Message From the Pleiades


of expression, and already differently, one told me from another side, that the article could be my work, for it was written in my Language. Like this, my language and expressions are influencing otherones. Thoy cimply overtake it, wtvirh then gets expressed later in written patters, as thou^i everything was written £ ran my pen-

Semjase= 62/In this respect tlie earthhLinan beings can no be haloed.

More ET’s Manned Roboters & Android Ships coming to Earth :

224/As further fact, I have to inform you, tliat during this tine, increasingly extraterrestrial intelligences send ngjj.ed robot ers and android sliiys to Earth, to be active there experimentally. 225/This has already gone on for many years r but at tlie tiae now, this activity has been iruch increased, while earth-human beings are even taken for experiment and testobjects. 226/So te on your guard, because they could bring harrn to you if you should unexpectedly fall into their hands.








CR 68, Friday, November 12,1976

– Plejaren are observig the activities of Brazilian-Group in the environment & warned Meier of negative elements from Germany & Switzerland

Strategy behind releasing Controversial Paintings/Pictures – Universal Barrier, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Great-Spacer:

Meier- ^■■■■^■HHBHHHMHHMHM

-ed received seething today. Sigrid Kinat has sent roe snmethiJTg, that hit ire out of balance. Here, just do look, this exposure here. Of this you have spoken yesterday, haven’t you?

.^njase- 23/Nor this is something else. 24/1 cent the other posting directed to you away. 25/3 observed you very thoroughly today, anc saw that this nail alone had already burdened you very nruch in tho evening,, for which reason r misguided the other letter addressed to yrv, to a piece wFiere it can not cause harm* 2 6/That which ycu have there is a copy drawing of an Inspired pi rt lire transmitted to an illustration painter, ‘or trie purpose of slowly making the earthhunan beings aoqua*nt*>d with pictures of concerns which will trouble them In the future. 28/3Gsides, this drawing is nnt very good, but the original production is a masterpiece- 29fJust lock at tho differences. 30/Our exposure shews the center of tho barrier as an egg-shared format ion, as it is in reality, while thie”Ead rrpy shnws the center as circla-chapod round- 31/As well the radiations are quite different, and the foreground, too, where in our exposure is seen the flick-eringr orsalescent energy, while in the painting a


Landscape is expressed.

Meier- Ihis we have seen for curse Ives already, but: read licie below, there it is written that I would have shot this exposure at first in the spring of 1976, Such have I feared for a long ti-Tc, like that about □U’jer exposures, for example of rSars and vonng.

Swujrifie- 32/But you have si-ewn them in the middle of rtiH lriHt year*

Meier- Of course, and 1 could see them as well, but what do yeu think, who will care about this? New these pictures have been shewn on TV on 5 ybvember 1976, and months ago exposures of Venus and Mars, as well as cf Jupiter. Now it is said, that I would have photographed them frcm the TV screenr although I had them about one yeer before.

Semjase- 3 3/You said that once already r but it is simply nut understandable. 34/The corthhojran should be able tu think logically in these things.

Meier- So you think about it. Troubles do as well rise around thi3 odd Jupiter and with the spaceship of Ptonh, o3thcy shewed as well onco or twice pictures ir. the television this year, which quite devilishly were equal to my exposures.

Ecflijose- 35/Thi3 can bo explained easily. 36/It dealt there of a trickfilm which was produced by information by intuition^ to prepare the oarthhuman being for certain things. 37/]Iere oa well exists a defined reason, that the grcatspoeer of ny father wac transmitted as an outline picture.

Meier- That’s good for me like a nonsense, for hew ahould I explain this to the people? I don’t knew hew-

Gemjase- 38/Perhaps we have done a mistake by these cross fades, which ia possible. 39/But we hed to loam first, and to learn to !-aicw better about the earth-human beings.

Meier- Surely, there is nothing to refute in this, but what to do now?

Sesrjase- 40/ttothinc;.

Meier- Fine. Jfow I can eat the hot soup, Can’t I?

Semjase- 4i/lt won’t be so bad. 42/Now you are nerv-vous and demoralized* 43/Withiii scoe days you will overcome these tilings ea&iiij when yuu see them mute realisticly. 44/in your present excited state* you regard everything for too dark»

Meier- Okay. In this you may be right- But tell me once: Is It really sn rrnfmincer:ly necessary that I have to diffuse these exrx^nres;, *riich already in times before were used by sensitive painters far pictures in oil or anyrhing else, and were published by those?

Semjase- 45/it had been very 1jrmrtantr and still is, but certain groups react wry negatively, which was not calculated in our reckonnmgis or prohahl 1 ity-

Meier- Tnen I aim slaaply the fool now. You really could have infe-nrctfi me about thee© t nines, and then 1 never wmjld hsve shown these pictures.

