under their power arid started to build a new culture 69/ThesG planets were Mars, the Earth and Malona, but they were still very desolate and 1 i f g-tiareatenirvg , thus tho crows of the expedition tieet lett tneso worlds again after a few years, while a few nenalned back, and slcwty grew savage as they mingled themselves with the animal-like and uncultivated Qeszenctonts of the sooner millions of years ago outset humans, 7Q/lhose scientists of the PIeja-Systerns left the Earth, as their earlier forefathers did, to its natural further development, and only perfemeed here and there exploring and controlling visits, and in the further run of time, left the meanwhile ocnpletely grown savage and existing there human beings to their hard fate- 71/This lasted for many tenthcusands of years, 72/Ther. the leader Pleja dicd_ anc the idol ism in the Pie ia-gy stems” passed, while on Earth a new intelligence developed fic.n tli* descendents of tlie savage ones left behind, wlrtch caused the inliabitants of the Pie ja-Systerns who were constantly weitchinq the Earthy to send new expeditions toward the Earth, which again constructed up a new culture, synchronous with the erection of a culture cn the fourth planet, which was on the world called MAT ON A» 75/But still very bartoarcus in character, there rose after less than 3,000 years, fights for

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