Message From the Pleiades

Semjase- 72/Vcu think wrong, as ws have already talked about the most different human races, where i slowly started with the differentiaticris according to the earthly understanding.

MMer*- flrr*=ptec. – But how does it happen that the Earth b»lng is so gnall today despite his giant an-castors?

Semjase- 7 3/Hie first reasons for this are the rambling factors of tho eartfcbcrn hurran forms, by which the croae-ccuolings, as well ae all influences of the Earth herself, too, are only able to bear smaller-grewi human beings, these influences of

the Earth as well alternated all cur ence forefathers within their ci2e, for as well they had been giants in earlier cpcchc. 7 5/But in the run of the mi I i en turns, vhile they lived en ths Earth and accomodated themselves to her, they wnra sub j acted to the alternation by her influence, by which they became manifest ly smaller in size, by which we as the late dlrort descendants of them keep the same average sl?r- as yn\: Earth beings. 76/But there eotsist exceptione with ns as wall, as you do know, like also on End R*rthf while oven wholo races are characterized by this QHfSfe. 77/So bocidQc these races, which haw been preserved since ancient times within their original si2e, are dwarf-like or gigantic races.

Meier- I conceive. But unfortunately enly now you give the imagination by your present explanation, like having talked at earlier times otherwise about the same concerns. Rut this is the enly impression, or an impression, for T ran uell remember, that really you told the same in meaning, hut told less facts and relations. This again could lead to criticism, that you get accused of contradiotim.

Senrjase- 78/This shouldn’t be year trouble, because these who sincerely trouble themselves for esypanslon of their knowledge, will find agreement with my explanation.

Naming of Life-Forms in the Universe :

Meier- fl^^B^^^MB- But w have heir-re abcut gods and s^i-goos, and nrw 1 wanner how the nawgj wero chosen tcr these. Can you tell me something about this? Karrcly in the last weekend I was informed about sctbg thing very Interesting in connection with your nraro. Her© it beoane evicent to ire, that your name does exactly accord to your state of knowledge, and thus to your spiritual evolution.

Scmjaso- 79/In the uhole universe. nar^es are ejecred for all forms of life exactly ir. accordance with 3b position of evolution of the coreomed form of life.

where the earthhuman being is unconsciously not behaving very rrnch in this order, and gives a name, especial Iy i o * hr it.mem beIngps fcLeiiaeiveSj vr.Ld5 La completely un suited– SO/The name cjiven to a human Leing has, by conforming to the ratter concerning -.’ i:- 1 • .j ; 1… Inn of order, to correspond tc tlie :>_>-•-it ion of Ms fen Pledge and abilities, and by this as well to the according level of evolution, as otherwise disharmony does arise within the material and spiritual sghera of Ufa, avofcing confusions and wrong inf luences, and causes the human being to go astray in his development* fil/For example, do take your own name, which means by its value, “Preserver of the Treasure“* 62/So thia value is correctly cot— responding to you, but like as well all those values of the hitherto given to you, and still being given to you j ninlertarTies, of which there are many-Meier- I understand- But what about the name “Ri l ly” as £eket onoe told me soma concerns about this ■

Semjase- 83/Euxelyj but you know that yau should no loncor use fchrc name, which is as woll a nicJcnamo, just for a certain doing1 and work, which means for these which ycu have performed for years in different,

Meier- Very fine, but only this. – I wanted to hear frrn you, as 1 really knew it by myself*

Senrjase- 84/Gertainly. B5/For certain reasons you should still keep this naire, but sirply no longer in connection to your then activity, fctaich was a hard t ine of education and learning for you.

Meaning of Name “Semjase

Meier- 4H^^HHM^ Le]re scirethlng row: your name lies quite a definite Treanine, but which aims at being a semi^islTwisht or whatever tliis is called?

Semjase- S7/Surely. 88/But ishwish is the male term. B9/The female term is “Ishrish”, uhere the saic3 by you “semi” is expressed in our language as “Eup”.

Meier- In consequencer you are an glo-lshwishr rf I have understood it right* And this is exactly the meaning or expressing of your naro, too- Am I correct?

Senrjase~ 90/But certainly, this is no secret* Wrong Naming leads to Degeneration – Jacob(us):

Semjase- 91/1 a till want to give you an explanation in the sake of the giving gf the names. 92/VJhat ae-generations can appeal: if a wrong n^ros is given tu a ‘i.L-.^-j. ir^iin, ■s-xii ^ t.’-^iiv • ‘.-.iu. ^5i uiadJaaob.

Meier- This natter has already struck roe, too, -net only that his name is strange* tn me for him.