Semjase- I knew, and because of that I was not

a lit j*** 3 to merit ion anytn ing. 4//it s imply naci to happen as it Cici; why, you will see during the run of next year-Meier— you irystery-noiger. Semjase- T can not change it-

CR 69, Friday, December 10,1976

Easter Island, Tiahuanaco, Pisco, Nazca & Sacsayhuaman:

Meier- ^^■i^^B- Ahr T prcnised already snre time ago, for ray friend Herald, to as* you one© about the coiinecticns about Easter Tsland, which sun=»ly is known to you. In cause of tho script here, he want-s to know if you can decipher it for os?

Smjase- I am not allowed to do sor because

hereby connections would be revealed, which the earth-hunvin icings arc? still not admitted to knew- 5/1 myself could not even decipher these marks, for they are uh<nown to mer which is why I would have to hand them further on. 6/1 would readily do this for you, but then you would have to keep silent about the result.

Meier- Met. demanded, as well I do not want to know it, but in itaelf, I am all right interested in that, but on the ether hand, I likely would be burdened as well by this ‘knowledge- To be constantly in care to not betray sows matters is scenetiwa quite displeasing, too. Perhaps you can disclose for me the secret of Easter Island? Especially here it concerns

the giant heads, which still today ore a riddle for tne e.Tirthhoraji beings. Sbbody knows bow they got there or who produced than. Are ycu allowed to tell me anything about this?

Semjase- 7/Yes, bat I hove to keep silence about the messages left these,, if you yourself do not want to kriSB anything about thesn, os ycu -just said. 8/Listen yet: 9/The earrhhuran being is wrong when he assumes the matters around Easter Island would be an autonomous thing- 10/Ndmely, the occurences of past times on this island is in direct connection to Uie continent and the country which still today is called Tia-huanaco, as Lt was already named in earlier times-11/Despite several liitherto alternations. 12/Easter island and TiahuaiLdcu are more than 5,000 kilometers away trm each other, aiid nevertheless tliey have a direct connection to one another. 13/Hie history of this connection traces bacfc to very eexly tinea and flrsr eggs jg the year 2548, counted £tom today backward^ 14/As l expiaTnwT to you cnoc already, the l^Ht decisive calnn:z?.t^:n r:f the liirtji ~t e>. list terrestrial intelligences happened about 13,000 years ago. L5/RS ycu know, different of the imigratetf hoard “”fteserr.ed, cilu like this as well a man in position of a SHitl-lslwlsh, by tlie name of VTRft00QD1&, who was already very old alio greedy for government. 16/His n=*me 1s delivered still today to the Ehrth, but with a little change, as he has been called for some time as nnly \|TR£CCQifi, and moreover as an iahwish CII3WR1 , though he was ccily half this position- 17/Ey his patronage aiir. liis cruel leadership he conquered the high land at around 4,000 meters altitude of Tiahuanaco and the delta-is land which you call Easter Island. 16/After this victory* Viracocoha settled together with a snsli body guard of cherubim on the sraall isle of MOT, situated before Eas-er Island, which today you call, as far as I know, >UT\T^JT_pL similar. 19/It was named Not then, because the cherubim were animal-hurran-be i ng-c re atur es # in this case all bird I ike. 20/Mot means “bird” in our ancient language, thus the island was called Mut-Isle, or the island of Bird-Humans, as It is still celled today. 2i/5o here resided Viracocoha ur just VLracccha. 22/iie and hia

followers, fled Lyraniana, like rrany others who come to the Earth, had a gigantic body structure; by Erceth measure nearly eleven meters tall. 23/These were the ones who educated the seemingly dwarf like proceeding them normal-grown inhabitants of Tiahuanaco and of Easter Island, who were procreations of emigrated intelligences earlier epochs from the widths of tho universe, with much kr.ovledqe, who also handed over bo thorn their own techno logics, which were highly developed# and taught them how to operate the appliances and machine?. 24/Be as well they instructed the ancient inhabitants of Tiahuanoco and of Easter Island about the labor of stone-masoning, within which theyallowed themselves to be celebrated a3 ejeda. 25/ Kith the help of these giants and their macnTries and other gearj the ancient inhabitants worked out the maters-tall head formations from the lava-stones, and erected these, likewise with machine help, indiscriminately all over the island. 26/Similar events happened in these regions you call Pisco, Masca, and Sacsayhaaran, because here as well, the giants has

Mfefclffd. 21/Thin vr&n hh<* origin or many Gt&bttoe anci other formations, where also the forms af spaceships wore reproduced on Easter Island in the stones of the lava walls, which still arc visible at present, namely in tho form of tho egg-shaped cut stones, for the spaceships of that time had thie form. 2B/&ftor savors 1 mil Ioniums (the exact date is obscured From uc), tho giants wore suddenly bofalien by an optdomlg, then unknown to them, which took tho life of many of them. 29/Finding no moans against the epleemic, they escaped from Earth in their beamships t and vanished iriE© the free cosmoe, and are since then preEimea dead. 30/The most thorough rseaarch of our scientists found no traca efc them until today. 31/In result does also exist Eho possibility, that they ware befallen by the mysterious epidemic in spite of their flight from Earth in their spaceships, and hava died, while their ships shot aimlessly through the cosmos, tc be attrac-ei by seme star and becccre wrecked. 32/Our calculations of probability speak much for this- 33/ Especially at Easter Island, the escaping giants left a desperate natron, suddenly deprived of technology, because their giant-gods had taken all with thesr..

