Message From the Pleiades

threatened, which want to spread another worid-qcv-eijiing pah * 20/By the many publications of cranunni-cation means all around the world, an extraordinary number of human beings becane aware of our existence, and even governments, until then still negating, have changed their striving of hitherto negatrve kind to the opposite- 21/0116 effect of this was that snany different states troubled wry much for clearing up of ttv* matter, arc encountered facts which hitherto they cimply rcfusod to acknowledge• 22/They discovered groups of Earth interests being -.j.:l_ve in ecme countries, which can pride themselves of higher techno log j-caL development than is the general case in the remaining states of Earth. 23/It suddenly became known that there existed at different 1orations on thc_Eartb/ stations of those elements and private groups of interests, which posessed at the end ot the last world war, plans for the flying di»csr namely in Germany and Canada. 24/But these elements, who have built their stations at inaccessible locations, and having developed there quite flyable machines by help

of the stolen plans, thlnlc treniselves menaced, now by the investigate ens of some states, ^nd fear that you could give close infornraHon about their existence and the coordinates of th^ir stations, if you were asked by any secret services linked to these investigations. 25/This could mean that armies could bs moved to destroy these bases and take poses5ion of all these endeavors, 2 6/But to prevent such a step, a special group from Brasilia has tried to turn you off and to push you out of this world- 27/Ihis concerns a group of fanatics under the leadership of a man frcm Germany named Pinncbcrg- 2B/ilis far-reaching relations also give him many followers in the mentioned nation, where moreover by constant use of technical apparatus, a great number uf human beings are influenced in negative form, wiia, not knowing whyr oppose you and your ndssion. these influenced persons

do also belong Bertossi and Arenda. n$ w*ll as dif-feient other, well-known to you, persons, to whan, by very insincere channels, tlie newest information is steadily iifkichinq. 30/Esuecially here the orlqin is with Mjarqoret Rufer, who all right not betrayingty, but by unrefleeted and autocratic manner, spreads all knowledge and all news frcm out of your group, and allows these to reach into channels that work against you- 31/1he»e then strive to falsify all the material by cloUiing it in lies and spreading it all around. 32/When new you wuuld not change your mind, and dp drive to your provided lecture, then you nay sponsor by that these facts, arx3 conjure up an event on the other aids tliaL we may nut be able to control. 33/ Namely, LUfreiejit sines have already prepared steps to take you out of this world by the help of an attach into which we would not he allowac! to Interfere. 34/ Tn consfxjuence, you would he pit on yourself without any help, because the provided attack is so infamous, that you could not survive it, hy which that cruel plan may have success. 35/This would not happen in Munich itself, where you want to appear with your friends, but on the way there, where one has provided a destruction of your vehicle at high speed, in which you would then be riding. Jfc/Triis would neon, your passengers as well being menaced, too, and thus tr.A alone- ^g^^^^_g^g|g^^^^g^^^|^^_^^pj

CR 66, Wednesday, November 10,1976

– Semjase was given a softy bear as a present from Herbert Runkel & likes to keep in her ship as a reminiscence of relationship & security of haivng as well on earth loveworthy and very good friends(Plejaren dont have things like softy bears)

– Meier discusses with Martin & Mara on valuation of different values of words

– SEmjase finds Billy’s dreams wonderful, as while sleeping Billy’s blockade is not kept

– Martin & Mara’s Letter – “Thoughts about the Sentient Life of the Pleideans”

– SEmjase is warning Meier of the painting which he is going to receive the next day, calling him a hoax

Origin of Astrological Symbols & Accuracy of Horoscopes:

I- T have stane queaLions- You nay knew


that we hove for oar sun, I inecn Uie SDL, very special symbolic signs, do you?

Sanjase- 24/Surely, I know.

Meier- Okay, can yao explain to me here, how and fruc vtfiat origin these cams?

Semjase- Zb/Yes, surely. syrrtviis got *>*prvs-

sed around 12,000 years ago by cur forefathers, but in the run of time have changed several times, and even wprfr completely lost- 27/Ect they always returned somehow, and ware reduced towards their original form. 28/They remained until the present, when they are existing in their actual original form as ill. 29/Each single symbol contains quite special and charartarinfr ie wrthe, fcoirg tho character of tiu: ccnoerned star, but which oonwrt fchcmsolvec to rao-iaticne to all creahuros, too., from whore these adjust themselves within their characters and show according peculiarities, expressing themselves in the physical, psychical and spiritual spheres.

Meier- I see, so those aro already astrological aspects, aren’t thoy?