Sernjase- 93/As you can we, his doings and thinking are overburdened by dangerous facts, which are not characteristic for nun, nut are evoked by hiR wrong name. 94/But for him the stars also play an important: part, wnic’n still sponsor t-hess influences when-ever they meet him, which unfortunately is true-

Meier- in those facts, I unfortunately am not an expert. But I want to talk about it with Martin* But I often have deliberated cn Jacob and aloe found cut that his present name is completely wrong, but not Simply beoauoe I know. From my view and calculation, the end of his name should be prolonged by the letters “USM# which then maid maan “god protects”, or “the :<ih~3 of wisdom prefects”. But as the name is written in the German term, and pronounced, it means exactly the opposite, that is “god kills” or “the kino of wisdom kills“.

Seffrjase- 95/You have troubled yourself very much therefore, and you have found exactly the right fact.

Meier- Wall, hut what about the short name? Here I unfortunately cculc find out nothing to now,

Semjase- 96/You all should use this name no more for him. 97’/It was suited for the time of beginning, because he had Lo learn very much, but now his full name should find exercise and use, and this you have figured out.

Center of MilkyWay Galaxy & Its Origin :

Meier- MHiMHi^HMHIHIB^ mt ^ son**” Uiinq eli-, .idlL.Jv c^jluL Lilt l-aiiLei <:jl udlixy. Tf I remember correctly, then once Asket told me this was around bO.OOO l lent years distant in oar SQLr-Sys-ttau, while our science says this is only 3a,0Qq


Sanlase- 98/Thc gal&xial center, or the gBlaxial central sun, is at a distance of S3,QQ0 licjhtyeaY£, when SQL is taken for the starting point of fraaciirg.

Meier- I see. And what does this central sun consist cf? I mean herebyt of what material?

Semjase- 99/lhese axe still wild gas-atoms, which nr^.-ir.:- they are still bubbling by* still unordered form inside the galaxial stonn, constantly split one another, create new atomic conpouncb and separate themselves gpl 1 -form Irom cut to the outer regions of the center, and 80 in gigantic masses. IflO/lhese rotating aroun<5 thenselves with immense blazet split cne another further on, to form thenselves separately towards huge, sphere I ike functions, then towcuvs developing thence Ives into sun ferric t lens, which rise by couplets lots, by acrnmilations-

Moier- You mean, that never dee?; ri?p one sun alone?

Samjasd- 101/The^ ria* hpwpwipp, while then not each accumulation of this sort develops into a real sun. because many of them are too gjglj In trass, to be able to develop into such e lonraticn. 102/These then become in the run of millions and billions of years, but which already is very rare, because tlie iratter is already condensed, to very rxrnpsct stars and to plan-eta, which themselves will cnoe generate life and carry life.

Meier- Here you likely speak of an event like hap-rjcns in our solar system with tfvc> sun-systems of Jupiter and Saturn?

Semjase- 103/Surely-

Meier- Okay, and hew does euch a gal axial center form itself? Such central sunf I mean, frrrr. which a qalaxy is generated?

Semjase- 104/This is very easy, namely by unmeasur-dljle lots of accurrrjlohicns of the driving everywhere in the universe gas-atoms, which grow to hoape, alternate and change themselves, and this way heat ere another in the nm of time and condense, end finally be propelled by the heat to the coldness of space,

where they begin to rotate and to condense sti 11 more.

Meier- This I can understand, though I am no physician. These firework-frogs will always contest your explanations, because they always want to be wiser. But now a question about the universal central sun and the or igin of the hurrying through space gasatcftns. Where from do these cane, from what do they originate, and – what actually is the universal central sun? From Earth one cannot see it. Where is it?

Semjase- 105/These are many questions together, but they are coherent. 106/The whirling through space gas-atoms are the direct, condensed product of the central sun of the universe. 107/lt again is the origin of all materializing, cross-mater ia 1 matter, to which gets counted by finer form, the gan-a terns, too. 108/The central sun of the universe itself does not correspond to the same formation of substance as a galactic central sun, but it still consists of pure spiritual stuff, but which is already fluffy condensed, but, as explained, is still spiritual matter, and still shews no rough-material symptoms. 109/This spiritual stuff shows a milky-white coloration, and already is even visible to the human being, and that as Jj^jht^ because spiritual matter of this shape is just light. 110/As behaves with a rough-material galaxy, so as well these spiritual energies accumulate, form an immeasurable center, alternate and condense to gas-atans and are flung from the center, to whirl as gas-atcm-galaxies and other free gas-atoms through the free space, from where they finally develop themselves and become visible and rough-material galaxies and so on. Ill/The universal central sun itself is roughly in the middle of the universe, thus much too far away from the SQL-System than could be observed fran there, though its light power is immeasurable. 112/Only by a very strong helping means can it be seen as a fine milky line, in which the earthly astronomical sci ence has si\r.c^eded already some years ago- 113/The universal-central-galaxy is seen as a

central sun or the central galaxy cloes exist. 115/ Seen frcr ; ^ h-rtr:, the central calaxy appears like an luranse arc immeasurable”_fl&jsn, Allien constantly enlarges Itself.