34/So os well remained Lett bc™ hundreds of lncai-pletc hcad-otatuee In the lava vails of tho- volcano cratets, never zo be finished. 35/In complete despair the islanders tried to qet back the fled gods by trying to complete the unfinished atone heads with primitive stone fist vusauirs, which of course failed miserably and was given up in a few year a. 3G/Despite many exploration w* r-iniri nnr. find ouL Liuii wlii”. reason the islancers came to believe that they would be able to bring back their giant gods ny improvement of the stone heads- 37/This is an unresolved riddle for us. 38/As the improvement or the stone heads failed miserablyi after some years came the call, that the put ting-up of shining redhata would calm the fled, giants, and brinq then, back* 39/IIow and why there rose this call yet, is mysterious tu us as well* 40/In any case, with srme remaining crane-like machines and seme primitive other nt*ans scaffolds and platforms at the already numerous existing giant heads, they erected great hats moulded frcro a mixture of red earth/ sand and email stones, onto the heads. U/Several dozen such hats, whoee original form ls obscured to us, were produced in a snail volcano crater, which were then rolled after being finished towards the heads, and were lifted by the crane-like machines into place. 42/From our calculations of probability, these hats must have been reproductions of the hp 1 met-1 ike fomaLlons of the giants, which evidence ia still unavailable to us. 43/ln any case, many natters about these giants and their activity on Fhrth are mysterious to us, and we can not find a solving therefore. 44/There is only known to usr rhat the giants left their last sign of living sctrtewhe-re in a far-away solar system of the constellation known to you as Andromeda, but where* we don’ t exactly knew, because i”rem”soncwlicre cane news of the exist-*i «”*- o*f a colonized world, tlie existance of the Earth, while from there t i l l-niurns later, started a great expedition that came to Earth. 45/These were members of a human race, which in average was 180 centimeters in bocV height, who brought a message of the giants to Tiahuonaco and lived there tor soffifr 20 years and 7 months. 46/This happened, calculated back from today, quite exactly 2568 years ago, as we could see.

5#atjii5« 42/Fran our caLaolaricrs of prftrihirty, thesa hots iqlsl hsva ‘rsBTi iir^ialucrjjcra of the hairnet-Like fbonaLiais uT Uae giants*, which g/itjgicB is srj.ll unavailable uj us.. In enj^ei ‘JFC? oontart case in Hungary a similar e^Lanauicn rt=c glvei srH a ^vJ arewlua was produced shoeing just what the Eastei Isldnuteis ccutf ses. uT the ULVuydfiL Lr^j2d Cs ;,~ls=;.,.

47/During the nearly 21 year stay of the unknown tc us ^ndrccftedans, they built up a quite nich culture, and constructed electrical energy centers whose cables they laid below the ground, protected by half-tube: cliAiiyel^ “out u£.: by thtm, about which still o.^y v< -‘r scientists rack their brains, because they can not reason their precise production axid cbn’t knuw their purpose. A 8/ Like the giants, the Andre jmedfiriR as wr I I, vw’tt– cn’.i Id rint ncconrxlate tfteflis elves to tlie rr h 1 y cond 1 r i on? of c Mnwte arc! a – rosphere, were befallen after smn 7D years ny rr;e sarin myster 1nb euicemlsj, which caused thei&i tu escape in panic. 43/ They as well are presumed Q&EC Since that tint;, and likely have all perished! 5D7This dear friend, ls a rough drawing ur EES niauury of Uie Easter Island, Tldtiurinaco, and scire other comitry’ s parts. 51/Mtite, T do lint krinw ahout tliat, by regret.

Meier- Girl* this already ia rnix.ii iiore than I have expected- actually it is regretable tliat tlie dear giants have disappeared, because we could use such fellows here quite well an Earth today. Many iright-LhlraLy louts wjllIc likely reflect several tijres ircire befute tliey uuullshail wars, if just such giants existed here today.

semjase- 52/But this would likely not behave, Meier- Arxl Why ncjt?

rcmjase- 53/If yet could see the stcteliead Bbipatlons erected by their help, you cculd understand it. 54/ The stone fomatlcns clearly and distinctly shew very sharp, small-lipped and squeezed together nouth-carts, unusually low fonr,s of forehead, and extremely deep-set eyes, toe.

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