Message From the Pleiades


hurr^ri being entangled hlmseLf at earlier ages into the rraterial thinking, the more he influenced by tris his life of feelings by his greed for posesaions. 108/So step by step he connected his material thinking to the center of his feelings parts of the brain, by which they necessarily became united into a feelr inge-thought ccflplex109/lhis caused, especially the feelincia of love and hate, which ore generated by the thinking and appear as sensations of the inner, to be impregnated by material values,, which manifest themselves as thirst for poeession in both forms, which are the greed for posesaicn cry lew and the greed for posessicn by hate. 110A*ithin both kinds, an ecp-driven thirst for pesessiert is developed, which var-avoidably leads to a third, generated by the human being himself, kind of greed for posession, which means the greediness for poses siens of hate-love. Ill/In all cases, a demand for posessions appears, caused by the material thinking. – 112/The generation of UiInking for posessicna depends exclusively cn the character of the spiritual level, is a universal ore and in consequence no t earth-bound, but z xcr.t to lay stress cn those low levels of spirit no more existing on Errar and that envy ia nc lencer known, or, as I may explain it better, ia nc more of their character, with the human beings cf our nation, as in earlier ages, wc as well had to pass these matters. 113/rflic mere un-materialistic the thinking c£ the human being hecores, the irore he gains distance frcm, the thinking for posessions, being also called feel-ings1 thinking. 114/Go the standard o£ liberation at each spiritual level in respect to the thinking for poaession, docs really serve as a neasurcincnt of the evolution’s level. 115/ln consequence, a fully anti-matcrialiatic thinking h’jman being can no longer create in himself envy, because his thinking has become all-ccnplex thinkinc, which considers all pescssion unworthy anci raises this by leve and delight to cccb-rson, general goods, nut always withinthe mcaiSr.g, that there la given a venerable connection to the observance of the law, and that cn every side.


Relationship in Matrimony:

Meier- ^^■■^■■^^^■■■^p but hew do you thinX In relation to irafcnircny? Is thesec a eight for the


122/Wh«n hinruin boincfc vcw together in irut-

rinony, then this docs not moan a taking of posossion ot the partner, but quite cirqply a connection in harmony. 123/So not any rights of pesocsion appear, but only love, understanding, ana delight about enjoying the other cane. 12’1/Each partner remains completely tree within hie doing or emitting or the the performance of the laws and bids, while within the matrunoniaL doing or orritting, like in decisions, etc., which is done by rnutnal aqreerrgrit about all matters. 125/W±th±it the pertormanee ot the law, in evolutionary ireaning and in all respect reterring to this, mutual discussions and agreements are demanded, being given by certain regulations of order.

M&i<a> Wall said, but hew many human beings will understand this on our world of barbarians? Kay wo stop hcrcj it is too early for discussing these materials-

Martin & Mara’s Questions – Pleajren’s Feelings & Emotions:


The more, please answer scene other questions.

Serajacc- 12 6/As you liko. 127/11 like ray race, too, are human liko you oarthhumin beings. 12B/Wq, toor

have feeling_^^^t^nn like love, friendship,

synpathiag, artip.*.thica, etc., like are characteristic o£ the earthhuman being as well. 129/ftat in


certain concerns these arc much finer, than with you, more sensitive ard deep-seated. 130/lhis led, during the run of the last inlueniums, to, that we began controlling this too raJ~and learned to isolate and seclude the feelings. ill^We assumed having to do this to protect ourselves against inferior-developed human beings. 132/Thisr because in the run of evolution to higher levels, all feelings become finer and more detailed, and in consequence need intensive control. 133/Thls lntenslfication increases the harmony to the whole, parallel naterial devemoment, and comprises every venerable ratter, that can be understood. 134/Lifce that also, the love and desire of being tcgether vlth llce-ite^e loped ones becomes more and more expressive, while yet as well the less developed is likewise regarded, because the desire for this seems irresistable, 135/lfrus these sensations do not substitute for knowledge and brain activity of reason, but result from these. 336/Those feelings can only he generated and brought to validity by knowledge and activity of the ralnd. 137/in consequence it is not mat certain miss ions cause a change or me field of feelings, because these are highly developed and controlled and cen nri •■ arranged in order to any alternations besides those of higher evolution. 138fit behaves yet otherwise with the earthhuman being, who* 5 ~«v:Uvir.t within these fields la Hi ill rather lcWf and because of that lie himself Xeeps getting influenced by his tasks, where for exanple a prison guard may experience aggressive changes in his fee lines- 139/Wts iRade tlie irlstcKe of control inu our fee 111 i us too much, and because of that we made analyses frcKi pure values of probability* 140/This was wrong, as soon after making your acguointencc we recognized that you often let yourself be guided by yo-jr feelings alone- 141/Jt turned out to be wrong, secluding our feelings from less developed Intelligences by toe severe a control, for which reason this mistake was corrected during the run of the last year. 142/hit had aixegcy tern caeed frcm it, that the bio^drrj of “the feel lugs increased and started to cause its wrfclng within our own ranks. 143/We found this out in sufficient time, and removed that misery within a few months, before an woiatiorMry blocking of the feel-