Sarfjase— 30/Eurely, but in this respect, all stars are of importance, while very specially the ting plays a dendnant part. il/Vor the exactly defined astrological value, the fixing1 of the tltre to the second is cf enormous meaning. 32/A factor, which unfortunately in not regarded by the earthly astrologers, as these are used to calculating their evaluations only CEcffl def in orient of the minutes, nomally, which un-dsrsLandably leads then only to aLcut-ilght results.

Meier- Sa you mean that our torcscoces axe not very exact?

SenrJasR- 33/Surely: in only a few cases arc tnev mttwjt, Mich then is when the arrmnr of the seconds unites itself to the ancunt of the irliiut«k.


Meier- How tfien does this behave for example in the case of the hxirari being? Which fact is to be regarded as die tiiie of birth?

Semjase- 34/Eie autcoulng of Ute top of the head of Die newborn one.

Meier- So does that mean Uiat the line of birth ia not tltat moment when the newborn human being has already core completely out from the mother’s body, but

the ircment when the newborn one presses Its heafi‘fi top from out of the vagina, and is practically seen, confronted to the outside world?

SHirjase- surely.

Meier- But why that? The hunan lie log is still not born, as The process of the birth will still take place later.

Semjase- 36/Ycu do not consider, the Importnace of the event cocisisthw In, that, as soon as the top of the bead of die getting newly born cne sets exposed to the outside world, the Influences from there reach in by cuncentxated manner and ignctrate through the head’s top of the baby. 37/This con actually happen St llxbl then in the iwxnent of release of the head, respectively the top of the head, because, still imbedded in the mother’s body, a natural protection field prevents tliis process, which way the growing human being can develop his basic character protectively within tie mother1 s body/ while the character gets already tuned for the time of birth. 38/The outer influences of completely getting the effective radiations still complete the whole and improve it.

Meier- Tills do I consider genial. But by Uiat, many dates about Ui.j time of birth exc amcly incorrect-

Semjase- 39/Screly, but don’t worry; yours is correct. 40/sfath had taker, care of diat, thai the right moment was taken.

Meier- you mean, 11:00 hours is exactly correct? scsnjase- 41/kxactry.

Meier- Ocay, it isn’t of so much inportance. spmjase- 43/ftit It’s of enormous meaning for you.


Astrological Symbols of ERRA & TERRA :


Meier- I^BI^^^HI^^^Hi^B What seems ncre ii^ortant for me is the question of, whether you also have for Erra a special symbol, and what does it lock like?

Spmjaser- Surely, we have a symbol for Err a, like for all other stars there f too- 44/1 will draw it for you- 45/You have a pencil and paper here?

Meier- of course, just a mcment. – Here, is this


SnnjARe- 46/Yes, – new look here, — so, – ycu see it-, — so, that’s the symbol for Erra. 47/iake it with you and later transfer it into the cm tact report.

Meier- So 1 will. Yet tell me? i see this sign for being rather peculiar, it has so much slir.1 laritv to these symbolic signs we have for our planets ar.c the Eun. tiny that? And Tore important, uhat dees this sign mean?

Senrjase- chji already explained that your symbols for th£ stars trare hack to our forefathers, who have manufactured them each according to tie values of the vihratlme and radiations oi the single stars- 49/ln other words, this ireans, that the symbols were produced according to each lews I of evolution of the planets, thus each single sign sdiQMS the position of evolution, or level of evolution, of the according planet. SO/ThlB ie valid ac well tor Erra, my homo planet, whose sign was ccrvbincd from different old trediticned symbols of our fora£a.fcharE, in result then, by the aaroe signs, as wore ugod for tho planots of the SQL-syatera, and arc used presently by you again. 31/The laying part of the symbol new represents the balance among up and cfcton, and by that, the balance itself, the harncny. BS/fiQ comparize the symbols Far the 50L-system, where the b&lance does not reach validity, but always the ujtninant fact of the negative and the positive.

MRler- T conceived sufficiently much, as Martin has explained something about that to me.

Semjase- 53/He will alscb63explain to you the meaning

of this symbol, which cencems you should also arrange in order for writinn the facts to oar reports, for the purpose of cognition and taowlf^cH of a1 1.

Mslsr- G3cayr I will ask hiia for it.

Semjase- 54/A detailed explanation of the separate parts of the synfcol would b© of iirportanca; pifta»& ask him for that* 55/He is extraordinarily thorou^i in his fcjrulessicr./ anc infonred, by which fact he pleasantly excels from the normal maser which y: j surely will haw «otioe4-

Martin & Mara’s Questions – “Control of Gravitational Forces” :


Meier- well, “‘ihcughts Abput. The Sentient Life of Tlie Pleiiadicizis”/ (arid Xeier reads the lettei aloud).»■ * *« This, girl* arp the questions new. can you oive an answer to cne for them? And look here, there are still two short questions- The first of them you already answered before with the syiribolic siqn For Erra, and you .nay answer the second one latter arong four

eyes *

bo to speak.

