Message From the Pleiades

Semjase- h/Yzri are wrong, tor I got this knowledge irorn another source.

Meier- Okay, you are right, rt is as you say. I now think the human beings are still not able to understand these concerns. In this respect I especially point out those who occupy themselves in ufolcgy and speak great wsrds, like for example Bortossi, Arenas f Jacob and the PUT ST (German UFO group in Wiesbaden headed by Karl Voit), as wall as a cuperwise person from Americar who is a certain Cblrnan vonJCavic3L<y or ICCFON, “rhis hypcrufologist has wctttan a primitive letter to me about Use von Jacobi, who sent a copy to me. But that knave has said in this letter, that I have hanqeu a atodcl £rcm a. fishing stick and filmsd-phc^oqraphed that. And since those brain-boiled id-


iots affirm such things, T thin* it will be completely use less t when further on we trouble for clearing up tho matter of your existence – I don’t want to speak here of the broad public circles of mankind, but of the public ufo logical circles, where 30me idiots believe they know everything.

Semjase- 7/You should not get excited by that, as you are encugh experienced to know that these things had to core- B/Moreowex you have already had much worse experiences- 9/On the other hand, it is yet Intelllqifole for me, when yea react as you do, for your tow ledge, that just those ones who want to be c^nnosaeurs, are ignorant autocrats in their assumed and quite illogical pretentions, which enrages you-10/This is because you realize that this way toward the truth further on is just troublesorae access for the earthhuman beings* 11/You have very well recognized, that the so—called afplogical circles and comunities are the very ones themselves, which Give dux existence to question and cause doubts In this. 12/ihere namely are those responsible for cur existence being inaoe ridiculous to the public world-iviJe, and dccuaaLioi’js of fantasy arid hallucinctioiu 13/But this does not raean that all groups are working in this irenr.ern but still most of then. 14/By their inisun:!r.rnrarcm a av.d non-recognition, these mis-lead ones search for fantastic explariHticns In technical, para-normai anal pure-spirittial fields, where the most impossible theses are found. 15/Tn the mam, these wrcng~_ed persons occupy theraseIves with the technical possihi litjes and construct inns of cur ships, while they neglect ecnplefasly cur mission itself, and the connected values. 16/This is typical for the huran being of the Earth, as he always seeks only for the material, and con^letely overlooks the essential valuesr which are the spiritual ones, of which be then yet del iterates unbelievable fantasies and even pretends the beam-ships and space ships wc-uld even be propelled by spiritua3 pewera, and being constructea^ too, by spiritual pattern. 17/This is aa much rids leading as the one that m DBCWB in g^anramal dirosnsiors, 18/ Those circles are generating great delusion at this

Line, who ocr?jpy theme©lues with those matters and Things, not understanding them by the tiniest part, who rail th^K^lves [^t^pgy^hplocicai circles, 19/ And just these circles obstruct the finding of the truth, exceeded only by those persons who semi- or rea I-scientifically occupy tjteffiseltfefi n a purely material nanner within the possible exploration and clearing-lip of th© existence of our flighbiiachines and of air«?£iu©s- 20/ their activity is only a delusion, ac in truth they are poseesed by false irgir, and are captured still too much by earthy material and mis leading forms of thinking, by \vhich they are unable to reach cognitionr and accuse ev-*ry thing of being lies ana fraud, by which doing thny regard themselves as very inpartant and take a megalomanic satisfaction. 22/Thig is an affirmation witrussing to the snall-irundedheeg of these human beings who stilL have n^t recognised for themselvesj and who still do not own any real iiriagination of the truth or reality.

Meier- Hy thLs ycu don’t te*l 1 me anything I haven’t known far some time, Ftar ny part T thought tho time would he mature new, to be in the position of ferlng the truth to sane circles, far which reason we troubled cursives for articles for public ccmnjn-ication means, etc., hut which activity was no good deed, as by this, those sucer-ufologists fell in, whn abuse themselves of being scientific explorerst but in truth are rrnre ignorant and primitive than a complete Idiot. Thus 1 don’t understand, for what reason ynu always urged so much upon ourselves troubling for lectures and articles and like that.