ings would have appeared, as is the case as well with races and civilizations,

f*»lRr- no you mean those who belong to your cosmic


Semjase- 144/rc, that isn’t, if. iJ^/Alth our nations ±il races these ap::e-irifiees 2EG fion-existing. 146/lM people frcm Erra are the irore hiqrftiy fle^elcrjed ones of the alliance, and according this were Trost advanced in these concerns. 147/A tar-raaching decision of the High rnnnri i prevented this misery, while i n the future care will be taicen tnat the lesser rte-uelorjefl nations and races Oo not undergo the same fault. 1 talk of strange, strange far us races

«nd nations of the fax universe.

Martin & Mara’s Questions – Passions :


Ings would have appeared, as is the case as well with races and civilizations.

te*lsr- rr, you mean those wtm belong to your cosmic alliance?

semjase- 14<3/£«), that Isn’t, it* 143/Hith our nations and races these appearances are non-existing. 146/Uie people from Erra are the more highly cSfiuelCi‘MEd ones of the alliance, and according tn this were most ad-vanned in these concerns. 147/A far-r^ching decision Of the High rannr. i hjqc prevented this misery, while i n flip future rare will he taicen that the lesser developed nations and races oo not undergo the s^td© fan it- I talk of strange, strange far us races

and nations of the far universe.

Meier- T see, aaid What about the question of the passion, etc*?

f5H[ijri.sw- 149/Karh changes according’ to the spiritual levwl nf evolution, as the characters change* because normally passions, cool and warm, are established and caused vi mm spiritual ^^^bh< es these are special characteristics for a certain development. 150/Then as well do exist quite enormous differences in this respect airexig our people, like on the Earth. 1!>1/in this respect as well, the Err&nians srimc themselves are basically different, because passions and similar do first then fade away by the dissolution of the physical body, only that they grcfo all the mere finer corresponding to the higher spiritual development, hut remain then only as long as the physical body still exists. 152/3ut among us, passions are no more found in tlie form that they are deeply established, and wild, with you earthhuman beings.

Meier- Ihis is understandable, fire still siiiply barbariaiis. But from ycur explanations, I under stand nuw that yoj Erranians are still rather equal ectual-ly and average within voile feelings, like we barbarians are, taut all is more finely sensibilized with you* isn’t it?

.Semjase- 153/Certainly. 154/ – The things accord as you say. 133/But this isi7Hot meaning, like Martin asfcs, that this injurs our, or at least ny cwn mis-

sion, while I confess the things before. 156/Tl)e txutii is, that by this, by the discussion end explaining of these matters, canes the mare iifideratanding that, we Errans are human beings jjst rice ynu e.rrrhl uiiva] Things.

Attack on Billy by Israeli Command, Zionists :


171/But listen newt 172/Fatlw has cleared up the cii> cuenetances around the secret ful events of the last months, when besides other facts, one had tried for three times to kill you. 173/The attacks them-

selves trace hack to two different groups with ccro-pletely different interests. 174/The first attempt was exercised by elements of an Israeli ccomand. 17b/ The reason for this is in the diffusion cf the Talmud of Jmmanuel where the finder and translator, Rashid, was found in March of this year new. by the same ele-msnts, in Baghdad, and was killed. 176/Purther on, the danger exists against you, by this carrnand searching by secret order after you and trying to realize its will. 177/So be very attentive and extremely cautious. 175/Already one time they have destroyed the truth/ for which reason two thousand years were necessary until it could be brought newly again now. 179/lheir greed for world command is endless, for which reason any ineans will be suited for then, to realise this. 180/But you are a threat to their., because your spredd-ing cf the truth in general, and especially about them, and primarily by the Talmud, menaces their imperious plans. 131/3d pay altenticn to the secretly rumoring Zionists –


Sanjase- 196/Since two thousand years it stands written, that all around Uie world, an evil ermity will be constructed against you, 197/Refleet upon these words, for they are of great meaning. 198/The truth shall be damaged by all means, by power-hungry and posessian-thiraty ones, who often uae twilight and misled elements r and make allies of them.