Saajase- 75/Gertai-alyj I understand. 76/i-fc will talk about this later on- 77/1 want to answer Uie given question to Uie best of niy Jurowled^e. 78/1 start at Uie lost question* concerning cor.trol of the gravitational Xorces* 79/The natural cosmic laws order a unitary and harmonic develcpsent in ccanpass to all concerns of all levels able for evolution. 60/lhis reans that Oie spiritual as welt as the iraterial de-velopnent proceed constantly in hanruny with one another, and always ccn^lete one another by unison of the conserjuence in all rreitters* 61/ln the case of the msterino of gravity * the regulations of the laws axe arranged Li order, that pritnary is the spiritual evolution, of most decisive meaning; for Uie elobox-ation oi technical means with the aim of masterinq ‘-lie ‘-ic;vitdtiuiitil forces* 82/Here nonrally at first appears tlie exercise of spiritual forces In parails-


at ion of tbs forces of gravity/ by which a hunr^n bcir.c-is able to move weightless Uirough 5T>ace. 83/Vou call tills, generated by spiritual force state “mcmcnt of levitaticn”, which ireoiis nothing else than a levit-atloi process takes place. 84/Frcm the very prirary side, this status is evoked within an unknown to the hiran beinq form, and just step by step, he learns lo nviHl-tir it and Lo control it suite&ly. 85/Khen the human being has then learned to control these forces, arr: only tijen, the way is cleared for liLn, by this, to consider technical means and to build than* BG/Sc rhe control of gravity consists in its first-prinwry fnnr on tl& evuluLloii u£ spirit and, feelings/ meaning that the told forces can physically be controlled jiiKt. tl.Hii when the human creature has delivered himself fmn tlie “v^lqht” ui the iion-aijititjal rendition* n7/?^Hri<inw In vxiii vloIs, lnL I have to stplain now- d&^xu^r-r iiiK witiE«a Ht st^Ltoi, aei if these O’Leptxns ran not tasoily Ih itujuiijiil :itl poxm! Jn a uay oftei cfces rut con* to SBEHUC 89/arii an eo^xiai does the eartliiJTcn being RStfioenL SO/J^oJpt fia: a few, he still is not able to nesier teviloLuji, r.n itv^LUtittfa It .Ld oiitLil,’ jLil; uj ^uj clearly a great arrant in tiu field of gravity lecudu 91,’lhia exception consists of the confusing fact of a very rare rniadevelcpmsnt, wiiich basically lias shifted the potential of para lie 1-izaticn of the spiritual and the material f by which the material has become overweighted and dominates the spiritual. 92/3o this means that the enrthhurran being has become governed by the rote rial side, by which Use evolution runs in this direction, while tlie spiritual steps badly injured behind, as you yourself have once said. 93/Prom that it appears that the technologies are more developed than the spiritual evolution. 9 A Jin this it has to be considered, that especially since the year 1937 the ntrcnq influences of the new cosmic age have led this wrong burden of the material side in the vriiale world toward more gentle and harmonized courses, by which the deferences between spiritual plenty and the material is no longer as strong as is generally thought. 95/Jfcmy forms ol spiritual direction have led tc spiritual recognitions of enormous mraning and value, wliidi decisively appear in tlie development of technologies, and as an interesting fact, lead to success

although the normal sequence of observance of the law was disturbed- 96/But this can also be explained by, the otherwise newly gathered spiritual cognitions Co nearly ocnpensate for the lawful mla, which means, that in spite of his barbarism the earthhuman being hss proceeded in both directions since 1937, and gets closer, though often unconsciously about this and advances by the cosmic? oscillations, rapidly towards tho real evolution and begins to comply with it* 97/ This course of development can already be seen in tho first days of entering the Waterman Age./ in the 3rd of February 1B44. and curing the following time until the year- 1337, when since the 3rd of Febrjary the second half of transgression of time began to offer its powerful writing, from which it can be said by great probability, that the temporal airr. of earth-human inanJcind in respect to his determination by ev-oiution, will havs beer, reached after a time of about 800 years. 98/Jlri attempt to reduce this to a shorter span of time has failed, as is fenown to you. 99/Yet it would be unjust, to affirm, that the earthhuman being WOtrld bo guilty of tho whol» of tni.s failing, because in truth, so wra those who were chosen to spread the knowledge about the truth.

Martin & Mara’s Questions – “Envy”


was the further question? 103/0h yes, the envy. 104/ About this I once ktyvcf> already. 105/Seer, frcm the said rr«iMen, a further separation is suited- 106/ T^.e material thinking of the earthhuman being is wry decisive for the ht> of f no lings. 107/”Hie more the

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