Origin of Spiritual Matter or tight-Flakes :

Meier- ^BBB^ but fran where does this spiritual matter . _ light-flakes or however you term


senjase- 116/You are very illogical, for you have that knowledge.

Meter- Of course, as the Genesis explains it clearly and obviously- But 1 don’t ask fur fifyself, buL for all triose who sr. 1Ll don’t have this knowledge,

sairjase- 117/Then your questloi Is justified.

Meier- So I nevertheless ask logically.

semjase- 118/Sureiy. 119/Nbw tit; light-£lakes, as you just said, are me^e roidensed spiritual energies rising from the Great fori, generated by her, created by will, ideas,

Meier- wei I saldr but new do also explain to me once, what In Itself arbodies tlie cieation? I think that, this doss not deal of a living beirsgr but siinply of the nn I ve r s a 1 curlaclausr mjss .

Herri ase- 120/By tills you have already given tlie explanation. 121/>:ore about this, I myself can not explain to you, because as well our know ledge in this respect is limited. 122/The Creation corresponds to the universal ce.* bL_uJBne88, Milch leads and goreua there in leaning of the consciousness, as a daublespiraL-shaped oval formation, uhich at the same tiswe is forming tlie universe at its increasing extent, •while the double-spiral arms live pulsing aa apirit-uai energy ana rotate tr^wa l lIk each uQilj. . 1 knowledge do to as weU not cw:i abcut U.c Creation itself. 124/Lilce yourself, we only know the causes and the effects, the be1rKj-«>:lstlng and the law,1? and bids, but not Tore.

Meier- I ancold not have asked you for this. You new seem to he depressed,

Semjase- 125/¥our question once again uvikes evident

to me so much, how little vae know in spite of our enorrocue knowledge-

Gizeh-lntelligences Delta-Shaped Ship:

■^^^■Sb^B 1 ?ust ra-T^Ttrerec something:

Previously it was reported to Erie, that ifi an evening around 3 to 4 weeks ago, would have hung a triangular beaia-sprenninc ship nearly vertically high above our house for around 20 minutes* This vas told to me by en irm-keeper who says he had watched tlie object, it is interesting to note that exactly at tills time in our house, different people started t: “njtutt*” (to act strangely), and I finally ran away, because this all ‘pjbs simply too much for me. I deliberated then upon that, and have found quite many things-Do you psrhape have a presentiment, of what ship it could have dealt there? Know, it roust have looked like a delta* It had gaudy beams cf licrht in front, vrkile behind v;as a colorless lightbeam play.

Semjase- 1367You said “deIts-shaped”? 139/Tliis could only have been Gjzeh-TntF?l 11 ggncest who let their influence play_

Meier- Exactly the same, I also thought, and explained to the otherones. Other ships of this sort I don’t knew. What do these fools want again?

semjase- 140/They surely use our absence to become active again. I’ll,/I will hand ever this message, so that silence is ordered again, because we can’t sMn have these forces in play; moreover, there is still enough of the refraining forces for great intrigues to be plotted. 142/Thia is stupid, as ^just now we have fltore inportant things to do, than tc trouble about these intruders. 143/At all, be very csrefui and never leave your protection.

Jfcicr- Oh yes, now we are better equipped, too, as we najnely got – hew did you say it – this far-fyrrmn- Radio ication Means* Ihis means, our always dearly caring woman friends had arranged all this and sponsored it.

Semjaoor- 144/Rogard ray dear thanks therefore

Plejaren have no Relation with SS-Chief in Uster

Meier- V^^^BB- ^Jt yet now another question* At Uster dome days ago something has happened, concerning a then SS-chiof. Arc there any relations evicting betweer …….•?

Semjase- 162/Np, be without fear. Ib3/The events are known to me, but they are of no relation to us or to you*

Dwarf Human Being ET’s -110 cms Size :

Meier- fl^^HHHIH^HJH^IHD But now still another question* Early in Wednesday you have sent me out at 00123 hours- to look at a certain pLace for sotte landed thing. By three people we then found a trace in the snow at a clearing in the forest, which very evidently must have risen from a ship* the snow

was melted in a circumference of about 3.50 meters, while still outside of the Hrnlft tojch-dcwr. supports or similar were indicated at four places. To our astonishment, we moreover found a lot of little footprints no longer than 23 ccnMmatars, which lee from the traces of the ship towards a little pool, then returned to the ship, and then towards another water-pool, ait tiie same snail footprints then also led towards the forest and then back to the ship’s traces* But still the craziest wes, when at dbout a distance o£ 100jme£crs from the ship’s prints center in the snow we fuuiid two »inyle tiiuse fuc-tr-rints witiiout cury trace leading to them. It just seemed like somebody would have flown tlircugh tLe air’ and have just stepped the two footprints in the snow,

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