Attacks on Billy by Brazilian/Neo-Nazi group :


H|M 162/Doth Further attempts were performed by a nazilike group which established itself, after the end o± the vnar, In Di-gcilia. 103/ll *uy ] lad i> Lulcu ijtgxina.’ i and Canadian plans for the ccmstxuctiui; of flying discs, with which at present time they can fly nearly without difficulty within the earthly atmosphere, 184/ They also obtained posessicn of a foreigh spaceship of a hymn race frorc a Elf away star system. 18LS/Its Int^rfthal Irar propuiBJ.ari system was destroyed to uninteliigibility, thus they could only still use the anticrav drive for planetary flicgrt. 185/With this ship, which offered nnny advantages to their trey also pursued you. 187/Tills was the same ship that you have previously found traces of at Winkelriet near iflatzikon, where it had landed weeks before, lBQ/The craw ot the ship, which had m<=c the spaceship for the flight to Earth, is dead. 18tf/They all died after their breathing containers ware empty and could not bo refilled. 190/’lhey breathed a poison gas. 191/A gas still un-‘<ncwr\ on Earth. 192/Their ship in tho handa of the Nazis could havo reached evil consequences for the earthhonan bcirgs, and so we were forced to destroy it completely when it was unwatched for a few rncrrents* 193/Xheae, dear friend, are the facts which resulted frcm cur investigations- 194/Beware yourself as well of these Nazis, or Neo-Nazis as you call there, because

they, too, tear for their existence because of you. 19S/Always remeroer to be attentive, and about- t-h* enemy also beuw located in Germany, especially in those circles which work against you.

Meier- This is pretty news.

Mars Sonde detected Exotic Life:


still have another question? You told me before the touching dcwn of the Mara Son da, that they would find, if the instruments were correct, primitive life on Mars* How, the first sonde failed completely, but the second brought die fantastic statement, that namely it detected exotic life. This means Ui^i- is occurring there a process of life being completely un-Kjiqwi to the earthly scientists. Asket and Sfadi once explained to me, that this kind or life would feed off all biological life. Is that true?

Semjase- 199/Surely, so it is, 200/Biological life in your nnfW^i-anfHng can not exist on Mars. 201/Eut this is as well a biological kind of life, bat which the earthly science sti 11 can DOt understand.

Meier- t want to know more about it.

Semjase- 2D2/Ycu alone, T an allowed to enlighten about it, but not at the moment r because there is just canning a sicfial call, that r have to return to ny station. 203/Sd I will inform you shout it when I have enough time.

Planet Mercury is Shrinking:

Meier- %WLWm\\^mm%9 Know, Mercury is still another problem for me» Just two days ago, I rare.Tbered thie

ficain. When in last year we flew around this cluster, then you told rre, it would still more ncntract Itself. Why does this happen?

Semjase- 206/the netal core cf the planet has such a large specific ira^s, tliat the ou^er skin, that is, the ULter stratum, umrract constantly inwards, by which fed the outer” si-iieres become extremely caxpacrt.*

Meier- Oh yes, ynu have already explained this to me once.


Why every Transmissions always looks like Billy’s Writing/Speaking Style :

221/But still something else* 222/Vqu are often accused of my writing style and that of the otherones being too much written in your style of writing. 223/ Do tell in thie respect to the really interested peoplef that this is a consequence or the trmsrisslon, where V011 have wrapped each symbolic picture fcransmis-sion into its word values, and thus automatically have to express thsm in your own raanner of speaJting and writing. –

CR 68



^^H^^^^ 1’esterday ws ta lkod about your and my Language, as we alrsaey did In an earlier time- Won’t one then braid ue again a cord for hanging frcm that, that ycu have acccraodated yours~>If into rry kind of speaking, and in consequence all ia sounding like my speech? Yesterday you gave the explanation, that our true to word talkings are just because of that expressed in my language and kind d£ speaking, because I have to clothe then by words frccn out of their transmissions in syrrhol pictures? Many people will

riot undanefeand that will ar£i.-r., that by it, -the

talkinas will no more ho trcmeadttod true tc their spoken yards.

Senjase- S7/But they are, in spite of that- 58/Eut the one who is not able to conceive it, to hirr I can r.ot give ad1/ice. 50/Aid that I am speaking by your kind of expression, they will aiderstand still less, though as well in ycur group different, parsons have accomodated themselves into your language, and several times it can no longer be differentia Led, which one has written what Uunq. 00/Liter Lake an fcixdanlriatim; of Uiis fact, then you will recognize it. 6l/But is it so difficult to undsistarjd, that humans overtake the speech and nearly the tnie-to-tJie-rarrl kind of exiJiession of another nn*?

Meier- Certainly not, at least: rot for me. LrrM, some days ago, trig l^berr wachter came to me and ot-ferred an essay for our monthly paper- It’s an article toy the title “Minutes of a Study” (Protokoll siner jjtudie), which wi 11 be published in the December edition. Frsm this essay it can very clearly bs scon, that Diglebert Wachter, too, is writing in my kind

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