semjase- 23/That’s wry plain. 24/This was our doing, tn exantno tho reality. 2$/Fox several years, the Earth was only watrhed anrf ro^rd^d by us in rhif npafcfceWj while r.nrort inat»ly our attention was mainly directed to sorre ‘ifp 1 g-jt egI groups, as you term them. 26/ft decisive part of this task, unfortunately, only played the scripts fmn these groups and ©rga ingestions, as those mainly get taken for evaluaticn. 27/lhis appeared to be rather wollr and brought good vaimtions-28/Y<&t because of the ortS§r, that we are not allowed to analyze tho innermost ccncorrc of tho creatures, we


were unable to realise and recognize the forms of thinking of the human beinga being very complicated and illocical, in which cmsequence they are able to write and publish fully other and distorted values than they think by themselves indeed* 29/By regret we first met with this fact consciously when we came into personal contact with you, and discovered your readiness: ior helping and plain worth cencerning the earthhmran thinking, and afterwards oculc begin occupying ourselves in this matter in the right way. 30/ Boon we crust recognise that we have deluded cur a elves for decades by the doublecharacter of the earthhuman beings, because such a duplicity was ccnpleiely~u7iknown tc us, and we had not experienced this before. 31/Then to* repeatedly let rairselves r*» deluded, especially by the hunan character. 32/Just reiaeirtber the concerns of the Veits in this respect, nf Jacob, too, and last in spite of all about Margaret Rufor, wno stiLi today opposes us, arid especially rcc she accuses by her unreasonability, stubbomoss and ill will an primitive- 33/An evidently wanton pretension, not rcaLiaing that she only spreads, that which is characteristic of herself, which she denies in her stubborn egotism, which is very regretable. 2 4/This has to be said by rue in these words, though I pity this very much, but the truth can not be expressed otherwise. 35/lt would be much desired that she would Find the way back towards you, and hy this, the *cirru 3&/But this is very difficult, as her unreaBonability and stubbomesE ar.d autocracy, are bigger than her will for truth and se 1 funde rs tan ding – ay.^o-ly

all these concerns together have caieed us to InEoizn ourseLves in detail about the real conditions of the natter. 30/In consequence of which we ordered you to Produce lectures and articles r to reach by these the broad mass of the world’5 public, 33/As we had to recognize by your help, to ‘■wi’f 1hI ru;rfift1vag be fooled for decades by the earr.hhurrar beings: -n cor ignorance, so only remairac the possibility for of a worldwide examination, 40/io we had to try to inform ourselves in a way,, which ac its success had to reveal Uie true coin ior. and view of the earth-humans of us. 41/As we aa^ not “just allcwed to analyse the creatures in their inrierrr.cst, as I said he-

fore? so there only reznoined for us the possibility via youj by lessons and articles in public ccnminica-tion means. 42/Ftor that reason- I always uxqed upon you,, as we still had to find out the truth/ for certain reasons/ before the year1911. 43/By the articles in newspapers and magazines, and by several brioocnsiinc^ by on:! U-bi-visicri, if .1l •_.\._jT_n-

ation succeeded very well to us, which fact alone is to your group‘s rrerit- 44/ln that way we reached all those circles important to us; 4VGovernrrents■ which took up your esq? 1 anations in great Interest, advised special orders in different countries; the broad rcass of the pul>lic first confronted this problem in real form, which no ufolcgy-group has succeeded until now; and the ufologists as they incc>rrectly call them-solves- 4Cj&jt exactly these last-mentioned ones were and are of greatest importance to us r for we had to explore their real view- 47/This has succeeded excellently for us by ycur help and the group, but the result was very depressing- 48/lnc result shows the earthh’jrran being still today mot being in a position to dedicate hiroeelf in plain and real manner to our concerns in respect to our own and our ship’s existence. 49/ThGse coca Had, ufelegiacs, who had been pro-vidod for tha spreading of the truth and for preparing the way for the ceiling extiratorrriBtrial Intel li-gancos, have humiliated thartGQlvas to a primitive, somi-scicntiiic sectr and have spread thoir intelligence—less and nonsense of sel£-sonstructoc theories, by which fchoy distance all tno more the c^urthhuman beings in global measure from tha truth- instead of guiding thorn towards thic truth- 50/This matter of fact shows the uaxthhuman being still not disposed of sufficient real knowledge, which could prepare for the coming of extraterrestrial intelligence by a suited education. Si/The recognition from this is, that the assured development in respect to real enlightenment t from the purely outer falsified facts, was only an illusion, which results in a new calculation of probability, that the earthhurran being will first be, after 200 to 300 yearsr on a level of recognition of the extraterrestrial fonre of life, when he hiinself starts to oveiraaras the spacs outside the solar region, by iranr.eo spaceflight and higher de-

veloped technologies, vdhen extraterrestrial intel licences can then come to appear en the Earth in an official mode. 52/This means, too”, that the official landing provided for a chert tiirvo before tho year 2000 is as well impossible, and we will reconjnend thet it does not take place, S2/This is all resulting from the first recognition of the collected data, for tofoich the earthhumn being may thank such names as Jacob, Bcrtossi, Arenas, and many others unknown to ycu by name, 54/It is to the fault of these, that the earthhuman being bos to live further under spiritual darkness In truth, for there is Uie o-Qei iiem us that you and your group shall still wurk with sincere and searching and knowing groups in spreading the truth. SS/lo the inner core of your group, in the name of the Hic£i Council and all our nations, I want to convey our dear and sincere thanks. 56/Here I do not want to miss iny dearest and most sincere fhajiks, myself, to all menbers of the group, for their love and confidence in the truth and the real lessons, as well as for all the love they offer to yon and me. 37/Ky rhnaks is still valid for all those, too, wto occupy thsnnseives in our matter, and firstly work themselves into your group.

Official ET Landing in Year 2000 is Impossible:


tflB ’19/Thcsc socallcd ufolcgishs, had boon provided for tho spreading of tha truth and for preparing the way for the ccming oxhratorrostrial Intel li-gancos, have humiliated themselves to a primitive, sami-scientific soctr and have spread their in tell i-gence-less and nonsense of self-constructed theories, by which fchoy distance all the more tho earthhuman Doings in glsfaal measure from tho truth, instead of guiding thorn towards this truth- SO/Hub matter of fact shews the earthhuman being still net disposed of sufficient real knowledge, which could prepare for the coming of extraterrestrial intelligence by a suited education. Si/The recognition f rem this is, that the assured development in respect to real enlightenment, from the purely cuter falsified facts, was only an illusion, which results in a new calculation of probability, that the earthhuman being will first be, after 200 to 300 years, on a level of recognition of the extraterrestrial forms of lifer when he himself starts to overcome the space outside the solar region, by nonr.eS spaceflight and higher de-

veloped technologies, when extraterrestrial intelligences can then come to appear on the Earth in an official mode. 52/This means, too, that the official landing provided for a short time before tho year 2000 is as well impossible, and we will recommend that it does not take place- 52/This is all resulting from the first recognition of the gpllcctod data, for which the earthhuman being may thank such names as Jacob, Bcrtossi, trends, and many others unknown to you by name. 54/It is to the fault of those, that the earthhuman being bos to live further under spiritual darkness in truth, for there is the uitbr fran us that you and your group shall still wurk with sincere and searching and knowing groups hi spreading the truth.


Billy’s New 2 Friends, Martin & Mara :

3/There. namely will aria* twc new friends for you ot uncommon love and ainoer-ity.

Meier- You make ine curious. Who will they be?

Serajosc 74/Allow yourself to be surprised, then ycu will be all the more delighted. 75/1 only want to explain*- that it deals of a male and a female hurrsn, whose first noises begin on pM*j corresponding to a pseudceiyfii, but being very suited for them, as you will scon notice.

Meier- 1 m yet astonished* l#ien you ore telling so# then thia haa to do with two very extraordinary human beings- Will you tell roe at least,, from where are tbey ccrning?

Semjase- 76/These really are two very worthy of laving humans,, two who carcaiment one another at partly like directed artistic doinqs. 7 7/From where they arc coming you will sec ui Monday morninq.

Meier- You are be like that ,

quite secretful, yet, if you want to

CR 65, Saturday, October 23,1976

– Semjase & Ptaah suggests Billy to check their vehicles from time to time Brazilian-Group Leader Dunneberg’s Tactics against Billy:


b/But da listen very well now, my friends 6/T was called by my daughter to explore different events. //Especially it deals or quite miserable pieces of work recently, rising from elements which threaten your life.

Meier- You are talking about tho strange traces, and the event at ttinkeiriet meax fet2ikcn, where this shining missile from an unknown to mc chip sailed down towards me?

Ptaah- B/Yes sor the talk is about that. 9/’let us start at the beginning. 10/Sy my orderr riilterent members as wall as outsiders were induced to certain feelings by thought impulses from me* ll/1hese were inspired to conaoivo menacing dangers by aeeuwiptien,


and to influence you by that, to not undertake any greater journeys within the near future – and espec-ially not those with relation to lectures cn our cx-iatence. 12/You your self f tcor were seized by the feeling linpulsee of your group rnembera and have quite conscious Ly felt them as well in that way. 13/As I oould analyze it, ycu opposed very much againaL this, in spite of, that the persons surrounding you wanted to act as well to prevent you from your aim. 14/You are very stubborn and unreasonable in tills respect, as, when me trouble ourselves so nuch by those fuims o€ prevention of such an impending oa^irrence^ then you yourself should act accordingly and rot work against yaur own feel Lugs. IV We Know very wall What we are doing, and why we do it. 16/Th1s is not dene from remote reason and not without sufficient cause, because, when you undertake your provided travel, you could be extraarelinarl ly threatened. 17/S^me evil-minded elements are ready to kill, you, because you have become so unpleasant to them. 18/This is a reaction on the performance nf your false ion, which you fulfil in spite r\f ^11 cai interact ions arpinst you without hesitation. this certain elements are

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